Travel: Lake Tahoe

Travel: Lake Tahoe

Just a few photographs from a recent, end-of-summer trip to Lake Tahoe. There were crawdads and bats, lightening storms behind the distant mountains, crystal blue water, and bracingly cold, invigorating(!) daily swims. There was a single, endless game of Trivial Pursuit, paddle boarding, a hike to an alpine lighthouse, and a 45 minute drive to Truckee for a proper macchiato ;)....

Lake Tahoe Photographs 2012Lake Tahoe Photographs 2012
Lake Tahoe Photographs 2012
Lake Tahoe Photographs 2012
Lake Tahoe Photographs 2012

Lake Tahoe Photographs 2012
Lake Tahoe Photographs 2012

And, of course, there was a skinned-knee.

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So gorgeous! That looks like such a beautiful area.


So pretty. I live in the south bay but have somehow never gotten to Tahoe yet. Although I don't know how that's possible, considering! :)


beautiful photos! everything looks so serene :).


I just have to say, of course Tahoe is lovely, but these photographs. Really. The grain in the seventh is haunting, and the clarity in the sixth--with the color balance--and the framing...the peep of painted toes. The blue trio. Love.

HS: Thank you Amanda!


I worked at a ski field near Tahoe 15 years ago when I was 21, during a Southern Hemisphere summer break from Uni. I have such wonderful memories and have always wanted to get back there. Some day, when I don't have little kids and can afford the airfare from New Zealand!


oh I love these! just beautiful!

Simply Life

Oh Heidi! Reno is my childhood home. I spent almost every weekend at Tahoe during the summers...the rest were spent at Yuba :). Thank you for posting these. I live in Montreal now and miss my lake terribly. It was a nice way to start my day.


Beautiful photos! We honeymooned in Tahoe in October of 2006 and have been dying to move there ever since.... One day!


So beautiful! Makes me miss Tahoe so much. And good coffee!


I'm planning a trip to South Lake Tahoe for my husband's birthday/NYE. Any recommendations would be great!

Hi Aimee: I don't spend much time in South shore (but maybe others have?), most of my time in Tahoe has been on the west side of the lake. Wish I could be of more help.


Ah, Tahoe! I live in Reno and absolutely love being so close to such a gorgeous place. I go as much as I can. Beautiful photos, Heidi!

HS: You're lucky to live so close! We had fun hitting up a few vintage store in Reno one afternoon as well. :)


Your photos have made me miss Tahoe this morning. Used to go often in the summer (my dad lives close)'s a beautiful place.


Gorgeous images! I'm new to the Bay Area, and this is certainly on our list of destinations. (I'm from Michigan, so frankly, anything in California feels reasonably close!) I love the last photo -- you captured that emotion perfectly.

HS: Hi Stacy - the lake is absolutely stunning - summer / winter - it's a nice get-away. Get out on the water if you can, there's nothing like it.


I love seeing these photos. It brings back wonderful memories. We spent a few days there this summer in the DB Bliss campground. The weather was spectacular, which helped to endure the frigid water! Definately a place we would like to visit every summer!

HS: Hi Brianna - we did a nice little morning hike/walk out to the lighthouse. I've never camped there, but I'd bet it's amazing!?




These are stunning Heidi. Just stunning. You have a gift. Thanks for sharing.


Your recipes are amazing, and you have been given an additional gift from above of being able to capture creation - nature + person. Your ability in photography is quite unique and if you do not mind I would also like to suggest you follow this path, as your expression in this area is amazing. I would be very humbled if you would share how you did the last shot with the little boy, and the bruised knee. Take Care, and God Bless, Sue Bolton - Hillcrest - South Africa

Sue Bolton

I just got back from a summer at Tahoe. Lucky lucky me for all the summers of my life. My mom started going there at age 4, learned to swim in that cold water. She was swimming last year there about a month before she died at almost 89. We are so lucky. And your pictures capture it. Highly recommend the restaurant in the Truckee Hotel....starts with an M.....fabulous food.

HS: If anything will keep you young, it is that water. It's no joke. When I was a kid, we'd spend a few weeks there each summer, and there was an older gentleman would swim out to the far buoy each day - past all the boats. We'd watch him in awe. I'd love to be able to swim in that lake everyday (when it's not dangerously cold) - or at the very least, paddle on it. Swimming there on this trip was a highlight of my summer.

Carole Ferguson

Your first photo looks like it was taken from the camping site on Emerald Bay. Beautiful area I was just there the first week in September visiting my sis.

HS: Hi Jeff, we were on the west side not far north of emerald bay :)


Luck me: I'll be visiting Tahoe next Friday for my birthday and with your impeccable food advice, I'll be visiting Truckee as well. :o)
Thank you Heidi, can't wait to get there and see what's on the menu!


Beautiful Heidi.....brings back so many wonderful Tahoe family memories. (4 darling little girls sitting on a pine log)!! and on and on.....

Auntie Shay

These photos are stunning. You've captured the mood of each so beautifully! The face on that last one is priceless.


Tahoe has so many memories for me. Thank you for sharing these lovely photo's. In what part of Tahoe is that dock? South? North?

HS: Hi Ally - thanks! We stay on the west shore.


I absolutly love tahoe, being a native of El Dorado County, I only wish I could visit more often. if only they would leave it as it is and stop the construction.


Thanks for coming in to the cafe, glad to know you had a perfect macchiato. Hope to see you and your family in our new space down the street. Look for us at 10046 Donner Pass Rd.


This is a gorgeous photo essay! I love the diversity in composition and vantage points. I've always wanted to visit Lake Tahoe and I feel more inspired to do so now than ever before.

Nomadic Samuel

Still one of the best places I've visited. Had lovely breakfast there. It is so beautiful, even on a sunny late winter day.


these pictures are good. I have lived up there off and on for 35 years there is no place better except for maybe palm springs, ca


Tahoe is my favorite place in the world (it even tops Maui in my book!). Living in Arizona the last 7 years means I don't get there nearly as often as I'd like. This Bay Area girl might eventually move back to CA.


These photographs are beautiful! What kind of camera(s) do you use? What's your photographic process? I've been reading your blog and books for years, but only just returned to film photography. I'm developing my own (b&w) film now, and find this all so exciting.


What great nostalgic photos. I grew up around Lake Tahoe and remember the icy water!


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