Favorites List (September 2011) Recipe

A favorites list for September 2011 - a quick list of things that have caught my attention or inspired me lately.

Favorites List (September 2011)

I'm sitting here eating the best apple I've ever tasted. At a glance, it's not much of a looker. The skin is a queasy shade of yellow-green, and overall its shape seems awkward and (quite frankly) out of balance. But a single bite reveals an electric pink flesh, patterned like one of my grade school tie-dye projects. It's bracingly tart, and effusively fragrant. Are we really on October's doorstep? This apple says yes. Unbelievable. I'm not complaining, I actually love this time of year - the markets, the weather, the apples, all of it. But, this year has gone by so fast. Anyway, I wanted to sneak this favorites list in before we lose September entirely. Hope all of you are looking forward to fall as much as I am.

- Hope to stay here someday.

- This article about strandbeests.

- We heart Pia

- Jo Gordon

- Super cute sketch series - Musicians on Tour

- Just ordered this.

- Love having Dorie in my kitchen - watched every video in this.

- Love this illustration.

- Enjoying cooking from this classic.

- Baker's Notes!

- Great idea :)

- Wrapping supplies :) these too!

- ballet pink

- Striped washcloths

- Ten Amazing Public Pools (via A Cup of Jo)

- This cracked me up.

Promise to be back a bit later in the week with a proper recipe. -h

Lead photo: poppies from the Saturday market.

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Great list, as always! And now you've got me seriously craving an apple, which I guess all things considered isn't the worst craving to be having :)

Kathryn | Dramatic Pancake

Ballet pink seems to be the "it" color this season. I just looked through a bunch of catalogs yesterday and saw it in shoes, etc. That clutch is especially sweet. HS: L, I promise to accessorize in ballet pink for the next cabin trip. But only if Lisa joins me.


Hi Heidi, I love your books and blog! I have a question for you. I live in England and quinces are now ready. I have made quince jelly to last until next year, we love it with Manchego cheese. I have also tried your quince cake from one of your books. Any other ideas?


Thanks Heidi - I always enjoy your lists. Love the wrapping supplies!

Kelly at Inspired Edibles

Thank you so much for sharing. I love the Sep list. Just love it! Can't wait for the next list and recipes :)


Please, please tell us the name of that wonderful sounding apple. You paint masterpieces with your words!!!

E. "Sue" Brown

Love these lists, Heidi--but just one small request? Could you possibly set the links in these lists to open in a new tab? I love them but I always find it easier to keep them open to browse through later or save/bookmark when they're in their own tabs. Cheers--happy October :)


What is the name of the apple you lied? Thank you. Jann


Oh I love this time of year. Right now I'm taking a break while my first batch of apple butter (highly spiced and with just a touch of maple syrup) for this season is processing. That apple sounds like one I'll definitely have to look for in the future. I love tart crisp apples.


Mmm I really want an apple now. One of my favorite fall activities in the Midwest was to go to the apple orchards. I miss those days!


I'm so happy to find Theo Jansen in your favorites! His work is truly inspiring! Did you know you can own your own mini Strandbeest? If you have time check out my post on this crazy genius. and don't forget his amazing TED talk!


I was absolutely FASCINATED with the Strandbeests - thanks!!!


I got married in Sayulita and would love to return to that great little spot on the beach. Cracked up at the Craigslist add. Good finds Heidi!


You are an incredible writer. Reading your description of that apple made me want to eat it so badly, and gave me a perfect mental image of what it looked like and how it crunched. Very impressive - not many people can write like that.

Toni - Not Yet A Mommy Blog

I love this time of the year and my absolutely favorite eating apple variety is Honeycrisp! What is thw variety you were eating? I love your blog!


H - I was just looking for a surf spot to hit over christmas - mexico might be just the place! also, as you think about fall meals, i'd love to see you whip up a good meat-free "meatloaf". Happy fall. Noelle

Noelle @ Green Lemonade

This list is so inspiring. In fact, there are so many incredibly inspiring, vastly different directions here that I'm feeling a little overwhelmed!

Charlotte au Chocolat

Heidi, Thanks so much for sharing the article on Theo Jansen. We live in Scheveningen, saw his latest efforts, but missed the NYer article. Wonderful to hear he's getting this kind of coverage.


Thank you SO much for adding Henry's craiglists posting to your faves list. It has made my day, so funny!!!


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Apologies, comments are closed.

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