Favorites List (January 2012) Recipe

The first favorites list of the new year - a list of things that have inspired, or caught my attention in the previous weeks.

Favorites List (January 2012)

Hi everyone, how about a favorites list? I feel like I have enough good stuff to roll it out a bit early this month. Not to mention, it'll give me a chance to focus on jotting down a recipe for the bread I've been baking every few days for the past couple of weeks. This bread is dark and hearty, yeast-leavened, and perfect for soup-dunking. Or crouton making. Or tartine broiling. I think you'll like, or at least I hope you will. In the meantime,

- A Polaroid a day for 18 years.

- Sequin photobooths.

- Fantasy real estate listing.

- Joan Didion's packing list.

- On the list to cook: this, and this.

- EAMES: The Architect and the Painter

- Revisitng this soup.

- Anna's Daughters' Chocolate Rye Bark

- Get-away.

- This photo series.

- This lovely lady.

- A box of dirt.

- Bookmark this for the holidays next year.

- Fireworks.

- Teenage Bedrooms: It was Miami Vice meets the interior of a van...

- The Woodmans.

- Bookmark: Tamarind Margarita.

- Midway through watching this.

- This exhibit. And, coming up - this one.

Bread to come in a few... -h

Lead photo: One of the nicest sunsets I've seen lately, at the park just a short walk from my house. The air has been brisk, and crisp, and the skies so clear.

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That noodle soup looks wonderful...so hearty and warming...perfect for a cold winter's day...


I adore the entries in your list! And I am waiting in anticipation to see the bread you are making.

Anna @ the shady pine

That lead photo is just dreamy. As are these links. I have a photograph by Francesca Woodman above my desk, and would love to see the movie. I think the Pasta with Greens will be for dinner tonight. Thanks! :)

charlotte au chocolat

That packing list is incomplete, there needs to be some snacks! haha


how do you find these things? i love sorting through them.


Love the lead photo! And so excited to try the soup. Until your site, topping soup for me meant nothing more than crushed crackers or a bit of shredded cheese! I love how I'm always inspired when I visit your blog:)


ooooh, I love the sequin photo booth, such a neat idea! might make that for my wedding photo booth in 6 weeks! weeee! fun and excitement :) Heidi xo

Heidi - Apples Under My Bed

Lovely post Heidi. I've been wanting to make that carrot soup too. And I thought of you today when I wrote my post--it's a total Heidi recipe, I think. You must have been Italian in a previous life. http://cookwithwhatyouhave.com/blog/ Happy New Year! HS: Happy New Year to you as well K! Hope all is well, and I hope to get up your way soon. That soup looks right up my alley. xoxo

Katherine Deumling

what a wonderful way to get lost in some unexpected surprises! loved so many of these. Happy new year!

amelia from z tasty life

Polaroid a day for 18 years = WOW!! Looking forward to the bread recipe - sounds special!

Yummy Inspirations

The Box of Dirt post nearly left me in tears. To love for all the right reasons . . . Many thanks for sharing. happy new year!


Lovely photo. I am eagerly awaiting the bread recipe. I need something new for soup dunking!

Maria @ Sinfully Nutritious

I love that Joan Didion didn't pack underwear


I NEED some soup dunking type bread today. It sounds lovely I love it just as it is as that type of bread never needs anything to add to its taste or whatever it is accompanying.


earlier I used to get annoyed by these lists 'cause I'd be expecting some interesting recipe until once I actually clicked on some of the links. and now it really amazes me how someone can find so many interesting things to share every month and how a complete stranger from a completely different country can connect with me on so many levels in just a single list and keep doing it month after month. from India


Lovely links, as always. There's always something special about fireworks :)

Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

whoops, I meant Ice Cube!


That packing list - words to live by, always.


I used to live right by that same park, and I too witnessed some of the most beautiful sunrises/sunsets in the city there :-)


The American Masters of Charles and Ray Eames is wonderful. I've been recommending that to everyone--a must see.


Comments are closed.

Apologies, comments are closed.

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