Favorites List (9.14.12) Recipe

A quick favorites list for the weekend!

Favorites List (9.14.12)

Before we jump into this favorites list, a quick question for you all. I'm planning a trip to India(!), specifically New Delhi and Rajasthan. If you've been (or live there), and know of spots/shops/eats that we absolutely can't miss, please please give a shout in the comments. Jodhpur, Jaipur, Agra, Udaipur...so far, all are in the cards and I'm out-of-my-mind excited. A couple of my favorite experiences in Japan came from you all, so, thanks in advance. Enjoy the favorites list and I'll be back in a few days with a new recipe. xo -h

- Garden-Grown Cocktails

- The Oyler House | Outside Inside

- Maryam's Marrakesh

- My Friend Maia (via my friend Bonni)

- HomeMade Winter

- Reading this.

- Ruth Reichl's Fresh Apricot Jam

- Bonbons in Paris

- Essex (huge congrats guys!)

- A lifetime with Leica

- Readerly promiscuity

- This story

- Ten Questions for Sophie Dahl

- Grown-up pinatas

- Magic Measured in a Pile of Salt

- You've all seen this right?

- This site.

- Love Home Swap

- Blackberry Lillet Sangria

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Long time reader and first time commenter... Quite envious of your upcoming trip. =) The highlights from our visit to Delhi and Rajasthan a few years ago was Humayun's tomb in Delhi, Emperor Akbar's tomb just outside of Agra and the Hawa Mahal in Jaipur. Our favorite hotel was Hotel Arya Niwas in Jaipur, mostly for its excellent breakfast outside in their courtyard. The Moonlight Garden across the river from the Taj Mahal offers a different view of the famous sight too. Have a lovely time!


Oh I'm envious! I would love to go back to India. It is vegetarian food heaven so you will love it. The colours are amazing. I hope you're bringing the 180 because I would live to see the photos you and it would make. Jaipur is fantastic. Have to say that I didn't have much use for Agra, outside the Taj Mahal (which, no matter how many photos you've seen is pretty mindblowing in person). I've done the train to Varanassee & back to Delhi. While Varanassee was the hands down highlight of my two weeks in India, I think the train trip aged me by years! If you can get there, I recommend it but definitely fly! Enjoy your trip.


Veda is in the heart of New Delhi. It has amazing cuisine. But more than anything, the decor is a must-see.


Please, please go to Udaipur. And stay at Amit Haveli. It sits directly across from the Lake Palace and is absolutely magical. They also serve excellent food in the hotel, and the best Masala Chai (ginger and cardamom!) I've ever had. Udaipur is amazing.


Hi Heidi, I started to write my post and came across a silmilar one on travel adviser summing it up beautifully. It is a day trip to Agra. The tour company was recommended to me via a co-worker who hails from New Delhi. It was an AMAZING experience. Didn't have any problems at all with transportation or access to the attractions. I went with the "pick me up" option from my hotel rather than drive. I would do it again in a heartbeat. The best part is that the package includes a lot of the sites already listed by other posters. It is a lllllooooonnnnngggg day, but so worth it. It is excellent if you want to see the major sites in the area, but you don't want to devote "x" number of days out of your itinerary to do it. Hint: Ask your tour guide/driver if they could share any family recipes with you. Mine was over-joyed that I would even think to ask. I came home with two that my co-worker hadn't heard of (we figured the family member had come from a different part of India) and both have now become her family's faves - and mine too! :-)


Thanks so much for the link - glad you loved the Garden Grown cocktails roundup! Love your site and hope your trip to India is amazing! xo


I loved Bundi and Udaipur. Take a cooking class-- I think there's a woman in Udaipur who teaches classes out of her home kitchen under the name Noble Indian. We visited the day before to sign up for the class and choose our menu, and she went to the market to get all the ingredients. Strangely, the Vintage and Classic Car Museum in Udaipur also serves a solid and inexpensive vegetarian thali. South of Rajasthan in Gujarat, Palitana is a bit of a haul, but the Jain temples there are incredible. Cardamom and saffron ice cream, too. Have an amazing trip!


Take a bus ride into the countryside and purchase a coconut with a straw in the top from a roadside vendor. Drink the juice; then scrap the thin meat from the coconut itself. Better than any soft drink will ever purchase anywhere.

Horace Bone

for all things fabric (clothing, totebags, bedspreads, napkins, etc.), the wonderful "fab-india" store in delhi....

suzanne curley

I recommend buying the Guide du Routard for India (you can read French, right?). Best advice in book form you can get. Told me about dealing with the nightmare of hustlers of Agra (that alone was worth the price of the book!). Are you going to Varana

Marc in Taiwan

In Jaipur: Hot Pink Concept store is so chic, beautiful clothing and designer handmade Indian housewares. FabIndia is also good for cheaper Indian made objects and clothes (like of like a Cost Plus). I would also recommend going to the Ramthambore Park to take a safari. I stayed at the Aman-i-khas tented camp there, a highlight of my trip! The drive from there to Jaipur (3 hours) is gorgeous, going through the Aravalli Hills and local villages. In New Delhi, don't miss 'Wedding Street' in the old town. It's where all the local brides shops for their colorful attire and accessories. Amazing for photography. Also the local flower market is fun to visit, go early (6:00am). In Jodphur, I stayed at the Raas Hotel which was great, you should eat at their rooftop restaurant with views of the fort. The local market in Jodhpur near the clock is amazing. Handmade embroidered shoes and saris. And CHEAP! In Udaipur, try to get outside of the city. A nice day trip would be to see the templates out near the Devi Garh Fort Palace Hotel, and have lunch there looking out over the hills.


Wow---I'm so glad you posted this. I'm going to India this winter too, and am currently compiling lists of things to see/eat/do...and it's so overwhelming. I've been to Northern India before, and like two other commenters said: You've really gotta go to Varanasi!!! Unbelievably beautiful, fascinating, incredible, every adjective....


Oooo also! For a splurge, try Varq - the modern indian cuisine restaurant at the Taj Mahal Hotel in Delhi, its the one on Mansigh Road near Khan Market.. You may also want to connect with the Delhi Gourmet Club (they are on Facebook as well) and if you'd like it, I can put you in touch with one of Delhi's well known food critics. She's just the person to ask food-related questions to.


Oooo - I love it when you do your favorite's list! I saw the "My Friend Maia" awhile back, but enjoyed it just as much this time. I loved the dolphin clip, and no - I had not seen it before. Thanks for sharing!

Tracy A.

I second the saravana bhavan suggestion - their daily specials are great value! In Jodhpur don't miss a lassi from the little shop below the clock tower. It used to be listed in lonely planet - the lassi was out of this world! I did a desert trip w Germar Singh - highly recommended, the man makes amazing vege meals out of nothing!! Enjoy, I can't wait to read about your travels & see your photos!!!


Foods worth trying - masala dosa, Thali, mango lassi's and if you are game the salted lassi (not everyones taste but i loved it), Kulfi and Gulub Jamon and of course Chai esp the ones at the train stations. One of the best foods i ate was Papdi Chaat from a street stall. I never got sick in 6 weeks of being there. I took Homeopathic vaccinations and my medicine kit was a bottle of Grapefruit drops. Supposedly if you get sick it will help clean out your gut and help you get over it as quickly as possible. You can also put a drop in your water as a preventive.

Sharon O

Hey Heidi! So excited that you are visiting Delhi. I live in Delhi and travelled in Rajasthan etc. And i have a ton of recommendations for you from places to eat to places to shop at. In Delhi, Hauz Khas Village is a must-visit. There is a himalayan food restaurant there called Yeti and kashmiri restaurant called Tarami. Both have brilliant vegetarian food. Many of the cafes in HKV over look the beautiful ruins of Hauz Khazi and the lake. Many up and coming fashion and jewelry designers have boutiques here. There are art galleries and places selling old movie posters and other kitsch as well. So from art to hand tooled and painted leather travelling valises, HKV is the place to go. The GoodEarth stores in Khan Mkt or Saket are lovely and you really cannot match the elegance of their crockery and glassware. Anokhi in Khan Market and Jaipur, have clothes and linen in with traditional indian motifs. Most of their designs are subtle and elegant. Fio in the garden of five senses is a great fine dining option. They have both indian and italian food. Indian Accent at The Manor hotel is another great option. The chef at the Indian Accent is trying to blend international and indian cuisine, like creating khandvi ravioli (khandvi is similar to a gujarati pasta) and so on. Kareems etc are a complete no-no for vegetarians. They are known for their rustic lamb and mutton roasts. I have a ton of other suggestions but maybe i should just email you? Or you can email me. If you want someone to take you around or help you explore Chandni Chowk (Paranthewali gali with parantha restaurants that have existed since Mughal times-they're around 150 or so years old- and old perfumeries, wholesale spice and cloth bazaars, Aloo-tikki at Natraj's, are some of the things on the must see/do list in CC), do give me a shout. :D Hope you have a fabulous visit to India!


Heidi, I have been an ardent near-worshipper of your blog, and am so excited about your India trip. Welcome, and have a great time here! Nathu's sweets (Bengali Market, New Delhi) is a must-visit, it's vegetarian to boot. Try the chhole bhature (spicy curried chickpeas served with deep fried puffy bread), and some of the sweets. Also a must try is the paneer tikka (grilled paneer: stores like Haldirams and Aggarwal's - both chains ensure you get fresh, hygienic food served to you). Chokhi Dhani in Jaipur - seems like a very touristy place, but a lot of vegetarian Rajasthan specialities served under one roof - and maybe you can wrangle some recipes and share them with us. :-p Have a fantastic trip, and post pictures! Cheers, Aparna


First time commenter too Try the whistling teal in udapuir for the best thali plate in north India and of you're looking for somewhere to stay the http://www.jagatniwaspalace.com/ has gorgeous and reasonable lake view rooms to make you feel all regal (their rooftop resturant is okay for cocktails and snacks but compensates for it by the spectacular view). Have fun - India is awesome though I wouldn't plan too much time in Delhi other than seeing historic sites if that's your thing Read some of the great Indian fiction that's around to get you in mood - god of small things, shantaram, midnights children, a fine balance are my picks of a great bunch

Jo Rose

Oops didn't need to mention to be vegetarian.. Bringing home a Tiffin is a must . ENJOY

Sharon O

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