At The Studio: Shredded Un-Chicken Salad

At The Studio: Shredded Un-Chicken Salad Recipe

The salad I've been making and taking in a jar to the studio. It's a vegetarian take on what I think of as the Chinese chicken salad of my youth. I love so many components of that salad, the crunchy peanuts, the thin, garlicky sweet dressing, the green notes of cilantro and scallions in there with the salad and cabbage. In place of shredded chicken, I'll pack a hard-boiled egg, or a bit of pan-fried tofu to make a one bowl meal of things. So, it's the lettuce mixture in a large jar, with the egg or tofu tucked in that jar as well, the dressing in a separate jar, and a little side container to keep the nuts crunchy. Along with a little ice pack. A quick toss, and you've got a beautiful, vibrant salad. It's a good one for work, or picnic, or potluck. I posted the recipe here. It works great as a mason jar salad (for easy transport).

Shredded Un-Chicken Salad

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