Egg Salad Sandwich (the only one I'll eat)

Egg Salad Sandwich (the only one I'll eat) Recipe

It has long been my personal belief that the egg salad sandwich is a sandwich too ugly to look at, let alone eat. I'm talking about those structure-less mayo bombs served on soggy white bread. An egg salad sandwich fitting this description shows up at my house roughly once a week wrapped in tight-fitting plastic - pretty much whenever Wayne hits up the neighborhood sandwich shop. I always look at him incredulously and ask...really? You really want to eat that? I just don't get it. Generally speaking he doesn't even like eggs very much. Whoever cast the egg salad sandwich spell on him did a fine job.

It wasn't until last week when we went to the Vivienne Westwood exhibit at the de Young museum that I was forced to rethink my position. At the café my friend Quyen submitted her sandwich order (one egg salad please)....I looked at her and shook my head. You too? This in turn opened up a lengthy lunchtime conversation on the merit of egg salad. Egg Salad Sandwich Lovers:2, Haters: 1.

My case wasn't helped by what was about to come out of the café kitchen. When her sandwich appeared before us the clouds parted, angels sang, and a golden beam of sunlight was cast onto her plate. It was an egg salad sandwich of a totally different breed. You could see vibrant yellow yolks, flecks of herbs, and capers. Mayo? Little if any. And the best part? Not a soggy piece of bread in sight.

And this is how inspiration strikes. I saw Quyen's tasty looking egg salad sandwich and it showed me that a sandwich made of hard-boiled eggs can be appetizing to both the eye and the taste buds. I thought about it for a few days and came up with a game plan for my own that went something like this. For the bread - whole grain bread toasted and sliced on the thin side. Toasting will help deter the sog-factor. Some crunchy add-ins were going to be critical to counter the mush factor of the eggs. My choice? Chopped celery. Eggs pair beautifully with herbs - at the market I was on the lookout for fresh dill, but came across chives instead. Perfect. I knew I was after a drier egg salad mixture and would use a minimal amount of mayo - just enough to bind the egg mixture together. Achieving bright yellow yolks would be of the utmost importance. A friend of my sister's recommended chopped bacon as an addition. I countered with fried shallots, but didn't end up using them at the last minute - the flavor was overpowering the eggs and chives. If you wanted to go that route, a remix of this sandwich where you broil some thinly sliced gruyere cheese onto your toast, top with the egg salad mixture, sprinkle with the fried shallots, and serve open-faced would likely be delicious.

It also dawned on me that this is prime egg salad sandwich season! Put all those leftover hard-boiled eggs from Easter to good use (I should note that we always had leftover hardboiled eggs that we didn't use in the hunt).

Before I sign off, I'd like to thank everyone for the overwhelmingly enthusiastic response to the Unwilling Cook's letter earlier this week. 180+ fantastic, thoughtful responses - and they are STILL coming in! It makes me very proud to have such an amazing community of readers, and I promise to keep you posted on his progress.

Egg Salad Sandwich (the only one I'll eat)

I've realized that 90% of the challenge here is properly boiling the egg. You need to boil it so the center sets yet stays moist. You also need to avoid the green/grey ring thing that surrounds the yolk in many hard boiled eggs. I use the same technique here that I learned camping with a hardcore egg enthusiast. It has worked for me flawlessly ever since. The key is to avoid over cooking, and to dunk the eggs in a bowl of icy water to stop the cooking after you remove them from the hot water. I always use good quality eggs - but something to keep in mind, the fresher they are, the harder they are to peel after boiling.

6 large eggs
1-2 tablespoons mayonnaise (or Greek yogurt)
Salt and pepper
A tiny squeeze of lemon juice
2 stalks celery, washed and chopped
1/2 bunch chives, chopped
2 small handfuls of lettuce
8 slices of whole grain bread, toasted

Place the eggs in a pot and cover with cold water by a 1/2-inch or so. Bring to a gentle boil. Now turn off the heat, cover, and let sit for exactly seven minutes. Have a big bowl of ice water ready and when the eggs are done cooking place them in the ice bath for three minutes or so - long enough to stop the cooking. Crack and peel each egg, place in a medium mixing bowl. Add the mayonnaise, a couple generous pinches of salt and pepper, now mash with a fork. Don't overdo it, you want the egg mixture to have some texture. If you need to add a bit more mayo to moisten up the mixture a bit, go for it a bit at a time.

Stir in the celery and chives. Taste, and adjust the seasoning - adding more salt and pepper if needed.

To assemble each egg salad sandwich: place a bit of lettuce on a piece of toast, top with the egg salad mixture, and finish by creating a sandwich with a second piece of toast.

Make 4 sandwiches.

Prep time: 10 min

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I once worked at a "bakery" that made egg salad sandwiches. We did not hard-boil the eggs ourselves. The eggs we used were already hard-boiled and preserved in a smelly, sulfuric brine in a big, plastic bucket. Moreover, the eggs were tinted grey. Ew.


I love an egg salad sandwich, especially with some chopped green olive added. I may make your recipe and add a bit of olive. Or capers. Yum.


You will never guess what I was doing?? Making egg salad and decided to take a coffee break. Now I'm off to the kitchen to finish it your timely....Thanks Heidi, you did it again.


Hi Heidi,
I found that adding a pinch of curry powder to egg salad does wonders.


I grew up with my grandmother's egg salad which had celery, bacon, grated carrot and scallion in it on whole wheat bread. My grandmother would pack as many sandwiches as necessary and send us off with hearty oatmeal breakfast with all of the garnishes.All of my friends looked forward to stopping at Nana's! I still make this egg salad and will be celebrating "Egg Salad week" with my egg salad lover friends!

Annie Slocum

you should try the curry egg salad sandwich at Samovar -- it's amazing.


Beautiful sandwich...7 minutes is a little on the light side for me - I'm a 13 minutes in the water girl and a dab of horseradish mixed in with the mayo...otherwise, I'm with you all the way!


Yeah, sandwiches really need to get smaller and more defined. My friend used to order this egg salad/tunasalad/bacon/cheddar sandwich bomb from Eisenberg's lunch counter in NY. The thing was maybe 8 inches tall. But I bet if it got the 101 cookbooks treatment, it might stand a chance.

Michelle, Maltese Bacon

I love egg salad sandwiches. Ate a lot of them growing up. We added dill pickle, celery, spicy mustard and mayonnaise. I also like to put a slice of pepper jack cheese.
Donna A.

Donna A.

This sounds good - I'll have to try it though I must admit it tends to be the smell rather than the appearance that puts me off egg butties! Celery salt is great with quails egg so the celery idea makes a lot of sense to me.


OMG! I just finished mixing up the typical egg salad sandwich for my 2 young boys. While mixing I was thinking there has to be something better than this. Eggs are great food, why am I drowning them in Mayo and sweet relish?
I sat down at the computer and BAM, you have answered my telepathic request. You are the good angel sitting on my right shoulder telling me I can do more with food. Thank you. My lunch will be infinitely better than my children's.


I usually add finely chopped pickles to my egg salad, with celery of the crunch and the tang :)


I make my egg salad in a similar, but less healthy way. I toast Pepperidge Farm white bread and use more mayo and sometimes add a slice of tomato. Chives and celery are very key. Happy Easter, Heidi!


I'm one of those egg salad haters too, but this looks delicious. The short boiling time for the eggs is a big part of that, as the texture of over-cooked eggs is part of my aversion to most egg salad sandwiches. I plan on trying this recipe soon!


Capers, what a brilliant idea! But it didn't make its way into your recipe. I use mayo, mustard, dill, paprika, and green onions to good ole hard-boiled eggs. Yum yum.

Gwen >> My Relationship Resume

I've found the key to the egg salad texture is to first separate the hardboiled white and yolk, mash the yolk with the mayo and other ingredients, and then fold in the chopped egg whites. I always add some spicy mustard for some tang.


that looks absolutely divine! i have always been an egg salad sandwich fan...but this one...looks like the kind that can turn a "hater" into an instant "lover."


I agree w/Elise - except I use curry paste, which I substitute for the mayo!


I'm with you on the granary bread. My little one is a white bread fiend who has to be bribed to eat brown, but when it comes to egg salad even for her only granary, nutty seeds and all, will do. We use either chives or finely sliced spring onions and shredded little gem lettuces. Although we go just a little heavier on the mayo!
From a relatively new non-meat eating fan.


I don't find egg salad ugly, it's such a nice soft mottled yellow! I found a nice alternative in a book--the heroine in Sue Grafton's mysteries loves to eat hot (freshly boiled) sliced eggs, slathered with mayo on nice bread. I tried it & like it.


I thought I was odd for disliking egg salad as much as I do... so I tried making it with scrambled eggs... better... and now with the hints from some about adding curry... I think I'm on my way to many happy egg "salad" moments! Thank you all.


CHEESE on an egg salad sandwich?! sacrilege! (i may try the capers, tho...)


Wow, I've never been a fan of egg salad sandwiches mostly due to the fact that they're always messy and soggy. I just might change my perceptions now . . . :)


Question re: eggs.

Should they be room temp or right from fridge when boiling for your luscious-sounding recipe?


And the chives have just started coming up in the garden--a perfect coincidence with the refrigerator full of hard boiled eggies.


I am SO making that tomorrow :)
Thanks for a lovely & inspiring blog!


I am not a big fan of egg salad either and never have been. The smell of them cooking was enough to make me ill when I was younger.

Since then, I've had an aversion to it but I decided awhile back to try and make hard boiled eggs because i loved deviled eggs. I have seen so many recipes calling for different amounts of time to leave them in the pot with the water - from your amount to 16 minutes. I find if I leave them covered for 12 minutes they seem perfect to me. I don't like them too soft. I am not a fan of the overly soft yolk. Are you sure that the yolks will cook enough in this amount of time? Seems too little IMHO.

Just curious how firm the yolks get. I have undercooked them in the past and gotten yolks that ran too much.


I used celery seed to season my egg salad--a tip passed on to me by a good friend. No I won't make egg salad without celery seed on hand.

gayle in san francisco

I agree that I am generally loathe to eat 95% of egg salad sandwiches out there (so much mayo! so little taste!) but yeah, there are totally ways to make it genius. My mom's egg salad, also full of chives (I think chives are key), eggs cut up really finely so that the salad is more of a paste/spread, and the colour pink with paprika, has converted every single egg-salad naysayer I have ever met. So yes, it is possible! (And I totally recommend experimenting with paprika.)


Curry powder is a definite must in egg salad. In Australia, we have a tradition of the curried egg sandwich with the chiffonade of lettuce. As scorned as iceberg is, it adds that counterpoint of crunch to the egg. Wholewheat bread, lots of grain also adds to the appeal of the curried egg sanger.

Amanda Page

I have always hated egg mayo until now, I'm pregnant and I can't get enough of the stuff!!! You're sandwich sounds amazing!


my recipe is similar except i use finely chopped cucumbers instead of celery. Also, i like to add in a pinch of wasabi powder. the only mayonaise i use is Kewpie brand, which is imported from Japan and is found in a lot of asian supermarkets. it comes in a soft squeeze bottle and has a richer egg taste than american-style mayo, and is not as slimy and vinegar-y.

m from oc

This is how genius happens! Taking a more mundane recipe and making it into something memorable. I had not been very adventurous with my egg salad but you have encouraged me to think outside the box a bit in utilizing those leftover hadboiled eggs!

Deborha Dowd

i like to add shredded carrot for extra nutrition and color. doesn't add much to flavor though. chopped apples or pickle relish add a bit of sweetness and chopped walnuts add texture and nutrition. welcome to the love of egg salad : )


You've done the (almost) impossible--made egg salad sound good enough to try again! It's been too long around here.

In the past, I've always added either some chopped green olives or drained capers for a bit of zip, and perhaps a bit of shallots. A dusting of spicy cayenne or pimente d'Espelette is especially good too.
(Don't tell anyone, but sometimes I like to add a handful of sunflower seeds for crunch.)

Off to go boil some eggs!...


A trip to Helsinki introduced me to the wonders of the Finnish egg sandwich: perfectly cooked eggs (with an extra yolk or two) mashed with perfectly softened butter and a little salt, spread on delicious wholegrain bread. This treatment goes down particularly well with little kids and is very comforting to egg-loving grown-ups, too.

Laura Miller

My "friend" and I were making deviled eggs one night - and we started adding a little of what seemed like everything - they were the BEST - but what was left over made the best egg salad sandwich I had ever eaten.

We added fresh bacon bits - a small amount, finely chopped peppers, onions, sour cream, mayo and just a little ranch dressing. Then we added chili powder, salt, pepper and peprica. The peppers that time were mild, but since we have added some hot peppers - they are GREAT.

Cindy Taylor

The fact that there are already 36 comments on something as seemingly mundane as an egg salad sandwich is a testament to your genius! And to the rippling effects on the community of readers who take the time to post comments & ideas. I love the suggestion of using softened butter mashed with the yolks. Now I'm thinking about trying arugalo in place of lettuce - or maybe making a homemade basil mayo to make it really special? There are probably so many possible variations you'd never have to eat the same sandwich twice, unless you wanted to! Another great post, thanks Heidi!


i make my egg salad with yougurt, i.e. strain the yougurt in a cheese cloth for a few hours until all water drains out. this should be of a thick consistency. at times i add either hot sauce or paprika powder + cumin and use it in place of mayo.


I love what you did with a standby that is probably revered for its economical and nuitritous qualities.Why shouldn't it be delicious too? While working at a great deli, I learned to add hot sauce and a smidge of cream cheese to egg salad. It really helps with the goo factor. In my personal opinion egg salad is far better "open faced" on bread or with some terrific crackers. Do you have some good cracker recomendations (sans hydrogenated fat & bleached flour) that might be available in more rural areas than lovely SF?


I am getting reallllllly hungry for an egg salad sandwich after reading your posts. I feel I must add one of my favorite egg sandwiches....add about 3 slices crisp, crumbled bacon to 4 hardboiled chopped eggs,salt, pepper. mayo, dash of curry powder, your choice of onions or red or taste. also maybe a little chopped celery.and a teaspoon of pickle relish...and a tsp of lemon juice...and here is the can of tuna in oil...drain the oil....I just like its flavor better then the tuna in water....and serve on SOURDOUGH is absolutely deeeeeee lishous.....This was served to me 50 years ago while visiteng a friend by her mother...I have made it ever since........


That does look like a mighty fine egg salad sandwich. I'll have to try it the next time I'm at the deYoung. BTW, how did you like the Vivenne Westwood exhibit? Also, have you tried making the egg salad mix with a little mustard? That's how we used to make it growing up. It's always a 2 to 1 ratio of mustard to mayo. (And that's mostly to give the mustard a little bit of creamy texture.) And if you like sweet pickle relish or bell peppers, that's good too. Now I'll have to bookmark your site .. I just found it via Gmail's little popups. Looks interesting!


I use Greek yogurt instead of mayo; it's a lot healthier and I personally like the taste better. I agree that a good egg salad needs a little crunch-- I usually chop up some mild onions for that. And I'm chiming in with the others who said that curry powder is a nice addition!


Have you ever seen the egg salad sandwich that Starbucks sells? Based on your criteria, I think you'd like it.


I love the egg salad but the mayo wasent a good idea so i tride it with greek yogert and it was the best thing ever


working in a kitchen for a living you begin to make up your own meals rather than ordering form the menu. I mean, day after day the same thing comes at you and after a little while you get bored. In the kitchen where I work, last Saturday we were knee deep in prep at 10am. All four of us hungry like bears and not a one of wanting to hault our task for fear of getting behind while someone fried an egg...

I took it upon myself to make egg salad. We had all the components on hand - shredded eggs, fresh herbs, good bread, HOUSE MADE TARRAGON AOLI and crispy bacon bits. I made three mounding sandwiches and fed them to my team mates, they were met with oohs and ahhs.

Egg salad is good. Get fancy with it - have you ever read what the owner of Lucques says about eggs? In short she is an egg lover... Just like all of us now.


All of the above are wonderful! I add a pinch cumin, and bob's your uncle, mmm...sometimes it doesn't last long enough to make it on to the bread :)


you forgot the mustard.


I like putting ranch dressing instead of mayo...not that it's better for you. but it gives a nice flavor kick. need to balance it with a celery mix-in or lettuce topper, but it's yum


I LOVE the strained yogurt idea! Brilliant.


Really?!? Eating used Easter eggs???

Usually I'm a big fan of your blog, and this recipe is no exception, but I have to disagree most vehemently with your suggestion to use cooked eggs that have been sitting out, unrefridgerated, often in the sun and/or dirt, for hours, possibly days. Easter eggs should be admired, enjoyed, and ultimately thrown out - they are a novelty/luxury decoration, and those who can afford to make them in the first place can afford to chuck them and boil up some fresh-cooked eggs if they'd like a sandwich.

Thanks, otherwise, though - the recipe (and your others as well) looks great! I always hated mayo (homemade being an entirely different animal, and therefore an exception)... we don't often make egg salad at my house, but started a while back putting small-grained cottage cheese in tuna salad instead of mayo; add some crushed pineapple and serve with chips (on or off bread) for my favourite childhood lunch. I imagine this binder could be applied to eggs, too, although I'm not sure how the finished product would taste (I probably wouldn't add pineapple to this one!) - I'll have to go experiment!


I've never been a fan of egg salad until recently. My husband kept asking for it, so I tried to make it in a way I would like too. I use just a little mayo, dijon mustard and chopped green onions. Also, I really like it on crackers or in baked wonton cups. I think the idea of mixing boiled eggs with butter sounds DIVINE, though - I may have to try that one!


I love egg salad on top of a salad in place of any dressing. It is a great light lunch! It also just occured to me that another way to fancy up egg salad would be to use a flavored mayo, like the chipotle mayo I have at home. Now I can't wait to try it!


I've found the best tool for mashing up eggs for egg salad is a grid-style potato masher. Those square holes make the perfect sized bits of egg white. More consistant, yet chunkier than the results you get with a fork. I also like a couple of tablespoons of finely chopped red onion (perhaps as an alternative to your chives if you didn't have them on hand) and lots of chopped fresh Italian parsley. I'm hungry.


Emily, yes - I added more clarification up above.


Do you get a black ring around your yoke after they sit in the refrigerator for a while? Disgusting! Trick is not to use a cover. Bring them to a boil uncovered, then time them uncovered for 8 minutes after they start to boil and run cold water over them immediately when done. I now never get that black ring.


Samovar Tea definitely has the best egg salad sandwich in SF. Curried, but just a tad. Still haven't made one as tasty as theirs at home yet. Giving yours a try next week. Thanks.


I also have a texture-based aversion to regular egg salad and I agree that the mayo-to-egg ratio is key. To minimize the amount of mayo in the salad, I separate the boiled eggs, mashing the yolks first and adding a wee bit of mayo, just to make them creamy, and then coarsely mashing in the whites. The mayo gets evenly distributed and you avoid the mayo overload that is the death of a good egg salad. Re: spices and add-ins, I defer to the other egg salad experts in the field. Enjoy the eggs!


I'm not big on the mayo-laden gooey yellow egg salad myself but I do have a version I love which is made savory and delicious through the generous use of richly browned onions. More here, for anyone who's interested: Your version also looks very tasty.

Magpie Ima

this is a great recipe. however, just a bit tired of the "pat myself on the back" eloquence, and everyone else is so inferior attitude. over many yrs I have had many mediocre egg salad sandwiches,,,and many great ones.....this is nice,,,but hardly deserves the accolades that this person so effusively gives to herself/himself....a bit egotisitical,,,,,ya think.


Does the well bred cook disdain the automatic egg cookers? Why? My 4 year old McEgg produces up to 7 perfect hard or soft boiled eggs every time.
Your site is becoming addictive. The recipes combined with the comments are quite an education on being innovative.


I use cucumbers in mine for the crunch factor, and a dash of Tony Chachere's in place of salt and pepper. I need to try adding lemon juice...mmm...


I had the best egg sald sandwich ever in Boston last summer made with avocado and capers, topped with tomato and bean sprouts. Delicious!


I vote for the capers - Pain Quotidian makes a splendid open face egg salad sandwich, and tops it with a few salted capers. Heaven.


I happen to LOVE egg salad. Cold, warm, soggy, over-mayoed, under-mayoed, with leftover Easter eggs, eggs that have been sitting in the fridge for six months, fresh eggs, overboiled eggs (but NEVER underdone eggs), mustard, celery or celery seed, mayo, cheese or no cheese, tunafish added, crispy iceberg lettuce with no nutritional value whatsoever, bacon crumbles or sliced green olives, scallions, chives... Egg salad is just a high-protein base for hundreds of combinations, and it wears well on day-old Wonderbread, or Portugese rolls or French loves with the middles hollowed out to make room for all of the veggies you add. I just made a HUGE tray of deviled eggs using all the leftover Easter eggs (who on *earth* THROWS AWAY dozens of colored eggs?... actually, who on earth lets them sit in the sun for hours? We hide ours indoors, right before the kids get up, and they find them within thirty minutes -- plenty of time to go back in the fridge to be used for food.)

Seriously, though, egg salad is a lovely, /lovely/ thing, and it's great that you've found a way to enjoy it.

Try salted sunflower seeds -- it's a surprisingly good surprise in egg salad.

My favorite 'egg salad' recipe started out as a joke, like 'who can come up with the grossest food combination'?

Pumpernickel bread, mushed hardboiled eggs, honey mustard.... and peanut butter. I know it sounds horrifying, but I promise, it's *actually* *delicious*.


I'm with Amber(not the peanut butter thing though) love that egg salad I use some fine diced onion and drained sweet pickle relish. But what really does it for me is .... MIRACLE WHIP a sandwhich just isn't a sandwhich..... My fiancee' is a mayo girl so when it's for the whole family I use mayo with a teaspoon or less of cider vinegar gives the zest I want without the M-WHIP she does not.

Kyle B.

Hi Heidi! I agree with you, there is nothing more unappealing than a soggy egg-salad sandwich. When I'm in the mood for something a little different I'll use a tablespoon or two of my homemade pesto mayo - it's such a treat!


I also love my egg salad, and not even always in sandwich form--sometimes we just bust out a big bowl and sliced baguette. I would also heavily encourage the use of fresh dill. Fresh dill makes egg salad into something else entirely.


Yum! I love re-engineered favorites! And my luck: I have chives and hard-boiled eggs in my fridge!


i tried this last night. it was delightful, but i'm a girl who grew up with mustard in her egg salad, so i HAD to add mustard. i love having the crunchiness of celery! thanks


I was always the pickiest eater in my huge family. But I could never get enough of egg salad sandwiches, always on grainy, nutty bread. But mine had to be PLAIN. No SWEET RELISH, no onions, no mustard, no olives, capers etc... nothing but light mayo (as in not much), salt and pepper.

When I got into my teens and twenties, my taste buds graduated. I suddenly LOVED mustard, ginger, onions (only cooked, still can't stand the raw crunchiness of them), asparagus... etc.

However, I still like my egg salad sandwiches PLAIN.

After reading your recipe and some of the comments, I'm tempted to add some gruyere and fried shallots, maybe some curry powder or paste (eliminate the mayo altogether - i never liked the taste, smell and texture of it, so thanks for that suggestion!)...

La la la... off to the kitchen!


My husband and I naturally dyed easter eggs a couple of years ago using different veggies. I just added the cooked beets used to extract the dye to the egg salad for a nice sweet addition and a bright pink color.


Hi Heidi,

I simply love egg salad, and eat it at least once a week. I have learned a trick back in my day when I use to make salads such as egg salad in a little cafe. To make the yolk look more yellow and bright just add a small amount of yellow mustard. That way you won't have to add any salt once you make the salad.

Also, my grandmother use to make her egg salad with chopped up green olives. It was fantastic!



Here I am, just minding my business when I stumbled onto this website. Lo and behold, Ithere's a passle of people writing about eggsalad sandwiches. I thought, "What the heck is this all about?"

I read the posts and now I have a hankerin' for an eggsalad sandwich (it's 4:10 pm here in Kansas). Not the typical kind, but the wonderfully experimental varieties I just discovered.

Thank you!

BTW, "hankerin' " is just a phrase I use once in a blue moon. Not everyone in Kansas talks that way.

Tom N

i like to add red bell peppers for both crunch and colors. if you get a really good pepper, it'll add some sweetness to the egg salad too!


Wow. You are only the third person I've ever known about who didn't like egg salad sandwiches. I usually butter each piece of bread and find that really helps the "sog" factor. Plus it's really delicious. I also read a newsletter once that suggested chopped cucumber (without any seeds) tossed with the eggs. I personally use celery and a small amount of diced sweet onion. Also, I think if you happen to make deviled eggs (I don't), you could adapt whatever you put in the deviled eggs to work with eggs for salad (perhaps mustard, a little vinegar). The trick is to use a sparse amount of dressing. I particularly like to make egg salad tea sandwiches. For those I use thinly sliced whole wheat bread, butter the bread, and use a pretty lettuce leaf with a small amount of egg salad so the sandwiches are thin. But tea sandwiches are another topic altogether.....


Who eats egg salad without a lot of mayo?I think that is what makes it taste good. Mayo,salt & pepper. That is the best way to eat an egg salad sandwich. Oh, it has to be on warm, fresh, homemade bread as well. Eat with honey barbecue chips. Who could ask for a better lunch?!!


That sandwich looks incredible. Thanks for not using dill, I can't stand it. I'm going to try this over the weekend.

WhiteTrash BBQ

Try using toasted sour-dough pumpernickel, if you can find it. The sour flavor adds a little punch (like adding pickles does), and the dark color of the bread contrasts beautifully with the yellow of the eggs.

And I'm all for the addition of a little mustard.

sour-dough pumpernickel!

This recipe sounds good! I am not a huge fan of eggs, but when it came to egg salad and deviled eggs I was there! This recipe sounds good, though my dad always taught us to cook our hard boiled eggs for 10 minutes to get the yolks just right. 7 minutes seems too short of a time. As for mayo, I have recently found that I am in love with the Hellman's brand AKA Best Foods on the West Coast. I found it to be more fluffy, tasty, and light. The flavor is amazing! No more Kraft for me! Too vinegary. I like chives, but they are hard to find here, so I will use green onions or leeks, they are the same only bigger. Thanks for the ideas!

Sounds Good

I must disagree with Emily on her admonition of using Easter eggs for egg salad. I think you have to use your own judgement regarding the eggs and if they are good. Typically on Easter Sunday, my parents would take our dyed eggs that were in the refrigerator and get up early in the morning to hide them around the house and yard. Once they were all hidden, we would be called to go find them. How long were the eggs out? Maybe an hour or two, and early in the morning when the temperatures are still quite cool. The eggs are cooked, the shell offers a protective barrier to the elements. If the egg shell is cracked, throw the egg out. But otherwise, the egg is fine. I think it would be a complete waste of perfectly good food to throw these eggs out.


The egg salad sandwich always played a major roll at the Dunn house. Five boys, ten eggs, and lots of mayo. If we were lucky, someone would think to chop up some onion for it. If we were luckier they wouldn't make me responsible for boiling the eggs (always under or over done). To this day though they bring back wonderful memories of my childhood and family. The response in my home now to egg salad is similar to yours - "Why?!" - but perhaps this will help us ease it back in to the legion of acceptable edibles. Thanks!

Jim Dunn

Please - let's have a deviled egg recipe Heidi. Those are always the first to go in every potluck we've ever had at work. Ours are always the old mayo, hot dog relish and a dusting of paprika. I can't even imagine what you and the readers will come up with.

I've been wondering how Unwilling is doing. Hope we hear from him.


I make my egg salad very much the way my mom made her tuna salad. Of course, I skip the tuna, but I use a light binding of mayo, dijon mustard, dill, fresh cracked pepper and salt, chopped dill pickle, chopped celery, and small chunks of apple. Now if only I could perfect her seed and nut bread she'd use for the sandwiches...


Dear Heidi
The "Egg Salad Sandwich" is the first recipe I read from the top of my Google dashboard, it was a amazing surprise and I will certainly addict to it !
Kind regards
Renato Hu

hu shi tong

Egg on my face!

Fresh egg salad, chilled and on some dark rye Finnish bread is the best. Thanks your recipe gives me an excuse to re-explore my childhood party food... ie tiny little white triangles of egg sandwiches... now made healthy


Hi -
My family begs for egg salad sandwiches, but I rarely have the time. Mine is fairly simple. I use Hain mayo made with safflower because I do not use soy products. I just keep adding mayo until I have that stiffness when mixing. Too much ruins it. Oh, I use the old time egg slicer - I slice it long ways and take it out and cut it the other way - makes a nice, neat appearance to the mixture. I add a very small amount of organic brown mustard - just about the size of a quarter for 10 eggs. If it is barely tasted, that was my goal. A small amount of celery seeds and now for the best items to complement the mix. We have what is called Vegen bread here in one of our healthfood stores. It is whole wheat and covered with pumpkin seeds - ymm - very nutty and good. No sog because the bread is tight textured. I use the butter lettuce or some may refer to it as Boston lettuce. The absolute ultimate to us is nice, fresh alfalfa sprouts. It gives it a nice, healthy taste. I make my tuna much the same way - no celery seeds, but fresh celery, red onion, green pepper, and those matchstick carrots. Boston lettuce and alfalfa sprouts, of course. I toast the bread now and again for variety. Organic eggs make me sick and I do not understand why. This is a wonderful site - thank you!

Teri Shaffer

I'm like Elise - one of my favorite egg-salads has curry powder, Chinese crunchy noodles, celery and peas.

My other alternative is one with capers or a real favorate, tons of fresh tarragon.


My mother makes a wonderful egg salad recipe. She pushes the eggs through a collander (so they become more of a paste) and adds olive oil instead of mayonaise (since mayo is already egg based). It's terribly good!!


I dont know about your proportions of herbs and other add-ins. Those of you who like pickles and onions in their egg salad, i just dont get it, it totally overpowers the subtle flavor of the egg. I have to remind everyone, Heidi inlcuded, that egg salad is about EGG. That said my personal favorite egg salad sandwich includes a couple of pieces of bacon for just the right amount of salt, smoke, and crunch. And then a slice of a good tomato on top of that and maybe a little lettuce, its perfect.


Forget the eggs! =)

If egg salad creeps you out [or the eggs themselves] try a flavor packet mix by 'Nasoya' called 'Eggless Salad.'
A 'NewMenu' food in the all-natural TofuMate line! It is super good!

You simply crumble a 14-15 oz container of firm tofu with mayo [Vegenaise works better and NO cholesterol!] and a teeny bit of vinegar and let it chill for a while in the fridge [if you can wait]. WOO!

Pop it on some toast- Delicious, no cholesterol from eggs OR the spread, and no cooking [or the smelling of cooking eggs that so many seem to hate] involved! =)

In fact... I think I have to go make some now. :p


Get some really good fresh bread, a local bakery of mine serves this wonderful salty farm bread (kinda inbetween a croissant and french bread) You take a slice of that and put it in the pan with real butter and sauteed onion and chives and pepper. Then take the mayo egg mix and get some truly great cheese and when the bread is all golden on both sides you put the cheese in the middle mix in the peepers, onion, chives, and put it all together.
so good :)


These recipes sounds delious. Gotta give the Egg sandwich another try. Yum on sourdough with baccon and chopped onion.

Robin L

I just made some delicious Japanese flavored egg salad with homemade wasabi mayo. For the mayo I used two egg yolks, 500 mL of olive oil, and two tsp of rice wine vinegar. After the yolk had accepted all of the oil I added fresh dill, lemon juice, salt & pepper, and a sizable squirt of wasabi paste. For those of you who like a little crunch I suggest chopped water chestnuts drained and briefly pan fried. Eat it on bread as dark as pumpernickel or as white as wonder; it’s all about the mayonnaise.



Another egg salad lover (with chopped cornichons) here..Your friend's knitwear rawks!


I was craving egg salad and came across your post. Coincidence? I think not. ;)

Lisa a teenager who loves to eat egg sandwiches...i love to make them too...but i guess mine were a little drowned in mayo...thanks for your recipe and thanks for the technique in boiling eggs...that was my major problem in creating egg time i create a batch of egg sandwiches...i'LL consider your recipe! tnx again!...ciAo!


I detest celery... I'm curious what you'd suggest in lieu of same. Also curious what you'd add to it to serve it on dark rye rather than wheat.


Hi Heidi,

I adore your site. The other trick to really yellow yolks is to use eggs from happy chickens that have been eating greens. We raise our own meat birds (sorry, I know your a veg - I was too until I got a piece of land to raise my own meat) and laying hens. Our yolks are positively golden in the spring when the hens have lots of greens on which to graze. As summer heats up and our pasture dries to a golden brown our hens are only given the greens that are leftovers and whatever we dig up from the garden and their yolks pale considerably. The taste of the spring eggs is incomparable to any I've tasted. One may purchase pasture raised eggs from Taxiera farms in Bolinas and Marin Sun Farms in Point Reyes Station. It's worth the drive, believe me....One may also bulk up and buy a few dozen at a time - these eggs are so fresh they keep for nearly a month in the fridge. Happy eating! I'm one of those folks that likes chopped egg sandies any way she can get them!


I love egg salad sandwhiches but I've never made them with the yolk.... I'll have to try it!
Maybe I'll be able to get the kids to eat it with me then!


Heidi, I'm so glad you came over to the other side.....

As with everything else, made fast and cheap could turn any food into something repugnant. Yours looks, of course, fantastic.

It's cracking me up (oh god, no pun intended) that people are asking you for substitutions. People, experiment and play!


Just made egg salad for a sandwich for lunch today but found my family had eaten all the bread. I took it to work with celery sticks and ate it that way! Have you ever tried it with salad shrimp mixed in? I love it also with chopped green olives. A little chopped jalepeno is good, too.


I don't believe this. I love egg salad sandwiches and I think you horribly defiled the best parts of the sandwich!!!, just kidding. I actually thought this was really creative and it made me want to try it. I really do love egg salad sandwiches (yes, goopy mayonnaise and all) but I wanted to try a new twist on an old favorite.

Instead of following your recipe, though, I decided to experiment with what I had. So after chopping up some boiled eggs I added dill weed, paprika, all purpose seasoning and an extra pinch of salt...and cinnamon. (!) Yeah, I even surprised myself with that one.

I added about half a table spoon of whipped salad dressing (hate the stuff, but we were out of mayonnaise). I tasted it after it was all mixed and I could still taste the whipped dressing so I added just a touch more cinnamon, put it on some wheat bread, and it was perfect sandwich.

I swear I've never had such a delicious egg salad sandwich in my life.

Thanks for trying something different, because now I know the recipe to the perfect sandwich!


hi! what do you say to this one? i mash the eggs with a potato-masher, then add very finely chopped onions, small celery pieces, cilantro, salt, pepper, cumin, and just a little miracle whip to make it moist. i usually serve it open-faced on a baguette. yum!


Don't freak out, but my egg salad uses eggs and a mango relish. Yup, that's it. After assembling and before adding the second piece of bread, a shot of fresh cracked pepper and all of 5 grains of salt :)


Beautiful sandwich, mouthwatering photo! I love egg salad and this recipe sounds wonderful.

Polish pottery

I made this the other night. This was awesome!


Curry powder can transform egg salad. I'm a recent convert.


You know, you can substitute any prepared yellow mustard for the mayo -- it gives a really rich taste and knocks the calories and fat way down...


You have described the recipee so well.... Its very easy for anyone to prepare it :) and especially the tips that you have given... It really helps us to know where we went wrong while cooking :) so now i know to keep on trying until I get my eggs bioled right :)


This receipe sound delicious but i would suggest you to add Coriander(cilantro) leaves to this so it gives some essence out of the sandwich


We loved this! My girls are 10, 6, 4 and 22 mo. We ate up the entire recipe in one lunch and the girls have already asked when we can fix it again! They really liked going out into the garden for their own chives and toasting the bread was brilliant!


My perfect egg salad sandwich recipe is much simpler...whole grain wheat toast is a must, of course, but add sliced olives to the egg mixture - they provide much flavor without the need for extra salt, and all you really need is pepper. and of course, minimal mayonnaise. A crisp lettuce leaf and slice fresh tomatoes top it off.

Mary Beth

Shallots are a nice touch. I'll have to try that. Panceta or crisp bits of bacon is intriguing. I knew of a deli in Marblehead & Ipswich (MA) that did a round slice of canadian bacon on their egg salad sandwich -- nice


i completely agree on your feelings about mayo bombs disguised as egg salad! i keep my egg salad ingredients to a minimum, eggs, shallots, chopped pickle, mustard, a lil mayo, and salt and pepper. oh, and i add old bay too. everyone who tries it always tastes it but can never put their finger on it! your blogs are always inspiring! thanks! :)


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