Pomegranate Yogurt Bowl Recipe

A simple breakfast bowl made with Greek yogurt, fresh pomegranate juice, puffed quinoa cereal, toasted sunflower seeds, and honey.

Pomegranate Yogurt Bowl

I'm hoping this breakfast sets the tone for my entire day. I love the pretty pomegranate swirls intertwined with ribbons of a Turkish black pine honey a friend gave to me. There are little puffed BBs of quinoa, toasted sunflower seeds, some bee pollen, and creamy clouds of Greek yogurt. It was a fluke, with everything just falling into place after I reached for the pomegranate juice leftover from my ongoing juicing experiment. So, for today, just a quick hi, and hopefully a bit of inspiration to make your next breakfast special.

Breakfast Yogurt BowlBreakfast Yogurt Bowl

I can imagine cooking down a bunch of the fresh pomegranate juice to make a thick homemade pomegranate molasses the next time around, although I love the brightness of the fresh juice and the way it tangles with the honey and yogurt.

Here's an ironic update - not two hours after writing this, I lobbed off a good chunk of my thumb using a mandolin. I hesitate to say, if you want to see it, I posted a pic to instagram (@heidijswanson), but you're much better off not looking. It's tres ugh. Maybe I was getting a bit cavalier, I've just never had trouble with my mandolin before - it's always the serrated knife that gets me. So, just a heads-up out there - the mandolin is scary (same goes for the hand blenders, apparently). Stay safe! xo

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Pomegranate Yogurt Bowl

HS: After some experimenting with the juicer, I think pomegranates are best juiced by hand. Use a basic citrus reamer and juice it as you would an orange. Strain, and you're set.

For each bowl:
a big dollop of Greek yogurt
2 tablespoons fresh pomegranate juice
a drizzle of honey
a handful of puffed quinoa crisps (or other cereal/granola)
sprinkling of toasted sunflower seeds

optional: whole pomegranate seeds or fresh/dried rose petals, a bit of bee pollen

This is written for an individual bowl, but I'm absolutely going to make a big, family-style version of this for the next brunch I have. In a shallow bowl swirl the pomegranate juice and honey into the yogurt just a bit, sprinkle with cereal, and sunflower seeds, and then finish with the rose petal and bee pollen (of you're using those).

Serves 1.

Prep time: 5 minutes

If you make this recipe, I'd love to see it - tag it #101cookbooks on Instagram!

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Just out of curiosity, where do you find puffed quinoa? I've been able to find puffed sorghum and rice at my local Indian market, but I've never seen puffed quinoa. Looks really delicious.

HS: Hi Meg - a lot of the natural foods stores around here carry it - in the bins, and also (pretty sure) the cereal aisle, boxed. Worth seeking out!


Healthy & yummy....:-)


I once cut off the tip of my finger trying to cut a pineapple. It's the worst. Hope your finger is healing!!

Laura @FoodSnobSTL

Sorry about your thumb, get well soon! The bowl looks yummy, and just solved my "I have yogurt and a pomegranate, how could I turn this into a creative breakfast?" problem :)


I'm so sorry to hear about your thumb, recover fast| About this amazing bowl: have you ever tried fresh bee pollen? It's soft like cotton, sweet like honey and just amazing. Spread on bread with a thin layer of butter: it's the real deal. It's not easy to find but if you happen to know a beekeeper you can ask for some during spring/summer!


I absolutely love, love, love pomegranates but have never tried juicing one. Definitely will try this. Also, your pictures are absolutely gorgeous!

Ellie @ Ginger Bear Kitchen

Thanks Heidi for this beautiful yogurt recipe, I love the color combination and how the pomegranate juice brings it all together. So sorry to hear about your mandoline incident. It is a great tool to use especially for Raw food and thin slices but it can be dangerous indeed. Wishing you a speedy recovery!

Ketmala Phoumalavong

What a beautiful breakfast! This would be a great start to any day!

Little Kitchie

Amazing breakfast inspiration! Awww I hope your thumb gets better soon :) Best wishes!


OMG its beautiful


This looks lovely! My brother and I clubbed together to buy my Mum a lovely mandoline last Christmas after she asked for one. She cut herself the first time she used it and can't even think about it now.


this does look like a great way to start the day...and I hope your injury isn't too bad!

Simply Life

Mama mia!! This looks DELICIOUS! Thanks for sharing :) Lucy

Lucy Wilkinson

I have been eating this breakfast a lot lately! I use regular cooked quinoa though... need to get my hand on puffed!

Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table

You and your thumb are quite the survivors! I hope that your thumb heals quickly and smoothly! When I was visiting my mom over the holidays she gave me her mandolin as she never uses it. I was planning on bringing it home with me, but my suitcase got stuffed faster than I had anticipated so I left it with her. And after seeing that photo, I'm glad I did. As much as I want to make homemade root vegetable chips, I'm afraid of mandolins. On a less bloody and scary note, what a beautiful breakfast! Thank you for the inspiration! Do you puff the quinoa crisps yourself, or do you buy them puffed!


What a gorgeous breakfast! I love your bowl. This is making me ashamed of this morning's two cups of coffee and rifle through the box of chocolates sitting tantalisingly on our kitchen counter.

Rebecca @ Pavlova's Dog

Oh dear! Battle scars...good thing you had a healthy breakfast!

Belinda @zomppa

This is pretty much my perfect kind of breakfast. PS I hope your thumb heals quickly, those mandolines can be so tricky.


Tried it this morning, and it was really great! Thanks so much for the idea! :D


This looks just gorgeous! I love the idea of juicing the pomegranate and topping with rose petals - heavenly. Sorry about your accident with the mandolin... it happens so easily. I teach cooking to children and warn them that it's the most dangerous tool in the kitchen. Even with a hand guard it's scary to watch them use it and I always breathe a sigh of relief when it's safely back in the cupboard!


Comments are closed.

Apologies, comments are closed.

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