Fall Favorites List Recipe

A list of fall favorites - books, cookbooks, links, gift ideas - all sorts of things.

Fall Favorites List

Wow. Has it been almost a year since my last favorites list? Yikes, I think it has. I'm in the mood to write one. I just finished doing my portion of the prep for dinner tomorrow night, dishes are done, counter tops clean. The house is quiet, and I'm sitting on the couch with my favorite blanket draped over me. So, favorites it is, some of the things that have caught my attention recently. Here goes.

Nikole Herriott and her father Lance carve beautiful objects from 100% salvaged wood and have a shop named Herriott Grace. I love their wispy stemmed spoons, and hand-turned, one-of-a-kind mortar & pestle sets. I had my heart set on one of the sweet little salt bowls, but someone beat me to it (next time!). I encourage you to read about them here, or meet them here. It's such an inspiring story.

The last two books I've read (and really enjoyed!): Kafka on the Shore & Drop City. Now I'm on to A Passage to India and Barbara Kingsolver's new book.

Bryan Nash Gil's relief prints are stunning. I noticed as I was browsing the other day, in addition to the Hemlock 82 print, Bryan has created a new print, Locust. Also very beautiful, yet substantially less expensive.

For Bay Area folks, June Taylor's classes at The Still Room are great - fun, hands-on, and you learn a lot. I just noticed she has her new class schedule posted on her site.

The cookbooks on my nightstand right now: Nigel Slater's Tender, Julie Sanhi's Classic Indian Vegetarian and Grain Cooking, and Canal House Cooking Volume 2. There are just not enough meals in the day....

After falling down the Etsy rabbit hole: I missed out on this cake plate, and this buttercup yellow watering can, but I did bring home a six-legged lamb.

Waiting for the next cold-snap: I bought this bell-shaped wool hat a couple weeks back at Anthropologie, and I smile absolutely every time I see it.

Worth mentioning, I cancelled our cable and bought an Apple TV. Only wish I had done it sooner.

Custom stationery is the best. I love these Postal Press Custom Initial Note Cards. Thank you cards also come in handy after the holidays, and I like these Thank You Cards with the blind impression, really nice.

It's sold out, but isn't this illustrated calendar neat? (via {frolic!}

One of my neighbors brought a completely unfamiliar-to-me style of cornbread to a neighborhood party the other night. It was sort of custard topped, browned a bit, moist as all get out. She told me a friend shared the recipe with her. The trick? Pour a cup of cream over the cornbread batter before baking. She was nice enough to send me the recipe - turns out it was a Marion Cunningham recipe, and I also (finally) made the connection that it was the cornbread recipe Molly reprinted in A Homemade Life. I'm going to give it a shot tomorrow for Thanksgiving. Oh, and while we are on the topic of people I like name Molly, I was lucky to have dinner at this Molly's house last week. She made this Almond Tart, and now I want to make it too.

Oh boy, this is getting long, and now it is getting late. I'd better wrap it up. One last thing - I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday weekend. I feel thankful everyday that I have a place like this site where I can share ideas, recipes, and general ramblings. Thank you all for inviting so many of the recipes you see on this site into your own homes - you have no idea how great (and appreciative) that makes me feel. Safe travels to all of you not at home this weekend.

p.s. Our 101 Cookbooks Kiva Team is still going strong - we're alllllmost at $60,000 in loans, 2071 loans to date. I love it. Makes me so proud. Have a glance at your Kiva account to see if you have any repaid loans to reinvest.

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Dear Heidi, I love your blog. It sustained/entertained me through lay off and unemployment and now it provides great stress relief and great original meals. You have opened my eyes to new ingredients and a different approach to baking--although my all time favorites are your soups! Keep cooking and writing! -Florencia


Love it. Thanks, Heidi. ps. I gave your cookbook to a friend for her birthday. It was such a good feeling-- spreading the joy :-)


Hi Heidi - I've been following your blog for quite awhile, and wanted to say thanks today! I look forward to all your updates. I'm reading the Lacuna right now too, it is fabulous. Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving Heidi! I just wanted to tell you that since discovering your blog at the begining of the summer you have enlightened my palate and made my baking 10 times better! Thanksgiving this year features your Spice Kissed Pumpkin Pie, Olive Oil & Kale Mashed Potatoes AND Sweet Potatoes with macadamia nuts! Can't wait to eat!! ;) Thanks for everything!


I *love* Kafka on the Shore! Murakami is an excellent writer. My other favorites by him are Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World, and Dance Dance Dance. I'm glad you enjoyed the book, and I hope you have a great Thanksgiving! I look forward to seeing a post about it. :-)


Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving Heidi -- I'm grateful for your blog! so many wonderful recipes and lots of inspiration.


Heidi, I've been following your blog for several months and have yet to comment, but felt compelled now - since it's thanksgiving it seems appropriate. I've been inspired by many of your recipes (though I admit I usually adapt some of the ingredients depending on what my fridge and pantry have to offer) and always look forward to new creative additions and beautiful pictures. Many thanks for keeping this blog! Happy Thanksgiving, Janine


Since I am a new reader this year, this fabulous list tradition is new to me. First of all, I love the photo at the top of the craggy trees and birds in flight- it is right up my ally, living in the forest as I do. I am very grateful to have found this blog. I have always enjoyed cooking, but I am making an effort to really learn, and I find this site incredibly helpful, fun and beautiful. So on this day of thanks, I thank you for all you do. Michaela HS: Thanks for the nice note Michaela, I meant to give a little context to that photo in the post up above. It's a shot I took on an early, early morning walk in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Must have been February. I hope you continue to enjoy your cooking endeavors.

The Gardener's Eden

Not only do I really enjoy these lists, but the accompanying photos are always beautiful.


Thanks for all the awesome links! Happy Thanksgiving!

christie @ honoring health

Dear Heidi, I found your blog a few months ago and since then i am completely in love with reading it and i ordered your book for my sister for Christmas as i knew she would love your recipes and natural eating style too! They past few months ive cooked from your recommendations and favourites and everything has been amazing! Ive made your lively Lentil soup twice and keep wanting to make more, i add abit of cumin as suggested and lots of greens, it is soo good this time of year! Im also addicted to a lentil daal recipe my friend gave me, so warm and soothing now. I will definitely be making brussel sprouts again at Christmas the only way they should be eaten, as you said, they taste so good! I'm in the midst of reading recipes for Christmas and looking for presents and so your favourites lists have been the best! I love your philosophy of all natural cooking and lifestyle, most of the time i just want to jump into my computer and join you in the kitchen or where ever you are traveling and eating at, it all sounds so great! Thank you and happy holidays, im living in Portugal at the moment but am originally from England so my baking festivities will start there, for now im on the trial and error runs! xx


Thank you for all the cookbook recommendations!


coming across your blog for the first time wow!! this blog is awesome :) its on my book mark! yeah..cooking is one of my passion:)


some great stuff here! the cream on top cornbread is also in one of deborah madision's books. all of her books are wonderful btw! but i am sure you know that. happy thanksginving!


I liked Kafka on the Shore very much too. Thanks for all the great recipes and cookbook recommendations - I'm definitely going to look up the Indian vegetarian cookbook you mentioned.


I love that there's a 101 Cookbooks Kiva Team - that's great!!!

Simply Life

It was nice to hear Fall Favorites list. I think I usually have my list during Christmas and birthdays

The Artist Chef

Heidi, At the very least your list of favorites has sparked a strong desire to start Black Friday shopping early! Nearly everything you've listed is new to me. I adore the rustic style of Herriott Grace's wood creations; and the wool hat from Anthropologie is darling! Happy Thanksgiving! Christine

Christine @ Fresh Local and Best

I love your favorite things lists - I always find out about such great stuff! Can't wait to check out that Julie Sanhi book


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