Near & Far: A New Cookbook

This is what I've quietly been chipping away at for the past few years...Near & Far: Recipes Inspired by Home and Travel. A September 2015 cookbook release, with Ten Speed Press.

Near & Far: A New Cookbook

I've been living with a mammoth binder and a pair of double-sided bulletin boards covered with photos for the past few years. The binder held notes, recipes, ideas, and to-do lists. The bulletin boards allowed me to see dozens of photos at a glance. It's how my next book slowly started to take shape. I'd keep the boards and binder close so I could easily add photos, move recipes, tweak, and prune as I'd go about my day.

One of the things I loved about working on my last cookbook, Super Natural Every Day, was establishing a sense of place through the photos, recipes, and writing. That book was very much rooted in Northern California, and I knew immediately upon finishing it I'd likely want to explore the intersection of place, ingredients, and recipe inspiration even further. I turned to my journals, revisited places I loved, and began to explore this as the direction for my next cookbook. It took a while to complete, but I'm excited to share a new cookbook with you this September. The binder can't hold one more page, and the bulletin boards have run out of space.

The title is Near & Far: Recipes Inspired by Home and Travel. The Near section focuses on my life and cooking inspiration in San Francisco, and the Far section is divided into chapters of places I've loved, places that have inspired my cooking - Morocco, Japan, France, India, and Italy. It's a substantial volume - just shy of 340 pages - and will be hardcover, published by Ten Speed Press, with the same trim size as the Super Natural cookbooks. They'll hopefully line up on a shelf nicely.

I'm so excited to share this with you, it has been difficult to keep quiet until now.

Near & Far Cookbook

If you're interested, I'd be happy to do another series of posts related to the creation of this cookbook and its production. This was a bigger project for me, and there were some related considerations - I'm happy to dive into some of the nuts and bolts. I get a lot of questions related to all aspects of writing and photographing cookbooks, but I think the deeper question people try to get at is: how do you go through the cookbook process and come out the other end with the book you hoped for and imagined? 

It's what every author aims for, and it's what you have to believe is possible if you take on a project like this.

Near & Far Cookbook

The current cover and spine design. (below)

Near & Far Cookbook

So, between now and September I'll try to post a bit of the behind-the-scenes, maybe I can start with how I approached the proposal for Near & Far. Or, maybe there is another aspect you're curious about? In the meantime, a huge thank you for all of your support - right now September seems like a long way off. xo -h

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Congratulations! This is so exciting, I have both of your cookbooks and look forward to adding this one to my collection! I look forward to hearing about your process as well, I love how you use a tangible process to cultivate your books along with your blog. September can't come soon enough =)


I am definitely interested in watching the progress.

Mary Claire

So, so happy to hear this news! Congratulations on such a huge undertaking, one that I know will be wildly popular if your past creative projects (large and small) are any indications. And yes, would love to hear more about the nuts and bolts of bringing a very creative, abstract vision down to earth and how you moved forward with the vision in a practical day-to-day way.

Katie @ Whole Nourishment

Oh, yes please! I'd love to hear about your process! Congratulations!

Mary-Denise Smith

Will you be including a grain-free section? I adore your approach to combining flavours and textures, but I hardly ever do grains anymore.


Yay!!! I have both of your cookbooks and love them! Can't wait for another! Thank you for sharing with us!


so excited, heidi! i am so glad sf is still having a feature and i cannot wait to cook along with your travel inspiration. you always set the bar so beautifully high and in the most inspiring way. here's to you! -kari


Love every part of this. Excited that this cookbook will have recipes from abroad and looking forward to hearing about the process!! xx

Rebecca @ DisplacedHousewife

Congratulations Heidi!!! I can't wait to read it. And I"m in LOVE with the cover design.

Elizabeth Minchilli

You make me happy. I adore your books. Cover and title are fulll of your poetry. I'm ready to read your post on it.


Great news, Heidi! Can't wait for Sept, and def interested in knowing how you get through the whole process, keep yourself motivated and what you do to ensure that the book comes along as you'd envisioned. x


I am also interested in the same topics as Sarah @ Two Blue Lemons. Congratulations. Looks like another stunner will be here soon!


Looking forward to another beautiful cookbook. I enjoy the pictures and design as much as I do the recipes.


Heidi- excited about the up & coming cookbook coming out. You inspire me and so many others. I know that this is alot of work but thank you for but sharing the journey would only make me appreciate it more!


As I refine my own book proposal, I would be so interested to peak behind the curtain at any and every aspect of your creative process. And congrats! I can't wait to add this one to my collection.


Oh, this is so exciting! I was just paging through your other two cookbooks last weekend, thinking that it would be great if you did a third some day. I'm already really looking forward to buying this!


I have all of your cookbooks, I can't wait for this one. This is a really exciting news!


I am so excited to get your next book when it comes out. Your first two have been such an inspiration! I love the mood you create in your books, and I love how well the recipes turn out - the new flavour combinations always knock my socks off. I am also really excited to learn more about your process, since I have just started the same journey of writing a cookbook, though with a different focus than yours, and am learning so much in the process, but realize how much more I need to learn! Congratulations on your exciting next book!


This is wonderful news! How exciting! I would love to read more about your process for the coming together of your much anticipated new book. I really appreciate how you share your energy. You are truly inspirational.


Ooh! That cover layout is gorgeous and I am so excited you're writing another cookbook. Super Natural Everyday is my most recommended cookbook. Looking forward to some behind the scenes content here on your blog!


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Apologies, comments are closed.

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