Signings & Little Flower School

Signings & Little Flower School

I like to mix and match. It's been a bit of a recurring theme in my life. One of the (many) things I enjoyed about working on TED years ago, was helping to put together an event where, say, one minute you'd have Stefan Sagmeister speaking on happiness and design, followed by Malcolm Gladwell on the pursuit of the perfect spaghetti sauce. Flash forward a handful of years, and I don't do much in the way of events anymore, but when I do, I like for them to be inter-disciplinary, alongside people who love their work or craft. I thought that I'd share pictures from one such event today, and then let you know the details of my upcoming West coast book signings.

Little Flower School

I'm a bit slow getting this together, but last weekend I was fortunate to work (and play!) alongside a whole lot of talent. I've been a fan of Little Flower School for quite some time now. Nicolette and Sarah make stunning arrangements, and I kept hoping I'd be able to take one of their classes in Brooklyn at some point. As fate would have it, they came to California first and we put together a beautiful day of flowers, food, and new friends at June Taylor's Still-Room in Berkeley. Such a nice way to spend a drizzly Sunday.

Little Flower School

I made a few things for lunch - sparkling water spiked with June's syrups, crostini with goat cheese and yellow split peas from SNC, Green Lentil Soup with Curried Brown Butter from the new book. I made super-teensy versions of these, and also whole wheat sables studded with June's candied peel (I'll try to post that recipe soon).

Little Flower School

Now, I know a number of you feel cheated if I don't close out each post with a new recipe, and there is one! It's the lovely little soup pictured above. As I mentioned up above, it's from the new cookbook - but you'll have to hop over and visit the ladies at Remodelista for the recipe, I gave them first dibs on it - Green Lentil Soup with Curried Brown Butter. I think I tapped out the number of recipes I can post from the book, here on the site, with the PDF sampler. ;)

If you're interested in seeing more photos from the event, Remodelista has a more detailed write-up. Here's the Little Flower School post about the class. And Little Flower School on Flickr as well. Another thing worth mentioning - some people don't know that you can visit June's Still-Room & Shop in Berkeley. You absolutely can. It's a beautiful space, and always inspiring. She's open Tuesday - Friday, 11 AM - 4 PM, and on weekend class days as well.

Now, looking forward. I'm over-the-moon excited about doing a handful of book-signings next month - west coast for now. One in San Francisco. One in Berkeley. One in Portland at The Cleaners. And one in Seattle at Spare Room, with the chance of a separate afternoon signing that I'm still working on. I'm teaming up with Kim Boyce in Portland, and Lara Ferroni in Seattle. Can't. Wait. I'm hoping we'll have some other special guests & familiar faces at those signings as well. I'll post reminders as the dates get closer, but this is the jist of it. Can't wait to meet more of you in person. xo

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The flowers look gorgeous! It just makes me wish for spring that much more :)


All the travel sounds exciting!! I sure do love the fact that I can find a great recipe here anytime I drop by. You have an amazing archive. Thanks so much for sharing!!

Denise @ Creative Kitchen

Denise @ Creative Kitchen

So inspiring! I am such a fan of interdisciplinary cross-pollination. Will be at your San Francisco reading, looking forward! (And jealous of those lucky folks in Seattle who get you and Lara Ferroni both.)

HS: Looking forward to meeting you as well Kimberely!


I hope to come to the Portland signing! Just so you know, the flyer for the signing says both Thursday and Friday on it. I am assuming it is Friday...

HS: Fixed! Thanks for the heads up :!


I'm so excited for the SF signing! I have to see if I can get off work early; hopefully I can manage it.


The flowers are stunning. I felt like I was in the room.

I love the soup recipe and the idea of a curried "butter" (in parenthesis, as I'll try a vegan version).

JL goes Vegan

Beautiful flowers! The soup sounds tasty too. Great recipe!


Oh, if I could buy one thing right now it'd be flowers...they fill up the room with joy and life. thanks for all the lovely photographs.

lauren @ spiced plate

I love rustic flower arrangements. Peonies are gorgeous. I've never seen them in those earthy tones before though.

Honestly Good Food

The flowers are gorgeous! They remind me of a faery tale for some reason.

J3nn (Jenn's Menu and Lifestyle Blog)

I was SO hoping you'd stop in Minneapolis;)

Sally Mae

See you in Seattle!


Beautiful photos. Lentil soup with curry sounds like a plan.

Laura @ SweetSavoryPlanet

Love the font on the menu! What is it called?

Amy Olson

Those limoncello macaroons look delicious, I don't know how I missed that recipe before. Hope you had fun, great photos!

sweet road

Looks like a perfect Sunday afternoon to me! Beautiful pictures - I only wish there were some of a finished arrangement... good luck with the book signings!

HS: Eleanor, the Little Flower School Flickr page has shots of all the final arrangements. Linked up above.


This all looks so lovely. I am very excited about the new book and I hope you find your way down to Los Angeles for a signing!


i just bought your first cookbook and love it! opened it on friday, and i have already made two of the recipes :)


Any chance you will do more events in the Bay in the future? I'm moving to SF in June and I'd love to join you sometime! MK

HS: Hi Madeline, I'll likely do a farmers market demo down at the Ferry Building later in the summer. Hope to see you there.


The flowers are absolutely gorgeous. Nothing like flowers to brighten up anything. Looking forward to your new book.


I am super excited to meet you in Portland. I've posted it before, but I'll say it again. Your website has changed my life, and my food habits in the best way possible. Thank you!

HS: Thank you Sarah!


The flower photos really are stunning. I only wish you had some South Carolina book signings!!


Would love to see you do a few signings on the East Coast!

Gorgeous flowers!

Jen @ keepitsimplefoods

Beautiful flowers and your soup looks fantastic!

Anne @ Baking Me

Love this post! So gorgeous!

Congrats on the new book!!! I'm so excited for you! I made your breakfast bread pudding (that was featured in Food & Wine). Delicious. You are a culinary genius ;)

Melissa Placzek


Hi Heidi,

Any chance you will be coming to Bookshop Santa Cruz on your signing tour? I'm very excited for the release of your new book, I've been waiting patiently!


Just stunning, Heidi. Beautiful food, flowers and photos, not to mention the excellent June Taylor!


Love these beautiful photos; the flowers are incredible, Heidi. Just made me smile, so pretty and happy. Thank you! xo

The Healthy Apple

So excited about your Portland book signing. See you then! And lovely, lovely photos in this post. Thanks.

Katherine Deumling

Hi Heidi - So glad to see your beautiful new book and that are having such delicious fun back in the Bay! Maybe you can come back to Paris for some more of the same?


I have marked April 30th in my calendar - I am excited to meet you in Seattle! Beautiful photos, and the soup display makes the dish look all the more appetizing!

Julie Shah Lamba

I hope you can come to Pasadena for a book signing...I'm going to talk to our favorite book store...Vromans to see if we can get you down here. Have followed your blog for years, cooked many them all...drool over photos and love your approach to creating...I am the same way....this is my first comment...hope to participate more now that I am approaching retirement..whoo hooo!!! More time for the things I love to do. Can't wait to see the new book!


Nothing better than Spring in Portland!

Karen Cooley Jennings

Oh, my husband just said this morning that he would love a lentil soup for dinner. You've saved me the effort of looking for a good recipe, and inspired me with the beauty of yours. Thank you!

Laura Plumb

yay! i'm so excited you'll be in portland! can't wait :) and i can't wait to try the soup!


So beautiful. I love the colors in these photos and the glasswear is great :).


Come to Los Angeles!!! Please! Please!


Lovely Heidi. Soup, flowers and pictures. I love the glass jars in which the soup is served.

bea at La tartine gourmande

Any chance you can stop in Chehalis, half-way between Portland and Seattle, for a signing?

I could set it up at our local Book N'Brush for Saturday late morning or early afternoon? If you are driving up, it would be a quick stop right off the I-5 freeway!

Oh please oh please oh please!!!

Marie O:-)


To echo Michelle and Peggy - any chance of one in LA (or Pasadena or better yet, Santa Monica? :)


The recipe says you can also use green lentils instead of split peas. Do Puy lentils work or are they too hard?

HS: Hi Molly, I'd skip Puy lentils for this soup. Green split peas give the best bright green color if you don't overcook them, green lentils cook up a shade bit darker. You can do a blend as well.

molly @ mollys menu

pray do tell what kind of flowers are those?


Love the new book! Wonderful wonderful.

Diane Clark Johnson

I'll see you in either SF or Berkeley...I haven't decided yet. But I'm excited to meet you!


I would definitely come to a book signing if you had one in Salt Lake City!


Rocky Mountain Woman

Gorgeus flowers! And soup is also fantastic. Thank you for inspiration :)

Everyday Emotion

love the glass containers the soup is in ..... where can we find those?

HS: They're just little Weck jars I picked up at Heath Ceramics.


Do you think you'll do other signings in SF?? I'm out of town on April 7th but I'm a big fan and would love to meet you.

HS: Thanks Beverly, I'll be sure to give people the heads up on any other signings. But that's it for now.


Please come to DC for a signing!


Come to Minneapolis!


I just preordered the new book...can't wait for it...the table, flowers and all photos look lovely...


Lovely post. The flowers are gorgeous!

Elisabet Figueras

I SO enjoy your recipes! I do not tell you often enough! Sorry I live so far away...Barcelona....hope the book signings go very well! Wish I was there!
Flowers are beautiful and I can't wait for the recipes to follow!


Looks fabulous! Green with envy.x

Anna-Lisa malcolm gladwell. thanks for that link.


I have been cooking up some plans to visit the bay area in early/mid April to visit a great friend, celebrate my birthday, and hopefully catch one of your book signings. I was delighted to see that one falls on your birthday and just couldn't quite believe that the other is on mine! How exciting! Looking so forward to meeting you.

Julianna Starr

hello H & Co ! What a beautiful and delicious posting this one is !! However--what spurred me especially is the fact that I use an ongoing flower metaphor in my work..and for luncheons, encourage a menu that is related to gardening and flowers-portrayed by the food query for you is ~ do you have any edible flower recipes ??? Love to you & yours! M

Ms M Beres

Another beautiful post.


These flowers are beautiful and are definitely making me excited for spring. Love your photos!

Happy When Not Hungry

Those flowers are worthy of a comment. Brightened my drab day full of whiteboards and fluorescent lights.
The event looks perfectly delicious and perfectly understated in its elegance. Excited for you and your new book.


would love to see you in vancouver, bc, canada!


Heidi, thank you so much for posts, books, and fresh way of life! I'm a graduate student studying nutrition, and your blog has really helped me to revive my love for savoring and enjoying wholesome food instead of not-so-simply decoding its scientific composition on a regular basis. Thanks again---becoming and avid follower and getting my fellow dietitians on board...


I love Gladwell's spaghetti sauce talk, an all-time-best on TED for sure!


Oh, thank you Heidi for this recipe. I am scheduled for surgery soon, and will only be eating pureed meals while I heal up. This looks like a good healthy option that will be easy on the digestive tract.

Jan B

Very excited about the new book. Any update on how it will be launched in Australia - who will stock it etc.

Allie Hill

I can't wait for Seattle - or to get my hands on your book!

Kimberly Taylor

I wish you were coming to NYC so I could
a. meet you
b. have you sign my book that I pre-ordered from Amazon
c. get a set of the precious postcards.
Can those be ordered off of the site at some point? I'm sure it is an incredibly limited amount as you hand packaged them all... here's hoping.

Your emails are my favorite part of the week. thank you!
p.s. I assist Andy Olsen in his kitchen when they are in NY.

Lisa Adams

I don't think I've ever so eagerly anticipated a new cookbook. Everything you post is a joy to see and read.


That soup looks divine, I'm counting down the days until winter in Australia!


Hi~I am from South Korea.
I am studing English now.So My English skill is not good.
Here is very nice.
I am a housemaker,and I am interested in cooking.
I am happy to see your recipes.
Thank you^^

Mi Jung

I also appreciate that you always give us that extra-non-related-to-food thingy. It let us discover new universes, *languages* and different angles of Heidi Swanson beside the active and gifted food writer and recipe developer one.

Thank you for that.

Congrats on your book signing dates.

heidi leon

Hi Heidi- The flowers are gorgeous, and so is the soup. I absolutely cannot wait to buy your book. I hope one of your book events lands you in Austin Tx soon!! On another note- I've been reading your blog since about September 2009, and only recently did I attempt to make one of your recipes (Feisty Green Beans). What I love is its versatility. We didn't have any nuts or creme fraiche in the house, and I used cranberries instead of raisins, but it still turned out delicious.Thanks again for such awesome recipes and pictures. I can't wait for more!! -CH


What kind of flowers are in the first picture? I love them!! I need ideas for my wedding and those are gorgeous!

HS: Hi Heather, I think the ones you are asking about are the ranunculus. I love them too.

Heather T.

Kalamazoo, Michigan would love to host you as well! Until then, I hope to find a friend on the West Coast to snag an autograph for me... can't wait for your book to arrive at my doorstep:)

Anne Marie

How I wish you would be signing books in July instead - that is when I will be visiting Portland. Sending my brother to get me a copy (he has a small vineyard in Willamette Valley - need a lovely Chardonnay wine to compliment your goodies?) Good Luck! P

Polly Guerrero

Looks like it was a lovely day (regardless of the weather outside). Gorgeous peonies! The location, the food, the flowers... just perfect.


I can't wait to see you here in Portland! So glad you are making a stop here!


Please come to NYC!!!!! Please, please, please!

Oh, and i LOVE the first picture of the flowers :)


This is so exciting!! I love the idea of meet and EAT! I've never been to a book signing event like that. I'm putting the schedules in my phone. I'll definitely be joining you in SF or Berkeley. Looking foward to seeing you then!

Kitchen M

Congrats on the new book, Heidi. If you ever find yourself passing through Montana, we'd love to have you stop into our store for a book signing and to teach a class. We're recommending your blog and recipes to folks here all the time.


what a beautiful looking soup!
i can smell it already!

alana (at) the food

Words can't express how your life inspires me. Hope you make it to Boston some day!! I've pre-ordered the new book. Can't wait to get it.


I love your site! Everything I have made is a hit here with me, hubby and 3-yr old Oliver. You turned ALL of us on to raw kale salad! As a former Oakland resident, I read about your adventures in SF and pretend I am still your East Bay neighbor.
I had green lentils that I bought on a whim, so made this soup for dinner last night. I served it in a wide bowl with a piece of potato, onion, spinach and chevre gratin. It was delicious together!
Please announce loudly if you ever plan to come to Las Vegas....


If you come to Denver. I'm there and will get a crew to attend.

Andrea @ Fork Fingers Chopsticks

Drizzly Sunday, hot soup, gorgeous flowers - what a perfect combination!


I'm de-lurking after 8 years or so. Just bought your first cookbook yesterday and I'm excited to come to the Dalloways reading and get your second book! Yay!

HS: Looking forward to seeing you there Andie!

Andie East

The opening bit of your new book I was able to read on Amazon has me unbelievably excited for my upcoming adventure to SF! For someone who thinks and cares about food (and the ocean!) as much as I do, my mind just reels with the limitless possibilities SF has to offer - I'm so glad I can make it to your meet & eat book signing while I'm there, you've been such a wonderful inspiration and I can't wait to thank you face-to-face : )

*also, those are the most beautiful ranunculuses I have every seen, a sure fav of mine!

Julianna Starr

Oh those peonies are gorgeous!
My family and I have been away from the Bay Area for almost a year and seeing your photos makes me homesick and look forward to returning to the good life there!
Thanks for sharing with the rest of us,

yummy supper

Or are those ranunculus? Whatever they are they are stunning!

yummy supper

So! Gorgeous! Just quietly, I, for one, definitely don't feel cheated without a recipe... Thanks for sharing your other interesting bits and bobs.

Cannot wait til I can start cooking from the new book.

Mrs D

You photography never ceases to amaze me. Furthermore- the spiked sparkling water- LOVE. Great work. :)


Everything looks beautiful. I have some green lentils in my fridge leftover from last week so thank you for the idea.


Heidi - the new book is beautiful, you've really outdone yourself. I hope you'll have signings in my neck of the woods (Chapel Hill area) at some point in the future!

Monika {windycityvegan}

Having the lentil soup for lunch right now. Tastes delicious although mine looks rather brown than green. I used regular lentils but I always thought they were considered green. I had several herbs on hand so I mixed some mint, cilandro and chives. It definitely needs the greenery as it freshens up the slighly spicy soup a bit. I pureed half of the soup and left the other as is. Very satisfying lunch. Question now remains: What to do with the left-over coconut milk in my fridge?

HS: Glad you like it Janine, if you're looking for the brightest green color, seek out green split peas, use those, and be careful that you don't overcook them. Sometimes I use all lentils, sometimes green split peas, sometimes a mix. Whatever I have on hand really.


so glad you are coming to portland! excited to meet you at last!

ms. tea

I am so disappointed! I was just in a class taught by Kim Boyce and she mentioned you two would be doing a signing together. Bummer, it is the one weekend this spring that I am out of town. Sorry to miss it.


those are beautiful flowers. In a past life I would arrange flower decorations for events (mostly weddings, which I still do on occasion). I've learned that sometimes simple is better and less is more.

When arranging my flowers I would always include a few staple flowers in all of my arrangements and I would carry it over to make a theme out of it.

thanks for the recipe too. wish I enjoyed peas more, because it looks great.


Yeah, what's up with no LA on the book signing tour? Not fair! [-X


Gorgeous pictures, I've always wanted to take a floral design class so I'll definitely check out little flower school!


I can't believe it! I am in Portland when you will be in Seattle for the signing, and in Seattle the night before when you will be in Portland - what are the chances? Harumph. Come back again this summer!


Lovely flowers! I hope to meet you at a signing.

Maris (In Good taste)

Hi Heidi. I love the font on your site- would you mind telling me the name? Thanks!


Philly is a great place to sign books. ;-)


Pre-order in, hope you make it to the Chapel Hill/Carrboro area for a signing some day!


See you in Portland!


When are you coming to New York?! We are very much looking forward to having you on the East Coast!


The soup is crazy good! Made it with the green split peas. The curried brown butter took it over the top. Thanks!


I can't get over your gorgeous pictures, especially the first one. I am making it part of my screen saver photo collection I love it so much!


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