A Shop Preview Recipe

I think (!) I'm ready to give a quick peek at some of what has been going on behind the scenes on this end related to QUITOKEETO. A few photos....

A Shop Preview

Hi all. I was excited for today to arrive because (I think!) I'm ready to give a quick peek at some of what has been going on behind the scenes on this end. We hope this is the start of something ongoing and fun. A place where, on occasion, we'll be able to share some of our favorite items, ingredients, vintage finds, and collaborations. I'm still not entirely sure how much I'll cross-post about the details here, so the very best way to stay on top of new items & announcements will be to hop on the QUITOKEETO mailing list. I'm going to do some special recipes over there that you won't find here and that sort of thing. Looks like we're still on track for Wednesday. xo -h

QuitoKeeto Shop Preview

QuitoKeeto Shop Preview

QuitoKeeto Shop Preview

QuitoKeeto Shop Preview

QuitoKeeto Shop Preview

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So exciting. Beautiful pictures!

Martha @ Weekend Doings

Brilliant idea! Cannot wait to buy/receive my first box ; )


Love your photos!


Awesome photos (as usual)! Can't wait to see your new project!! BTW, those cakes look AMAZING!!


Was so excited to see a Opinel knife on your store. I've had mine for about six months and its such a great tool. Beautiful job and hope it continues!!


Yeeeeah! Thanks for the preview....You'll definitely have plenty of supporters, including myself!

Julia {The Roasted Root}

The preview looks great, Heidi! Too bad there is no international shipping this time :( Anyway, can't wait to see everything else. Greetings from Croatia!


Yes to the great mortar and pestle! You don't disappoint in the m + p department.


Your photos are always so beautiful!


So curious. Can't wait. I want Quitokeeto! now :)


are the items new or used? i'm unsure because of the mortar and pestle comment above. either way, it looks great and i'm excited to check it out.

HS: Hi Chris, thanks...mostly new, with a couple wild cards like the mortar and pestle.


Cool concept! Can't wait to see the shop.


Heidi, We met briefly while I was scouring the market for lemon verbena, (Tiff's friend) which I found at eatwell farms btw. The pie just came out of the oven and looks gorgeous. It was a pleasure to finally meet you as you are such an inspiration to me and my family. Very excited for Quitokeeto! Photo above is gorgeous!

HS: Thrilled to hear it Kari - it was really nice meeting you as well! Hope to bump into you again. xo

Kari Zazzara

LOVE the picture of those cakes!

Kate @eatrecyclerepeat

Thanks for the sneak peek... it looks great!!

Jill @ 42potatoes

That's great! Your pictures look gorgeous as always!

Sarah @ Fresh Living

everything looks great! SO EXCITED!


I'm sure anything associated with you will be classy. Only thing I need to know before subscribing to Quitokeeto is, are you set up for shipping to Canada; have any idea what customers can expect re: duty or any other US/Can issues?


Wow, I love this! Excited for what's to come!


This is really exciting!!


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Apologies, comments are closed.

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