Near & Far: A New Cookbook

This is what I've quietly been chipping away at for the past few years...Near & Far: Recipes Inspired by Home and Travel. A September 2015 cookbook release, with Ten Speed Press.

Near & Far: A New Cookbook

I've been living with a mammoth binder and a pair of double-sided bulletin boards covered with photos for the past few years. The binder held notes, recipes, ideas, and to-do lists. The bulletin boards allowed me to see dozens of photos at a glance. It's how my next book slowly started to take shape. I'd keep the boards and binder close so I could easily add photos, move recipes, tweak, and prune as I'd go about my day.

One of the things I loved about working on my last cookbook, Super Natural Every Day, was establishing a sense of place through the photos, recipes, and writing. That book was very much rooted in Northern California, and I knew immediately upon finishing it I'd likely want to explore the intersection of place, ingredients, and recipe inspiration even further. I turned to my journals, revisited places I loved, and began to explore this as the direction for my next cookbook. It took a while to complete, but I'm excited to share a new cookbook with you this September. The binder can't hold one more page, and the bulletin boards have run out of space.

The title is Near & Far: Recipes Inspired by Home and Travel. The Near section focuses on my life and cooking inspiration in San Francisco, and the Far section is divided into chapters of places I've loved, places that have inspired my cooking - Morocco, Japan, France, India, and Italy. It's a substantial volume - just shy of 340 pages - and will be hardcover, published by Ten Speed Press, with the same trim size as the Super Natural cookbooks. They'll hopefully line up on a shelf nicely.

I'm so excited to share this with you, it has been difficult to keep quiet until now.

Near & Far Cookbook

If you're interested, I'd be happy to do another series of posts related to the creation of this cookbook and its production. This was a bigger project for me, and there were some related considerations - I'm happy to dive into some of the nuts and bolts. I get a lot of questions related to all aspects of writing and photographing cookbooks, but I think the deeper question people try to get at is: how do you go through the cookbook process and come out the other end with the book you hoped for and imagined? 

It's what every author aims for, and it's what you have to believe is possible if you take on a project like this.

Near & Far Cookbook

The current cover and spine design. (below)

Near & Far Cookbook

So, between now and September I'll try to post a bit of the behind-the-scenes, maybe I can start with how I approached the proposal for Near & Far. Or, maybe there is another aspect you're curious about? In the meantime, a huge thank you for all of your support - right now September seems like a long way off. xo -h

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So exciting! I’m can’t wait to read your behind the scenes take on the creation process but I’m equally excited to read the book and relive your experience with us in Morocco.

Briana Morrison

Congratulations!!! And such sweet serendipity to receive this post today as I’m researching the process of writing a cookbook/book about our Edible Alien Theatre—a series of collaborative performance-art dinners intermingling all forms of art, including food and enjoyment.
Thanks for the nudge—and I look forward to your book!

Ruth Hampton

Congratulations!!! And such sweet serendipity to receive this post today as I’m researching the process of writing a cookbook/book about our Edible Alien Theatre—a series of collaborative performance-art dinners intermingling all forms of art, including food and enjoyment.
Thanks for the nudge—and I look forward to your book!

Ruth Hampton

I would really love to hear about the book proposal process. Thank you for offering to share some of the nuts and bolts of being a published author!

Terry Covington

Congrats, Heidi! You totally deserve this and I can’t wait to see the final result!
I just started working on my very own first cookbook, which will be published this Fall in the Netherlands. Although I’ve worked behind the scenes on several books before, it’s so different when your name is on the cover… Looking forward to your insights and experiences!

Denise | TLT

Heidi! Congratulations on the nearing of the end of such a detailed work! Thrilled of course to have it in my kitchen next to your others. How, besides on Amazon, can I preorder?
Thank you for your inspiration. Your California recipes bring a bit of home all the way to Boston.

HS: Hi Ashley – thank you! I’ll do a proper sidebar with a range of links to the book in the coming months. It is up on Indiebound, and also B+N.

Ashley Pierce

A hearty congratulations! Your binder is massive. I would love to hear more about how you created the cookbook, and would also be interested in hearing how you store / build recipes, in general. Do you always keep a big binder like that? Or just with the intention of a book?

Maggie @ Veg Fiend

You’ve changed my pantry and the way I cook and I can’t wait to check out Near & Far. I’ve purchased Super Natural Everyday for practically every person I know who loves food and have been eagerly anticipating another book! Congrats Heidi!


congratulations! I cannot wait to buy the cookbook or read the more detailed “nuts and bolts” of your process.


Congratulations Heidi! I can’t wait to hear more about Near & Far. The cover is beautiful.


Gahhh September is to far!!!! lol I LOVE your last cookbook and can’t WAIT for this one too!

Lindsey Harwath

Heidi, this is such marvelous news! How did you manage to keep it under wraps for so long?! Your other books are always the among the first cookbooks I pull from my shelf for inspiration. I absolutely love the concept of your upcoming book and would also love to hear more about the creation of it!


I would love to hear anything about your creative process. You are always so organized and my creative life is so out of control.


can’t wait to hold it in my hands! thank you for so much inspiration!!!




Wow, what great news. I always am looking for more approachable ways to approach cooking in Japan, India, and beyond. Toyko is probably one of the most fascinating food cities I’ve ever been to. Yangon and/or Mexico City might be close seconds. Good luck with deadlines, and congrats!

Kate Leahy

I just found a copy of Super Natural Every Day in my neighbor’s Little Free Library. I haven’t cooked anything from it yet but I like how pretty it looks sitting on my kitchen table!


I cook weekly from your books and 101 blog site. This will be such a welcomed addition.


Love your creativity! Congrats on another addition to the family 🙂


I love the theme of home and abroad as I too love both.


Forgot to add CONGRATS, Heidi!

Lia Huber

You’ve been holding out! I hope you’ll have a recipe on “plane and travel” foods :-). xo

Lia Huber

Congratulations on a new book! I will look forward to it, and I hope you do dive in and show us more of your process. i always enjoy the passion and purity of what you do.

Lari Washburn

Would love to see your process! Thank you for sharing it!


So excited!!!


brilliant. very excited.
i’d be interested in hearing about your organization process/method/etc.
congratulations. can’t wait to have it on the shelf.


oh, this is the kind of news I waited for so long!
I really love your books and your taste is fantastic. I appreciate above all the photographs….me ra vi gio se!
I can’t wait till september!
if you don’t mind you can tell us something about the photos!
a kiss from an italian fan!


Yeah! This is wonderful news!
The cover looks so beautiful !

Silvia Gini Karmarar

So excited about this!!!
Please tell us more about the process!
I met you a year or two ago leaving the Ferry Building. Thanks so much for your wonderful posts!


Yes please, show us the process. Your website/blog was one of the very first I starting following and have since shared with so many friends. I would particularly love to know more about the photography process having enjoyed a career as a food stylist. Please share….that would be phenomenal.

Melody Trivisone

Yeah! This is wonderful news! SNED doesn’t even have to come off the shelf very often any more as the recipes are now just part of my repertoire. Please do share about about how you make a cookbook a reality. Beyond that though, I’m really interested how you select, balance and manage the variety of projects and pursuits that you have. Successfully managing a “nontraditional” job is both interesting and inspiring to me. Thanks for cooking & writing. Your blog really helped me launch my interest in cooking which is now one of my favorite things to do.


Can’t wait for this, Heidi! The perfect cookbook.


Can’t wait to hear all about it. Your recipes are a continued inspiration!


Congratulations! I love your cookbooks and often refer my wellness coaching clients to your website for inspiration and to your cookbooks for great recipes! I would love to see all the details on how your creative process works! I love how you intertwine your travels and your recipes abroad and at home to create a beautiful story with each blog post. Wishing you all the best!

Adeline Driscoll

I awed by your energy and dedication! What an inspiration! I love cooking your gorgeous and delicious recipes, and look forward to this cookbook!


Congratulations Heidi! Your books are great company for me and my family – and a real inspiration concerning beauty and simplicity at the table and on the plates! I am myself writing and illustrating a childrens cookbook these days and I will be very happy to read about the making-of of your new book.Especially the process in choosing places and recipes out of the “mass” of recipes would be interesting! Lots of greetings from Germany, Isa


A million congratulations to one of my favourite cookbook authors! I absolutely love hearing about your process, so the more posts dedicated to that, the merrier.
You are such an inspiration and I can’t wait to expand my culinary horizons with your new tome. Plus, between you, Ottam and the venerable Ms Madison, my meat and potatoes loving husband now devours all manner of wonderful, flavourful veges.
Should I wait for an Australian addition, or will Near and Far include metric?

Mrs D

The cover looks beautiful! Incredibly excited about your new offering. You always continue to inspire in the most amazing ways. Thank you 🙂 xx

Sneh | Cook Republic

Congrats! Looking forward to this!


The cover looks so beautiful! I’m excited to get my hands on this once September rolls around. I’ve always loved the way your recipes reflect inspiration from travel and some of the exotic ingredients you come across. The concept of the new book is just perfect!

Christine // my natural kitchen

i would love to read posts about the making of your cookbook. the cover is gorgeous. just beautiful. congratulations.


Oh, this is terrific news! Super Natural Every Day is one of my most- used, well-loved cookbooks. I’m embarrassed to say that I have just baked Ginger Cookies for the first time tonight (love them!). The Oatcakes are a staple at my house, they are generally available in the freezer for road trips at all times (I especially like them baked in the mini- muffin tin).
I love the travel aspect of this new cookbook. You went to India not long before I did, and the recommendations you got from readers was so helpful to me.


You books take center stage in my carefully curated cookbook display, so I am very excited to hear this news! You had me at “new book.”

kristie {birch and wild}

Yes, please! Would love to hear more about the nuts and bolts of the process. Your experience is always so insightful and valuable.


Hurray for us! It looks gorgeous and sounds like wonderful approach. I cant wait. Congratulations!
P.S. I meant to email you to say we love the chefs knife and all the other goodies from the shop. Those herbs are incredible!


I can’t wait! I lived in Morocco for three years and look forward to seeing what inspires you about Moroccan cooking. Congratulations and I look forward to your “behind the scenes” posts.


Ohhh, this has made my day Heidi, I absolutely loved your last two cookbooks and so excited that the third focuses on cooking inspired by some of your travels, as I love to cook dishes myself that take elements from my favorite cuisines or aspects of a dish I tasted while travelling. Would very much love a few post about how the book came together as well, so looking foward to this too. Congrats Heidi 🙂


“If you’re interested, I’d be happy to do another series of posts related to the creation of this cookbook and its production. ” –yes, please. And, congratulations.


Yay!! Congratulations, I am so happy for you and cannot wait to dive in to your new recipes.


Love your cookbooks Heidi! I look forward to adding your newest to my collection. I would love to hear more about your process – you are living my dream! I just finished my first cookbook co-authored by a good friend who is a local chef here in our city. Due out next fall! I loved every aspect of the process and look forward to another project like it very soon.


You have so much energy and are one of the hardest working individuals I know.
I really admire you, Heidi. Congratulations on your new book. Can’t wait to buy it.


It looks stunningly beautiful Heidi – can’t wait to hear more about it, I know it will be another inspiring book. xo


I am so excited about your new cookbook!!! Can’t wait for you to divulge more details!!!!

Kirsten Benkert

That’s wonderful! I would love to read anything you want to share about the process of creating a book. I am currently writing my first book (on edible gardening) and find the process very challenging. It is so very important to me that the book becomes beautiful as well as informative (I am supplying the photos as well), yet I do not have much control over the graphic design. Your beautiful books are an inspiration!


So very excited for a new book of your’s, I’ve made almost all of your recipes from the other books a million times. This looks just beautiful, congratulations!


NO WAY! So happy for you (and us)!
I’m especially happy that the recipes will base on your travels. I always liked your travel-/asia-inspired recipes best.
Can’t wait.


oh YAY YAY YAY!!! doing a happy dance right now!! cannot wait add your latest book of gems to your other two here in my home…so excited for you!! and for all of us who love your recipes & style… i am also very interested in learning more about your concept ‘behind the scenes’ as you go through the process of creating a cookbook… please share as you can!
cheers to you!!! 🙂


Heidi I am so excited for you. Your two first books are a staple in my cookbook collection, so I am already looking forward to September to add this, too, and start cooking from it.
I am also curious about your recipes inspired by Italy, as I think a foreign look at our cuisine is always inspiring for us, locals.
I’d be happy to know more about your process to reach the book you want, as it’s something I’ve always struggled with, working with a publisher and have my voice heard, turning into reality an idea which is growing in my mind!
Congratulations again!

Juls @ Juls' Kitchen

Wow! Congrats Heidi, it makes me happy, to know that there will come a new book from you. I’m a big follower of you and I love your cookbooks since I walked “over” it in the Anthropologie Store in SF 2007, when we visited and travelled around the West. I’m from Switzerland, since a few years, I’m selling cookbooks and have always a English section, so I’ll order it for sure for our shop. When we stayed 3 years ago again in SF, we went to Burmese Superstar (tip from you) and then, we decided to go to Burma. We are just back since a week, we stayed there 3 weeks cycling and tasting many of the dishes… you see, you inspire me a lot. Thanks also for the great unique blog.
All the best and I’m looking forward to hold your new book in my hands.
Sabine, Basel Switzerland

Sabine von Prince

Love your recipes and photos! Adding travel to the mix will be awesome! I always share your posts with my sisters. Can’t wait to share your new book as well!!!! Kudos… Will love everything about your new book, including the title!!!


Congratulations Heidi, what wonderful news! I have been wondering whether you were working on a new book and I am so glad to see you are! Your blog is one of my go-to resources for when I am in a rut and need a few new ideas for dinner – the recipes all work, are delicious and always offer the right mix of something interesting yet with ingredients I probably already have at home or can pick up easily around my neighbourhood. I always enjoy reading your travel posts as well (which have totally inspired me to make better packed lunches and snacks for plane trips and meant I had a nice list of places to seek out when I first moved to Rome a few years ago) so I am really looking forward to seeing what dishes all those trips have inspired. And yes, I would love to read more about the process behind the book as well – I really enjoyed those posts in the past (and I love that you use a binder during the entire process to get a feel for what the physical book will one day be like).


So happy your news is finally out! The cover looks perfect, can’t wait xx

Emma Galloway

I can’t wait for the new cook book to come out. Your pictures are the gold standard for me in a cook book – full of life, elegant and they make me yearn for more.
Love Tiny

Tiny Jaentsch

Congrats! Would love to see more posts about the creation of this sure to be beautiful book!


I’ve been wondering when your next tome would debut!
Your cover is so lived-in and toothy. I love it. Cannot wait to see (and cook!) your curated and inspired moments from so many beautiful travels. Those travels keep us all fresh.
And yes! Would love to understand your ‘behind the scenes’ learning moments (and more).


What wonderful news! I can hardly wait to get my hands on it!

Abi M

Just signed off on a new Apartment in Vancouver BC! So a new cookbook will be a fitting house warming gift! Congrats to you for all your wonderful inspiration, I’ve told all my foodie friends about your blog, thank you!!

Anne Montgomery

The only thing that could top this is to have the chance to meet you at a local market, talk food, and get to say, “Thank you!” in person! I’m looking forward to reading your newest creative endeavor! Thanks for combing art and science into such wonderful reads!

Julie Maruskin

Huge congrats! Would love more info on the process. Can’t wait to buy it. Have loved your other cookbooks.

Neva Hundley

This is totally geeky, but I would love to hear more about how you organize your recipe development. I know many people have already said this, but that is a beautiful book cover. I love the the gold font. Seriously stunning.

Rosemary Hanson

Very much looking forward to your new book. The cover is just beautiful, & so serene. Can’t wait to see your new recipes, & try them. Well done & thankyou


Fantastic news!!!


Congratulations Heidi!!
I don’t know how long I have been following your blog, cooking dozens of your recipes from the blog and one of your books, and enjoying and learning from your monthly favourites lists. Lately I’m even “being nice to my future self”
So, thanks for sharing, it will be so interesting to see how your new book comes to be


Yay! This is such wonderful news! I am so excited for your new cookbook. I would love to learn more about your process of bringing your cookbook to life! I am very much looking forward to your cookbook and future posts about your creative process!

Kate Rose

Yay! Very exciting, congrats! I’d love to see anything behind-the-scenes. Your creative process and style are just so lovely and delicious and always filled with an undercurrent of grace. Can’t wait to see the final book!


I was just thinking the other day if you were ever going to write another cookbook, talk about the power of thought! I am SO looking forward to getting my hands on a copy, even though I will have to probably wait longer as I live in Australia, best of luck!


Absolutely ♡ the textures of the cover design!

Julia { dinners with friends }

I am so excited that you will be publishing a new cookbook! Looking forward to adding it to my kitchen library. Congratulation, Heidi! I would love to see/read about your process. Can’t imagine what it takes to do what you do so well.

Janice Thompson

I simply can’t wait for your book!! Thank you for your beautiful inspirations!!!

Nicola Thea

Congratulations. Look forward to checking it out!’


Can’t wait to have this on my shelf, and be able to shop, cook, dine with it!! Look forward to sharing many meals with kindred palates! Thanks for helping me ‘step higher’!


Beautiful words and post! I am terribly excited to see this book in the Fall. Congratulations, Heidi!


Seriously chomping at the bit! Can’t wait for another cookbook from one of my favorite cooks. Thanks for the constant inspiration.. and now >>> anticipation!

emily cotton

Can’t wait for the new cookbook, everything you do is stunning!! Look forward to your emails! I made the carrot soup, it was great and so pretty!


Congratulations. Looking forward to another great cookbook from you as well as your posts about putting it all together!


Sounds wonderful – looking forward to it.


What a gorgeous cover! Congratulations. Another one of my “judge the book by its cover” books!


Congratulations! This is such exciting news 🙂 Will it be able to be shipped worldwide I wonder?
It would be great to have a hardback copy of your recipes, so that I can more easily include them in my meal planning 🙂
Also if you could post more about your journey with creating your book like you mentioned, that would be amazing! I have been thinking of doing something similar but on a smaller scale, self-published for friends and family as presents with good ideas to home cooking, but we’ll see 😀
Will be looking forward to hearing all about it! My birthday is in September, so I might have to get it as a wee present to myself ^ ^

Jules @ WolfItDown

Incredible! Congratulations! I would absolutely love to hear more…and I can’t wait to purchase it!


Congratulations, I can not wait to get your new book and please please continue posting details behind the creation of a book, it sounds very interesting and many thanks in advance


Congrats! I would love to hear about the cookbook developing process!


Congratulations, I can not wait to get your new book and please please continue posting details behind the creation of a book, it sounds very interesting and many thanks in advance


your two cookbooks are my favorites. I use them weekly in meal planning and when I want something new, I always find something on your site. All this to say that I’m SO excited for another book to add on my shelf. Congrats, Heidi!!


I have been a weekly faithful follower since 2007. My family and friends have tried so many of your recipes via your cookbooks. The news of a new cookbook has made my day! Thank you! Yes, please show as much of the process as possible. Sending you lots of luck!


Congratulations from a fan of yours in Switzerland! Love your blog, the cookbooks and can’t wait to see the new one!
Would love to come to California again and shop the farmer’s markets with you..I ‘m sure I could learn a lot! Good luck with the rest of the process of bringing your book to life!

Eileen Radostits

Supernatural Everyday is one of my top 5 favorite cookbooks. So excited for another book from you!

Emily | Gather & Dine

Great news! Would love to hear how you approached the book proposal process. Please share.

Deborah Dal Fovo

Looking forward to the book and reading about the process!


Awesome! I just love your cookbooks, and I’m happy to hear your making another one. Can’t wait to see it.

Diana Rhodes

WOW ! Congratulations ! I can’t wait to dive into this beauty! And Yes Please to more insights about the creative process of the cookbook. You are such an inspiration with both your photography and recipe simplicity. The way you capture the flawed perfection of a roasted beet- priceless ! The way you don’t conform to the standards of food photography submission sides, the way you aren’t afraid to stand out from the rest; because you are an artist, I love that ! Auguri !

Ciao Florentina

Heidi, the cover is stunning. I love your travel inspired recipes – I’m so excited for you! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us this time…

Sheena Scott

Yay Heidi! I can’t wait to see it! I have given your books as gifts in the past and I’m sure this one won’t be an exception!
I would love to hear more about your cookbook process, from beginning to end!


Yay! This is so exciting. Congrats on what I am sure will be another amazing cookbook. And yes, please do share behind the scenes stories and pics, I’m sure we’d all love to see them. I’d love to see how you pick the recipes and what all that testing and photographing looks like! And the cover looks lovely! I can’t wait to add it to my collection.

Sarah from Soymilk + Honey

I’ll never forget our meeting and Book signing in Portland with my “Super Natural Everyday Cookbook!
The word Natural! Best describes you and your cooking! And you!
Thanks so much for your work and insight to a lifestyle I live and enjoy!
So! Excited to be apart of your next journey! I’ll make a spot an my shelf!

Keli aiello

The best holiday seasons are the ones with a new 101 Cookbooks cookbook to share with those on my list. Hooray, and congratulations, Heidi.

Margaret Roach

So happy to read this! Can’t wait to add it to my collection! Congrats!




Congratulations! I will look forward to this new cookbook. I always look forward to your postings and recipes. Best wishes!!


Can’t wait for the new cookbook!


Oh wow! Can’t wait! Well done you! And that binder is crazy 🙂


I’d love to know more about the proposal process. How did you first develop connections with agents or editors? How did you pitch your book in a way that sold? What sort of obstacles did you encounter on the way?
Thanks for sharing your insight!


So looking forward to your next book, Heidi – and yes, would love to read more posts about the process, thank you!


Congratulations! I love going through your website and looking at your lovely photos and the stories and of course, the recipes! I look forward to your new book when it is out. Pretty sure I have room for one more cookbook on my shelf!

Heidi McGough

How exciting! I cannot wait. You’re my favorite and so are your recipes:)


It will be hard to wait until September – how exciting for you – and us! The cover design is simply, quietly stunning, like all of your work. Did you have a hand in the design of the book?


Wonderful news! 😀 Congratulations! I did an ebook about recipes and travels… it´s so inspiring! Can´t wait to see yours!


I just love that you keep blessing us with more of your beauty and grace. It is so wonderful to see it keep growing and expanding. xo


Wow- *congratulations*!
I’m so excited for you and this book- I can’t wait to see it when it comes out! And yes, I’d love another post about some of the “nuts and bolts” of making it 🙂

Kelsey M

Stunning cover! Love it! And will be anxiously awaiting more insight into the creation of your latest book. Congrats!


As my mentor used to say, “perfect will be just fine”. The title and cover design almost made me weep! This is a jewel of a concept. Can not wait to learn more and to see it lined up next to my treasured SNED + SNC.


dear heidi, i can’t begin to express how excited i am about this!!! suddenly, september can’t come soon enough 🙂 🙂 congratulations!! xo


So happy and excited for you! And so happy for me to get to read it. I would love to hear about the timeline. How far you were into the book’s creation before you gathered a proposal. And more of your process in terms of idea gathering and openness to change in the vision.


I have been following you since I first saw a posting of one of your recipes on Pinterest. I am so excited about the cookbook. I have made some of your recipes and shared with friends. They have always been big hits. I need another cookbook like a hole in the head but am I look forward to this. I lam sure I am going to love it.

Rome Berg

Looks so great! and thank you for sharing the “making of”.


I can hardly wait. I have your previous two books and love them. So excited for this one, especially for the recipes that were inspired from your travels in India and, of course, the ones from all things local as San Francisco has the best of all worlds at its feet.


I am so excited about this! I have been using your other two cookbooks for the past two years or so, and I have to say they are two of my favorites. I am looking forward to purchasing your new book when it comes out, and being inspired all over again.


Gorgeous cover! Congratulations on this new cookbook!




I’m eager to read future “how it’s made” posts; your points of inspiration and process are always fascinating.
I think one of the hardest aspects of writing (or creativity, for that matter) is aiming for the grand finish (and actually, when can you really say it’s “finished”?) to be something akin to what you envision. The translation can be difficult, but is so enormously and frustratingly fun!

Blaine Arin

Very excited for another one of your cookbooks! And it is coming out in September, which is awesome. Perfect b-day present to myself!


I think it looks fantastic, and would love to hear more about the writing and production of it!


We love both of your cookbooks and carry them in our store in Cannon Beach, Oregon. We tell our customers about your website and look forward to seeing and promoting your new book. Congratulations!


So excited to see your new book. I hope that you will include pictures and adventures during this process. I love your recipes!!!

Jennifer Smaldone

How exciting, Heidi! I can’t wait! And, I love the design of the cover/spine!

Terese Sundseth

Yay! Oh Double Yay!! I am just thrilled that you are releasing a third cookbook! Your others are my very favourite cookbooks …. Ok. Tied with a local Victoria, BC veggie restsurant’s cookbook (ReBar). Those three are the ones I turn to for inspiration, always. Plus, September is my birthday – so perfect timing!!! I am so happy that I want to come all the way down the coast to give you a giant hug! 🙂
PS. Congratulations on making your dreams come true. There is nothing more inspiring than people on fire, doing their soul work, and making this world a better place to be.

Alanna Jane

Fantastic news indeed, congrats!


Beautiful! And yes, completely interested in hearing about the process please!


What a beautiful cover! I love your cookbooks and often give Super Natural Every Day as a gift. Can’t wait to dig into this next one!


Wow…your new cookbook sounds like the perfect mix. Recipes with local recipes/ingredients dear to the heart and far with exotic fare. What a intriguingly delicious mix. Looking forward to your new book and hearing about the process.


So very exciting! Congratulations! I can’t wait to see it.

Debbie R

Yes, please. Yes!


Amazing new adventure! I am so impressed by people like you, who can keep ideas organised and finally come up with something so exciting like a book! and the picture of the draft pages??? so incredible! so inspiring! please post more behind the scene pictures! and enjoy the process!


Congratulations! This is so exciting, I have both of your cookbooks and look forward to adding this one to my collection! I look forward to hearing about your process as well, I love how you use a tangible process to cultivate your books along with your blog. September can’t come soon enough =)


I am definitely interested in watching the progress.

Mary Claire

So, so happy to hear this news! Congratulations on such a huge undertaking, one that I know will be wildly popular if your past creative projects (large and small) are any indications. And yes, would love to hear more about the nuts and bolts of bringing a very creative, abstract vision down to earth and how you moved forward with the vision in a practical day-to-day way.

Katie @ Whole Nourishment

Oh, yes please! I’d love to hear about your process! Congratulations!

Mary-Denise Smith

Will you be including a grain-free section? I adore your approach to combining flavours and textures, but I hardly ever do grains anymore.


Yay!!! I have both of your cookbooks and love them! Can’t wait for another! Thank you for sharing with us!


so excited, heidi! i am so glad sf is still having a feature and i cannot wait to cook along with your travel inspiration. you always set the bar so beautifully high and in the most inspiring way. here’s to you! -kari


Love every part of this. Excited that this cookbook will have recipes from abroad and looking forward to hearing about the process!! xx

Rebecca @ DisplacedHousewife

Congratulations Heidi!!! I can’t wait to read it. And I”m in LOVE with the cover design.

Elizabeth Minchilli

You make me happy. I adore your books. Cover and title are fulll of your poetry. I’m ready to read your post on it.


Great news, Heidi! Can’t wait for Sept, and def interested in knowing how you get through the whole process, keep yourself motivated and what you do to ensure that the book comes along as you’d envisioned. x


I am also interested in the same topics as Sarah @ Two Blue Lemons. Congratulations. Looks like another stunner will be here soon!


Looking forward to another beautiful cookbook. I enjoy the pictures and design as much as I do the recipes.


Heidi- excited about the up & coming cookbook coming out. You inspire me and so many others. I know that this is alot of work but thank you for but sharing the journey would only make me appreciate it more!


As I refine my own book proposal, I would be so interested to peak behind the curtain at any and every aspect of your creative process. And congrats! I can’t wait to add this one to my collection.


Oh, this is so exciting! I was just paging through your other two cookbooks last weekend, thinking that it would be great if you did a third some day. I’m already really looking forward to buying this!


I have all of your cookbooks, I can’t wait for this one. This is a really exciting news!


I am so excited to get your next book when it comes out. Your first two have been such an inspiration! I love the mood you create in your books, and I love how well the recipes turn out – the new flavour combinations always knock my socks off.
I am also really excited to learn more about your process, since I have just started the same journey of writing a cookbook, though with a different focus than yours, and am learning so much in the process, but realize how much more I need to learn!
Congratulations on your exciting next book!


This is wonderful news! How exciting!
I would love to read more about your process for the coming together of your much anticipated new book. I really appreciate how you share your energy. You are truly inspirational.


Ooh! That cover layout is gorgeous and I am so excited you’re writing another cookbook.
Super Natural Everyday is my most recommended cookbook. Looking forward to some behind the scenes content here on your blog!


Oh this is so exciting! I only recently discovered how lovely your books are, so I can’t wait to see this one too!

Abby @ The Frosted Vegan

Wow! I’m so excited and happy for you. I adore the concept and the cover is absolutely stunning. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

Maryea {happy healthy mama}

I’m so excited, your first cookbook (cook 1.0)inspired me into my life as a cook! I’ve followed you for years and love all the progression throughout the years and how you have evolved! I am waiting on baited breath! Congrats xo

Michelle Phillips

Oh, congratulations!
I would love to hear more about the process and the book, this is all very exciting.
And from what you’ve shown so far, the book looks beautiful!


I would love to know a bit more about the creation and production of your new cookbook, as well as to see more of the behind-the-scenes!
Congrats for this achievement 🙂

Ondina Maria

so excited for the new book, heidi! congrats. xo


Big congratulations Heidi! The concept of the book sounds amazing, and the cover is beautiful. Cannot wait to cook from it.


this is the second time your 101 has popped up on my Google..and I get side-tracked for an hour printing veggie recipes that have ingredients that I can get here in Zimbabwe.

barney jones

Congrats!! I love the idea of integrating your travels into your cookbook and the chance to get a view behind the scenes! So looking forward to your upcoming post and book!


Congratulations on your more recent cookbook – I would LOVE to hear more about the process and all that goes into creating a book. I especially love this photo of your pinboard – do all the things on the pinboard go into the book, or is it more of a moodboard? And do you photograph everything and write all your recipes yourself? Or is it a combined effort from a team?
Rae | love from berlin


Hi Heidi, that is such exciting news – congratulations! This book looks and sounds as though it will be just stunning. I would love to know more about the process you use when writing a book and really enjoyed the posts you wrote when writing SNE. Also, if you ever need a recipe tester from ‘Far’, I would be so happy to help!


Wow, I can’t wait to see it!!!!

valentina | sweet kabocha

I loved your first one, can’t wait to get your new one ! Bravo !!


hurray!! So happy for you and for all of us that get to read it! 🙂


Oh, this is the best news! I had wanted to ask you this very question at the Remodelista Mkt but was too shy. Hah! I’ve been hoping for another cookbook from your kitchen. Our first two cookbooks of yours are so well-loved/cooked from/annotated with notes & marginalia & praise! Thanks for the update.


Thank you, Heidi! Your color palette is impeccable, your recipes are inspiring, and your willingness to share the whole process is truly appreciated. And, OMG, that chandelier!


How exciting!?! the cover looks great 🙂 can’t wait for some behind the scenes shots!

dani | theloveofvanilla

I was JUST wondering whether/when you were going to write another book. I rave about the Super Natural cookbooks to all my food-loving friends, so this news is super exciting! I can’t wait!!
Hands down Super Natural Every Day is my most-used cookbook, and my little bookshelf is bursting at the seams so that is saying something. Thank you for continuing to inspire us every day in the kitchen.


This is great news! I can’t wait to hear more about writing a cookbook. I am such a big fan -I wish I didn’t have to wait until September 🙂


Love that you share your creative process with us. I constantly struggle with clients and coworkers who are so intimidated by creativity. Like young kids who see Michael Jordan make basketball look easy, I work with so many people who get frustrated when they can’t perform as well as an accomplished creative person — what they don’t realize is how the time, effort and yes, messiness, is what made the final outcome amazing.


I’m so excited for you – and for us! We cook from Super Natural Every Day at least once a week. I can’t wait to add this one to my shelf.


Oh my, it is beautiful. How I can not wait to cook from it! Congratulations!


oh my goodness this is VERY exciting news!! The new book looks and sounds amazing! Congrats! Xo


Congratulations! I can’t wait to see the book on the shelves! I’m probably most interested in the “boring,” technical bits about how your book was created from conception to literal book. I’m theta kind of person who wants to know the “how” of things. I can’t wait to hear more about it!


How wonderful, congratulations! Recently discovered your blog and we are really enjoying the content and recipes. Thanks!


Congratulations! I love hearing about how you pack food for travel.


So exciting! It looks beautiful and I can’t wait to explore your travels and recipes.

Jennifer Cole

Oh, HEIDI! Congrats! I can not tell you how happy this makes me! I’m at the point where I need to order new copies of your two previous books because they are so stained from cooking with them. Your recipes are always FABULOUS, and your books just pull me in! I absolutely can not WAIT until your third book! Many congrats, lady! I hope you enjoyed the process (it seems like you did), and I hope you know I’ll be at a book signing and embarrass myself again 😉
Much love + success to you!


Heidi! This is absolutely stunning. Oh my goodness. I am so excited for this book of yours, and what a marvelous concept. Always so thrilled by everything you do.


Congrats, Heidi, what an amazing book this will be to read! Super Natural Every Day is still front and center on my bookshelf and I can’t wait to get your new book!

Averie @ Averie Cooks

I love everything about this! The concept of the book and the cover are so beautiful; you have the best way of sharing your inspiration and process throughout your cookbook writing. Looking forward to adding a third book of yours to my shelf ; )


Congratulations! Love the cover; can’t wait to get it!


Excited about the new book, congrats! Can’t wait to hear more!


Yes, please… more posts on your process! I’m fascinated by your bulletin boards, and enchanted by your cover. What an incredible journey it must have been.

MB @ Bourbon and Brown Sugar

Such wonderful news! The concept sounds incredibly thoughtful and inspired. Can’t wait to read it.

Nicole @Eat This Poem

Heidi, congratulations! I would love to hear more about the styling and shooting of the book. Did you work with a team, do it yourself? Did you divide the cooking shoots into a few intense shoots or slowly chip away at it?

Sarah @ Two Blue Lemons

i’m excited for you (and for us)! the concept of the book sounds beautiful and i can’t wait to see it. congratulations, heidi!

jaime : the briny

This is the best news!! I can’t wait to own it!


WOW! I can not wait for your new book! I love the book cover. It’s so beautiful.


And here just this morning I was thinking, What? ANOTHER cookbook?
And now here I am thinking, Okay, one more, just one more!
Congratulations! And lucky us!

Alanna Kellogg

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