Near & Far: A New Cookbook

This is what I've quietly been chipping away at for the past few years...Near & Far: Recipes Inspired by Home and Travel. A September 2015 cookbook release, with Ten Speed Press.

Near & Far: A New Cookbook

I've been living with a mammoth binder and a pair of double-sided bulletin boards covered with photos for the past few years. The binder held notes, recipes, ideas, and to-do lists. The bulletin boards allowed me to see dozens of photos at a glance. It's how my next book slowly started to take shape. I'd keep the boards and binder close so I could easily add photos, move recipes, tweak, and prune as I'd go about my day.

One of the things I loved about working on my last cookbook, Super Natural Every Day, was establishing a sense of place through the photos, recipes, and writing. That book was very much rooted in Northern California, and I knew immediately upon finishing it I'd likely want to explore the intersection of place, ingredients, and recipe inspiration even further. I turned to my journals, revisited places I loved, and began to explore this as the direction for my next cookbook. It took a while to complete, but I'm excited to share a new cookbook with you this September. The binder can't hold one more page, and the bulletin boards have run out of space.

The title is Near & Far: Recipes Inspired by Home and Travel. The Near section focuses on my life and cooking inspiration in San Francisco, and the Far section is divided into chapters of places I've loved, places that have inspired my cooking - Morocco, Japan, France, India, and Italy. It's a substantial volume - just shy of 340 pages - and will be hardcover, published by Ten Speed Press, with the same trim size as the Super Natural cookbooks. They'll hopefully line up on a shelf nicely.

I'm so excited to share this with you, it has been difficult to keep quiet until now.

Near & Far Cookbook

If you're interested, I'd be happy to do another series of posts related to the creation of this cookbook and its production. This was a bigger project for me, and there were some related considerations - I'm happy to dive into some of the nuts and bolts. I get a lot of questions related to all aspects of writing and photographing cookbooks, but I think the deeper question people try to get at is: how do you go through the cookbook process and come out the other end with the book you hoped for and imagined? 

It's what every author aims for, and it's what you have to believe is possible if you take on a project like this.

Near & Far Cookbook

The current cover and spine design. (below)

Near & Far Cookbook

So, between now and September I'll try to post a bit of the behind-the-scenes, maybe I can start with how I approached the proposal for Near & Far. Or, maybe there is another aspect you're curious about? In the meantime, a huge thank you for all of your support - right now September seems like a long way off. xo -h

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I have been following you since I first saw a posting of one of your recipes on Pinterest. I am so excited about the cookbook. I have made some of your recipes and shared with friends. They have always been big hits. I need another cookbook like a hole in the head but am I look forward to this. I lam sure I am going to love it.

Rome Berg

Looks so great! and thank you for sharing the "making of".


I can hardly wait. I have your previous two books and love them. So excited for this one, especially for the recipes that were inspired from your travels in India and, of course, the ones from all things local as San Francisco has the best of all worlds at its feet.


I am so excited about this! I have been using your other two cookbooks for the past two years or so, and I have to say they are two of my favorites. I am looking forward to purchasing your new book when it comes out, and being inspired all over again.


Gorgeous cover! Congratulations on this new cookbook!




I'm eager to read future "how it's made" posts; your points of inspiration and process are always fascinating. I think one of the hardest aspects of writing (or creativity, for that matter) is aiming for the grand finish (and actually, when can you really say it's "finished"?) to be something akin to what you envision. The translation can be difficult, but is so enormously and frustratingly fun!

Blaine Arin

Very excited for another one of your cookbooks! And it is coming out in September, which is awesome. Perfect b-day present to myself!


I think it looks fantastic, and would love to hear more about the writing and production of it!


We love both of your cookbooks and carry them in our store in Cannon Beach, Oregon. We tell our customers about your website and look forward to seeing and promoting your new book. Congratulations!


So excited to see your new book. I hope that you will include pictures and adventures during this process. I love your recipes!!!

Jennifer Smaldone

How exciting, Heidi! I can't wait! And, I love the design of the cover/spine!

Terese Sundseth

Yay! Oh Double Yay!! I am just thrilled that you are releasing a third cookbook! Your others are my very favourite cookbooks .... Ok. Tied with a local Victoria, BC veggie restsurant's cookbook (ReBar). Those three are the ones I turn to for inspiration, always. Plus, September is my birthday - so perfect timing!!! I am so happy that I want to come all the way down the coast to give you a giant hug! :) PS. Congratulations on making your dreams come true. There is nothing more inspiring than people on fire, doing their soul work, and making this world a better place to be.

Alanna Jane

Fantastic news indeed, congrats!


Beautiful! And yes, completely interested in hearing about the process please!


What a beautiful cover! I love your cookbooks and often give Super Natural Every Day as a gift. Can't wait to dig into this next one!


Wow...your new cookbook sounds like the perfect mix. Recipes with local recipes/ingredients dear to the heart and far with exotic fare. What a intriguingly delicious mix. Looking forward to your new book and hearing about the process.


So very exciting! Congratulations! I can't wait to see it.

Debbie R

Yes, please. Yes!


Amazing new adventure! I am so impressed by people like you, who can keep ideas organised and finally come up with something so exciting like a book! and the picture of the draft pages??? so incredible! so inspiring! please post more behind the scene pictures! and enjoy the process!


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Apologies, comments are closed.

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