Golden Crusted Brussels Sprouts: Five Ways

A quick and easy brussels sprouts recipe that will convert the biggest skeptics. Vibrant green, tender brussels sprouts that become deeply golden and crusty where they touch the pan, dusted with cheese.

Golden Crusted Brussels Sprouts: Five Ways

I thought I'd share my all-time favorite brussels sprouts recipe with you. It's a slightly extended version of the one I included in Super Natural Cooking, but to be honest, calling it a recipe is a bit of a stretch. It involves a skillet, less than five ingredients, about ten minutes of your time, and minimal culinary skills. Golden Crusted Brussels Sprouts Recipe: Five Ways
What makes this brussels sprout recipe special? It's so simple. And you end up with vibrant green, tender brussels sprouts that become deeply golden and crusty where they touch the pan. I then lightly dust them with cheese and serve. This time of year it's not unusual for us to cook them like this two or three times a week. Even if you're a sprout skeptic, this golden-crusted version has the ability to turn the most vigilant brussels sprout loathers around.

Golden Crusted Brussels Sprouts: Five Ways

Shopping for Brussels Sprouts: What To Look For

A couple shopping tips before you get started, look for brussels sprouts that are on the small size and tightly closed. The tiny ones cook through quickly. Larger ones tend to brown on the outside long before the insides are done. When the weather is mild, I finish them with a lighter, salty cheese, like Parmesan. If it's stormy and cold, I opt for a heavier, more melty cheese, like a regular or smoked Gouda (or gruyere). Or(!), I'll skip the cheese altogether, and add a simple finishing shower of chopped nuts.

brussels sprouts recipe

Cooking Brussels Sprouts:

My main quick pro-tip? Try not to overcook the sprouts, and eat them as soon as they come off the stove if at all possible. They're so great this way!

Golden Crusted Brussels Sprouts: Favorite Variations

Many of you have made these over the years, and mentioned variations in the comments. I wanted to highlight a few!

Gina noted, "I made a riff on these tonight that you might enjoy too. I used butter in the pan instead of olive oil, and added about a teaspoon of horseradish at the end and tossed the sprouts in it with the heat off before I sprinkled with parm. I had a similar dish at Coppa in Boston once and have not stopped thinking about them."

Rachel brought the turmeric angle, "added a little turmeric to my salt and pepper, which brought in a nice flavor as well as a subtle golden glow."

And Jessa brings the citrus, "the only way I can eat them is roasted with toasted walnuts, and hit with some lemon juice, parmesan, and walnut oil right at the end. I also like zesting orange peel on them."

And the last two ideas?! Add two finely chopped cloves of garlic in the last minute of cooking, for any garlic lovers out there. Or, toss 2 tablespoons of your favorite pesto into to the skillet just as you finish cooking the brussels sprouts.

More Brussels Sprout Recipes:

There are a bunch of great brussels sprout recipes in the archives. I love the brussels sprouts in this caramelized tofu. Lentil Almond Stir-fry is a great cold weather option. This shredded kale and pecorino salad has a shredded brussels sprout option, the oregano pesto in this recipe is a fantastic wildcard. And this Shredded Brussels Sprouts with Apple recipe is also A+. Enjoy!

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Golden-Crusted Brussels Sprouts Recipe

4.42 from 17 votes

Use brussels sprouts that are on the small size and tightly closed. You can finish these with many different types of cheese but I tend to go for Parmesan when the weather is good. I trade that in for heavier cheeses like gruyere or Gouda in colder weather. I tend to finish them off with toasted hazelnuts, walnuts, or almonds. I've also noted five variations on this recipe in the body of the post. Enjoy!

  • 1 pound of small brussels sprouts
  • 2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
  • fine-grain sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
  • 1/4 cup grated cheese or chopped nuts - your choice!
  1. Wash the brussels sprouts well. Trim the stem ends and remove any raggy outer leaves. Cut in half from stem to top and toss in a bowl with 1 tablespoon of the olive oil.
  2. Heat the remaining tablespoon of olive oil in your largest skillet over medium heat. Don't overheat the skillet, or the outsides of the sprouts will cook too quickly. Place the brussels sprouts in the pan flat side down (single-layer), sprinkle with a couple pinches of salt, cover, and cook for roughly 5 minutes; the bottoms of the sprouts should only show a hint of browning. Cut into or taste one of the sprouts to gauge whether they're tender throughout. If not, cover and cook for a few more minutes.
  3. Once just tender, uncover, turn up the heat, and cook until the flat sides are deep brown and caramelized. Use a metal spatula to toss them once or twice to get some browning on the rounded side. Season with more salt, a few grinds of pepper, and a dusting of grated cheese (or nuts). While you might be able to get away with keeping a platter of these warm in the oven for a few minutes, they are exponentially tastier if popped in your mouth immediately.
Prep Time
5 mins
Cook Time
8 mins
Total Time
13 mins
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That's how I like it, simple, back to basics yet with a gourmet flair. YES, straight from the pan ! Oh .... I'm in heaven !! Thanks for the inspiration. I'll check out your book. En-JOY, Sven


I love brussels sprouts prepared this way! I make them just like you do, except I also add some red seedless grapes to the pan the last minute or two. Sometimes, I'll saute some pancetta in there too. Delicious!


I've never had trouble loving brussel sprouts. To me they are little cousins of cabbage....and we Indians have great ways of dealing with cabbage :)


My friend shared this recipe with me earlier and it is now my new favourite way to make Brussels sprouts! Sometimes I like squeezing a bit of lemon over them--yummy!


No s on brussel. What's not to like? I don't understand people who "don't like" . If there's no texture, strong taste or religious problem, it's just a question of being spoiled. My sister-in-law "doesn't like" chicken dark meat. What is that? Much more important - and touching - is the mother of five who says her favorite piece of the chicken is the neck. And so it goes.


Hmmm brussel sprouts. I have a love-hate relationship with them. Mine always turn out crunchy all over, never tender like you mentioned. Will try out your recipe :)


This brussel sprout recipe looks amazing! I am longing to make them, but alas, my roomate doesn't like the smell. I just wrote a post about it, "Cooking smells that turn you off." Love your site, and am constantly inspired by the cooking, writing and images. Katherine


oh these are making me so hungry! I do mine almost the same except i put the tiniest amount of white wine in at the start of cooking so it infused them and use a butter olive oil mix. Oh lovely little orbs!


By the reading the comments it's obvious people have a love-hate feelings about brussel sprouts. I love them, my other half- he loathes them- But, maybe with this recipe in hand I will be able to undo the memory of his mother's boiled brussel sprouts! Wish me luck-


When I was younger I HATED brussel sprouts - I despised my mother when she would put those little green balls of vegetables on my plate and swear I had to eat them before I could get up from the table. With each bite I glared at her! Thank God our taste buds mature with age huh. I remember finally when I was a teenager my grandmother made some brussel sprouts and I don't remember if it was the spices she used or if there was some sauce but I actually liked them. They weren't mushy but were nice and crisp on the outside like your recipe. I think the cheese would be an awesome touch too. Thanks.


Roasting brussel sprouts is so simple, these look beautiful. I've seen my share of sprouts before, but never with that fantastic purple tint - Kinda like a pistachio.


I made this tonight ... fantastic!!


I get cravings for brussels sprouts almost everyday (I'm not joking even in the slightest way - I love vegetables; especially cruciferous ones!!), so I appreciate reading this new way of enjoying them (minus the cheese, of course), since I usually just eat them plain, steamed.


Perfect! Just in time for the holidays and something that is SIMPLE!


Thanks Heidi! I'll join the chorus of "I hated Brussel sprouts as I kid." I didn't realize until about a year ago that it was just the horrible way (boiled ) that they were prepared that inflicted terror on me. Just made some roasted sprouts with kale and chesnuts. Yummy!


This is how my husband's mother cooked brussels sprouts when he was growing up. He was shocked to find out that I'd never eaten brussels sprouts, as he's always loved them.


I just passed up some brussels sprouts at the market yesterday, I think I will go back and get them to day. The best part ' pop them in your mouth' I guess I will forget about asking for a dipping sauce :) Thank you


Brussels sprouts -- did anyone like them as a child? Rare ones, probably. I sure hated them, but so many others I can now eat them like snacks. Oh, they're good. Thanks for a simple recipe.


as always while reading your post i feel like you're an old friend. congratulations on the success of your book. it couldn't happen to a nicer gal and i hope we get to meet sometime as you are not only an inspiration but have been so instrumental in my own blog life! i love the brussel sprouts. i too recently roasted them in the oven but i think the covering of them and the small size would make it even better. and cheese = cheese makes everything better. much much better! i just adore you heidi. thanks for doing what you do...


Heavens. I hated brussels sprouts as a child when my mom boiled them to death -- bitter, bitter, bitter! But potatoes and brussels sprouts roasted together are killer. I do have a question -- I'm never able to find fresh ones that look good, always wilty and kind of flowered open, so I buy organic, frozen ones. I think they taste awesome, so am I really missing out?

Laura Grace

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