QUITOKEETO: New Items Recipe

Hi hi! Just a quick note before the weekend. We're aiming to open QUITOKEETO Monday morning (9:30 PST) with a few new items, and some favorites back in stock. We were able to get another shipment of the churned seashore honey, as well as an allocation of massive, 1-kilo jars of rare, raw, electric yellow springtime honey. And we'll have one of my favorite culinary staples - a beautiful, tick-striped wrapping cloth. I use it to bundle bread, as an apron, to carry potluck items...and on and on. And there are a couple special vintage finds as well.

I know this sounds crazy, but It'll likely be the last time we'll be open before November (we're super excited to put together a special holiday collection!). So, for now, a few pics. And if you'd like to be notified the minute we open on Monday, you can sign up for the QUITOKEETO mailing list:


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