Favorites List (June 2011)

Favorites List (June 2011)

The staircase in our new apartment is, well, imposing. Forty-six stairs to the third floor. It goes straight up, switches back, and then up again. It's a beautiful staircase, but has the sort of incline that might compel one to drop an f-bomb or two when carrying more than a purse. Our movers, the two of them, put these stairs in their place. How they carried multiple eight-foot cabinets and a mattress up it, I'll never know. So, thank you Nick & Fernando, for getting us in the new apartment. Here's the bad news though, everything is still in cardboard. That said, I did cook a special first-night dinner - I just need a bit more time to write it up. In the meantime, I hope you don't mind a favorites list in place of a recipe.

- I'm hooked on this. Before our drive to Marfa, Wayne subscribed, loaded it on my iPhone, plugged it into my car stereo, and I felt like I had every album ever recorded at my fingertips.

- This photo project (via Tara)

- French sneaks.

- Watched this classic.

- Cute & clever - vintage food mill planter.

- Loving the MSL cookie app. Also, beautiful job bringing the magazine to the iPad.

- This plate.

- This workshop

- Toasted Salty Seeds from Nettletown - thanks Tea :)

- This salad. And the way Sara made my baked oatmeal in little jars.

- This photo series. And this one.. This Laura Taylor shot. And this one too.

- Beaches! Caftans!

- This exhibit at SFMoMA. Next up, the new exhibit at Pier 24.

- Reading this. This up next.

Promise to be back later in the week with a crowd-pleaser of a recipe. It's an old-school favorite around here, and it has been far, far too long since I've cooked it. A little something old to go with the new address. -h

I took the photo up above in our hotel room at the Hotel Congress in Tuscon, Arizona.

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Oh Heidi, do I feel the moving stress. We are still unpacking around here! Best of luck getting through it all... some phases of the move were actually fun, and some, well not so much. Your favorites are a much appreciated escape for me... while I sit here and lesson plan. Love them. That salad looks pretty wonderful. Good luck!

Niki (of SI)

Cooking the first dinner in a new space is always such a special moment. And its even better when you eat it sitting on the floor surrounded by empty walls and the feeling of endless possibility. Looking forward to exploring these favourites! Thanks Heidi!

The Healthy Hipster

oh the moving blues...i hated the third-floor moving back in the day and don't know if i could ever go back! you're a brave, brave woman :)

Heather (Heather's Dish)

Glad that you're move went smoothly, Heidi. I sympathise! I've moved a couple of times in the past few years. All that cardboard must be daunting, but I'm sure that it'll be great fun figuring out how you want to lay things out in the new house.
If everything goes well, I should be moving soon too. I can't wait for the new kitchen and a dining space that isn't squished in alongside the office! Moves can definitely a pain, but there's so much to look forward to too.


Forget the gym, you're set with the stairs! Have fun arranging your new living space :), Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

Looking at all those boxes can be overwhelming, but I always enjoy unpacking in a new space and figuring out how to organize and display my collections of kitchenware. Turn the music up and have fun!

la domestique

Well, first congrats! Second! I wish I had those stairs after the strawberry banana bread with brown butter I just consumed! Third- I love your list, and Sara B's salad too!
Congrats- I am looking forward to your future posts from your new home.....

just remember: more stairs means more banana strawberry bread!


Ugh, we're moving too, hopefully this coming August, from Riverside, CA to Los Angeles. Not too far to go, but not looking forward to the packing up! Glad yours went well, looking forward to some more recipe posts.

Th Hungry Traveler

I hate hate hate moving. When we moved to our new place, the movers had two flights of stairs to walk up and ended up jumping on top of the truck and loading furniture up over the back balcony! So scary but saved us heaps of money.

I love that photo - the blue is beautiful. Looking forward to a new recipe :)


oh thank you so much for this list. i love your picks!


I love your favorites list! I love seeing what other people are into lately. Especially when those "other people" is someone with amazing taste like you!

Moving. Ugh. Not fun. I have moved at least 10x in the last 10 years mostly within the great state of CA and yes, I have no idea what they were thinking with certain stairways and just ALL those stairs.

Good luck getting settled in!

Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga

Eww, moving sucks! But when it's all over it's totally worth it. Love this list too!


Lovely List, great blog, very organised!

Butterfly Brides - Bridal Shop Cheshire

is that wall in your new house? love the color!

please please post your recipe soon, don't wait the full 5 days or so you usually do between posts. i really need the inspiration this week!


Ooooo I love these lists! I absolutely love the idea of the muesli in the jars - I have a whole lot of jars my mum bought me and nothing to do with them! Thanks for the link! Also adore the Laura Taylor shot - I often wear my hair like this but it never looks quite that pretty :)

jess☆ @ Multicultural Melbourne

I am picturing how I will pack my boxes as I leave Vietnam and move to Italy for my culinary studies. I like your SFMoMa list! Lovely!!!

The Artist Chef (Joanie)

Hope the move is going well!

Simply Life

Moving is tough, whether it is across the country or across the street, your whole routine gets turned upside down and you don't realize just how long it going to take to get back in the groove until you are actually back in it and find yourself totally miffed at just how long it took. Hang in there. Thanks for posting another one of your "favorites list", I always enjoy them. Carolina

The Muse of The Day

Love those caftans. Do you know where they came from?

Linda Williams

Oh, I love that you're reading Graham Greene. He's one of my favorites -- "Travels with My Aunt" became one of my Top 5 books the moment I finished reading it.

Meister @ The Nervous Cook

Reading the comment about the mattress and the staircase suddenly brought back a memory. We were moving out of our brownstone in NY. My husband had lovingly sanded down this enormous gorgeous walnut staircase. The movers took the mattresses and slid them down the entire staircase to the person below. After doing this with about 3 mattresses, we caught it and we nearly exploded in disbelief. All along the staircase were markings from the sliding mattresses!!! Oh, was that a day of horror! Good luck to you and look out for any objects sliding on your wonderful stair case!

Snippets of Thyme

Your monthly favs are always a hit in my book. I loved to see the project documenting what people would take if their house was burning. Great idea. Glad to hear you are moved in and getting settled! Yippee!


Thanks so much for these awesome links, Heidi! They were all so entertaining. Loving your blog, too, as always.

Le Man and Wife

Welcome to your new nest. I'm smitten with the wall color in your photo. I'm about to paint my dining room a very similar color: hummingbird blue. Glad to see it makes me hungry, or maybe that's just a side effect of visiting your blog. Congrats!

Tom @ Tall Clover Farm

Love your lists, and the photo against the blue wall--so cool.

Debra the Northwest Vegetarian

Hi there
No question - beautiful site, pictures, writing and intentions. I'd be more than grateful if you could check out the preview to my new book "Simply Fed" via the link on the side panel of my blog. There is a preview of 37 pages of random preview
I'm a retired food photographer living in France after a lifetime in London.
All the best

Roger Stowell

Thank you! I love your favorites lists because I always find new favorite things! I don't know how you manage to find every fantastic thing, but I'm so glad that you do and then that you share it with us. Good luck with the moving/unpacking too!


Congratulations on the move to your new apartment. A new kitchen for new memories! Thanks for the fun list. Looking forward to seeing what you whipped up for a first night dinner. As always, I'm sure it was wonderful! :)


I wondered if you could share more information on the beaches/caftans photo- could this be in Sayulita, Mexico?


didn't mean to be anonymous (the previous comment)


I too have a move on the horizon! From Southern China to Spain. I am tackling my spaces piece by piece and enjoying what I find along the way. I love the makers project, thanks for sharing Heidi!


What a great set of favorites this month. Enjoy your new digs.

Rosemary Rideout

Hello I am hoping that you have an irresistible photo of a stack of pancakes...or one pancake...that I could purchase. I want to hang this in my office to illustrate my favorite...or one of my favorite...mantras ...that no matter how thin you make the pancake, it always has two sides. Would you consider that? thanks so much...I am a true fan of your 101 cookbooks!! Thanks Ellen

ellen portal

Heidi, Thanks for sharing your favs! My husband and I are coming to SF the end of the month so we watched Petula, which you recommended last time, which by the way is a strange/interesting movie, but definitely has some great shots of the city and now thanks for the head's up on the Pier 24 Exhibit! sounds great! I love super natural every day, btw! Awesome recipes! And I empathize with you on the move! I have had to move two times in the last year as we downsized and moved across town because our house sold sooner than expected and then a few months later moved across the country to our final destination. I loved, like you mentioned, finding little things that had been tucked away, but I also loved unburdening my life from too much stuff! I know the work is tough, but it's so great when you finally get things settled and see the results of the labor! Sweet! Have fun!


Hey! How did you know that I was looking for new sneaks! Thanks for the french sneaks link! And happy moving in :)


Heidi - I feel for you! I moved a few days ago as well - 3rd floor walk-up, 41 stairs. Oh, 98 degree heat on top of it! The movers were fabulous, but I lost two pieces of furniture that couldnt be coaxed around the tight corners in the stairwells. Ahhh, moving.

Looking through your favortires as I eat lunch on my first post-move workday...thanks for putting together such a great list!

Enjoy your new abode...


Nice list....I had some stairs like that when I lived in Italy and watched a very short, enthusiastic Sicilian carry an refrigerator on his back up the stairs!


Love the list, especially the salad and the sneakers. Also, I feel you on the stairs situation. My last place had 47 stairs; we lucked out on our new place and only have 41. Ah, living in San Francisco. :)


Hey Heidi!

Thanks for posting my salad recipe - I am probably YOUR biggest fan!

Love you favorite lists - I always find so much inspiration.

In health,
Sarah B

Sarah B

i know moving is hard but just do it and one day you'll thank me for telling you this

the muse of the day

Thank you for your great list. Ah, shared move from Hell stories....I just moved from DE to Indianapolis last month and put all my things in storage - more than 150 boxes listed on a painstakingly written log, which I've misplaced. Grrr. 20 of those boxes are cookbooks. Fortunately, I set out a dozen of my favorites which are with me (Red Cat, Radically Simple, My Calabria, David Lebovitz' and of course: Super Natural Every Day. What a terrific book. I've sent a copy to my Indy sister who with her husband are vegetarians and are excited about all the wonderful meals you share! Thanks, Heidi. We can't wait to try them. Lisa


I love your favorites list, Heidi....always fabulous! xoxo

The Healthy Apple

I made that oatmeal recipe of yours and I absolutely love it. Here are my pics http://cuceesprouts.com/2011/06/baked-oatmeal/

Cucee Sprouts

Moving is marvelous. Now what gorgeous green wall is that!? Your new green wall, or your old one. Anyway, it makes me smile.


forget the recipe. More photos of your new place, please.


I'm in the midst of Jennife Egan's book and I'm loving it, to the point of not wanting it to end. Send us more picture of the house, I love that peacock blue.... greetings from trastevere!


I'm moving in a couple weeks too! I'm definitely not looking forward to the experience but I am excited about our new place - so I suppose it's worth it :) Thanks for another "favorites list" - I love reading through some of your top picks! That baked oatmeal in a jar recipe looks awesome - and the jars just look so adorable!

Anjali Shah

A Visit From The Good Squad was the best book I have read in ages. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. In fact, after I finish my current read, I want to read it again. Love the French sneaks too! Super cute.


Love your blog! Love your fav's. Love that wall color - it is the one I've used in my home office. Instant peace!


What lovely plates. Thanks for sharing.

emily @http://scrambledpreservedfriedcured.wordpress.com

Easy Rider! Yes!

Nothing wrong with a list, when it's good :-)


thank you for including me, what a sweet surprise :) Hope that you slowly chip away at the boxes and enjoy making a new home for you and Wayne. It's always nice to start fresh. xo


Can't wait to read Jennifer Egan's book, Heidi. And Bensimon sneaks? Just discovered them last week and have been hemming and hawing about what color I want....

Megan Gordon

I am in love with those plates... so so gorgeous

Nicole Franzen

I hope neither of you breaks a leg while you're living there!

David in San Antonio

Welcome to your new home! I wish for you a multitude of wonderful moments within its walls.

Travis Brooks

I'm also on the third floor and you'll be amazed how quickly those stairs become a breeze. The folks in my building live to a ripe old age - I credit the stairs.
May the settling in go smoothly and welcome home!


Congrats to your new home! A month ago I moved to my 7th (!) floor apartment. I was lucky that our elevator is quite big so even the bed did fit in. I'm going to buy a new sofa and I'm seriously thinking about home delivery ;)


Good luck with all the unpacking - and getting used to those stairs. What a workout. Love your list of favorites, especially The Burning House photo project. Makes you think about what is really important. As long as I had the people and pets in my house, I"d be good. :)

Lori @ Girl Meets Oven

Your photo makes me want to move to the desert and paint my bedroom turquois. Also, I always love your lists. Some time ago I took your recommendation to read Drop City- best summer read I've had in a long time. I've put these two books on my list.


I picked up the Goon Squad at Logan Airport for my 6-hour flight to Portland, OR in April. The check-out woman said, "Oh, good choice, I'm reading it now, and it just won the National Book Award." It's June, and despite a 6-hour flight, 2 weeks in Portland, a 5-hour flight back, and almost a month, I didn't finish it until the other day. I really enjoyed it, but it's written a very unique way that might push me to read it again (quicker), so that I might understand it better.

Johanna Woodbury

Love your favorite lists, Heidi -- it's a lovely glimpse into your world beyond food! Isn't the SW magical? I have a special place in my heart for the desert, too. Congrats on your move, glad it went well!


My husband and I have been together 15 years and have moved 8 times! As much as I dread a move, I'm pretty used to it now and have everything fine tuned for little to go wrong. My husband is also a driver so everything gets put away within 4 days. We get the movers to empty the boxes and take them away so that we never have to look at a box. We find a place for everything just to get it out of the way and then, when time permits, rearrange in a more orderly fashion.

Looking forward to seeing what delicious meal you whipped up in your new home. Cheers!

The Culinary Chase

I'm currently obsessed with mason jars, and was delighted to see Sara's use of them in baked oatmeal. YUM!

Alejandra @ mouthfulsandmorsels.wordpress.com

I totally feel the moving "ef bomb" blues...

PS. Thank you for The Burning House!!

Kristy Lynn @ Gastronomical Sovereignty

the light in your photo...so delicious! here's to settling into new adventures in your new abode. xo.

my spatula

Heidi, you are #1 on my June Favorites List. I picked up the new book a few days ago and finally got around to making the Orzo Salad on p. 95 this afternoon. I used walnuts instead of pine nuts (whoa $$$), and used goat's dairy products instead of cow's. What I love about your recipes is that I can make them suit my dietary lifestyle and they still come amazing! Thanks for writing such wonderful books and enjoy your new space.

HS: Thank you Sara. Good call on the walnut swap - pine nuts were $29.99/lb. here last week!

Sara Jean

Heidi- I'm looking on Amazon for your book- but why can't I buy it from Amazon (only other sellers are showing)? Is it sold out? Very weird- I already bought 3 copies when it came out via Amazon... hmm?

HS: Sarah, thanks for your support! It should be shipping very soon. See up above/below for a more in depth answer. So sorry about the hold up!


Another great list - thank you!

Sophie Delphis

@Sarah: I have the same problem. I ordered mine weeks ago and I am still waiting! I have been meaning to ask Heidi if she new what was up with Amazon. Hopefully she can find out (after she unpacks a few more boxes...)

HS: Hi Jennifer, Hi Sarah - so sorry about the hold up - they should be shipping any day now. There was a gap in the supply over the past couple weeks, but that should all be sorted once the print run that hit the warehouse last week gets distributed.


Snap! We've just moved to, so I know the horrors, but I knew pure unadulterated love when I saw my new apartment had a lift. I still hate moving but man, that sure makes life easier. Happy homemaking Heidi :) Once you get everything out of that cardboard its so much fun tizzing the new joint.

tizzing! love it.

Anna Johnston

Heidi-- I LOOOVe love love your blog and both cookbooks. So many of your recipes have been huge hits among family and friends (and most of them are NOT into healthy eating).

I was wondering if you could do a list or round-up of your favorite no-cook summer recipes.... our kitchen is being remodeled and we're working w/an electric skillet and bathroom sink!

So anything w/very little cooking/prep is great (we do have a grill though)
Thanks so much!!



You have been quickly making your way up the charts to hero status in my book! I have been cooking passionately for a long time, but never have I come across someone else with a common passion for photographing their food! Some people have pictures of their kids, their pets, grandchildren, etc. With me, dishes I have made or eaten. I am that person who whips out the camera at a fance restaurant - no shame. Thank you for your exquisite cookbooks and blog. Tonight's treat was the Whole Grain Rice Salad, which I ate sideways in a chair with my knees hugged to my chest, balancing the dish and savoring every morsel and surprise with my eyes closed until I had chased the last grain of rice around and around to my mouth!


Hotel Congress is our favorite place to stay in Tucson! I love the history and the music. Much appreciate shout out!


Today is my birthday, and I bought your newest book as my present to myself. It's beautiful, and I look forward to using it. The cabbage and beans will be the first recipe I try.

This is my fourth birthday without my dad, which is tough since my birthday and father's day are always the same week. He was one month shy of his 85th birthday when he died, and he wasn't sick long so that was a good thing. I have always meant to tell you that when I cleaned out his computer, he had 101 Cookbooks bookmarked on it!!!! Thanks for everything.

HS: Thanks so much for this Victoria - it quite honestly made my day.


Talking on faves: the Cele's Old-Fashioned Pear Cake is an absolute favorite with me when baking with toddler! We are all sick today, so to keep little one occupied, I got him baking. Replaced wholewheat with rye & apples instead of pears. He loved the process, munching on apples and almost finished the pie by himself, out of the baking pan, with a fork: "Daddy does not want pie, Daddy wants water". I tried to doctor my boys with miso today, but no luck :(

Mama Luba

Hi Heidi! I've been reading your blog for a while now and I want to suggest a new type of flour to you. I come from the Sonoran Desert and I wonder if you've had mesquite flour. It has a low glycemic index and it's slightly sweet already. Getting the flour is a bit seasonal because it's the dry mesquite pod that been ground and the trees only produce them in late summer (which for us is around late August). They make really yummy pancakes though and the flavor goes well with jams and jellies from the area. I like pomegranate jelly mixed with prickly pear jam.
Local farmers' markets have places where they turn your pods into flour for a small fee and it's sustainable food because the trees produce pods year after year without the need for much water or care. You've already been to Tucson and if you go again, please inquire

HS: Hi Kath - I sometimes use mesquite flour in baked goods, it's amazing. My favorite is the cookies in Super Natural Cooking.


Having lived in one of those SF 3rd floor walk up for 6 years know, I know how grateful one can be for others to carry the heavy stuff. Especially when one is catering dinner for 40 and you're in the middle of load out.


Heidi thank you so much for sharing your favourites list. I LOVE The Burning House website. It provides a glimpse of the beautiful things with which people surround themselves.
I hope the move went well and that you are settling in and finding some beautiful spots in your new home in which to photograph your amazing recipes.

emma. our kitchen

Your website makes me feel good. Thanks!


So pleased to have discovered your blog! You are on the short list of those that I follow. Wanted to let you know you have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award (although probably not for the first time): http://www.lifeflipping.net/2011/06/versatile-blogging.html
Thanks for sharing what you do!
- Sarah


Hi Heidi -
I love your website and your recipes - I send people to your website all the time - BUT I wonder if other people have noticed that you used to post your 'favourites' quarterly and now it seems that you are posting them more often. Though lots of things are quirky and interesting, I can't help but think there is a product-placement angle here, where companies are actively trying to get you to mention their products on your very popular website. I am not trying to be negative, as I love your website - but just hope that this is not product promotion cloaked as something else. best, kat

HS: Hi Kat - sorry for any confusion on this front. They are simply "favorites lists"....things I'm excited about. I don't do any sort of the editorial product-placement I think you're referring to on my site. If I happen to write about a product or service, I've purchased it myself and like it. Hope that provides a little more clarity!


We met at your book signing in Berkeley and I told you all about a new place in downtown Tucson that I'm writing the menu/recipes for. Well, almost done! Staying at the Hotel Congress recently, you were right next to the space where Sparkroot will be. We'll be open in August so when/if you come through town again, please come in for something to eat and maybe some Blue Bottle coffee away from home. :)

Julianna Starr

Good to see a bit of your life outside food and recipes. I thoroughly enjoy exploring your favorites list, especially the photo series. You should be in one!


Here's one more to add to your reading list. My previous college professor wrote it and it's getting amazing reviews. http://www.amazon.com/Ten-Thousand-Saints-Eleanor-Henderson/dp/0062021028/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1308765281&sr=8-1
P.S. I made your sweet potato falafel recipe about 2 weeks ago and they were phenomenal!


I am ttoally wowed and prepared to take the next step now.


The caftan photo is absolutely gorgeous!

Angela (veggievinyasa)

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