Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone Recipe

Quite a bit of effort went into this number. Fresh pasta, fresh curry paste, and a few ingredients I rarely use: dried mushrooms, paprika, and turmeric (brought back from Zanzibar quite a while back and then ignored for a couple years). There was endless chopping involved here, and a list of ingredients about 20 long. Upside: It was a nice alternative to the Spicy Red Curry with Tofu I make a lot, not as much kick, but a nice mellowness and pretty deep orange color from the curry. On a scale of one to ten I would rank it a seven-ish.

First off, this afternoon I made up a batch of the Egg Pasta. I usually make fresh semolina based pasta, but thought I would give this one a shot instead. I ended up using a few more tablespoons of warm water than the recipe called for, it was way too dry without the extra water....Maybe it was because I didn't sift the flour before I measured it. Once I got the consistency right and kneeded it, the dough actually went through my pasta machine much better than previous attempts. The dough ended up smooth and just the right consistency.

Insert 45+ minutes of chopping peas, scallions, tomatoes, peanuts, basil, mint, and re-hydrating mushrooms. Made the curry paste. I got lazy and instead of using my mortar and pestle, I broke out the mini Cuisinart. I think using the m+p releases more of the oils and you end up with a nicer, natural consistency--with the Cuisinart I got more of a mush/sludge.

Basically I then did what I percieve to be a stir-fry of the curry paste, veggies, and coconut milk. Boiled the pasta in (salted) water, although salt wasn't called for in the recipe. Drained the noodles and stirred them into the curry, and vegetables. Served in my favorite deep $5 white IKEA cereal bowls.

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