Favorites List (Spring 2011)

Favorites List (Spring 2011) Recipe

The plan today was to share a quick little ditty of a pasta recipe. Something I threw together for lunch this week that was super tasty. But as I sat down to type it up, it didn't feel quite right. As much as I want to get back into regular posting mode, your support for my new book has been exceptional, and kind, and - I don't know how else to say it - powerful. Last Tuesday, I looked incredulously at my laptop when Super Natural Every Day cracked the top #50 on Amazon. It has somehow gone on to hover around the #40 mark for the remainder of the week. Then there was the packed turnout at the book signing - to all of you who came out on a weeknight, thank you. And now #6 on the (!?!) New York Times Bestseller list.

The last week has definitely felt great, but also very "me, me, me" - So I thought it might be a great time to turn the table a bit and do a favorites list. I'll type up the pasta for the next go-round, but in the meantime, it just feels good to be able to link back to other people, projects, and things I'm excited about. Share a little link love, you know? It has been a while. I hope you enjoy:

- Enjoyed this documentary. And this is next on my list. And this one.

- Fantasy Vacation Spot.

- For when I someday set off to India.

- For when you need a laugh. Especially the part about learning to speak European.

- Dorie's Beggars Linguine

- A way to capture a web page, mark it up with feedback and notes, and send it as a PDF. via Jennifer Jeffrey.

- Lunch lady series on Oh, Joy!

- Abitare.

- Homemade Spoon Butter

- This nail polish.

- Cute behind-the-scenes J.Crew goes to Italy video.

- This photo Wayne took of his Grandma.

- Camelias are in bloom everywhere, and I love them. I shot the lead photo up in Point Reyes last week.

- Water color business cards.

- Currently, my favorite deodorant. Wild Rose. Update: my link triggered a reader email alert to this, then Weleda responded in the comments. I think at some point I'll try to tackle a dedicated post about this topic.

Although, now I'm bummed out. One of you just pointed this out to me.

- This video shot by photojournalist Steve Gong in North Korea.

- Harvey Faircloth inspiration board.

- Wild Flowers

- We cooked from Moro East and The Essential New York Times Cookbook early in the year, and now we've moved on to Rose Bakery - love discovering all sorts of great new recipes and flavor combinations. Next up: Nigel Slater's Tender V.1 for May/June.

- And for those of you looking for a bit of spring recipe inspiration. Have at it.

And just a last little reminder. I'll be doing one more SF Bay Area signing/potluck this Saturday, April 16, in Berkeley: details here.

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  • Your book arrived last night - squished into the mail box by the postman who clearly didn't realise what a treasure he was delivering. I can't wait to get stuck in!!

  • I love the watercolor business cards!

  • Heidi, what a lovely list to explore--and I've only just begun. Such discovery is as delicious as one of your recipes. Good luck on the book and continued success. Cheers!

    Tom @ Tall Clover
  • Heidi! I am not a cookbook collector, and I own very few. Online blogs, allrecipes and my old standby Betty Crocker usually serve me well (but mostly online resources). But I had to have your cookbook!! Ordered it last week and have already cooked the Fritatta, and I have the White Beans & Cabbage on the menu for this week. Congratulations on all your success!! HS: Thanks for your support Carrie.

  • Meet and eat- Ive never heard of such a thing, but I love it! If I wasn't on the opposite side of the continent, I would be there in a heartbeat. Congratulations on the book, Heidi, and wishing you ever-growing success and opportunity :)

  • we've had that 'ways to be cool' posted on our fridge at work for months, and it always makes me laugh! and 'speak european' is definitely tops (followed closely by 'abercroombie & flitch', and of course 'irony'... thanks for sharing!

  • Oh, what a cute idea! Kind of like a spring version of Oprah's favorite things without the Oprah part. I love it!

    Kate from Scratch
  • Just one thing about your Wildrose deo: i don't know if you know that rosehip doesn't smell very nice, so if your deo smells nice it must be due to some other component. I am a big fan of rosehip as a facial treatment, i apply it on my face at night, and it leaves my skin very nice and smooth, but i have to be honest, the smell is rather off-putting, and it's not that it's gone rancid or anything, apparently that's just the way it is. At the very most, you might find a make that's odourless, but it never smells 'rosey'. Cheers

  • If I had a dollar for every time I sat down to blog a recipe and didn't do it....... ;) Love the photo. SOOC? The color is so interesting.

    Honestly Good Food
  • Love the list. Your photographs remind me to take a deep breath every now and again.

    emily franklin
  • Thanks for yet another amazing list, Heidi. I, too, am a fan of Butter London's nail polish. 'Fash Pack' is still my favourite colour after about a year of wearing it! I love that picture of Wayne's grandma. By the way, my order of your newbook is with amazon UK and I am still waiting - rather impatiently - for it!

  • Wonderful selection, thanks for sharing with us! I'm enjoying your new book so much, haven't been able to put it down for days :) I'm going to Paris this summer and Rose Bakery is at the top of my list of places to visit!

  • Thanks for the reminder that I wanted to check out "Tender." I love link lists like this. Am planning to make your millet muffins tomorrow!

    Stacy (Little Blue Hen)
  • You will really like Nigel Slater's 'Tender'. both volumes are ever so good!

  • Ah, I love your "favorite's lists" and wish I was going to be in the Bay area for your signing/potluck! Enjoy!

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    Apologies, comments are closed.

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