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Over the past few years I've just-said-no to the Blackberry, shirked the Sidekick, and resisted the Treo - all in patient anticipation that Apple might eventually release something like this - the iPhone. The day when I can actually browse this website from my cellphone is finally near. I'll be able to load ingredient lists while strolling the aisles of my favorite markets. I'll be able to tap the 101 Cookbooks recipe archives for inspiration from my car (parked, of course) on the fly. Apple Computer is releasing the long-anticipated iPhone later this week, and while I'm going to draw the line at camping out overnight at the store - somehow I'm going to get my hands on one.

I'm an Apple loyalist. My dad bought me my first Apple when I was a freshman in college, it was a IIcx with 8MB RAM and an 80MB hard drive. I loved it and spent endless hours with it learning how to produce graphics, telnet chatting with friends, writing HTML, and building web pages. Bless that machine, I couldn't open more than one or two aps at once, but it sure helped me learn many of the skills I still use every day. I've had many a Macintosh, (and even a Newton!) since then.

I asked Wayne if he would help me produce an iPhone-friendly version of 101 Cookbooks. Primarily because I wanted (and will use) it - he was nice enough to oblige. I suspect some of you might eventually find it useful as well, hope so. So, voila! All the recipes you've seen over the years on 101 Cookbooks are now formatted to be searched, browsed and viewed on the iPhone.

I'll build a little iPhone icon into the nav bar sometime this week, but for now you can get the iPhone recipes here, it's the best starting point. Think of it as an iPhone recipe startpage. The ten most recent iPhone recipes are listed here. And you can navigate your favorite recipe categories here.


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Apologies, comments are closed.


Glad you all like the new feature (well most of you).. I just think the narrow formatting and smaller graphics are going to make the site much easier to navigate on all mobile devices – iPhone included. Now, all I need to do is get my hands on one – wish me luck this weekend 😉
The last thing I’ll add – the visual voicemail alone is worth the $$ for me. I regularly lose voicemails into the depths of my cellphone and spend a frustrating amount of time trying to recover them.
I’m going to cut off comments now, but stay tuned for a new post going up tonight.


Oh Heidi! You’ve done it again! Now you’re on the top of my list of SUUUper cool people! not only are you a fantastic writer, chef, cook…you’re also (just as, if not more, importantly) into apple!


Actually, you needn’t worry about designing your site specifically for the iPhone, the built in browser will allow people to view your standard web pages with its neat multitouch zoomable technology.
Good effort, but unnecessary, really. 🙂

Your iPhone

I keep thinking this is going to be about recipes I can make with my iPhone, i.e. “sautee shallots in butter, then add iPhone and cook until slightly melted…”

Anne Dudfield

Thank You! This and your iphone site are beautiful! I am using your iphone site with my Nokia770 in my kitchen. Yes, I can go to your main site on the Nokia as well: but this loads faster and I can zoom in for easier reading.
All The Power To You!


In a word, BRILLIANT!!!!

Andrea Thurm

Um, I have to say that I love your site. I really, really do.
But isn’t one of the main selling points of the iPhone specifically that you DON’T have to reformat every web page to view it on the device?
And, again keeping in mind that I do quite love this site, I’m rather astonished that the ability to view just one webpage is apparently pushing so many folks over the $499 price tag tipping point. Really? You could accomplish the task adequately on the $199 Blackberry Pearl… but pictures, hell, that’s worth an extra $300!
Really? Really!?!
You have some seriously loyal readers!
God speed,


Only problem is, I’ve heard the connection speeds on AT&T are SO slow, you’ll never get the page loaded prior to the point where you get so hungry you chew your own arm off while waiting!

Philly Dog

As someone who’s used both Macs and PCs regularly, I really have no preference for either – both have pros and cons. And I hate to say it, but there ain’t a whole lot different between the two, unless you’re a *real* techie. The rest, is just marketing (a la DeBeers).
However, making a (cooking) website friendly to smartphones in general (iphone or otherwise) is just an overall great idea. Glad to hear it’s being done, and glad to hear that it’s working on a variety of platforms!


Let’s do the math…(Mac user here since 1988, online since 1989, when AOL was for Macs only)…
Cost of MacBook Pro with upgrades:
Wireless router:
Wireless mouse:
Living completely free of vigilance because of security issues, being relaxed and knowing I can sleep at night, knowing I will neither get nor give a virus on a PC:
Never mind the joyous experience of the beautiful, jewel-like interface, or just how pretty everything is to look at on my Mac (rather, Macs: we currently own four). They feed my Muse.


“AsExpected”, seems like 100$/month is actually 60$. Check your facts, Negative Nancy!

Jerry Jeff

I also hope can get an iPhone, but dunno when it will start selling at Malayia


So, my comment stating the obvious drawbacks and the lack of foresight of you “early adopters” (or apple fanbois) was removed. That’s how Apply consumers work… close your eyes, hold your eyes and sing “lalalalala” hoping the bugs will go away. In the end, you have a $600 + $100/month paperweight. Enjoy — you deserve it!


I’m with you, Heidi – though I’ll probably give into the overnight campout at the Apple shop here in Chicago. =)
Can’t wait for the phone *and* virtually devouring your recipes & tips on it!


I’ve been viewing your website on my phone for awhile now…and I just have a Samsung A930. (wouldn’t recommend that phone for anyone btw) My mom doesn’t have internet access so when I go to visit her and feel like cooking, I get on your site and find something yummy. I’m sure the new format will make it a bit easier to find my way around though. Thanks for thinking about the techies that love to eat!! Just another reason why this is one of my favorite sites!!


I am way too envious. We are to wait until sometime new year before the iPhone appears in Australia – but will definitely be keeping these recipes in mind. Very cool idea!!!


I LOVE my Mac. I have a confession, though, I have yet to get i pod. Maybe I’ll just plunge ahead and get the I phone. Heidi, I am so impressed with your forward thinking. And it would be fabulous to have the phone at the grocery store.

mollie bryan

total mac addict here as well 🙂 i think i’m gonna wait on the 2nd or 3rd generations though, i like to see others discover the kinks first hehehe 🙂 can’t wait though !!!

The TriniGourmet

Add me to those weaned on Apple – a MacIntosh SE — 1 MB RAM (how would I use 1 meg?!?), two floppy disks, an external 10 M hard drive, an Image Writer 2, Microsoft Word 1.5 and Aldus Pagemaker.
How far we’ve come…
An iPhone’s probably in the distant future for me, but it’s fun to fantasize!


HTML and web page design on a IIcx. You really were ahead of your time. 😉


awesome! i m hoping to convert to mac sometime soon 🙂


Wow, I was expecting a flame war of “i hate macs” but to my pleasant surprise, just about everything that i closely read was pro and in support :3 congratulations _> I want to see apple make video game consoles because if MicroSoft can do it apple can definitely beat them :3 I’ll eventually probably get an iPhone, just not yet, besides :3 i have to play with my new Hasselblads and Mamiyas that i got for steal prices off of ebay and ebay express: the only good thing digital did so far was drive down professional camera prices :3 ~7~CyanFOX~7~


These posts brought back memories. 16 years ago someone gave us an old Apple computer for our 2 year old daughter. It had green letters and we found Reader Rabbit and Math Rabbit for her to use. Someone told us that computer would get us on to the internet and all we had to do was plug it into a phone line. We would plug it into a phone jack occasionally for a couple of years waiting to see if we had internet yet not knowing you had to have a service. Geez have we come a long way.


how fun!! I absolutely LOVE your recipes (particularly the vegan ones, since I’m vegan) and all of your food photos. thank you so much for your inspiration and for sharing your recipes with everyone!! I look forward to more reading more posts :0)


When I viewed this on iPhoney, a program meant to emulate the iPhone, I still see scroll bars for left and right.
Just food for thought.

Heath Snow

I too, am a mac enthusiast… But as anyone who bought the very first iPods and video iPods knows– the first generation technology/software has many, many a bug. I say wait on the iPhone… at least 8 months so that software and firmware bugs can be worked out.


The iphones are so lovely. Not that I need converting to Apple but I’m sure these will win them lots of new fans, especially if you can read your favourite recipe web sites on them!


Woo Hoo. Will the iPhone link work with the Nokia 770. I can’t afford the iPhone (yet) so I just ordered the 770 which is just a small internet tablet. Can’t wait to find out!


Looking forward to this .. a little concerned about the AT&T pricing for the iPhone


Your “iPhone site” is formatted well for Blackberries – and I imagine many smartphones.

Practical Lawyer

A side note: “smarterthanyou”‘s elitist pen name, and derogatory tone are a perfect match for his or her attitude, but I am not used to such outright bashing on this site. Passionate food lovers arguing for their favorite style of food preparation, yes. Nastiness and immature name calling, no.
(Though I hate to say it after his/her overly negative post) I agree with “smarterthanyou” in that there are other, less expensive options on the market right now, and people should wait a few years for the kinks to work themselves out of the iphone… it will become less expensive and more functional.
Kudos to your forward thinking. 🙂 This will be a good new addition.


Yay! I am anticipating my iphone arrival this week and your blog is one of my favs!
nice job!


Your “ten most recent” reminded me that I wanted to make those baked peas.
Also, I’ve been baking with teff flour–made some wheat and teff loaves of bread yesterday that were fabulous. Thanks for introducing me.


Cool, a WAP browser for a good website. Screw the iPhone, but I’ll use the WAP.


the images color of iPhone is great~

YOYO's Food

yeah we have to wait till july 3rd 2007, when the iPhone will hit the market. And here in india I have developed a application using Google API and some of own techniques by which we can browse customise recipes ,in mobile device like the upcoming iphone


I knew there was something I liked about you 🙂 Kudos. I think you are making history as the first cooking site I know of to be iPhone-friendly.


Ooooh fun! Now I know why I’m glad I’m with cingular. Or…oops…the “new AT&T”. Not that I’ll be getting one of these any time soon, but just in case my recently-purchased cell phone *accidentally* falls in the toilet…well, you never know.


Although I’d much rather take you along shopping with me, I guess the iPhone with your recipes is the next best thing!


Wonderful! My husband is excited about the iPhone and if it makes grocery shopping easier, even more justification. 🙂


Beautiful layout. Now I have yet another reason to buy an iPhone.
/me runs to show the wife!


Oh man, yet another reason I might need one.


Heidi, I’ve been viewing your site on my phone for some time, both in the kitchen and, often more usefully, when buying ingredients.
Without turning this into a technology bunfight, the iPhone is not bringing anything new to the party but Apple & Steve Jobs are doing a great marketing job! Enjoy the phone when it comes.

Martin Little

LC III was our first computer and it was just replaced by my parents in 2005. 4MB of memory. I played columns on that for hours on end.


This works fine on my 2-year-old Treo 650! No overpriced (but way-cool) Apple gadget needed!
One note is that the iPhone uses a relatively slow 2.5G data connection. You might want to lower the quality of the JPG images to make the pages with graphics load faster…


I have a mostly hate relationship with my cell phone, esp since I find it a major annoyance to convert from one phone to another. But I’m lusting after an iPhone and 101 Cookbooks adds a brand-new justification!


Switching to the Mac six years and two machines ago, was the best move I’ve made in awhile, Heidi; that and finding your website. I should have known by the quality of your site which OS you use. Hope your get your iPhone soon.


How great!! Now I can make your recipes on the fly, provided i have an iphone 🙂 I really want one!


A new tool for a new generation (and those of us who try to drag ourselves into the 21st century!) Kudos to you for thinking ahead!

Deborah Dowd

I’m sure Apple has another hit on its hands.
I started working on a friend’s Mac 128 in 1984, and graduated to my own Mac Plus about 18 months later. One MB RAM, a 20 MB hard drive (how will I ever fill it up, I wondered), an ImageWriter II, and a few software packages, including Aldus PageMaker and Microsoft Works. Set me back almost $9,000 Cdn! We were starting up a small wine importing business at the time; the computer lasted much longer than the business. 🙂
I’ve only ever used an Apple computer.
This is a great blog… Thank you!


I don’t normally go for stuff like this, but this is a fantastic idea. Sometimes my husband and I find ourselves in the store facing the sudden (and all too brief) arrival of a wonderful type of produce and we need a recipe so we’ll have some idea of what other ingredients to buy. This sounds like a fantastic solution. Since I’m hoping to get an iphone myself, I’ll have to keep this in mind! Thank you!


Great! I’m looking forward to the iPhone, but suspect the Koreans will try to sell me the Samsung equivalent!
I too had a Mac back in the old days, an SE 30 with 4 MB of RAM and a 40 MB hard drive that lasted right through my university study.

Stephen in Korea

How cool is that?! One more reason to stand in line for the iPhone.


this is one non-food item that makes me salivate.
i’ve been a mac enthusiast since my mom brought home the first SE. she used it for graphic design way back in the day and it lasted well into 1999 if you can believe that. i’ve since graduated, but dream of owning the iPhone. one day soon…

sarah mac

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