Fig Spread
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Fig Spread with Black Pepper and Toasted Sesame Seeds
A beautiful jewel-toned preserve that is versatile enough to start the day on a slice of walnut toast or end it as part of a cheese plate. Sweetened with honey and slightly chunky, it's a welcome change from overly sweet high-fructose-corn syrup-based commercial preserves.

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Super Natural Cooking: Five Ways to Incorporate Whole and Natural Ingredients into Your Cooking is a fresh and modern look at how to use minimally processed (and therefore healthier) ingredients in your cooking.

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Book Reviews and Recent Press "Can this woman make quinoa sexy?" - Article excerpt:"...In Super Natural Cooking, Swanson not only goes a long way toward helping "whole" foods shed their stale, hippie stigma but also makes a strong case for putting natural foods at the center of an emerging, modern, global cuisine. Her seductive recipes, like lime-bathed peanut salad and an updated (almost guilt-free) take on the classic Girl Scout Thin Mint cookie, reach out to cooks who want to eat smart but still do it in style. Without preaching, Swanson playfully shows readers five simple steps -- including building a natural pantry, embracing grains, and cooking with an eye on color and super-foods -- that should form the foundation of healthy habits. The result is enough to make any closet Cheetos muncher think we're lucky to be living in times when food that is good for you can actually taste good too." (link to full article)

United Press International "Eat To Live: At last a glamour health book" - Article excerpt:"Good nutrition suffers from a bad image. It's hard for a slice of toast to compete with a Krispy Kreme. Which is going to make you salivate more?

In any field we're really not smitten by what we suspect is going to be good for us. The contrived is so much more alluring. Think what designers do with Polar Fleece versus their designs for wool sweaters. It took the efforts of several Paris and Milan couturiers, over the course of several collections, to lift linen from its association with Birkenstock wearers and make it sexy enough to go with stiletto heels.

Same problem with natural food.

But that may be due for a change. At last a cookbook is coming that makes natural food appear glamorous and desirable." (link to full article)

Food & Wine "How to be a Natural Cook" - Article excerpt:"During the dot-com boom, twentysomething entrepreneur heidi Swanson launched ChickClick, a hip Web site for teens. "I was working long days, managing dozens of people and feeling totally stressed," she recalls. When the Internet bubble burst, Swanson vowed to get back to a healthier lifestyle. She turned to her enormous cookbook collection and began chronicling her recipe experiments on 101 Cookbooks ( - which has become one of the most popular food blogs...She followed this with a second book, Super Natural Cooking, due out this month. Swanson uses whole grains, natural sweeteners and nutrient-dense superfoods like walnuts in delicious, approachable vegetarian recipes..." (link to full article)

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