Caramel Apples

I've done a new, all-natural, caramel apple recipe. This one had issues with the caramel sliding down the apple. Additionally, the new version has no white sugar or corn syrup.


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Heidi Swanson


heidi, i LOVE caramel apples. what a treat! i'll have to try this recipe and give you feedback. i'm *always* looking out for the best and least messiest gig. cheers!


Yes! I love caramel apples, but the large size is way to cumbersome. Making minis is a great idea.


It looks delish and the way you described the little apples and all the caramel and the process makes me want to fly over to SF and buy some minature apples and caramalize them


I love caramel apples, too and you described the exact problem with the giant ones: low caramel to apple ratio, and a sticky nose.

I'm not surprised your caramel didn't set properly, though. I have rarely found any of the MS baking/candy recipes to work. I realize that's a big generalization but I have found it to be true, consistently for the past 5 years (and not only since I am a higher altitude).

That said, I have no other good caramel apple recipe to share. Perhaps your knowledable readers can tinker with MSL's recipe.


Last year I made caramel apples the "easy" way...I melted a bag of wrapped caramels with a splash of heavy cream, let it cool slightly (This helped with caramel distribution and kept a lot of the caramel on the apple for some reason...I think it was simply because it had less time to drip before it set up) then dipped, rolled, let the excess drip off and dipped again, then set on waxed paper. The caramel dripped and bulged around the base of the apple, but not to the point of annoyance.

It isn't as homemade, but it is delicious and easy.


The minis are a great idea. I'm inspired now. Thank you again for such a wonderful blog (with such gorgeous pictures).


I tried the recipe at MSO after reading your wonderful description, and I just wanted to mention that it took wayyyyy longer than I expected to reach the 245-degree point, maybe because of the cream addition. So their recommendation of 10-12 minutes is quite an underestimate, be warned.


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