Peanut Butter Krispy Treats Recipe

A twist on the classic, I use crisp brown rice cereal slathered in a decadent peanut butter maple syrup sludge. This version of treats has bits of chopped, toasted pistachios throughout - also vegan (no marshmallows) and gluten-free.

Peanut Butter Krispy Treats

Most of what I'm going to need in the next two weeks is arranged in small piles on my bed right now. A couple dresses, cameras, and books. Film, lipstick, light meter, passport, hand wipes, ponytail holders, and batteries. I'm getting on a flight to Paris in a few hours. Pinch me, I've never been (!?!), and I can't wait. Last year Clotilde and I started chatting about swapping apartments. The idea was this - she and Maxence would come stay here in San Francisco, and Wayne and I would stay in her place in Montmartre. We settled on dates, bought our tickets, and here I am bubbling with excitement, trying to pack, doing my best not to forget my toothbrush. I made a few little airport snacks to bring along including these peanut butter crispy treats, a riff on the version I made for Super Natural Cooking.

rice crispy treats

They are made with crisp brown rice cereal (available at many natural foods stores) mixed into a hot, decadent peanut butter maple syrup sludge. I did this version with lots of chopped, toasted pistachios throughout. Also, instead of cutting them into bars, I pressed them into wrapper-lined muffin tins.

rice crispy treats

You can serve these guys to mixed crowds too. Vegans, vegetarians, and people who avoid gelatin like them in part because I don't call for marshmallows (which often contain gelatin). Instead I use a slightly obscure natural ingredient called agar agar flakes. It's a sea vegetable that you can use to thicken puddings, custards, or in this case to give the peanut butter and maple syrup mixture some binding power. You can find the flakes in many natural food stores.

rice crispy treats

We have a layover in Chicago, and I'm going to keep these right near the top of my carry-on, for convenient snacking. And no worries - while I'm gone, I'm not abandoning the site altogether. I have a couple recipes waiting on the server to share, and a new favorite cookbook list from a friend in Sweden. Hopefully that'll be enough to keep things lively around here until I get home. If you have any advice, tips, or places not to miss in Paris or Madrid, my thanks in advance. I have quite a list going for both cities, but some of my favorite spots from our trip to Tokyo were ones you suggested! xo -h

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Peanut Butter Krispy Treats

Be sure to use crisp brown rice cereal and not puffed rice cereal.

3/4 cup unsalted peanut butter
3/4 cup maple syrup
1 teaspoon fine-grain sea salt

2 1/2 teaspoons agar agar flakes (available at a health foods stores)

4 cups unsweetened (or lightly sweetened) crisp brown rice cereal

3/4 cup pistachios, toasted and chopped

Line two muffin tins with about 18 muffin/cupcake wrappers, and set aside.

Combine the peanut butter, maple syrup, salt, and agar flakes in a large saucepan over low heat and stir constantly until smooth, hot, melted, and bubbling just a bit. Add the cereal and 1/2 cup of the pistachios and stir until well coated. Spoon two heaping tablespoons of the mixture into each muffin wrapper and press into place with the back of a spoon. Alternately, if you want krispy squares, you can transfer it to an 8 by 8-inch baking dish. Sprinkle with the remaining pistachios and refrigerate until completely cool (this also helps the agar set).

Makes about 1 1/2 dozen treats.

Prep time: 10 minutes - Cook time: 5 minutes

If you make this recipe, I'd love to see it - tag it #101cookbooks on Instagram!

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I DEFINITELY agree with the other reader who suggested Pierre Hermé, it is an absolute must! Hands down best macarons...Yes, even better than Ladurée (although they now have a cool, but expensive bar on the Champs-Élysées worth a look) ... and if you are a fan of Alain Ducasse but don't want to break the bank at Plaza Athénée or at Jules Vernes in the Eiffel Tower, check out Spoon right off the Champs-Élysées on rue de Marignan... Amusez-vous bien!!


Have a wonderful time! I just spent the summer in Paris and have so many suggestions, I'll try to limit myself to only the creme de la creme. First, for ice cream you must have Berthillon on Ile St Louis! Absolutely the best ice cream I have had in my life. You can get it at the actual Berthillon place or one of their neighbors. My favorite was chocolate. And they close rather early, so check the website if you can before you go. My favorite restaurant is Chez Prosper, which is near Place de la Nation, can't remember the address. Great food and fun atmosphere. Although honestly I'm a meat eater and speak French, so I don't remember just how vegetarian-friendly and English-friendly the menu was. Their specialties are "composed salads" which may have ham in it, but I imagine you could ask to just leave that out. My favorite salad is the salade chevalier and it doesn't have meat, just toast with three kinds of cheese, sauteed potatoes, tomatoes and cucumbers. And they serve Berthillon ice cream here, so if you can't make it to the mothership, you can get it here! Also, a few non-food suggestions: if you like Monet and impressionism, then you really should check out the Orangerie and the Musee Marmatton Monet. I think both do the museum pass, which is totally worth it if you're going to visit multiple museums a day a couple days in a row. Try to go to the Orangerie on a nice day because the Water Lilies are lit with natural light and it is GORGEOUS when the sunlight comes streaming through the skylights. The Musee Marmatton Monet is in the 16th and not near any other tourist attractions I can think of, but totally worth it. Also, blissfully uncrowded! Three rooms of Monet in the basement, the ground floor is Mr. Marmatton's collection of non-Impressionist mostly paintings and the top floor was a photo exhibit, although that may have changed in the month I've been away. Again, have a wonderful time and enjoy the food! Can wait to see what you post about your trip. Sorry I'm a little long-winded.


Casa Patas was recommended by a Spaniard for true flamenco (not the tourist type). It was so incredibly emotional and the highlight of our trip. Also, if you can squeak in a side trip to Toledo (hour south of Madrid) it's very romantic. Paris - it's all good!


Oh my, you've won me over with these beauties. Have a great time....I need to make some overseas friends, that's a great idea!


Wow, what an awesome idea and great opportunity for both you and Clotilde. And these krispy treats! I am going to HAVE to make these, they look so irresistible!


Paris - the world's favorite city!! How wonderful you are going to see it. If we return we would not miss 2 things: 1. A concert at Sainte Chapelle, Louis the IX little chapel when Notre Dame was too much. It's a short walk from Notre Dame and worth seeing for the architecture and stained glass. They do almost nightly small ensemble concerts bathed in the beauty of amazing stained glass. For more info: 2. Behind Notre Dame on St. Louis Island just over the bridge is a small cafe noted for their gelato. We never did have the gelato, but their hot chocolate, served with pitchers of steamed milk and melted chocolate for you to mix at the table was amazing. Utterly amazing. Paris is difficult to put into words. Enjoy - whatever you choose to do.


I love the idea of the muffin papers. No sticky hands! Can't wait to try this. Have a great stay in Paris.


I'll also add that you'll be there during Ramadan and probably for the Muslim holiday of Eid. (Sept 20th). As France has a large Muslim minority--you should definitely seek out the special dishes and treats available for the holidays. Often times, anybody who is hungry can just show up for Iftar...the meal that breaks the fast at sunset. Try the beautiful Mosque de Paris. As for special treats, basboussa (semolina cake), konafa (shredded filo like dessert), qataif (filled pancakes), etc. are all delicious. :) There's an Arab World Museum in Paris... and they sell delicious sweet mint tea in their cafe. Institut du Monde Arabe...


for the best hot chocolate you will EVER have.... LA CHARLOTTE DE L'ISLE 24 Rue St Louis en l'isle open 2 - 7 pm thurs - sun ask Charlotte to take you into the kitchen. check out photos at ...april 30 ..for pics

anne Muller

The only lead i can give you for Paris is a musical one: Ndidi Onukwulu . She's from Vancouver and i've enjoyed her in concert. Check it out. September 24,2009 8:[email protected] Studio Paris,France Love the recipes!


You will love Montmartre! - A great way to get to know the history of that artistic neighborhood is to do a walking tour: Paris Walks has a great one, in English (I have done several of their walks and always found them fascinating)! Do NOT miss Laduree for macarons, esp the one on Rue Bonapart in the 6th. Many people like Pierre Herme, but for the traditional ones you just can't beat Laduree... plus the tea room is excellent for lunch, for taking a breather from shopping (!), and for those dreamy macarons. I am posting from Paris a ce moment, in fact! Oh and the best best BEST caramels in the world come from Jacque Genin in the northern part of the Marais: Jacques Genin 133, rue de Turenne (3rd) Tél: 01 45 77 29 01 enjoy!

Amy P

Musee d'Orsay is a must. And if you're going to do a cemetery, skip Jim Morrison and go to the Catacombs.


Wholey moley those look good. 600 lbs here I come.


I am sure that you are totally connected but one of my favorite memories and a little more difficult to do . . . get lost in a part of the city that visitors do not get to - stop in a bakery for the best raspberry pastry and the bookstore nearby where no one speaks english. You have brought all of the excitement back - thank you!

shop girl

I love your blog, and I hate for the first comment I make here to be negative, but I wanted to mention that it is unkind and potentially dangerous to people with peanut allergies to bring peanut containing products on to airplanes. That's why they now serve pretzels rather than peanuts on planes. I hope your trip is wonderful and I look forward to seeing a great deal of interesting news.


I'm so jealous - not only visiting Paris but also to be able to swap apartments with Clotilde! Looking forward to seeing your posts about this trip. Have a great time. :)

Kitchen M

Hi. I was just in Madrid recently. Head to CARRERA DE SAN JERONIMO for one of the nicest stores for blouses and jackets you'll ever find. The Extreme Collection has wonderful clothes! The Arabic baths were a real treat, but don't splurge on the massages. They were average. On Calle de la Reina there are two great bars. The shinier one has incredible drinks and old school bar tenders. For a very Madrid store head to Calle Jon de Jorge Juan and Jocomomola - very fun hip clothes. I got something on sale for 80% off and wore it all summer. Madrid was so wonderful and the best part was the food. Pimientos de Padron is a great tapas dish - fried and salted small sweet green peppers. Yum! Have a great trip!


I finally made your Healthy Cookies today and while happily eating one I discovered your new recipe in my mailbox. I'll get to this one sooner! I've never been to Paris, but one of the first places I'll go, based on a recommendation from a fabulous artist I know, is the Delacroix Museum. Bon voyage!


Also in Madrid, the Museum Reina Sofia, will be free all days from 19:00 to 21:00 hours, also you can buy passes that includes Museo del Prado and the Thyssen Museum, the 3 most important museums in Madrid. The Reina Sofia Museum go down with its prices... so... I hope that you can enjoy it.


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