QUITOKEETO: New Collection

QUITOKEETO: New Collection

Hi all! I think we're just about ready with a new collection of items for QUITOKEETO. There are a few really special things in stock, and we hope to be open this coming Monday morning. I think I've mentioned it before, I'm not entirely sure how much I'll cross-post about QK here over time, the very best way to know about new items & announcements is to hop on the QUITOKEETO mailing list. There'll be some special recipes that you won't find here and that sort of thing. Hope you like the new items (and we will have a limited number of the items from the last collection back as well)... xo -h

QuitoKeeto Shop Preview

QuitoKeeto Shop Preview

QuitoKeeto Shop Preview

QuitoKeeto Shop Preview

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Gorgeous, light, bright, cheery, delicate. Just beautiful!

Averie @ Averie Cooks

These look soo beautiful! Such a light and airy feel :)

Anjali @ The Picky Eater

Very, very nice and I can't wait to visit during my next trip to SFO. This will be a destination spot for me.

Dolores Kostelni

Hi...this is off topic, but my 17 year old son has just expressed interest in knowing how to cook something easy to impress girls when he goes to college in a year...any ideas? thank you so much for your wonderful blog....I am a true devotee!! Ellen

HS: Ellen, I think being able to cook a couple favorite dishes for himself (or a date), and a couple that are great for a crowd/family-style is a good place to start. If he has a number of things he likes to eat at home, perhaps start there?

ellen portal

@ellen, if your son knows how to make a great chocolate cake he will never be lonely. :)


I sense a theme here--summery yellows like a bouquet of sunflowers...


Hi Heidi - on the shop page, why aren't prices listed until you put an item in your cart? Is this a glitch on my computer(s)? It seems odd! Thanks, and love your blog. Sam

HS: HI Sam, they should be listed just below the title of the item on every product page. Hope this helps!


Love the store! Wow super fast shipping as well. You rock Heidi!


I love the store! Everything looks amazing. We will have to try your recommendations.


Sorry I missed out! Please have more of the yellow pottery (in top photo) next time--I love it!


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