A Fresh Coat of Paint Recipe

Happy New Year to everyone. Wishing each of you a happy, healthy, and peaceful new year.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

I spent the better part of the past ten days carefully placing everything in my kitchen into moving boxes. Every plate. Every mixing bowl. Every single quirky, mismatched baking pan. I know some of you might be sad to see the yellow cupboards go, but I've been ready for a more neutral-toned kitchen for quite some time. And so the painters arrived on a Monday. And by the end of day Wednesday, Christmas Eve, my kitchen was cloud white. And by 3 a.m. Christmas morning I was too sick with the stomach flu to set foot in it. I missed Christmas (and the better part of the following two days) entirely.

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It was a rough way to send off 2008, but I'm feeling a lot better now. I suppose the upside of it all is that I had some time to think about the coming year. Time to think about how to make it meaningful and fulfilling. I flipped through a few old journals and notebooks, trying to remember what resolutions I've made in the past. And while it turns out I'm not big on resolutions, I seem to express many of the same sentiments year after year. To make an effort to see more of the world I live in. To make an effort to collaborate on projects with interesting, innovative individuals. And to spend more time with my family. These are the big themes for me.

As far as the minutiae of day to day life? I do my best to walk not drive, eat healthy, shop local, go jogging, try new things, meet new people, be kind, turn off lights, say yes more often than I say no, help others, read, and drink lots of water. I succeed a lot of the time, and I fail a lot of the time too. I do the best I can on any given day, any given moment. Ten years ago I was doing very few of these things, yet somehow, little by little, they have all become part of the fabric of my life.

One of the first things I want to do as we start another year is to thank you. I feel very fortunate to have this site as a creative outlet. It has helped me grow as a cook, a writer, as a photographer, designer, and as someone who has always been curious about the ways technology can intersect and enhance the creative process for individuals. I'm continually surprised and delighted by what you bring to this site - your comments, ideas, suggestions, your emails to me, the photos you post. I hope you continue to come visit in the coming year with your good ideas, good feedback, and (because there are plenty of times we need it ) a bit of good humor.

Wishing each of you a happy, healthy, and peaceful new year, Heidi

I'm curious - what are your resolutions, or what are you focused on as we head into 2009?

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My new year's resolution has been the same for some time, one that is an enduring pleasure to keep: Eat more Thai food.


Happy New Year! I'm sorry you weren't feeling well, but I'm happy to hear you are better! The kitchen looks gorgeous. I'm looking forward to what will be coming out of it in 2009. I know we don't know each other, but you have had a really big impact on life. I'm a much more adventurous (and successful) cook these days. Thank you for that!


Heidi - Glad you are feeling better. Kitchen looks great! Who is the manufacturer of your fantastic pendant lights? Do the shades get hot? Would love to put them in our Adirondack cabin. HS: Hi Rhonda. I'm not sure. The light fixtures were here when we moved in about five years ago. Many of the other fixtures throughout the apartment seem to be from Restoration Hardware, so I think I might start there if I were looking. The shades don't seem to get abnormally hot.


wow. your kitchen looks terrific... and so tidy. i love how calm and peaceful it seems.

Corynne Escalante

Gorgeous kitchen, so sorry about the flu, did the same 2 years ago. Not much of a Christmas. Love the minimalism, our kitchen is very clean lines also. Check it out on the company website: www.buildmod.com, go under past projects, it is the "MODpod" (go figure on the name huh? I have to comment...just as I write this I had to stop and help my wife as my daughter just got the flu. Wierd, huh?


While I love the clean lines of your new kitchen, it is this stack of unmatched dishes that does it for me. Memories attached to each one I bet ;) I enjoyed the recipes coming out of your old kitchen and am looking forward to this next phase :-)


Heidi, I love your kitchen, too. Sorry you got sick, but I can fell for you. My daughter and I spent Tues, New Years Eve, and New Years still with strepp throat. We should have stayed home tthat day. But it is giving time to reflect and read new places like your journal. It is my first time and already I love it. Happy New Year!!


Heidi, Since discovering your website, I've shared it with countless people, purchased your cookbooks as gifts and consistently visited the site for the beautiful photography and delicious recipes. You are, truly, an inspiration! And it makes me happy that you live in SF :-) As for my resolutions, I have just started a blog so I hope to keep that up - I understand the need to have a creative outlet - and pay off a big chunk of my debt. Other than that, it's pretty straight-forward stuff....drink more water (and less alcohol), exercise more, etc. etc.... Wishing you a successful and happy 2009! Glad you're kicking off the new year having recovered from your illness! xo


Heidi, glad to hear you are doing better and the kitchen looks fabulous. I agree with your sentiments of moving forward even when things do not work out as you had thought. We can only do our best. I believe patience is also important as well and I have added this to my goals for the year. Your recipes and pictures have encouraged me to try new recipes and a try at growing some of my own vegetables and herbs as well. Right now the broccoli is ready for harvesting. Happy New Year and I look forward to the New Year with you.


Heidi - I just found your blog this year and I absolutely love it! I need to get your books and thank you for the wonderful recipes. The pictures gave the courage to try new foods, and my goal for 2009 is to eat healthier using your site as a guide. FYI my friends and I cannot get enough of your edamame soup! The kitchen looks lovely. Happy Cooking!


thanks for the brilliant photos and amazing food this year heidi. another success! if i have a resolution (per se) it is to be more deliberate about food in the purchasing, the cooking, and the eating.


In light of my recent hiatus from spending, I am trying to be more mindful in purchasing, eating and day to day living. Being more organized and more present in daily life seem to go hand in hand for me, so I am thinking about that. Also, adding some more healthful practices to my life such as more exercise, more raw foods, more cultured foods and eating as local as possible. happy new year!


White on white? Oh dear.. I understand not wanting the bright colors of the cabinets you had, but please tell us you are planning on painting the walls... anything but white. Your food is too great to be stuck in a white box.


Hi Heidi, thank you for sharing your creative insights with others. Your recipes are so wonderful and they add such fun to the kitchen! Wish you the best in 2009! Cheers


Hi Heidi, I can't thank you for inspiring me back to my small, but surprisingly functional kitchen. Your wonderful recipes, insights and photography brought back the gumption inme to bake and cook more. Something I've always enjoyed, but dropped off due to life distractions. This year I'm aiming to be grateful while savoring all that I have in my life. Thank you again, Heidi, and happy new year! Carol


Wow, the kitchen look beautiful. So sorry to hear you were ill. Hope you feel better and have a great new year!


Thank you, Heidi. I've learned so much from your site! I've moved away from eating so much processed, nasty food, and your site has been a big part of that. The recipes are wonderful, and the photos are amazing! I hope you enjoy your new kitchen, and I'm glad you're feeling better. Happy New Year!


I love your kitchen, Heidi. It's beautiful. Hope you are well soon and have a very good year.


I look forward to all of your emails and beautiful photography. I adore this website and am so glad I came across it! My resolution is to try even more of your recipes and to strive to eliminate the "bad stuff" in my diet and panty. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! MAKE IT GREAT!


Heidi - My husband and I, after many years of failed attempts, have finally lost some excess weight. Me - 45 pounds, him - 55. Not fair, but men just seem to lose more. Has something to do with more muscle mass I think. Our main resolution this year is to KEEP it off. I have printed off many of your recipes and use them frequently. They are always delicious, creative and wonderfully health conscious. Thank you so much for making it easy and fun to stay in shape! Your Photos are great. I usually print them off with the recipes because they are so pretty. They inspire me to try the dishes and I am never disappointed. Please keep up the good work.


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