Favorites List (7.6.12) Recipe

A July (2012) favorites list - a list of links, recipes, videos, articles, and whatnot that I thought would be worth sharing.

Favorites List (7.6.12)

Hi friends, I was slow pulling this one together (apologies!), hopefully you'll find it worth the wait. There are some real gems down below, and some must-reads/watch links. xo -h

- Herb-infused clara con limón

- Wilder Quarterly

- Dream listing

- To Watch: The Upsetter

- Boon Boxes

- The Baker in the Rye

- G + D + S: Fly Better Tips

- The Herriott Grace film

- Just the right amount of scary for a 3 1/2 year old.

- A recipe is not always the place to begin.

- To make. (via hizKNITS)

- Especially the coyote.

- Secrets of The Best Chefs

- Inappropriate Test Responses

- The first image.

- Samin's Exuberant Berkeley Kitchen

- Sidewalk chalk paint

- Dip-dyed Canvas

- Reinventing The Egg Cream (thx Kami!)

- Zoo Crew

Lead photo: A snapshot taken in my kitchen with one of my old Polaroids.

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I always look forward to your compilations of things to try, cook, see and explore. Having stumbled upon the blog a few months ago, I know find myself constantly going back for inspiration and veggie recipes. Moreover, it's nice to see someone who is talented in photography, too.


Ok this is second post I've noticed of that decoration in your kitchen - the teardrop glass looking thing with pink string - what is it?!:)


Thanks for the shout out Heidi! Love the list!


Oh my! There are so many new things to cook now! Hopefully I'll do them right :) I even bookmarked some of the links, as well as this one for future references! Thanks for the selection and the share! For tonight I'll try the herb-infused clara! :D


I love the photos you have recently taken of your kitchen both here and on quitokeeto. They are just perfection. x


I loved the article on not needing a recipe... it was quite inspirational and motivating to me! Thanks for putting these together!

Home Inspections Chicago

Awesome list, thank you very much !!!


Heidi--thanks so much for the link to Tamar Adler's piece. These lists are always so fun. (and thanks, of course, for the kind shout-out to the clara con limon!) Cheers---S


When I read that Robertson had been visiting Copenhagen I was looking forward to hearing what he made of it. So now I can enjoy a piece of home (I simply love Meyer's bread here in Cph) even when I come to San Francisco. That is great and sad at the same time, no surprises anymore, bread-wise. But surely your city has other great things to taste!?


Heidi & Carol! I love the Occidental house, and have stayed there in the past. HS: Next time take us ;) xoxo


Oh my. My house is your 'Dream Listing' on your Favorites List (7.6.12). I am honored and please know that your website is one of MY favorite things.

HS: Crazy small world! Your house is stunning!


Great list!! Thanks soo much for sharing it with us!!

May I Have That Recipe

Love the Wolf book! I made the mistake of starting Narnia with my 3.5 year old and now thoughts of the bad queen are scaring her. So I think I'll switch to something a little tamer until she's older!

dervla @ The Curator

I always look forward to these lists. Thanks for putting the time into constructing them. The articles you post about food and blogging are always a highlight for me!


could you please have your favorites open in a new window? after clicking through one of your favorite links and then having spent enough time soaking in that random bit of the info-verse, i close the window to frustratingly discover that the original list of favorites is gone as well. new. windows. please. thanks.

HS: Hi H, Sorry for the frustration. On a Mac, you can press "command", the little propeller, while clicking each link to open in a new window. I'm sure there is an equiv. for windows as well.


Thank you dear Heidi for your inspiring list today and in general your interesting and inspiring recipes. I learn something every single time!


Thanks for the comments all, it's nice to know you enjoy the lists. Pulling them together is one of my favorite activities. xo h-


Happy weekend and many thanks for a wonderful list, as always! Finally got myself a subscription to Wilder Quarterly and looking forward to seeing The Upsetter. These lists always add some special something to my day.


Love this list; just made one of your recipes today and truly enjoyed reading this list on my summer afternoon!

The Healthy Apple

Cracking up over the Seahorse response and drooling over the property in Sonoma (that really is a dream listing). Thank you for sharing, all of the links are great!

Wendy@ Salt and Wine

Well, I know what I'm doing later-can't wait to dive into the list! Thanks Heidi. It's always a good day when you post a 'Favorites'.


Long time reader, first time poster. Know that this site of yours is a gift. Your beautiful photograph today compelled me to drop you this quick note of thanks. Looking forward to perusing this list. All the very best!


Wonderful list, thank you very much !!!


This is an exceptional favorites list. I used to be a little bummed that these replaced the recipes but they are great (especially when you include a few recipes). I bookmarked some of the longer articles to read later. And I saw that lasagna with cauliflower recipe, but didn't really give it a second thought and now I want to try it! Thanks!


H - I love the diversity of these lists. For instance, "the dream listing"...and the "sidewalk chalk paint." My husband and I are in the process of building a modern home that looks almost exactly like the one you listed...and I've been scouring the internet for great sliding glass doors. I love the ones pictured in this listing! And ironically, on a separate note, when my son was up at 5am this week, I pulled out some chalk to sketch with him on the sidewalk - but as a variation I'm looking forward to making the creamy paint instead. Thanks again. Hope you are having a beautiful weekend! - Noelle

Noelle @ GreenLemonade

The Baker in the Rye article is superinteresting. Thank you so much for signaling it!


Love the list! I really enjoyed the Herriott Grace film, and the test responses were a riot! Having been a public school teacher for 30 years - I'm sure that I could add a few examples of my own.

Tracy A.

The inappropriate test responses are hilarious. I just spent the past 15 minutes reading them and laughing my head off. The "read and complete" one - classic.


So wonderful link and shares, now I've got more favorits reads. Have a happy Day and Thanks for sharing :-)


Comments are closed.

Apologies, comments are closed.

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