Favorites List (May 2011) Recipe

I just returned from a road trip to Marfa, Texas. While I unpack, I thought I'd post a favorites list made up of a few things that have caught my attention or inspired me lately.

Favorites List (May 2011)

I spent the last ten days driving from San Francisco to Marfa, Texas. And then from Marfa, Texas back to San Francisco. I stared at impossibly big skies, took night swims, barreled down wide open roads, and listened for the sound of midnight trains. The car has 3500 more miles on it than it did when we left. Which, I noted, is nearly as many miles as I drove all last year. So, while I regroup, I thought I'd share a quickie favorites list.

- Vintage Dolly. Particularly the shot in front of the bus. Wish I knew who the photographer was.

- Grapefruit Campari Sorbet. Yes, please.

- Marfa fantasy listing - scroll.

- Graphite on paper. via swissmiss

- Can't wait for this. And this! Congrats Katie. Congrats Molly!

- This site.

- This place.

- Aida's SF hit-list.

- This story.

- An afternoon in the Presidio with WB, Mirah & Thao.

- Still have a soft spot for SF-centric movies. This is still my fave, but I never regret re-watching this.

- Browsing this.

- This cafe apron. And this for my wooden spoon collection.

- This Japanese Rice Cooker.

- This is now officially on my short list of things to make.

- And I had a particularly great mail pile waiting for me when I got back from Marfa. It included Matt's new book, Helene's Plate to Pixel, and the new issue of UPPERCASE. Looking forward to spending time with all.

There's a new recipe coming a bit later in the week, hopefully with a few pictures from the trip.

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There are so many great books just released or coming soon that I may need a get another bookcase to hold all these beauties!


Marfa is such a lovely town. Was there for the Railroad Revival Tour recently. Did you see the art car parked on mainstreet? (with cowboy paintings....) HS: I did!


I tried the egg salad recipe this weekend and loved it.

Mary McDonald

I'm too messy of a cook to be able to use a cafe apron, but fore sure it's darn cute. I could use the fabric similar and make "full coverage" version to suit my needs (I never thought I'd ever use the term "full coverage" to describe anything that I would need. :) - first time for everything)

Apron Appeal

I'm excited for the What Katie Ate book too! I asked if she would make metric measurements available in the US version, but she said it's out of her hands. I wonder they knew about you as an example if that would help them make the right choice?! HS: I sort of casually made the decision early on to do it. But I have to say, it was actually harder than I thought!


Love that rice cooker! Great list of favorites, sounds like a fun time with lots of wonderful memories to reflect upon. :)

J3nn (Jenn's Menu and Lifestyle Blog)

Lovely. Great list that I'd be sure to check out each and every link!


Grapefruit sorbet with St. Germain changed my life. Love that kitchen in marfa fantasy listing- the sink! The open shelves! The island! Thanks for sharing.


If I am not mistaken the photos of Dolly were taken by the amazing Henry Horenstein... HS: Thanks Julie :)


I've always wanted a rice cooker!


Love you Favorite Lists, Heidi! Sounds like an amazing trip, can't wait to see pictures! Looking forward to spending time with the website dedicated to Vivian Maier, the photos I looked at are stunning- thank you. Molly's egg salad made it straight to my short-list as well :)

Charlotte au Chocolat

That is a long, long drive, you should take at least a week off from the roads and just cook and eat !

Ciao Florentina

Good choice with Dogfight, can't go wrong with River Phoenix.


wow, what a road trip you had! It sounds freeing and wonderful in that you got some time/space/free headspace to just clear your thoughts on the open road. Beautiful! I love the links you gave. And congrats on YOUR book coming out (I have it!) and also to Helene and Matt on theirs. Off to link hop, now. Thank you!

Averie (LoveVeggiesandYoga)

ahhh the open road and a long long drive...one of my favourite things to dream about but only occasionally do i get to do (despite living a distance from many places in Australia ! ) Your favourites list is great but even better your new book which finally finally arrived after much delay...it is lovely, quietly yet potently inspiring and sitting proudly on the side in the kitchen...off the shelf getting "used" regularly...this morning my kids enjoyed the baked oatmeal for breakfast...i've just polished off the last of it for lunch. Thank you for "super natural everyday"...its a real treat ! HS: I love hearing my book has made it into kitchens in far-off lands! So glad to hear you're enjoying it.

Sarah Bell

That IS a long drive. Get some rest and stretch your legs. Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters P.S. That diner is SO adorable :)

Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

Off topic, but I just finished eating the kale salad from your new book and wanted to say THANK YOU. Delicious. I had never cooked with farro before, but know it will be a staple for me now. Also made the chickpea & dandelion salad yesterday. Yum. Your book is beautiful, and I love that the recipes are simple with few ingredients. Perfect. Congrats on a job well done!


i want/NEED that rice cooker. Great find!


I'm still waiting on your book to arrive - le sigh. It's lateness has given me time to read through Plate to Pixel, but I am so ready to sift through your recipes. PS - that Japanese rice cooker is amazing.


What a great list, and even better, there is a favorites list within a favorites list where you listed Aida's SF hit list! i checked it out and I have hit maybe half of those places so far, so I'll have to keep my eye out for the rest. More to look forward to!

sweet road

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Apologies, comments are closed.

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