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Just a quick note before the weekend. We're aiming to open QUITOKEETO Monday morning (9:30 PST) with a few new items, and some favorites back in stock. A few pics...


Hi hi! Just a quick note before the weekend. We're aiming to open QUITOKEETO Monday morning (9:30 PST) with a few new items, and some favorites back in stock. We were able to get another shipment of the churned seashore honey, as well as an allocation of massive, 1-kilo jars of rare, raw, electric yellow springtime honey. And we'll have one of my favorite culinary staples - a beautiful, tick-striped wrapping cloth. I use it to bundle bread, as an apron, to carry potluck items...and on and on. And there are a couple special vintage finds as well.

I know this sounds crazy, but It'll likely be the last time we'll be open before November (we're super excited to put together a special holiday collection!). So, for now, a few pics. And if you'd like to be notified the minute we open on Monday, you can sign up for the QUITOKEETO mailing list:


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Sounds like some really good stuff! I’m only recently exposed to QUITOKEETO, but I already love it! How do I sign up for the list to be notified of when things are available to buy? How often are products available? This seems like something that I could certainly get very into and excited about! Thanks!

Daniel Meloy

Is that Tartine bread? It’s a Saturday ritual in my house, one that hasn’t been mastered…yet…


I’m a fairly newbie to cooking and am not that great. Your recipes are wonderful. There’s loads of flavor and they introduce me to new ideas. Many, many thanks.

Anna Lovcy

Yippee for possible shipping to Canada!


Oh, that Dutch oven! I have the identical one, in bright orange. It was a wedding gift, back in 1975, and is my oldest, best, and most beloved piece of kitchen equipment. I use it several times a week. I never even put it “away”- it just lives on the stove. It is NOT pristine white inside!

HS: Love this! Thanks for sharing.


Hi Heidi,
Congrats on another round of QUTIOKEETO. I love how you schedule it to keep us eagerly awaiting 😉
Although I don’t live in Canada, my husband and I ship there on our etsy sites. Flat Rate Priority USPS works for us, if that helps?

jeri kim lowe

Ok I was so excited for your opening this morning but dismayed that you don’t ship to Canada! Please, do set this up so we can all enjoy your projects, so beautiful. I noticed there are a few of us in Toronto trying to source the seashore honey, I did find it locally at one store, Stasis Preserves on Roncesvalles.


I am so happy links were included in the QUITOKEETO We’re Open email because I did not see the Vintage Salt Celler’s posted in the pop up store.
HS: 😉 Sometimes I throw in secret links on the mailing list.


Absolutely love the shop… Featured it on my blog habitualverve.com. I can’t wait for the little tumblers to become available again.


Can’t wait to ooh & arhh over these sweet goodies! Looking forward to international shipping so I can share in the fun!


I spent the last hour or so browsing on Quitokeeto website, there are so many things I want to order from it. So far I made a wish list but I’m gonna place my order pretty soon (I really want to try that classe ouvriere honey asap!)

HS: Thanks Mike – we hope to be open first thing tomorrow morning!


any preview on the vintage items? i have the patience of a two-year old when it comes to your updates. xo.

HS: Hi Nicole! Thanks again for your enthusiasm. So, yes, we’re scrambling to get things ready, but later this evening the (updated) front page should be viewable. You just won’t be able to make a purchase until the morning.


Excited for all the honey! I also love the bracelet you’re wearing in the pic of the cloth. Can you tell us wear it’s from?
HS: Hi Lisa – yes, I got it from Jen Altman’s lovely shop – Cisthene.


Agree with all above comments but I think that posting to Australia will rather expensive and a task getting through customs with certain things. I love your website so inspirational and have tried many a recipe. Love it. Pity so far away.

jessie zander

Heidi, Im a loyal follower as well. Although Alaska is not “international” the rates to here are huge. I hope you are working that out as well. I cant wait to be able to order


Hi Heidi,
I ordered the honey the last time you opened shop and I’m a little ashamed to say it’s already gone! it’s that good! I’m also wondering if there is any way we can get a more reasonable shipping rate to Hawaii…USPS? Would love to order more this time around and maybe that kilo jar, and the wrapping cloth and….


I LOVE that bracelet in the third photo!


So happy to see in the comments that shipping to Canada and elsewhere might be a possibility in the future. That would be so lovely. I hope you consider USPS. I order lots of things from California (three different cos. in the past few weeks) and all used USPS. Reasonable rates & no unfair customs handling fees tacked on at this end like some courier cos. do.


Agreed! The wrapping is gorgeous and comes in handy.

The Duo Dishes

Hi Heidi,
Is there any chance that you will ship to Toronto, Ontario, Canada? I am a loyal follower of your website and have
“eyed” several items on Quitokeeto. Please let me know. Thank you.

HS: Hi Jo-Anne – we’re definitely in the process of figuring out how to offer reasonable international shipping. If not in time for the holidays, then hopefully first thing in the new year. Thanks for your patience (and enthusiasm!).


In the second photo from top–are those some kind of cracker? I’ve been hoping you would post a nordic/wasa type cracker recipe one day….

HS: Hi Dolly. Hmm, I don’t remember tackling a wasa-style cracker, which, I agree, is an omission! Note to self…




Wow. I love the wrapping cloth. I usually dread potlucks, but with that lovely wrap, I just might be motivated! I hope you provide instructions, tho…




Yuzu jelly…one compelling reason to move to California!


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Apologies, comments are closed.

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