Instant Pot Congee with Brown Rice and Turmeric

Instant Pot Congee with Brown Rice and Turmeric

For the latest installment in my Instant Pot recipe adventures, we're going to explore congee. And, spoiler alert, making congee in your Instant Pot, or other multi-cooker, is literally reason enough to buy one. A complete home run.

You put your rice into the pot, walk away, and start daydreaming about toppings. Return later for a beautiful pot of perfect congee. You can also make this on a stovetop (of course), but it requires more babysitting.

Instant Pot Congee with Brown Rice and Turmeric

I experimented with different ratios of brown to white rice here. And played around with different amounts of water. I found the congee made with a minority percentage of white rice was texturally superior compared with the 100% brown rice versions. There was just too much separation between grains in the 100% brown rice version, and not enough creaminess. Add some white jasmine rice, and you get that classic congee porridge texture with the added nutritional benefits of whole brown rice.

Instant Pot Congee with Brown Rice and Turmeric

I hope you love this congee. It is spiked with turmeric, and I also can't resist sprinkling a few tablespoons of whatever quick-cooking grains I have on hand - quinoa, Job's tears, millet, etc.

Congee (and other related rice porridges) are popular in many Asian countries. It's a beloved breakfast, and anyone who has traveled with me knows, there are few things that boost my spirits more than discovering a DIY, congee bar breakfast at whatever hotel I'm staying.

Use this recipe and ratio as a jumping off point. Play around with different broths and seasonings. And, have a blast with toppings and be sure to play around with texture, crunch, color, and ingredients! You can also make this in a thick-bottomed pot on the stovetop - no Instant Pot necessary.

Lastly, for anyone looking for more Instant Pot recipe inspiration, I've set up an Instant Pot recipe category - all my favorite successes are featured there. Enjoy!

Instant Pot Congee with Brown Rice and Turmeric

You can absolutely make this on a stovetop if you don't have an Instant Pot. Combine the ingredients in a thick-bottomed pot bring to a simmer, and then cook over low-medium heat until you have a loose porridge.

1 cup brown jasmine rice
1/2 cup white jasmine rice
9 cups water or mushroom broth
1 teaspoon fine grain sea salt
1 1/4 teaspoons ground turmeric

(optional) 1/4 cup of other quick-cooking grains: quinoa, millet, french lentils, Job's tears, etc.

toppings pictured: salted peanuts, flash sautéed bok choy, pickled shaved mushrooms*, soy sauce, a spicy chile oil or sriracha, sprouts or micro greens, a few rogue chickpeas

Combine the rices (and any bonus grains), water, salt, and turmeric in the Instant Pot or multi cooker. Secure the lid, set the pressure release valve to SEALING. Press MANUAL and set for 30 minutes at high pressure. Let the pressure NATURAL RELEASE (30-40 minutes). Gently shake or tap the pressure cooker, and then carefully open away from you. If you like the consistency a bit thinner, add more hot water or broth.

Serve the congee topped with whatever toppings you like - peanuts, a spicy chile or oil sriracha, something a bit salty, and something green are favorites. But, you're only limited by your imagination here!

Serves 8-10.

*To make pickled shaved mushrooms, shave 1 pound of mushrooms very thin. Place them in a medium saucepan with 1/3 cup sugar, 1/2 cup soy sauce, 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar, 1 cup water, and 1/2 teaspoon turmeric. Bring to a simmer for just a minute or two. Remove the mushrooms with a slotted spoon. Return them to the brining liquid (in a jar) once it has cooled and refrigerate for up to a week. Serve the mushrooms drizzled with brine.

For reference, this is the Instant Pot I used for this recipe: Instant Pot DUO Plus 6 Qt 9-in-1

Prep time: 2 min - Cook time: 90 min

If you make this recipe, I'd love to see it - tag it #101cookbooks on Instagram!
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I have cast iron stove top pots both natural cast iron and porcelain. I have a slow cooker as well. Is it necessary to buy another pot an instant one. I have no intention of doing so. I truly believe we need instructions for both or all. I maybe missing them but...

HS: Not at all - there are conventional instructions in the headnotes Joan - enjoy!

Joan Fraser

9 cups of water/broth to 1.5 cups of rice? Just want to make sure that ratio is correct. Sounds like a lot of liquid. So much more than traditional rice recipes. I love brown rice for breakfast so I am eager to try this. Thanks again Heidi for introducing us to a new and different plant based recipe. I’m still enjoying and experimenting with your chickpea plov Instant Pot recipe. It’s become a favorite. I love knowing there is leftover plov the fridge.

Hi Anne - confirmed! I just made another batch this morning. If you've been enjoying the plov, this is a cake walk. Let me know how it goes. Enjoy!


Instant Pot provides convince and saves your time.


Heidi, as someone who has lived in Vietnam and has also fallen in love with breakfast and late night congee (also popularly called jook (Chinese) or Chao (Vietnamese)), I was so happy to see your recipe. In Vietnam plain Chao is given to sick people because it's easy to digest. It's a common menu item in Vietnamese restaurants here in Honolulu and elsewhere served plain or with fish fillets, chicken, beef and pork. It's especially good topped with thin julienne of raw ginger and fried shallots. Thanks so much for the instant pot cooking tips! All your recipes have so far turned out delicious.

HS: Thanks Steve! It's on my dream list to enjoy Chao in Vietnam, and maybe fly home via Honolulu ;)...thanks for the nice note!


I like to make congee from leftover rice. I cook rice the normal way and the next day I cook it in a big pot and just keep adding water until it’s the consistency I like. Just thought I would mention that option to divide it in two stages to save time.

HS: Thanks Patty!


Hi Heidi, This recipe comes at a perfect time as I’ve been craving a kicked up congee lately. One question about the optional quick cooking grains- when should those be added to the pot? At the beginning with the rice or later in the cooking process so they don’t over cook? Much thanks! Rebecca

HS:Hi Rebecca - add them along with the rice and you're good to go!


Hi! Just wondering what kind of microgreens you have there- they are so pretty!

HS: Hi Leah - I think these were radish greens? xx!


made it in my good ol' pressure cooker, adding 1/4c. millet. cooked for 30 mins on medium, turned out creamy and delicious. i'm thinking of stirring in a raw egg and maybe some miso, next time i eat some! so yummy!

Thanks Maya!


Hi! Really excited to try this recipe but I’m wondering how well it stores. The servings being 8-10 make it seem like there will be lots of extra for two people. How long, if at all, will it keep in the fridge and how do you suggest reheating so it doesn’t get thick or gummy? Thanks!

HS: Hi Nicole - I freeze any that I don't think I'll use in 3-4 days. And you can control the thickness by adding more (or less) water when reheating.


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