At The Studio: Dragonfruit Vodka Tonic Recipe

We mixed up this stunner of a cocktail to close out the week at the studio - vodka infused with dried dragonfruit as the base for vodka tonics. Pink overload!

At The Studio: Dragonfruit Vodka Tonic

We don't have an elaborate kitchen at the QUITOKEETO studio. There's a sink, a single induction burner, a huge silver champagne bucket (that floods brilliantly with water and ice-packs for "refrigeration"), a stack of cutting boards, and as you can imagine, no shortage of knives. Preparations there tend to be simple, and components are shuttled from home, more often than not, in Mason Jars. Correspondingly, I often find myself thinking that these are exactly the type of recipes that are helpful to people - silly simple, but interesting, and easy to pull together for work, picnics, potlucks, or when you're in a guest kitchen. For us, typically, it's some sort of lunch, but on occasion we'll mix a drink on a Friday, to close out the week. Like this stunner - a dragonfruit vodka tonic. I thought it might be interesting to drop dried dragon fruit into vodka in the morning, let it infuse throughout the day, and use it to mix vodka tonics - finishing with a splash of effervescent kombucha. Cheers! And to find dried dragonfruit, try your local natural foods store in the superfoods section, or poke around online. I posted the recipe here.

Dragonfruit Vodka Tonic Recipe
Dragonfruit Vodka Tonic Recipe

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Based on hours of research (and your marble countertop post) we are on the verge of ordering marble countertops for our kitchen reno. The cutting board in the pictures from this post gave me pause. Wondering what kinds of abuse this board has seen to have this 'look'. It makes for great photography, just not sure I want my whole kitchen looking this patina'd.

Hi Christin! - Not to worry - that's an old slab of marble, and it's actually the rough backside of it ;)....I think Remodelista is going to run some more wide shots of the marble in our kitchen in the next couple of days, so you can have a look at that if you are still on the fence. Good luck!


Wow! The color! Looks fun to sip such a colorful drink.


Wow, these are so beautiful! I can totally imagine myself serving these at a girls' brunch. Everything hot pink is totally irresistible. I love that this cocktail is not overly sweetened :)


isn't that just the loveliest color? oh my goodness! so lovely heidi. i've been playing recently with tincturing different herbs in wine lately, and its proved to be quite a bit of fun! it's not exactly extracting as much of the medicine out of the plants as with something 80 proof, but it gives some, and certainly gives its flavor. my last go was with hawthorne berries, which as a tonic, lends itself nicely to drinking in excess!

libby jennison

Can you share if this is mildly sweet, bitter, refreshing, or simply a novel colored drink?


Cannot leave a comment under the correct post but really wanted to - the heirloom tomato salad is GENIUS. So so good. xo


so i'm kind of suspicious about the color of that dried fruit. My homegrown, fresh picked fruit is actually white inside, the color is only in the gorgeous but inedible outer skin.

HS: Hi Glee - I think there are varietals with deep red flesh as well as the white freckled ones.


Yum!!! But I must add--- if using a shaker, DO NOT add the bubbly to it. Simply shake the vodka and ice, then add tonic/sparking/kombucha to the chilled vodka in the glass. (Lessons learned the hard way, from a friend to friends). ;)


The color is amazing and beautiful -- just the thought I had the first time I cut into a dragon fruit. The recipe is so simple, I shall have to try it. -- Thank you.


Genius to add the dried dragonfruit... fresh ones can be hard to find so this is a great solution. :)

Sarah | Well and Full

That color! I almost can't believe it's natural. So stunning. That kitchen sounds like it would be fun to cook in. That's the funny thing about limitations like that- by stopping one area of creativity, you're opening a flood of it.


Those dragonfruit colors are so beautiful!

Sarah from Soymilk + Honey

What a colour! Would love to try this, but I never seem to stumble upon a dragonfruit.


Well, dragonfruit is a new one for me! But that doesn't mean I'm not hyped about learning something new. Isn't that what life is all about? Stretching yourself =)

Laura ~ Raise Your Garden

This is my kind of drink - great colour and an interesting recipe... and name for that matter. Great idea, I wonder how I didn't thought of this.


I do enjoy vodka drinks and this one is so pretty! I'm not even a fan of pink, but I'll take it in drink form, ha. :)


love it. It looks so tasty :)

Nadia Kaplan

Heidi, the colour of that drink is magnificent - it is your signature pink! I have never seen dried dragonfruit before - definitely need to find some!


So I have never come across Dried Dragon Fruit before and find the fresh fruit a bit plain (well, except for the colour!) but the colour of this drink has me rethinking a bit. The bright pink of the tonic is absolutely gorgeous! It's also so nice to see some recipes for somewhat unusual drinks! My dad canned litres upon litres of rhubarb juice this summer and it ended up being the perfect ingredient for rhubarb and rose gin & tonics.


Now this I would have to try - I've been hearing a lot about dragonfruit. Plus the fact that I like experimenting with different Vodka infusions. :)

Jennifer @ Delicious Everyday

Looks yummy and easy!

Bella B

Would this work with gin? I'm not familiar with dragon fruit, so I'm unsure whether it might clash with the botanicals in gin.


Comments are closed.

Apologies, comments are closed.

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