Favorites List (7.6.12)

Favorites List (7.6.12) Recipe

Hi friends, I was slow pulling this one together (apologies!), hopefully you'll find it worth the wait. There are some real gems down below, and some must-reads/watch links. xo -h

- Herb-infused clara con limón

- Wilder Quarterly

- Dream listing

- To Watch: The Upsetter

- Boon Boxes

- The Baker in the Rye

- G + D + S: Fly Better Tips

- The Herriott Grace film

- Just the right amount of scary for a 3 1/2 year old.

- A recipe is not always the place to begin.

- To make. (via hizKNITS)

- Especially the coyote.

- Secrets of The Best Chefs

- Inappropriate Test Responses

- The first image.

- Samin's Exuberant Berkeley Kitchen

- Sidewalk chalk paint

- Dip-dyed Canvas

- Reinventing The Egg Cream (thx Kami!)

- Zoo Crew

Lead photo: A snapshot taken in my kitchen with one of my old Polaroids.

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  • Oh my. My house is your 'Dream Listing' on your Favorites List (7.6.12). I am honored and please know that your website is one of MY favorite things.

    HS: Crazy small world! Your house is stunning!

  • Love the Wolf book! I made the mistake of starting Narnia with my 3.5 year old and now thoughts of the bad queen are scaring her. So I think I'll switch to something a little tamer until she's older!

    dervla @ The Curator
  • I always look forward to these lists. Thanks for putting the time into constructing them. The articles you post about food and blogging are always a highlight for me!

  • could you please have your favorites open in a new window? after clicking through one of your favorite links and then having spent enough time soaking in that random bit of the info-verse, i close the window to frustratingly discover that the original list of favorites is gone as well. new. windows. please. thanks.

    HS: Hi H, Sorry for the frustration. On a Mac, you can press "command", the little propeller, while clicking each link to open in a new window. I'm sure there is an equiv. for windows as well.

  • Thank you dear Heidi for your inspiring list today and in general your interesting and inspiring recipes. I learn something every single time!

  • Thanks for the comments all, it's nice to know you enjoy the lists. Pulling them together is one of my favorite activities. xo h-

  • Happy weekend and many thanks for a wonderful list, as always! Finally got myself a subscription to Wilder Quarterly and looking forward to seeing The Upsetter. These lists always add some special something to my day.

  • Love this list; just made one of your recipes today and truly enjoyed reading this list on my summer afternoon!

    The Healthy Apple
  • Cracking up over the Seahorse response and drooling over the property in Sonoma (that really is a dream listing). Thank you for sharing, all of the links are great!

    Wendy@ Salt and Wine
  • Well, I know what I'm doing later-can't wait to dive into the list! Thanks Heidi. It's always a good day when you post a 'Favorites'.

  • Long time reader, first time poster. Know that this site of yours is a gift. Your beautiful photograph today compelled me to drop you this quick note of thanks. Looking forward to perusing this list. All the very best!

  • Wonderful list, thank you very much !!!

  • This is an exceptional favorites list. I used to be a little bummed that these replaced the recipes but they are great (especially when you include a few recipes). I bookmarked some of the longer articles to read later. And I saw that lasagna with cauliflower recipe, but didn't really give it a second thought and now I want to try it! Thanks!

  • H - I love the diversity of these lists. For instance, "the dream listing"...and the "sidewalk chalk paint." My husband and I are in the process of building a modern home that looks almost exactly like the one you listed...and I've been scouring the internet for great sliding glass doors. I love the ones pictured in this listing! And ironically, on a separate note, when my son was up at 5am this week, I pulled out some chalk to sketch with him on the sidewalk - but as a variation I'm looking forward to making the creamy paint instead. Thanks again. Hope you are having a beautiful weekend! - Noelle

    Noelle @ GreenLemonade
  • The Baker in the Rye article is superinteresting. Thank you so much for signaling it!

  • Love the list! I really enjoyed the Herriott Grace film, and the test responses were a riot! Having been a public school teacher for 30 years - I'm sure that I could add a few examples of my own.

    Tracy A.
  • The inappropriate test responses are hilarious. I just spent the past 15 minutes reading them and laughing my head off. The "read and complete" one - classic.

  • So wonderful link and shares, now I've got more favorits reads. Have a happy Day and Thanks for sharing :-)

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    Apologies, comments are closed.

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