At The Studio: Shredded Un-Chicken Salad

At The Studio: Shredded Un-Chicken Salad Recipe

The salad I've been making and taking in a jar to the studio. It's a vegetarian take on what I think of as the Chinese chicken salad of my youth. I love so many components of that salad, the crunchy peanuts, the thin, garlicky sweet dressing, the green notes of cilantro and scallions in there with the salad and cabbage. In place of shredded chicken, I'll pack a hard-boiled egg, or a bit of pan-fried tofu to make a one bowl meal of things. So, it's the lettuce mixture in a large jar, with the egg or tofu tucked in that jar as well, the dressing in a separate jar, and a little side container to keep the nuts crunchy. Along with a little ice pack. A quick toss, and you've got a beautiful, vibrant salad. It's a good one for work, or picnic, or potluck. I posted the recipe here. It works great as a mason jar salad (for easy transport).

Shredded Un-Chicken Salad

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I love the looks of this salad. You always make the freshest, most satisfying salads. The shaved fennel salad is still one of my favorites. I bought your bamboo steamer and enjoy using. Would you consider posting a recipe that utilizes the pot and steamer? I'm always looking for more inspiration!

HS: Hi Katie! Thank you! I've been using the steamer in high rotation for tamales lately! Will try to post more inspiration in the future.

I made the dressing exactly as described and I found that it is really lacking in flavor. It seems that the 1/2 cup of water dilutes everything else. I have never seen a dressing recipe with 1:1 ratio of oil to water. Why not use less oil and no water as in most dressings. Also, I added toasted sesame oil and fresh ginger to liven it up but even those additions couldn't overcome the water. Am I missing something? Thanks! Otherwise, the recipe looks great with great packing ideas. HS: Hi Gerda - I'd advise scaling back the water to your preference the next time around, or add it gradually until it is as you like.


What a great vegetarian alternative :D I love when you add nuts for crunch in a salad with a zingy dressing! It just works so well :D The boiled eggs are a nice touch too :) x

Thanks Heidi, this looks so refreshing and flavorful! Do you have a good brand/source of miso that you recommend?

There is a woman who makes great miso here in San Francisco - Aedan Foods. I see her at the markets and like to buy from her. But there is a lot of good miso out there. And if you avoid soy, you can find chickpea miso, etc. I look for non-GMO / organic when possible.


I need to seriously work on my lunch salad game. This is gorgeous.

Hello dinner tonight! Thanks for the recipe!

This looks delicious! And you have such beautiful photography. :) I can't wait to try it! It seems like it would be perfect for my husband to take to work for lunch.

My daughter in law gave me this wonderful hint for carrying salads in a jar. Put the dressing on the bottom, then protein , then vegs. Shake before eating.


What a great refreshing salad! Thank you :)

I am having a Heidi Swanson cooking session tonight, adding this to the list! I have to ask.. I know you have been vegetarian for a number of years, however do you ever find yourself craving meat? Or miss it? Id like to go vegetarian for several reasons but not sure I could cut out meat completely:( The temptation! lol


I love salads in a jar. And this one is as beautiful as a spring bouquet! Yummy and gorgeous!

Hi Heidi This salad looks great. If I have some leftover dressing, how long would it keep for? I never know when garlic or onion is involved...thank you!


I just returned from a trip to Myanmar. Their cuisine is an interesting mix of Chinese, Indian and Thai influences, plus some unique bits of their own. Salads are a big deal there, and they LOVE crunchy add-ons!! I've never had such varied and interesting salads. Their signature dish, though, is a salad made of fermented tea leaves: Lahpet. Think salty, smoky sauerkraut-ish base with all the crunchy, fresh toppings you could imagine. Their uses for fermented vegetables was kind of inspiring!! Anyway, this salad also looks delish as well and I'll be trying it soon! Thank you!


I'll have to try this! I usually fall into the simple green salad trap. I was wondering, though, whether it would be possible to eventually create a print function for QK, the way you have for 101CB? I always love the way my 101CB recipes print out...


love this, a perfect salad lunch-on-the-go, and the picture is so inspiring!

Looks fantastic - and the addition of the peanuts should add a great crunchy "twist". Nom nom!

This is such a lovely thing! I adore all the freshness and color going on. Perfect lunch for Springtime!

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