A Shop Preview Recipe

I think (!) I'm ready to give a quick peek at some of what has been going on behind the scenes on this end related to QUITOKEETO. A few photos....

A Shop Preview

Hi all. I was excited for today to arrive because (I think!) I'm ready to give a quick peek at some of what has been going on behind the scenes on this end. We hope this is the start of something ongoing and fun. A place where, on occasion, we'll be able to share some of our favorite items, ingredients, vintage finds, and collaborations. I'm still not entirely sure how much I'll cross-post about the details here, so the very best way to stay on top of new items & announcements will be to hop on the QUITOKEETO mailing list. I'm going to do some special recipes over there that you won't find here and that sort of thing. Looks like we're still on track for Wednesday. xo -h

QuitoKeeto Shop Preview

QuitoKeeto Shop Preview

QuitoKeeto Shop Preview

QuitoKeeto Shop Preview

QuitoKeeto Shop Preview

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So pretty! :)



Tracy A.

so curious and excited! can't wait for wednesday!

samantha jillian

Can't wait to see.


Somehow my kitchen still lacks a mortar and pestle. The one you've pictured is gorgeous. Working with beautiful tools adds yet another sensory layer to cooking.

HS: This one is a real beauty - I'm having a particularly hard time letting it go!

Marissa | Pinch and Swirl

Can't wait!


Makes me want to cross the Atlantic :)


Heidi, what kind of items will be in the shop? Just kitchenwares or other things as well? Or should I just wait to find out?

HS: a mix!


So excited! Also very curious about the name - I spent time in Quito last year and it didn't strike me as the most food-focused city in the world, but maybe you saw a different side of it?

HS: Meaghan - I've never been. It's a different reference ;)...


I am really excited about this and just joined the mailing list. I love pop up shops in general (the concept is so cool) and I cannot wait to see yours!


I'm off to that site now!!!

Simply Life

What a great project! Will you be able to offer international shipping? :)

HS: Hi Marlen, that was a bit more than we were ready to tackle this first time around. But hopefully for the next.


Lovely photos! It sounds really really exciting! Thanks for sharing, have a happy day!


I want to SHOP, now! :)

Averie @ Averie Cooks


lynn @ the actor's diet

Can't wait too see!


ALRIGHT! I'm excited Heidi!! Everything looks rad!

fig + fauna

I can't wait to see all of the cute offerings in this pop up shop.

Christine@ fresh

Looks gorgeous! :)

Charlotte au chocolat

SO excited!!!


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Apologies, comments are closed.

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