Favorites List (Fall 2010) Recipe

A fall favorites list made up of a few things that have caught my attention or inspired me lately. It's a mish-mash of links, products, places, media and what-not that hopefully might inspire you as well.

Favorites List (Fall 2010)

I would like to share a new recipe with you right now, in fact I have one all ready to go. But I fear many of you have shifted into Thanksgiving mode. Meaning, if what I have to share isn't fit for the Thanksgiving table, you probably don't want to hear about it. And it's not. So I won't. Instead, I decided to write up a new favorites list - something I love doing. And for the handful of of you hitting this page today, still on the search for Thanksgiving inspiration, I'll kick off the list with a few personal favorites on that front:

- Here's an updated list of favorite vegetarian Thanksgiving recipes: Golden-Crusted Brussels Sprouts, Roasted Delicata Squash Salad, Vanilla Mashed Sweet Potatoes, Hazelnut & Chard Ravioli Salad, etc.

- Thinking I need to do more things like this in 2011.

- A perfect shade of blue.

- Podcast pick: The Monocle Weekly. What other podcasts should I be listening to? I like newsy/current event ones.

- Soup season is really on here. We had fog, rain, thunder and lightning last week. The soup in the photo up above became a favorite this year. This one. I've cooked it at least ten times. If you have Moro East, give it a go.

- Daydream real estate listing number 1, and number 2. I stumbled on that second one the other day and it's all about the location and setting - it's surrounded by the magical Grace Marchant Gardens, just below Coit Tower.

- Favorite stocking stuffer: June Taylor's Candied Citrus Peels

- Saw this movie in Rome. And this and this since I've been home.

- Would love to stay here someday.

- I like to add a pinch of this to my eggs, and also to the occasional vinaigrette for some extra herby-green dimension. Oh! And I just noticed the Herriott Grace rolling pins at Terrain, part of their Holiday Heirloom Collection.

- To my family, I would love a subscription to this and/or this.

- Gabi's lovely food site - I've shortlisted this sweet tahini dressing.

- Think of the fun to be had around this.

- Tempted by this fancy pants water filter.

- My walls are mostly white, but I love seeing fun/funky wallpapers.

- Vintage cookie cutters on Etsy. Or Cameras.

- As as we head into the holidays, I keep reminding myself of this inspiring concept/challenge.

And last of all, here's a short update about our Kiva / 101 Cookbooks lending team. We've somehow managed to make $111,000 in micro loans together. Nearly 4000 loans since we set things up in September 2008. Amazing. For those of you participating, have a peek at your balance, you may have funds sitting there that could be re-allocated. -h

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Great post, Heidi. Last Saturday afternoon in the exhibition space of Bon Marche in Paris, they were playing clips from the Sophia Coppola movie - the exhibition was a series of photographs taken during the making of the film - of Coppola, the film-making team and the actors. Great photos and it looks like an excellent movie - though it's not out here till January I think. Have you tried 'From our own correspondent' podcast? It's a weekly from the BBC featuring journalists posting from around the world. It's always hugely varied and excellent.


Heidi, thanks for your great favorites list. Podcasts I listen to: National Graphic has a short podcast daily that I find interesting. Napa Valley Wine is a great weekly podcast. I listen to Dave Ramsey's daily 30 minute podcast to keep me financially responsible! My chiropractor recommends the Kangen Water Ionizer that I think is worth researching. FYI, I have many of those "vintage cookie cutters". I inherited them but still makes me feel old! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Podcasts: my standby for my long runs of an hour or more is always Real Time with Bill Maher. Always entertaining, often informative. I find myself laughing out loud like a crazy person on the treadmill or on long, meandering running routes. Check them out!


Wasn't that thunder and lightning wild? It certainly is the season for soup. This looks fabulous.

Miri Leigh

Oh those golden crusted brussel sprout...made them with a gruyere/white cheddar and they were a hit. So delicious, even brussel sprout sceptics enjoyed them...thanks for this one!


The pix. of your dinner by the Bridge is so dreamy. I want to see the films you mention. The Wallpapers are so wonderful. I never tire of the ones I've chosen...after great struggles in choosing, I love them every time I look. Thanks so much for sharing all and everything. One of the pleasures of life: your site.

chris stewart

Great Post. You are one cool lady. Keep em coming!


Wonderful post, Heidi! I can't wait to break out my vintage cookie cutters, as well! It's that time of the year for these fun lists and your list is fabulous. Happy Thanksgiving!

The Healthy Apple

Hey guess what... I made your brussel sprouts last year and had such a big thumbs up from everyone I am making them again this year! Thanks for that one. I love This American Life (as I am sure most people do) and have been looking for more podcasts myself- thanks for the suggestions everyone!


Great post! I love vintage cookie cutters too. Thanks for sharing :-)


Heidi ~ I am thankful for a vegetarian web site. You have such good recipes, thanks for sharing them. Enjoy your holiday. D


not sure why someone would pay $900 plus $150 in shipping for a used beer table when new ones will cost you around 100 to 150 Euros on Amazon ... but I like the idea of having one. HS: Hi Andrej, can you post a link? I've actually found them hard to come by, new or used. And I particularly like the patina on the one at Terrain. But it would be cool to be able to point people to other options and price points. Thanks in advance, -h


I so love the idea of the vintage cookie cutters!


What a nice post. Thank you. I've been so busy writting cookbooks lately that my house has completely gotten out of hand. I read the zen habit to cut down to 100 things and I think that's just the thing for me and each member of my family to do while we're trying to get our house back together. Happy Thanksgiving! Miriam

Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

I made your 5 minute tomato sauce recipe last night and it is going on my fall favorites list: quick, so sophisticated and tasty, bright tasting, and beautiful. Here's to a few necessary quick eats during the next crazy weeks!


can you actually subscribe to either of those magazines..? those may be tough gift requests for your family to fill.


Love, love, love these lists! They are always inspiring.


Thanks so much for the great veggie recipe list! Planning dinner is on my to-do list today and I think a couple of these will be making the menu!

Lisa @ simplifying the simple life

Your favorites list rocks! Truly in love with those adorable cookie cutters and herbs de provence- wow!

Jen @ keepitsimplefoods

I cannot recommend On the Media's podcast highly enough. One hour of solid NPR reporting on media topics - a friend suggested it's like The Daily Show, except somewhat less irreverent. One of the best things on radio today - or on podcast, for that matter!


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Apologies, comments are closed.

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