Super Natural Every Day: UK edition Recipe

To celebrate the release of the UK edition of Super Natural Every Day, I pulled together a map / travel guide to some of my favorite London spots. And while I was at it, I did maps for Paris and San Francisco as well. Hopefully some of you will find inspiration for a future travel adventure.

Super Natural Every Day: UK edition

Hi friends, I wanted to share a couple quick announcements today. First thing, I'm quite excited to tell you that the UK edition of Super Natural Every Day is set to be released this week (4/1/12). Here's the link to its page on Like the US edition, it is softback-wrapped, matte paper, with recipes in weights/volume.

I'm a bit embarrassed that I never got around to doing a proper London write-up after my visit last year. So, better late than never, I figured this would be a fine time to remedy the situation. I dug up notebooks, receipts, and went through my photo archive, then drafted a page with a map of all the places I enjoyed visiting (as well as a few I saved for next time). Here's where the London page lives.

I've also realized that a good number of you like to use my city posts when you travel. The problem is this - when I visit a place more than once, those pages sprawl across the site, are outdated, and are hard to find. So, I'm (sloooowly) consolidating each city onto a single dedicated page. All pages into one place (eventually). Right now there's: London, Paris, and San Francisco. I'm working on Portland, Tokyo, and Rome. To make them easy to find, I've posted a "travel guides" link in the upper right-hand corner of every page on the site. This way the maps should be easy to find if you happen to be traveling to one of the places I've done a page for. Thanks for your patience here, I didn't really think my travel related posts would turn into a "thing"...but enough of you have mailed me with questions that I'm going to try to make things easier and more reference-y in the future. Cheers!

Lead photo: blooms I came across while wandering around Notting Hill.

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Congratulations on the UK release. I’ve really enjoyed using the book, and I’ve made a couple of recipes for friends and they got two thumbs up!

Mireya @myhealthyeatinghabits

I’ve been following your blog for a while (from London) and have just received your book which I had on pre-order…. I am finding it so inspiring and thank you for converting the measurements- it makes it so much easier for us!

Sarah Y

Fantastic news Heidi – so you are coming back soon, right? 🙂 I can take you to Petersham next time. Love all of your travel photos, they are so beautiful. xxx


Another Londoner here, very much looking forward to getting the UK version of your book! If you haven’t already been to The Gate then I definitely recommend it for your next trip:


AT LAST! feel like I have been waiting years for your latest to be available! my copy has arrived, all beautiful and tempting, in Greece via the UK…..Yay


Have to say I really love Super Natural Cooking.
I’m planning on making the amaranth biscuits next. As well as a variation of the broccoli pesto dish you have.
Congratulations on the uk release. My question is do the recipes vary between books?


I’ve lived in London a year and 1/2 now, and still finding new places to explore – your London guide has some great suggestions! I ate downstairs in Nopi – your review covers it perfectly. For future trips to London, you should eat at Brawn on Columbia Road (East) – absolutely AMAZING food/dining experience! And while you’re East, check out Broadway Market on Saturday – lots of great food; Violet has a stall there, and you probably would also love Happy Kitchen.


Congratulations on the release of your UK edition! I liveery near London and will look out for that. Borough Market is an incredible foodie spot with fresh food stalls and very delicious street food, from tapas to falafel and wraps of all kind. Hope you come again soon!

Ozlem's Turkish Table

Congratulations! I’ve been to London only once recently, but I’d love to go back and expand the “International” section of my blog, (, where I review vegetarian options at top restaurants. If you have any recommendations please let me know!

Without Bacon

Saw your book in the “new books” section of my local library branch – Arroyo Seco in Los Angeles today! Checked it out!


You picked some of my favourite London/home spots! For anyone who has yet to go, the spiced chickpea dish in Morito is chickpea-magic. I will collect your book here next week, with excitement…


Your inspiring posts, beautiful pictures, mouth-watering receipes, now travel guides with a Map! and, you being published in the UK! Can you get anymore awesomer???!!! Love U, Heidi!!!!


Congrats on the UK release! And I love just about any travel guide penned by a foodie, since most all of our travel plans orbit around the food I want to eat…


Although I have coped perfectly well with your US edition, I will order a few UK ones as presents/incentives for friends, with a sneaky look at the new travel bits before they leave my hands. And looking forward to seeing a dedicated travel section in the near future – you should come to Edinburgh :D. PS A few weeks back (your grapefruit curd recipe) you expressed interest in the sound of my passion fruit and lime leaf curd – here’s the link to it and the accompanying green tea, lime & passionfruit polenta cake. All best wishes (tried to shorten the URL but your site wouldn’t take it!)


Thanks for the lovely post about my home city – and thanks too for the introduction to the Craft Beer Co, which is practically on my doorstep but I never knew about!


I have been living in London for 5 years and only visited a couple of the places you mention even though I am aware of most of them. I will definitely put them on my list of things to do next. Thanks!

Emilia @ Natural Activities

Arrived back to the Uk from Australia to great news….I shall be ordering the book.Congrats on the UK edition Heidi!


Congrats on the book, too cool! Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

It’s really a travel help guide for eating. Love it so much! Expecting more coming. 🙂


I’ve been following your blog for awhile and also own your books “Super Natural Everyday” and also “Super Natural Cooking” I have loved your cookbooks until I watched the movie “Forks Over Knives” and read the book “Skinny Bitch” I am now going vegan, giving up all animal products. I’m a little disappointed that a lot of your recipes contain dairy & egg products. I would love if you’d feature more vegan recipes on your blog. I am in search of vegan recipes as I’m not going to put anymore animal products in my body. It’s best to be informed and I’d rather be safe than sorry later. “Forks Over Knives” and “Skinny Bitch” have changed my life. Thought I’d share what the rest of America is blind to, our food industry and how we can make a change. I’ve been a fan of yours for quite awhile now.


I can wait to use the travel guides! What a great way to make all the delicious tidbits of information accessible and searchable. Thank you!!


Congratulations on the release of your book in the UK! Must contact Amazon immediately,
Wish I knew you were at Notting Hill, I live here. I would love to meet you and would show you around Portobello Market as well as world famous cookery books shop.

Siti Merrett

I love how you organized this…
congrats! Looking forward to another city soon…if you ever need help with Providence, RI let me know 😉

jeri kim lowe

Great to see some flowers from Notting Hill. I just moved to London myself recently from Vancouver, Canada. I will definitely look out for your book!

Sarah @ Fresh Living

Hi Heidi,
I was just going to hit you up to ask if the SF list was still applicable, and this appeared in my inbox. I’m coming to SF in the summer for a week (and renting an apartment, so that I may take advantage of the farmer’s market and cook) and cannot wait to check out your suggestions! Thanks for your thoughtful and wonderful input.

Linda NYC

Congrats on your UK edition, love this cookbook, so many awesome recipes, too many to mention, but the baked oatmeal is a family favorite, know people in the UK will love it too, have a great day..


I received my supernatural every day on Friday en route to a hair appointment and so was pleased to have something to read whilst my hair was being coloured. The new recipes are really inspiring, even for people like me who don’t feel so attracted to tempeh or seitan ( I’ll give it a go one day soon).
The book is so beautiful even my hairdresser is planning to order it !
Keep up the good work Heidi – it’s great to have a UK version of your book.

Roana in Scotland

I’m in love with London, I mean, I’m desperately in love with London! even though I’m a Tuscan country girl, I need to recharge my batteries once in a while in London, there’s no better place for me to find inspiration.
So I’ll be sure not to miss anything from your list next time I’ll be in London.
Congratulations on the UK release, Super Natural every Day is one of my favourite cookbook ever!
I’m pretty curious to read Rome’s guide, too, since I live so close to Rome, but I do need to get to know it better!

Juls @ Juls' Kitchen

Love the idea of travel guides. I have visited other sites that have this feature (Gwenyth Paltrow’s GOOP site) and have found them super helpful. On a trip to San Fran a few years ago she posted about a “Night at the Museum of Science” in Golden Gate park. Basically, it was people drinking, eating and roaming the museum at night. Turned out to be one of the highlights of the trip.

Adrienne @Boysenberries

Congratulations! Super Natural Every Day has become my all time favorite cookbook!
Looking forward to reading your notes on SF – hubby and I will be there at the end of the month to celebrate our wedding anniversary!

Victoria @ Mommy Marginalia

I am so glad your book is being published here in the UK, I love your blog.
Could I just ask if you can substitute brown rice vinegar in your recipes with white rice vinegar? And if so would you use the same quantity? I am struggling to find a local stockist of BRV but the white is readily available. Many thanks.

HS: Thanks, and yes – you should be fine with that swap. 🙂


I look forward to reading your UK cookbook, as I have had a look through the index and a recipe or two on Amazon UK. I like that you have “see zucchini” under “courgette” but I do hope there is a glossary inside to tell people what “pepitas” are!

HS: Hi Tina – If pine nuts or sliced almonds are easier to come by, I’d swap those for pepitas/pumpkin seeds.


Congratulations! Now you know what’s in my Amazon shopping cart. x

Revathi Raghavan

Oh I love that you’re adding these travel guides!

Simply Life



so looking forward to getting this! i’m sure it will become a go-to. 🙂


Oh my goodness, I’m *so* excited about this! I’ve been hoping a UK edition might come out soon, as I’ve wanted to buy it for ages 🙂 Yay!


Congratulations on the UK release, I will pop out to the book store at lunch and see if they have a copy yet. If not, I will nag them until they do!


I received the UK edition from Amazon yesterday, and have already had your Rye Soda Bread for breakfast this morning! Thanks a lot for an absolutely stunning book.


It’s lovely to see the places you liked while you were in town. Next time you’re in London, come down to Brixton! The Market here has a great feeling and so many fantastic cafes and restaurants, all run by people local to the neighbourhood. Ordering the UK version of the book now! 🙂


Cool news about the book for those of us over here in Europe. Really excited to see it.


I got your book last week from Amazon because I had pre-ordered it ages ago! I had completely forgotten about it until I got the email saying “your order is on the way”. It was the best surprise I had that week! I’ve already tried the rye soda bread (I am an avidus home-bread maker), the broccoli and orzo salad with pine nuts and can’t wait to try all the others really soon. I am a huge fan and will buy your previous books. I write a blog where I review books, yours is next! Let us know when you are in London again Heidi.


hi! i just got your book yesterday(in the uk)! it looks beautiful and yummy and can’t wait to try out the recipes


Can’t wait to read the Tokyo page

Mike @TheIronYou

I love your travel recommendations!! Breizh Cafe for crepes and Musée d’Orsay for art were two of my favorite experiences when I went there 🙂

Anjali @ The Picky Eater

I am always looking forward to your likes n guides….
Your pics inspires me to travel…
Keep it coming….

Reem | Simply Reem

Congrats on your UK release! I’ll be looking at your Paris guide pretty closely in preparation for my June trip there.


Love the map aspect of your ‘loved places’ – terrific idea. Congrats on the UK release.


Congrats on your London release….that’s so fabulous!
and I love the first pic with those pink roses 🙂

Averie @ Averie Cooks

Heidi, my honey and I literally traced every one of your food footsteps last time we were in Paris. You are responsible for many a hazelnut gelato…how DO they make it so dang good?


I have your San Fransisco guide bookmarked of a Spring trip. I can’t wait! Thanks for putting these together, it is a good thing indeed.


Your travel-related posts are most definitely a ‘thing’. I enjoy them very much. I love London and Paris. In your Paris list especially, you hit on many of my favourite places too. 🙂


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