Favorites List (June 2011) Recipe

In place of a recipe today, this June favorites list.

Favorites List (June 2011)

The staircase in our new apartment is, well, imposing. Forty-six stairs to the third floor. It goes straight up, switches back, and then up again. It's a beautiful staircase, but has the sort of incline that might compel one to drop an f-bomb or two when carrying more than a purse. Our movers, the two of them, put these stairs in their place. How they carried multiple eight-foot cabinets and a mattress up it, I'll never know. So, thank you Nick & Fernando, for getting us in the new apartment. Here's the bad news though, everything is still in cardboard. That said, I did cook a special first-night dinner - I just need a bit more time to write it up. In the meantime, I hope you don't mind a favorites list in place of a recipe.

- I'm hooked on this. Before our drive to Marfa, Wayne subscribed, loaded it on my iPhone, plugged it into my car stereo, and I felt like I had every album ever recorded at my fingertips.

- This photo project (via Tara)

- French sneaks.

- Watched this classic.

- Cute & clever - vintage food mill planter.

- Loving the MSL cookie app. Also, beautiful job bringing the magazine to the iPad.

- This plate.

- This workshop

- Toasted Salty Seeds from Nettletown - thanks Tea :)

- This salad. And the way Sara made my baked oatmeal in little jars.

- This photo series. And this one.. This Laura Taylor shot. And this one too.

- Beaches! Caftans!

- This exhibit at SFMoMA. Next up, the new exhibit at Pier 24.

- Reading this. This up next.

Promise to be back later in the week with a crowd-pleaser of a recipe. It's an old-school favorite around here, and it has been far, far too long since I've cooked it. A little something old to go with the new address. -h

I took the photo up above in our hotel room at the Hotel Congress in Tuscon, Arizona.

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i know moving is hard but just do it and one day you'll thank me for telling you this

the muse of the day

Hey Heidi! Thanks for posting my salad recipe - I am probably YOUR biggest fan! Love you favorite lists - I always find so much inspiration. In health, Sarah B

Love the list, especially the salad and the sneakers. Also, I feel you on the stairs situation. My last place had 47 stairs; we lucked out on our new place and only have 41. Ah, living in San Francisco. :)

Nice list....I had some stairs like that when I lived in Italy and watched a very short, enthusiastic Sicilian carry an refrigerator on his back up the stairs!

Heidi - I feel for you! I moved a few days ago as well - 3rd floor walk-up, 41 stairs. Oh, 98 degree heat on top of it! The movers were fabulous, but I lost two pieces of furniture that couldnt be coaxed around the tight corners in the stairwells. Ahhh, moving. Looking through your favortires as I eat lunch on my first post-move workday...thanks for putting together such a great list! Enjoy your new abode...

Hey! How did you know that I was looking for new sneaks! Thanks for the french sneaks link! And happy moving in :)


Heidi, Thanks for sharing your favs! My husband and I are coming to SF the end of the month so we watched Petula, which you recommended last time, which by the way is a strange/interesting movie, but definitely has some great shots of the city and now thanks for the head's up on the Pier 24 Exhibit! sounds great! I love super natural every day, btw! Awesome recipes! And I empathize with you on the move! I have had to move two times in the last year as we downsized and moved across town because our house sold sooner than expected and then a few months later moved across the country to our final destination. I loved, like you mentioned, finding little things that had been tucked away, but I also loved unburdening my life from too much stuff! I know the work is tough, but it's so great when you finally get things settled and see the results of the labor! Sweet! Have fun!

Hello I am hoping that you have an irresistible photo of a stack of pancakes...or one pancake...that I could purchase. I want to hang this in my office to illustrate my favorite...or one of my favorite...mantras ...that no matter how thin you make the pancake, it always has two sides. Would you consider that? thanks so much...I am a true fan of your 101 cookbooks!! Thanks Ellen

ellen portal

What a great set of favorites this month. Enjoy your new digs.

I too have a move on the horizon! From Southern China to Spain. I am tackling my spaces piece by piece and enjoying what I find along the way. I love the makers project, thanks for sharing Heidi!


didn't mean to be anonymous (the previous comment)


I wondered if you could share more information on the beaches/caftans photo- could this be in Sayulita, Mexico?


Congratulations on the move to your new apartment. A new kitchen for new memories! Thanks for the fun list. Looking forward to seeing what you whipped up for a first night dinner. As always, I'm sure it was wonderful! :)

Thank you! I love your favorites lists because I always find new favorite things! I don't know how you manage to find every fantastic thing, but I'm so glad that you do and then that you share it with us. Good luck with the moving/unpacking too!


Hi there No question - beautiful site, pictures, writing and intentions. I'd be more than grateful if you could check out the preview to my new book "Simply Fed" via the link on the side panel of my blog. There is a preview of 37 pages of random preview I'm a retired food photographer living in France after a lifetime in London. All the best Roger

Welcome to your new nest. I'm smitten with the wall color in your photo. I'm about to paint my dining room a very similar color: hummingbird blue. Glad to see it makes me hungry, or maybe that's just a side effect of visiting your blog. Congrats!

Thanks so much for these awesome links, Heidi! They were all so entertaining. Loving your blog, too, as always.

Your monthly favs are always a hit in my book. I loved to see the project documenting what people would take if their house was burning. Great idea. Glad to hear you are moved in and getting settled! Yippee!

Reading the comment about the mattress and the staircase suddenly brought back a memory. We were moving out of our brownstone in NY. My husband had lovingly sanded down this enormous gorgeous walnut staircase. The movers took the mattresses and slid them down the entire staircase to the person below. After doing this with about 3 mattresses, we caught it and we nearly exploded in disbelief. All along the staircase were markings from the sliding mattresses!!! Oh, was that a day of horror! Good luck to you and look out for any objects sliding on your wonderful stair case!

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