Baked Eggs Recipe

Baked eggs in edible cups with cherry tomatoes, garlic, olive oil and lots of vibrant spices.

Baked Eggs

Much of my current enthusiasm about cooking eggs stems from a simple fact, if I eat an egg (or two) for breakfast I'm satisfied until lunch. The same can't be said about bagels. I mention bagels because they are one of the few non-pastry items available at most cafes in the morning. All the cafes in my neighborhood serve whole wheat bagels, which being completely honest here, I tolerate more than I enjoy. Some of you might cite the breakfast bagel as a viable and satisfying breakfast choice and you aren't alone, one of the local spots does a brisk business in these egg-and-cheese topped creations. But I'm going to argue that the bread (bagel) to egg ratio is a bit out of balance for my tastes - they should serve these open-faced with no top. No?

So, this got me thinking about a better breakfast. A better egg breakfast to be specific. Omelettes, boiled eggs, fried eggs, and scrambles are all old hat for me - I wanted to explore territory I wasn't as comfortable with. What about baked eggs? Bingo. What about baked eggs in edible cups? Even better.

I knew I wanted these to be individual egg cups (maybe tart is a better word?), so I suspected standard muffin tins would work well as molds. I would tuck some pita, or thin lavash bread, or a tortilla, or two very thin, long criss-crossed slices of potatoes into alternating muffin slots. Add a bit of filling, crack an egg on top of each cup, and bake.

I needed to work out the filling and decide what other ingredients I wanted to pair with the eggs - what other flavors I wanted to introduce. I love Spanish tortillas (with eggs and potatoes) served with romesco sauce, so I thought that might serve as inspiration. Unfortunately it was also going to require a special trip to the store. Instead, I raided my spice drawer for smoked paprika, chile flakes, and cumin. Hit up the refrigerator for a couple handfuls of tiny cherry tomatoes, and chopped up a spring onion. The idea was: make filling, crack egg, bake, and serve on pretty plate with simply dressed salad on the side. the cool thing I'm not realizing is that you could do your little sauteed filling the night before, and have six of these in the oven the next morning in under two minutes for a brunch or even breakfast before work (bake while blow drying).

Baked Egg Recipe

So here is is the my baked egg recipe plus a couple other variations I'd like to try in the future. Let me know your ideas as well!

  • Thin tortilla cups + spicy bean base + egg + avocado & salsa on top
  • Pita cups + goat cheese and herb base + egg + creme fraiche on top
  • Or what about a maple-kissed version with something savory to bridge and temper the sweetness?

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Baked Egg Recipe

2-3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
3 big pinches ground cumin
2 big pinches chili flakes
2 big pinches smoked paprika
2 big pinches fine sea salt
1 cup spring (or regular) onion, chopped
1 clove garlic, chopped
1 cup cherry tomatoes, halved or quartered

2 pieces of pita bread, cut into quarters

6 large organic eggs
Garnish: finely chopped tomatoes, chile flakes, cilantro (optional)

Special equipment: standard 12 muffin tin

Preheat oven to 350F degrees. Add the olive oil to a large skillet over medium-high heat. Stir in the cumin, chile flakes, paprika, salt, onion, and garlic. Cook until onions soften, just a minute or two. Stir in the chopped tomatoes and cook until the tomatoes soften up a bit, another two or three minutes. Set aside.

Take six pieces (quarters) of the pita bread, gently open each of them and tuck them into the muffin tin - every other slot. If the pita splits, no worries, just criss-cross the bread into a nest or tart shell of sorts so there is coverage across the bottom so the egg and filling won't run out.

Spoon a bit of the tomato filling into each pita cup, dividing it amongst the six cups. Now crack a single egg into each pita cup. You don't want the cups to overflow, hold back a bit of the egg white if you need to. Also, you don't want the egg yolk to jet up toward the sky, try to ensure it is level with the whites or the yolks can dry out while baking.

Carefully place in the oven (racks in the center) and bake for about 15 minutes. Until the whites have set and become opaque. Serve hot garnished with a sprinkling of chopped tomatoes, chile flakes, and/or a bit cilantro.

Makes six egg cups.

If you make this recipe, I'd love to see it - tag it #101cookbooks on Instagram!

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So many great suggestions on how to build on this idea! Love the crepe approach. Potato skins! Yum. Faustianbargain - yes, yes, and yes. Your suggestions sound outrageously delicious. Hope you are all anjoying your weekend. -h

Thanks so much for this idea, Heidi. It really elevates the egg and bread or bagel idea.

Heidi, it's recipes like this that make me excited about playing around in the kitchen and getting your book (I've just ordered it). You're doing great; keep up the good work!


Hi Heidi, these sounds super-yummy. Im just like you - I feel like eggs for breakfast are really comforting and filling. Love - fanny

So nature delicious~ a good ideal to bake eggs~ i'll try to do it in the future~

agree re comparison between eggs and bagels. do try a dab of harissa with the baked eggs. takes egginess to an entirely different level. we make 'masala omelettes' in india..with ingredients pretty much like your recipe, only it's an omelette. altho' its those tiny green thai chillies rather than red chilli flakes etc. thanks. will try this in a muffin cup.

Here's another easy version that we do...using a biscuit cutter, cut out the center of a slice of your favorite bread, roll it out until it is just a little larger than the muffin cup, Fit into the cup, brush with butter and bake briefly. Fill with anything - we like a little chopped spinach mixed with onions and goat cheese - top with the egg and bake. Sooooo good!


OK, that crepe thing sounds fabulous. I was a little dubious about using pitas, which I detest (dry, mealy, awful things), and good tortillas are tough to find in my neck of the woods. I adore eggs in all their various forms, but I've actually never baked an egg. In my brain, turning on the oven makes the recipe complicated, but this seems so easy. I wonder if I could do a girly brunch some Saturday morning and make these. By the way, two over easy fried eggs atop plain steamed rice (with just a smidgen of soy sauce) was my go-to lunch when I was living in Hong Kong. The little restaurant at the corner sold it for $1.30 -- a filling, scrumptious meal. I still make it to use up leftover rice. There's something about rice and runny egg yolks that's incredibly delicious. YAY, eggs!

I make a very simple but beautiful variation of this for groups of up to 125. Make small, about 5" - 6", crepes and push into a lightly sprayed muffin pan being sure to leave the edges spread out. Fill with any of the whole or scrambled combinations and bake @325 degrees. The finished product looks like it is served in a flower. Add an edible orchid for garnish.


Made this for breakfast this morning. Delicious! Had no idea eggs could be baked. That's one of the things I love about food. There's so much to discover!

I once saw a recipe using a square of puff pastry dough inside of a muffin pan, cheese, ham, and a cracked egg on top, then baked. Phyllo dough might also be a nice variation with different ingredients, though certainly more troublesome than using prepackaged puff pastry.


These look tasty. Sometimes I just NEED eggs in the morning. It reminds me of a recipe I have for Mexican Deviled Eggs that requires cooking the eggs in a salsa broth--really yummy. The version you talk about with beans and avocados sounds really good.

I am passionate about eggs. I can't wait to try this recipe. My favorite meal of all time is over-easy eggs mixed into garlic fried rice, heavenly!


PS: another variation: put a spoonful of creamed spinach in the bottom of each ramekin -- the good stuff that's made with a little nutmeg. YUMMY!

Joy Y.

I've been baking eggs for years! The recipe, "shirred eggs" apparently originates somewhere in the UK. Here's my version: 2 jumbo eggs, cooking spray, freshly grated parmesan, dash of cayenne pepper. preheat the oven to 375F. Very important this temperature. spray two 4 oz ramekins with cooking spray. Crack an egg into each ramekin. pick up the ramekin and tilt it until the yolk is exactly in the center. Sprinkle the parmesan around the yolk to act as a barrier keeping it in the center. Sprinkle a little little bit of cayenne (substitute paprika if you're sensitive to heat) on top. Bake for 10 minutes. You know its done when the center is still a little jiggly (pick it up and jiggle it), and the outside is firm with the cheese just slightly toasted & bubbly. Using a big spoon, loosen the egg from the sides of the ramekin and lift it out gently. The yolk should be thick, but not set, and the white will be light and fluffy. Serve on top of toasted english muffin halves. Makes two servings (or one if you're hungry). Variations: 1) put a teaspoon of heavy cream in the bottom of the ramekin prior to adding the egg. 2) use cave aged gruyerre instead of parmesan 3) mix the cheese with your favorite crushed herb or spice (suggestions: coriander seed, basil, fennel leaf, lavender, parsley, tarragon)

Joy Y.

Ah, you're right--there is too much bread in a bagel sandwich! I'm a thin-bread girl, with few exceptions (can't really summon any right now). Your breakfast is a sight for sore eyes and hungry tummies!


Having no experience with baked eggs, I'm just throwing out an idea here... What about a hollowed out potato skin for the shell? Cut through the "waist" so that you have 2 cup-like halves?


I'd love to try them w/a piece of smoked salmon underneath the egg, w/some cream cheese & chives...


I'd love to try them w/a piece of smoked salmon underneath the egg, w/some cream cheese & chives...


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