Green Juice

Green Juice Recipe

Everyone should have a green juice recipe in their repertoire, and this one is a ringer. Its heart and soul is straight green, not at all sweet, with a good amount of lemon-lime tang, and invigorating ginger lift. Like many green juices, it makes you sing from the inside, and is reason enough to invest in a juicer, or dust one off. When I traveled to Paris last year, I spent a beautiful first day and night there, then came down with a (particularly miserable) cold - throat on fire, raspy cough. Being sick away from home is hard, begin sick in a city like Paris, when you're there for just a short time, is spiritually deflating. So, in preparation for my most recent trip, I became a vigilant hand-washing, snotty three-year avoiding, soup eating individual with a juicer on the counter. I religiously drank a glass of this green juice every day, punctuated with a gingery version of this turmeric tea a few times along the way. It's a variation on one of the (many) green juices highlighted in Pressed Juicery's Juice: Recipes for Juicing, Cleansing, and Living Well, a book I purchased recently, before realizing we share the same editor!

Green Juice Recipe

Juicing can be time intensive. I think that is why so many people are inclined to purchase fresh juices instead of making them at home. Quite honestly, I do both. There are stretches when I don't get around to making fresh juice, and other times I make it regularly. I like how fresh juice makes me feel.

A few things to consider to make green juice easier.

- Wash, trim, and prepare your produce when you come home from the market. Then refrigerate. This way, it's straight into the juicer when you're ready.

- Make more then you need in one go. Certainly, fresh, immediate juice is the best. That said, I make a three day supply, and keep it refrigerated (you can even freeze it). And it's good. With this juice in particular, you can use it as a soup broth, I even used it to make dumpling wrappers in place of water.

- Clean up as soon as you're finished.

Green Juice RecipeGreen Juice RecipeGreen Juice Recipe

Keep in mind, this is a juicer recipe, not really a blender/smoothie recipe as written.

Green Juice Recipe

2 to 3 kale leaves, to taste
large handful of spinach
1 head romaine
2 celery stalks
1 small bunch of parsley, trimmed
1/2 lemon, peeled, deseeded
1/2 lime, peeled, deseeded
1 1-inch cube of peeled ginger
2 small cucumbers, peeled

Combine the above in a juicer - serve, refrigerate, or freeze immediately. Refrigerated, I've found the green juice to be pretty great on day two, as well as the morning of day three.

Prep time: 10 min

If you make this recipe, I'd love to see it - tag it #101cookbooks on Instagram!
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I also come and go with my juicing. Sometimes I'm good for a week or two then take a break from it. But I really love how I feel when I drink green juice daily.
One question, is there a reason why you destem the parsley? I have only used it in juice a few times but always threw in a big bunch, stems and all. Is it just a flavor thing? Are the stems bitter? Thank you for your amazing blog. I always learn something new!

HS: Hi Abby - I actually just trim the stems rather than completely remove them. Updating the recipe now. :)


Fantastic post, your recipe is very similar to mine, although I add a banana instead of the lemon and lime. I'm going to try your version out when I prep my next batch!

Tessa / Bramble & Thorn

i've been green juicing for about a year or so, after i've discovered an amazing technique for making it in the blender. I blend all of the fruits (same ones you use above, including half an apple for sweetness), with half a cup of water, and strain it through a kitchen towel. All and all, since i started using disposable heavy-duty kitchen towels, the entire process from start to finish (including cleaning, which is a lot easier than washing out a lot of juicer parts) takes about 7-8 minutes. so i can make it fresh daily. it's totally addictive and a i agree - it leaves you feeling elevated and euphoric! the only downside is, as you mentioned, this habit is hard to maintain when traveling (to paris, especially!). This blender technique is great for getting started on green juice, since it's easier to make, and the slightly diluted taste is milder and easier on the buds.

HS: Thanks for this Maya!


So fresh and so green! It is definitely my laziness that gets in the way of making more juices at home, but what can I say, that cleanup can be such a pain in the butt... Although I always need more fruit in there, like an apple or pear.


So much goodness in one glass. Looks lovely!

Katrina @ Warm Vanilla Sugar

Do you recommend a juicer? I see yours is a Waring, and I looked online and sizes, power, prices vary. Would love a recommendation if you have one. Thanks!

HS: Hi Ali - I really love mine - it's a centrifugal juicer that my dad gave to me. And I use it all the time now! I have a Vitamix as well - blender not juicer, but use that for soups and blended drinks - different beast. I love the purity of the juicer.


I've been on the fence about buying a juicer. I love fresh juices, and the idea of producing sweet, nutritious liquid out of, as you do, parsley, really appeals to me. But is it really worth the mess of cleaning them up? And having an extra appliance to store? What are your thoughts?

HS: I'm into it Ksenia! I end up juicing all sorts of things, not only for "juices" to drink, but also to cook with...ginger juice, juices for broths, I've found if you put certain water-soluble herbs in and then run, say, cucumber or another watery vegetable or fruit through, it will take on notes of the herbs. It's super fun and interesting!

Ksenia @ At the Immigrant's Table

hi heidi, the last image here - that's one really beautiful green juice shot! i'm not a green juice drinker, but this tempts me. hope you stayed well on this trip to paris! :) also: love the idea of IG shots of the shop cards!

HS: xo Chika!!


We just got a new juicer, so I've been looking for ideas. Your green version looks perfect. And it's not just your Paris map that's out of date. Aren't you due for another trip to Rome soon? ;)

HS: Hah -indeed, Elizabeth! I am overdue - would love to make my way through Rome and on to Puglia again. xoxo

Elizabeth Minchilli

hi Heidi, I've been wanting to buy glass jars the like the I see in the image above. Can you share from where I might be able to get something similar.?

HS: Hi Surushi! I've just tend to re-use jars from products I buy - that one is from the artic rose petals we used to sell on Quitokeeto. Good jars are hard to come by!


What kind of juicer are you using? I'm a little confused by the zillions of brands out there... thank you!


Your juice looks beautiful. I know some people have a love-hate relationship with green juice, but I'm one that just loves it, and loves experimenting with it. Though I felt wasteful at times with all that leftover pulp, so I started using it to make veg crackers. Great as an appetizer with some soft cheese & honey.

Jill @ 42potatoes

We pull the juicer out for major juicing of our 13 apple trees, but I just had a green drink yesterday that I do in the blender. I had a lot of parsley sitting around so I added to that an apple (one less to juice!), some cucumber, ginger and tumeric root, lime juice, banana and a bit of water. It was great and I didn't miss the usual yoghurt thickness of my typical green smoothies.

I read that the beneficial enzymes of juiced fruits and veggies diminish after 20 minutes, so it's better to freeze leftovers right away. I don't know how true this is, and I wonder what happens to the enzymes during thawing, but I thought I'd mention it for anyone interested in researching more.


Ages ago I did the shopping to make soup for 300, and when I was done I'd get a green juice like this. Started frazzled and woozy and by the end of the glass would be ready again, and willing. Thanks for the reminder. It's been ages since I've dusted my juicer. And fyi: your turmeric tea is incredible also iced. That might muff up some Ayurvedic goodness, but in the summer, it makes tea approachable. Lovely discoveries...


I'm just curious, why would someone peel cucumbers? Does it change the flavor somehow? Is it because the skins don't have much juice so why bother with them??


I believe in green juice...wish I could commit to it regularly. This is a nice combination.


Heidi, your green juice looks luscious. I make similar but add a green apple.

Jill-would you be able to share your veg cracker recipe? Would love to also do that with the pulp. Thanks!

Beth Urban

I got flu-like symptoms while in San Francisco for 4 days from eating waaaay too much garlic from "The Stinking Rose". So I can totally relate to being sick in Paris. Since then I have heard that because of the purifying effect of garlic, eating too much causes your body to discharge too much too fast.


I have been making this exact juice, minus the ginger, for years. It is addictive! Sometimes I will add a couple of carrots to mellow out the taste for my kids or if I'm feeling a bit pale. I love it either way. Amazing stuff.


I was on the fence about a juicer so I borrowed one from a friend for a few days to see how I would like it. In the end I decided I wouldn't use it - SO much work to clean it and SO much produce needed to get the juice. We decided to get a Vitimix instead and are thrilled with the decision. 1. It blends things so fine and smooth that we often choose to drink smoothies instead of juice and it doesn't taste or feel like the sludge our less powerful blender made. 2. It is incredibly easy to clean. 3. If I really want juice (or almond milk, etc) I just strain everything quickly and easily through a fine, mesh "nut milk" bag which is easy, cheap and easy to clean. Just my two cents. Fresh juice is yummy - but too much work for my life and I can't store endless appliances.

Tracey Goldberg

Great tip on making enough for a few days in one sitting. I love making fresh green juices but during the week other commitments tend to take up too much of my time.

I'll try making a batch on Sunday and Wednesday and let you know how they go! This will certainly be a recipe I'll be trying at the weekend :)


Thanks Heidi,
this was a great post, like 101 juicing.
I felt like it gave me the clarity and breakdown I needed to know in order to juice. There's so much information out there, but this was refreshing, probably like the juice! Thanks again!

jeri kim lowe

Stunning photos. And this juice looks nutritious, easy to make and super cleansing. Thank you.

kristie @

Love that this is a pure green juice without any sweet and the lemon, lime, and ginger punch right up my alley. The pointers are right on target too - now that I think of it, doing the things you mention are what help me feel juicing on a regular basis is manageable.

Katie @ Whole Nourishment

An immersion blender and a pitcher work too, if you bother to cut up the produce a bit first ...

Regine Franck

Love your posts. Cant be bothered with the cleaning of a juicer hence I just use the blender added bonus of fibre. use homemade yogurt for husband and just water for myself.
also add half teasp of caoco powder, flaxseed, pinch of sea salt, stevia leaves, and other micro greens from the garden


Ooh, gotta love that deep emerald green! Citrus is so key to an all-green juice, really cuts the bitter I find.

Just a tip: Next time don't remove the peel of the citrus! The pectin found in the peel is very healing and protective to the digestive tract.


I didn't see a yield above, and thought I'd ask since you allude to juicing for a 3-day supply. I'm sure there's some variance based on the produce and the particular juicer, but do you have a sense of how much juice year proportions yield? Thanks!

HS: Hi Allanah - if I remember correctly this yielded 2 cups or so for me. I tend not to drink huge glasses of juice, so it was enough for me to share a bit, and enjoy for a few days.


I absolutely love green juice, Heidi! It's been one of my favorite discoveries. Like you say, it does require a bit of time investment, but I find it to be far worth it. Nothing makes me feel better than green juice. Often, when I travel, I try to get a green juice at Whole Foods - it really helps the jet lag after a long flight and brings my skin back to pre-airplane status.

Lisa @ Simple Pairings

Thanks for this recipe! After reading through the comments, I decided to try blending everything (with the addition of 1/2 green apple) together for a smoothie. Blending the celery and kale + a little water first for a minute or so helped to break down the tougher fibers in those veggies. I loved the ginger/lime flavors! Next time, I'll try adding ice toward the end.


Hi Heidi, thanks for writing about juicing again. I am a firm believer of juicing started on my trip to SEA, I had a cold / flu for a week and brought it with me on a long plane ride ... my sister has a juicer and i found some recipes, tried Asian pears and ginger and got it all out the system! i read in a book (chinese) any juice with a combo of Kale & cucumber has to be consumed within half an hour of juicing and it should be consume on an empty stomach.


KJ...Your post rang a big bell for me. I was eating garlic bread made from my fresh crop of gorgeous garlic for 2 days in a row..and I came down with a cold! I never connected the two events until now. I almost NEVER get "colds", so I will be watching the amount of garlic from now on.

Lynn a.k.a.Garlic Deva

I was looking for a great recipe ! looks like I have one. Never tasted green juice but this recipe is appetizing!


Hi! I love your blog and photos and shop. I'm about to make this to recover from tooany thanksgiving get togethers! Question: is there anything you do with the remains of the vegetables? I have a breville juicer that is amazing but I do get a lot of pulp. I tend to try to keep fruit pulp for muffins but I've never kept green pulp- I'm thinking of taking this pulp, gently sautéing, and serving over brown rice with a tahini dressing. Thoughts? Thanks!


Your pictures are great, really love the one with the juice drop in action. Good recipe also, thanks for the great post.


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