Favorites List (4.16.12)

Favorites List (4.16.12)

A quick favorites list while I regroup from a few days with my favorite three (almost four!) year-old nephew. It was a blur of playgrounds and piñatas, sand boxes and soft serve. He has his own little digital camera, and one of my favorite things to do with him is walk around on photo safari. We make a short list of things he wants to take photos of before we leave the house, and he makes his way down his list :) It's super sweet and fun. He also got some special treats, made from this new book, and I'll share those a bit later in the week. xo -h

- Matisse draws a boy (via wb)

- Food Diary: Phoebe Cates (via Luisa)

- 20 x 24: Mary Ellen Mark

- Lillet Rose Spring Cocktail

- Tara O'Brady | Interview

- One of my recipes (from SNED) illustrated by New York Magazine

- Karl Lagerfeld in 24 Hours (via Marcia)

- Pics from a Chinese Gangster's Phone (via Daring Fireball)

- Winter | Marfa

- Smith Tower

- Choose your color

- Monet at work (30 sec. mark)

- The Case for the Foodie Entrepreneur (via Megan)

- Brian W. Ferry | interview

- Mount Everest, Kilimanjaro, Fuji

- The Food Seen / Working my way through the list of past episodes.

- Q+A: Ashley Rose Helvey

- Ladies of Castor & Pollux

- Norwegian island memorial to 17th c. witches burned at the stake. (via Jennifer)

- Backstory on the sculpture inside Greens (in SF), with 1979 photos. (via WB)

- This shot

- Buckwheat Noodles with Green Beans & Toasted Sesame-Lime Vinaigrette

....and, wish I had a space for this.

Lead photo: pretty spring flowers from the farmers' market here in San Francisco.

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LOVE Tara's interview and espically the cake photo that I have adored for along long time. Then you had me with Marfa. Texas. Oh sweet Texas, how you surprise us.


What a thrill must be having one of your recipes illustrated in New York Magazine! But again your recipes are awesome so that should come as no surprise.
And you should totally find space for that dry goods counter, it's so you!

Margherita @TheIronYou

ooh that dish with buckwheat noodles sounds good!

Simply Life

H - I loved the spinach chop illustration (and the recipe!). Actually, that farmers market perusal page in NY Mag is always one of my first stops. It was a delight to see you there. Back to whip together some beet burgers. I'm still contemplating my direction - smokey (chipotles, etc) vs fresh (tarragon, goat cheese, etc)......any recommendations?

Noelle @ GreenLemonade

Love the witch trials' memorial! The architecture is stunning...and the history no less strange and dramatic.


I love that lead photo so much. You DO have the best favorites lists, the kind that I set aside time for so that I can really look through carefully. I was happily surprised to see that photo of Wayne and Liam pop up, too. xo

Lynn Russell

Very cool list. Thanks for sharing it with us!


I couldn't get the New York Magazine link to come up :-(

CJ - Food Stories

Great list, Heidi - especially love the illustrated spinach chop..and as a Seatt-ophile those Smith Tower photos about knocked me out. :)

Marissa | Pinch&Swirl

LOVE that buckwheat noodles recipe! I'll definitely be trying that soon. The NY Mag link didn't work for me either!

Anjali @ The Picky Eater

Nice list, Heidi. The pillows are so fun!

green beans & grapefruit

I love the favourites list! The flowers are absolutely gorgeous as well. I love buying fresh flowers from the farmers' market. Great spring picture!

Sarah @ Fresh Living

This is a gorgeous photo, but so are ALL of your images :) Thanks for sharing!


Wonderful, eclectic, things I'd never find on my own [Pics from a Chinese Gansters Phone]; famous artists [Matisse, Monet] and mmmm Buckwheat noodles. Thank you, thank you for your list.


Another eclectic favourites list....loved it!

Anna @ the shady pine

Nice to see the NY Magazine article again. Even nicer to see your Favorite Things again being possibly my favorite. Nah!
Everything Heidi is my favorite. LOL I am rich in my head if not in pocket but am saving to buy your cookbooks so I can have you 24/7.
It's a productively good kind of greedy.
Thank you for sharing you with us.


What a list ... I'm speechless. It's so easy to spend HOURS at your site/blog and the links you provide. Bless you for sharing.

Auntie Betty

Once again a list of absolutely awesome links!!!
Love Tara interview, those buckwheat noodles, that rose cocktail... I love everything.... I am so going to spend my time going through each in detail with my tea...calming..
Heidi I need to say that thats what your blog is CALMING.....
HAve a great week n lots of fun with ur nephew...

Reem | Simply Reem

Elsa Dorfman has been taking 20x24 portraits with her large scale polaroid for over 30 years. You can check out her work many places. www.elsadorfman.com


I love your favorites lists. I go on link journeys and then come back for more. Thank you.


"When I'm ready, I soak in the bathtub, if you really want to know."
Yes, Mr. Lagerfeld. We really want to know.

The Farmlette

thank you for another great list!


puhlease tell us you're going to take a trip to NYC soon to indulge in some of Phoebe Cates' mentioned spots... Sfoglia!

HS: Soon, I hope!


I was thinking the other day about making homemade "staples," so I'm very glad I clicked on the link to The Homemade Pantry. Looking forward to seeing what treats you cooked up.


Wow, thanks for including my radio show on your list, someday you'll have to be on THE FOOD SEEN!

HS: Thanks Michael, really enjoying your show :)

Michael Harlan Turkell

I'm disturbed by the pictures from a chinese gangster's phone and pretty shocked that you would post that here. There are pictures of a man getting beat up, tortured, and forced to hold a stone in his mouth. Not funny at all... I really don't understand why this would be one of your "favorites".

HS: I appreciate your comment A. I try to curate a list of links worth seeing/sharing. I think part of what is fascinating (to me, at least) about that photo series is that it seems to be direct from this individual with no filter - his "peace" t-shirt, Porsche SUV, plastic flip-flops, day to day places/routine, violence vs. mundane…I think that is part of the reason the collection of images have been viewed 14 million+ times. And, agreed - definitely not funny.


Hi Heidi, totally unrelated question but I can't find a way to message you... I'm trying to find farro for one of your recipes but can't seem to find it anywhere, do you have any suggestions for where to find it? Thanks!!!

Alissa C.

Love the dry goods counter!

Tracy A.

Def. a fan of the interview pieces! It's always been a favorite pasttime of mine reading about people in their own words. I think part of the fascination is a person's way of life and feelings are such a personal thing that when they are willing to share those parts of them it's exciting to learn and makes you appreciate them even more.


That buckwheat noodle recipe inspired me to make a wild rice pilaf with similar flavorings this morning-- I subbed zucchini for cukes and sesame seeds for peanuts, because that's what I had. Resulting dish was absolutely delicious-- the spicy-nutty dressing totally completes it. Best grain salad I've made in months!! Thanks!


What striking pictures, my goodness.

Buckwheat noodles would definitely make my list as well. I often suggest my clients get familiar with them for needed comfort food nights!


@ Lynn Russel: the lead photo is what caught my eye too.

Is that a primrose I see? Pretty.


I have yet to go to Pheobe Cates' store on the UES. Thanks so much for this kind reminder! Love the list!

DNA (designers+artists)

I really appreciate the Chinese gangster photos. This site is one of my favorites. I live in a world of beautiful food, fresh, local produce, gorgeeous blogs to read and amazing places to eat. A bad morning for me is when Berkeley Bowl is out of dinosaur kale. It's enlightening to be shown the world outside of my safe little bubble!


I came across your website somehow, and immediately I fell in love with the photography, the charm, and the plethora of quaint recipes. Then, decided to cook a few dishes, and not only was I in love, but I became hooked. Thank you so much for your creativity and culinary expertise that has made my healthy eating even healthier and more enjoyable. Best of luck and I'll definitely get a copy of your book, for I'm certain since your website recipes are excellent, those are too.


Ooh, New York Magazine, what a thrill! Congrats! :)


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