QUITOKEETO: Holiday Collection Recipe

A quick preview of the holiday collection of items for the QUITOKEETO shop. We are aiming to be open Monday morning - hopefully around 8:30 PST.

QUITOKEETO: Holiday Collection

Hi all! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I thought I'd write a quick note to let you know we're just about ready to share our holiday collection of items for QUITOKEETO. I thought a bit of a photo preview might be in order while we scramble to get things ready for a Monday morning opening. There will be a handful of new items we're incredibly excited about, a sprinkling of favorites we were able to get back in stock (finally!), and you'll also see a handful of new recipes. Most of you know this already, but if you want to know exactly when the shop is open, the mailing list is here. We're shooting for Monday morning at 8:30 PST, and I hope you enjoy the shop as much as we enjoy pulling it together! xo -h

QuitoKeeto Holiday Shop Preview

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Wow, Heidi,
I really seem to be exploring my sweet tooth with these simple and exotic products you’re offering.
And talk about fostering a Global Economy. Thank you for a sample of flavors from outside California, especially! That maple syrup!
(Totally aside, i made your cinnamon vanilla sunflower butter again. it’s freaking awesome, thanks for that one, too!)


Everything looks so beautiful.


I love the apron! Where can I get one?


for the girl who has everything: a vintage baguette slicer. lovely (and fun).


Saddest EVER that you don’t ship to Canada. We’re so close! And so many of your products actually come from here to begin with. Sigh…
HS: Hopefully at some point soon Amanda.


Hi Heidi – I love the new items. I was so disappointed to miss out on the Pallarès knife! Is there any chance you will have more in stock? If not, do you know of other places I can find something similar? I am in the SF Bay Area. Thanks!
HS: Hi Kate – we have another shipment en route! I suspect we’ll list them on/before 12/12? Or at least that’s what we’re shooting for!


Last pic reminds me of Japanese lunch lunch box my mom made every day when I was a student!


Hi Heidi! I actually live in Vancouver, Canada. I have a US mail box so was hoping to order from the QUITOKEETO store. It seems that it is not possible as my billing address is a Canadian address. It seems that to order you need a US mailing and billing address is that correct? I love the pop up shop and can’t wait until we can order in Canada 🙂
HS: Hi Alicia – Is it a p.o. box? That is sometimes a problem with UPS. But as long as you have an actual US mailing address you should be fine. And if you ping us after placing an order (just as a heads up), we can try to make sure it’s smooth from this end – or at least try ;).


What gorgeous pictures! Good luck with your shop!

A Bit of Brooklyn

Very tasty drink! Thanks!


Just my style :-), That apron looks great, not that I don’t have enough…. and rarely wear them (usually only for photo shoots… ) but I cannot resist lovely props and textiles!


I love love LOVE that apron! Marked the calendar & thanks for the sneak peek!

spoon&sailor letterpress

I love love LOVE that apron! Marked the calendar & thanks for the sneak peek!

spoon&sailor letterpress

Christmas shopping for “me”


The recipe reminds me of summer – only we make it with whiskey and for us it’s called a Laurentian! Yum…and it all looks fab too!


Beautiful shots, Heidi!

The Healthy Apple

I’ve marked the calendar. Looking forward to your wildly creative choices!

Kendall @ Dharma Feast

Boulette’s!!! Oh, if I could live there… Are they partnering with you?
Thanks for the preview–beautiful!


Oh I can’t wait! You pick such amazing and unique items.


Simply gorgeous, as usual! Will you be offering shipping to Canada this time around? Please, please, please…?


How exciting! Everything looks LOVELY!

Little Kitchie

I really like the products! They are so cute!
Thank you for sharing! Great Photography!

a girl and her food

Everything looks so beautiful. Some wonderful gift ideas.


Comments are closed.

Apologies, comments are closed.

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