Super Natural Every Day: Six Recipe Sampler

Super Natural Every Day: Six Recipe Sampler

Hi all, I feel like today is a big day for me. As promised, I'm over-the-moon excited to share a handful of recipes from Super Natural Every Day with you. It feels like it has been a long time coming! You can download the recipe sampler PDF here. The file is quite small, just 2MB. It is twenty pages in length, and includes six of my favorite recipes from the new book. It also includes a number of photo out takes that didn't make it into the final book. In short, a little teaser of the book to come.

Super Natural Every Day Recipe Sampler

I can't remember if I've mentioned this before, the book chapters are organized: breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, drinks, treats. Structured in the way a typical day might unfold for me. The recipes are all written in cups / oz / grams. Which I hope will be helpful for those of you who are cooking from it who aren't from the U.S. And, as you can see in that graphic up above, the sampler includes recipes for Millet Muffins (thank you Jess, my nephew loves these), Ravioli Salad, Avocado & Mustard Seeds (a terrific way to use avocados that isn't guacamole), Black Sesame Otsu, Tinto de Verano, and a Tutti-Frutti Crumble (I put beaujolais & poppy seeds in this).

I'll leave it at that for now, and simply say, I hope you enjoy these recipes as much as I do. Thank you all for your ongoing support, excitement, and encouragement. And(!) thank you Toni for making me a pretty PDF for me to share :) -h

For those of you who have missed the last couple of book-related posts, Super Natural Every Day is available for pre-order on Amazon for $13. There is a list of alternate retailers on this page, and on the final pages of the recipe sample PDF as well.

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what joy. You must be so proud, looks fabulous. can't wait to read every word. Congratulations, Heidi!!!


Can't wait to get my copy of the book! In fact, I think I will be picking it up and meeting you both at the Little Flower School next month. Excited to get cooking with these new recipes!


Thank you for sharing. This looks beautiful. I can't wait to try the books and look through the entire book.


Oops, I meant I can't wait to try the recipes and look through the entire book.


Those recipes look delicious! I can't wait to try them.


How exciting! I can't wait to pick up my copy. Thanks for this little preview.


Wow, the design is gorgeous! Looks very rustic and natural. Definitely want to try some of the recipes and might pick up the book!

Earl Lee

Thank you for the sampler! The pictures are stunning, and I'm excited to try these recipes. I'm looking forward to seeing the whole book soon! Congrats to you!


Heidi, the sampler is gorgeous! The millet muffin and avocado recipes look especially intriguing. A quick question, though: you specify raw millet in the muffin recipe--is most millet at grocery stores raw? I've just never seen it labeled either way. I didn't know that millet was available any other way but raw.

HS: Hi Katie - I just meant raw, as in uncooked. Sorry for the confusion!


Thanks! The sampler is just what I need to help me wait until my copy arrives to Australia.


Wow, that cover is just incredible. My jaw dropped when I saw it!


This looks absolutely lovely, Heidi! Healthy, accessible, and easy to put together recipes are something everybody needs. Well done!

Coco @ Opera Girl Cooks

Eee! How exciting! Thanks for the teaser! :)


heidi, this looks phenomenal! i love your descriptions... i feel like i can taste those millet muffins without even having made them yet. we love cornbread muffins, and i have a feeling these are going to make their way onto our list of standbys!

Carly from Yummrs

The new book looks beautiful, congratulations! Thanks for sharing the sampler.

Orit Levi

I can't wait to download this and I just ordered your first, I can be so ready for the second!! Thank you for adding the measurements in cups/oz/grams...this is a huge issue for me when I have to do the conversions. I never seem to be exact and am always guessing when I have to convert. Best of luck!!


The book looks amazing. Did you do some of the photography yourself? Also, thanks for keeping the book so reasonably priced. It looks like we get a lot of bang for our buck!


hi heidi - yay, the sampler looks fabulous and definitely makes me even more excited about the full-version book to come! the crumble looks especially good (besides otsu) - for one thing i love all sorts of crumbles, but it's more of the addition of beaujolais to the fruits. can't wait for the summer!


I ALWAYS love your recipes. They're streamlined and simple. They're delicious and healthy. I can't wait for your book!

Samantha Rivard

oooh, fantastic! thankyou so much for sharing :)
I am veryexited to try these recipes out, and surely also appreciate the non-USA-measurements included!



Excellent! The otsu is on my list for sure, as is the tutti-fruitti crumble once summer rolls around. I cannot wait for the book to come out!

Lauren @ Healthy Food For Living

Wow, looks great! congrats!

Simply Life

Wow, Heidi, the book looks positively gorgeous! I cannot wait to see the full, completed version.

I've enjoyed following you these past few years, and everything I've ever made of yours has been a smashing success. Keep up the excellent work :-)


Thanks so much for this! I'll surely be buying your book when it comes out.


what a great idea to do a sampler! love it. thanks from France heidi! x


What a beautiful sampler! Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

I've been a whole food and natural food eater for many years now and yet I still realize how much more I have to learn. My journey is influenced by your natural, healthful, and simple approach to food and cooking.

Can't wait for the book to come out! Congratulations.

Elizabeth (Foodie, Formerly Fat)

Heidi, everything looks absolutely beautiful. I cannot wait to get my copy! Thank you for giving us some samplers until I can actually get the book in my hands. So excited!!

(Not gonna lie, I don't think I've ever been so excited for a cookbook before!)


this looks beautiful! i can't wait for the release. Thanks for sharing!


I shared this on my Facebook page. It is beautiful!

Andrea - The Greenbacks Gal

Yum! I am going to make the tutti-frutti crumble.


Heidi, thanks for this sneak peak! The recipes look fab - I can't wait to try the millet muffins :)


This is so exciting! I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for what feels like forever for your book. I really really can't wait.

I am a little bummed out that I can't print out the sampler (or even save it). It's kinda hard to cook with your laptop out on the kitchen counter. I'll have to make it work I guess. The Millet Muffins are calling me!


I am so excited for this book! I have pre-ordered my copy already. Congrats, it is a stunning cookbook!


The sample looks beautiful. I'm looking forward to having the full book in my hands and reading it through.

I first came to your site due to the recipes, but I love gazing at your photographs.

I hope you enjoy much success with the publication of "Super Natural Every Day".


Thanks so much for this! The design is beautiful and the recipes look amazing. Can't wait to try one!

Maryea {Happy Healthy Mama}

Oh, what fun! Thank you so much for sharing these recipes and for including both imperial and metric - It makes it all the more enjoyable in my Australian kitchen.


Thank you for sharing your wonderful recipes! I enjoy your blog immensely and always look forward to your recipe ideas and your wonderful photos.


Beautiful! I am really looking forward to getting my hands on this book. Congratulations on a what looks to be a wonderful piece of work.


Congrats on your book. New to your blog and you have some really great sounding recipes and lovely photos.


Cannot wait for your book to come out! Your recipes are amazing.

Jen @ keepitsimplefoods

I cannot wait to make that tutti-frutti crumble recipe and to use the wine recipe for hopefully a beach trip this summer. this book looks amazing!


Most excited for the millet muffins and to get a real copy of the book soon!! Your photos are simple + stunning. You have inspired me beyond anything I could ever type out in a comment box! ;) Thank you!


Dear Heidi, kudos from Portugal, and thank you for your ever-present generosity :)
Saki (or SusySaki)


Ah! So excited for this! Thanks for sharing the weatlh. Your recipes are like opeining up a new gift each post. So this is like Christmas!


Absolutely breathtaking Heidi - thank you for sharing the beautiful recipes, can't wait to see the rest of the book!


Looks beautiful. Congrats!

Rosemary Hanson

Thanks for this! cannot wait to try some things out.


I just made the millet muffins. The batter tastes great,let's hope I did a good job.


congrats, heidi! what a great feeling to be so close to actual publication. finally got a copy of your first book (after being an avid reader of your blog for the last several years) and have so been enjoying that. I have a feeling I'll be ordering the second one, too--and soon! :)


The avocado snack looks amazing - I can't wait to try it. Thanks for sharing a sample of your book!

Snack Girl

Stunning and exciting! Literally cannot wait to get my hands on it, Heidi! Must be such a joy to see it coming to fruition. Happy (almost) weekend--stay warm!

Megan Gordon

Congratulations and thank you for sharing a sample of your new book with us! Your photos are beautiful and I'm so happy you paired a photo with every recipe, I'm always disappointed when cookbooks aren't full of pictures!


Hello from South Africa, Heidi. I think you've just solved Christmas gifting for me. At $13 a copy, your beautiful book will still be affordable shipped out here, as an end-of-year gift to each member of my management team!


I'm so happy to see 'breakfast' as one of the categories (my favorite!). You go girl!

HS: I love a good breakfast!


Interesting recipes and a very nice layout too. The photos are beautifully organized.


These look so good! I've been reading your blog and riffing on your recipes for a couple years now. I'm looking forward to adding your newest book to my collection.

Dev Davis

Pre-ordered about a month ago, & cant wait, wish you so much enjoyment from your new labour of love and want to thank you for sharing with us all these great recepies, just yesterday I made your cashew cauliflower curry, it was sooo good I couldn't stop eating it!!!! Thank's again Heidi


Congratulations Heidi! These recipes look tempting, creative, and healthy.

molly @ mollys menu

wow, thanks for sharing these recipes. i look forward to trying them out, especially the fruit crumble. i have some cherries in my freezer i've been wanting to use:)


Congrats on your cookbook! The pictures are gorgeous! Can't wait to try the crumble!

Molly @ Toffee Bits and Chocolate Chips

I just pre-ordered! Can't wait!

Jen B

looks amazing, and this makes me even more excited to get my pre-ordered copy!

laura @ alittlebarefoot

Congrats on the book. I just pre-ordered (yay!) and I'm looking forward to getting all those great recipes. I too have a blog (just something that I do for fun since giving birth to my son), so I can appreciate the time it takes to assemble the recipes, write the text and take the photos. All your hard work is paying off. Best of luck.


I'm so excited for you! And for me because I have some fun new recipes to try! I'm especially excited for the Millet Mufins and Ravioli.


Thank you ! Congratulations, enjoy your moment !

Ciao Florentina

This is really a beautiful book and as always the recipes are approachable and delicious with a touch of the unusual. There is a wonderful product from your area I think you would enjoy- Vertjus by Terra Sonoma. I just tried it and keep finding new and great ways to use it- more fun with food!

HS: Hi Claudia -Terra Sonoma is great. I actually did letterpress with Karin years ago. I love their saba as well as the verjus. :)


Everything looks delicious! Thanks for sharing!

Anne @ Baking Me

Love the photos, looking forward to this issues and the next book coming. Bask in the sunlight of your success.


It looks beautiful! I just pre-ordered 2 copies! One for me, one for a friend! Can't WAIT!


just placed my order. can't wait. the book looks beautiful. congratulations!


It looks beautiful! Congratulations! So exciting for you!


Thank you this sampler; not sure which I am savoring more, the photos or the recipes. I do know I am very excited for the book.

Like Monica, I was unable to print the sampler, though I was able to save it. Was this an intentional choice on your part of could this be an error on our end?

HS: Hi Leandre. I'm running around for the next couple hours, but I'll look into it. It might just be the way the file is saved. It might be that the "protected PDFs" don't print? Let me ask Toni and get back to you.


can't wait!! ordered months ago and it will be here soon!!!!


i think....... i think i love you


Looks absolutely lovely. But Heidi, please, please, please tell me that you've included some beets in this book! In all the years that you've been doing this wonderful blog (and all the years I've been reading it), there is only ONE recipe that includes beets- the BEST root veggie on the entire planet! My heart swoons when I think of the day that Heidi Swanson posts another beet recipe.

HS: You know, I had a salad the other night with shaved beets in it - that I really liked. I'm funny about beets. Sometimes I really like them, other times not at all. Mostly the latter. Daniel Patterson always works magic with beets. I like beets a lot when he cooks them.


Congratulations on your latest cookbook! I'm also a UCSD grad, and first read about you in the alum mag, and have been enjoying your food and travels ever since. The preview PDF is a nice little gift - thank you! - and looks gorgeous on the iPad. Best of continued luck to you!


FAVORITE photo ever posted on your site: fruit crumble at the top. Gorgeous. Pre-ordering now. Congratulations.

Susan Sullivan

Thank you for this sneak peak! I can't wait to see what other fabulous recipes you have in your book!


Thank you!! I love this and I can't wait to start cooking from this. What a wonderful gift and a great way to start the day.


Congrats on the new book and thanks for the sampler! I love this site and I'm looking forward to the book. If the sampler is any indication, it looks like it will be great


Love your style, Heidi and wish you all the best with your fabulous new cookbook!!
Your lovely, healthy, scrumptious recipes have been a big inspiration to me. Thank you so much for sharing this talent of yours.


oh, thank you!!

kosenrufu mama

Everything looks wonderfully aestheticly pleasing and tastebud satisfying. Congrats!

lauren @ spiced plate

Wow, thank you! The layout is beautiful--I like how it perfectly matches the aesthetic of the original SNC book. I'm definitely going to have to make some of that crumble as soon as the farmer's market produces more than just strawberries--maybe with buckwheat flour subbed in for some of the wheat. Who can say in this brave new day and age?

HS: Let me know how it goes Eileen. I can't get enough buckwheat or rye flour these days, and love to know different ways people are putting them to use.


that looks just wonderful! can't wait for the book, any chance to post the nutritional value too?


SO thrilled! Thank you for sharing the recipes. :)

Shaheen {The Purple Foodie}

That top picture looks sooo yummy.


Your new book looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL, Heidi! I pre-ordered my copy a few weeks ago and am very anxious to get it! I have Super Natural Every Day and cook from it regularly. Some of my very favorite recipes come directly from you. Your style of cooking is simple, elegant, and down-to-earth... and that's why I love it so much. Thank you for sharing your gift and continually providing inspiration. Congratulations!


your newest book looks just stunning! the photos in the sampler are so gorgeous! I especially love the first photo you used for this post! and I love the way the chapters are structured! I can't wait to have the actual book! congratulations!!!

charlotte s

Hi, I just discovered your blog a couple of months ago. I have made so many recipes from your blog. They are all great! I will definitely be ordering your book! Thanks so much for all the trouble you go through to make recipes and share with others


Truly beautiful and I can't to try the avocado dish!

Jamie G. Dougherty (JAMIE|LIVING)

The recipes look good as always! Congrats on the new book. :)

As a funny aside: The ads that appear on your page are sometimes really bizarre. I was reading along, natural cooking... feeling the organic love... and then WHAMMO!!! Mega-makeup fakey looking glamour chick with GIANT eyelashes!!! LOL. Not exactly what I was thinking about as I was reading. You know, whole grains, avocados, ravioli and... Revlon? LOL Made me laugh.


Wow, this looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

Claire @ Un Bello Aperitivo

Can't wait - lovely stuff.


thank you for this teaser. it's working. : )


Thank you for your generous sharing of recipes from your new book. I can't wait to try them and to see the book


Thanks for sharing this! I am loving the millet muffins.

Melomeals: Vegan for $3.33 a Day

I'm so very excited for this book (which I have pre-ordered). Thank you for your other, lovely books and for your tasteful suggestions on this site. I made the Otsu on Tuesday, because I couldn't possibly wait, and it was delicious.

HS: Glad you liked it Elizabeth!


I really want to pre-order your book; but I was just wondering: Do you prefer a certain vendor? Like, do you just like a certain vendor more or get money if we purchase your book through a particular vendor? Just wanted to know! :)

Satpreet Kahlon

Hi, Heidi! First time commenting here, although I have loved your site- it has truly turned my into a whole grains and vegetable foodie! I've pre-ordered your book and am so excited to get it in my hands. These look just delicious. Thanks so much for sharing and inspiring again and again...


Beautiful Heidi - and the much awaited antidote to French cooking. I came home tonight to feast my eyes on your beautiful photographs and food. SO looking forward to the book.


THANK YOU everyone for all the nice words. I owe a good number of you individual responses up above and will try to do that tonight when I get home this evening. Hope you all enjoy the rest of your week. :) xo -h


Thank you, Heidi! For the sampler, for the recipes and for the inspiration in the kitchen.


'IT' has been pre-ordered for a long time now.
Anxiously awaiting and thank you for all your work and inspiration!!!


Thanks for the sampler! I'm so excited for Super Natural!

Happy When Not Hungry

I am so excited for your book and I'm ordering one for a friend as a surprise:):):) Your photos and meals are so beautiful and always so inspiring. I would love to meet you sometime and hope that you do a book tour near Minneapolis so I can drive over!!!!!! Keep us posted.

sally mae

Hooray Heidi. I'm sure it's beautiful, healthy, and useful. I can't wait to get my hands on it and put these Berkeley grocery stores to the test.

HS: I have a copy ear-marked for you Heather. As soon as they come in, I'll pop it in the mail. Thanks for being a great tester. Again. :)

RookieMom Heather

Thank you so much for this sampler! My husband gave me your first book this Christmas! Your cooking inspired a new cooking lifestyle for me. I feel your cooking is like a good novel that not only give you great phrases to remember, but also inspires you to write well. Thank you so much!


I loved this sampler! Cannot wait to get my hands on a copy of SNE . .. if the budget permits. I am going to try these recipies soon! (Yes crumple of tutti fruitti goodness I got my eyes on you!).


What a wonderful gift to share with everybody.
:-) Mandy

Mandy - The Complete Cook Book

What a lovely taste of your book - I can't wait to have a copy in my hands to read properly & it has been so nice of you including us all in the journey of this new book!
My sister will be travelling through parts of the US in mid to late April and is curious (like others) to know if you have planned a book tour?

HS: Hi Kate! I don't think I'm going to do a traditional book tour, but I'll definitely be doing a couple signings, events. And maybe a few Farmers Market demos.


Such a tease! Can't wait for the finished version.
My question is: do you eat like this every day? Are there any days when you don't have time to cook? Any advice/recipes for busy people who still want to eat "super naturally" ? Make-ahead, etc ? Merci beaucoup Heidi!

HS: Sure! There are days I cook a lot, and days I don't cook at all. I mix it up quite a lot. I might make super quick things across a couple days, and then do a big pot of something that takes a bit more time - a stew or curry. I'll freeze leftovers which makes for quick meals a few week out...The new book has a lot of those sorts of recipe/tips.


I loved the millet fried rice from your first cookbook and I'm so excited for these millet muffins. Thank you so much!


Congrats. Layout looks great; bright yellow cheers the soul as much as the food inspires it!


Beautiful, Heidi. Thank you so much for sharing; I'm going to try making the millet muffins soon! :) I love your writing and your style!


Thank you for this wonderful little tease, for all your stunning photos and recipes, the wonderful ingredients that you use. From my bedroom window, I can see barley and buckwheat grow, and pumpkins and poppy, all the things I used to hate as a child but I've grown to love mainly because of this site. I'm still waiting for my Super Natural Cooking, which will be my first bought cookbook ever. I've been using my mom's cookbooks up to now and the ones I can get in my eastern European country are just collections of recipes with dull photos of dead food.
It's truly wonderful that you're adding grams and kilos. And that your recipes are always so detailed and well-structured. Two years ago, I couldn't even make a pancake, and now I can make the whole house smell like cinnamon and do that magic thing, where you put a cookie into your mouth and after you have eaten it the awesome taste of ginger starts kicking in. All thanks to you, Heidi Swanson.

HS: Such a nice note TM, you've made my morning. I love that you can see some of my favorite ingredients from where your home. :)


can't wait to give these a try.

ann in indy

Beautiful pictures. Lovely recipes. How can you provide your cookbook at such a reasonable cost? I'm sure everyone will want to preorder. I can't wait for my copy.

HS: Hi Renee - I think one factor is that both Super Natural books are soft-back/ soft-cover. There are a lot of factor that go into pricing, but typically the price difference between hard-back and soft-back is pretty dramatic.



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Positively gorgeous, can't wait to make everything in the sampler and your new book.


The Millet Muffins are delicious! I just made them and already ate two. They kind of remind me of a lemony cornbread :)


I'm a long time reader of your site although I don't comment very often. I really relate to your food philosophy and can't wait for your book :)


I made the tutti-frutti crumble last night and it was delicious! I used strawberries and blueberries and brandy.

One issue I had, though, was with the crumble topping coming together. It wouldn't really form a dough, so I added another tablespoon of melted butter and double checked all my ingredients. Still too dry to form a patty. I figured, since it is a crumble after all, I would go with it. It worked out fine, but I still feel the the end product was a bit drier than I would have preferred. Maybe it's supposed to be a 1/2 cup butter? If I can I will try it again and let you know.

Christina Wagenet

Thank you Heidi! I can't wait to get my own copy of SNE. The food looks gorgeous (as usual).

My friend Laura and I had a Super Natural Cooking night where we tried out recipes we'd missed from your earlier book and we loved the farro with green onion sauce. I've been on a green onion kick ever since.


This is so exciting Heidi...I'm so happy for you. You are fabulous. Keep up the amazing cookin' and bakin'!!

The Healthy Apple

Thanks for sharing this wonderful sampler Heidi!
I'm so excited about the new book. Congratulations on all of your success! I want to be like you when I grow up : )

Jenné @ Sweet Potato Soul

Dear Heidi

I have been meaning to write to you since I first discovered your amazing blog. Well done, congratulations and ... I just made avocado and mustard seeds [on toast] and it has, again, been a delight to use your recipes!!!! ... and did I say congratulations????
I'm ordering your book and can't wait to open it when it arrives sometime after its release.

Thank you thank you.

Sheila Mann

Really looking forward to your new book.
I know it must be a lot of hard work, for sure.


Lisa xo

Lisa @

Can't wait for your next book. The pictures look delicious!


Can't wait to get it. Will need to wait till Book Depository carries it though as Amazon is too exxy postage wise to buy in Australia.


Heidi, thank you so much for the teaser recipes! Otsu is one of my favorites from your previous book (I just made it last week, in fact), and I can't wait to try the black sesame version.

I'm so grateful your book is being published in the UK at the same time as it is in the US — I moved from San Francisco to Cambridge in the last year, and I've been looking forward to ordering your book.



I just made the millet muffins for breakfast. They were divine. I also splurged yesterday and bought both of your books from Amazon as a treat and respite from intense schooling - your website has allowed me brief moments of cooking creativity when my spirit is feeling stifled by books and paper. Thank you so much! Your blog has had true impact and I look forward to the day the books arrive.


Sarah Hrabi

I have to admit, I am happily addicted to your site. Your photos, and your delicious assortment of vegetarian recipes have made my kitchen a very happy and inspiring place to be. I came across you last spring, and have made a good collection of your recipes...more than from anywhere else in my 29 years. Sometimes being a vegetarian, I can get stuck in a rut, and forget all the beautiful tasting foods there are out there. You have introduced me to so many new flavors, and have taught me so much. I can't wait to have your book on my counter (currently my laptop has been an essential cooking tool). I have been trying a new recipe of yours 1-2 times a week and share them, and your site with my friends and family. I made the ravioli salad last night, and my fiancee said "this tastes fancy". It was really good. I used Arugula and Parmasean raviolis. I already bought everything for the Avocado and Mustard Seeds for tonight, and I can't wait to try it. I wish you all the best and prosperity on your journeys in and out of the kitchen. Much love.


I've been so excited for this! Can't wait to try out all your fantastic new recipes, Heidi!


Yum! I can't wait for the full book :)


Heidi, there are some days you make me want to eat my screen. Today is one of them.

Finally getting around to making the ww chocolate chip cookies from a week or two back, and I've sworn to making them in cookie style vs. skillet. I fear being cooped up in the snow with an entire skillet full of cookie is a bad, bad thing.

Heard you guys got a dusting in SF too? We're happily passing our weather south to you! Time for a soup recipe.


Can someone tell me what the difference (if there is one) is between raw millet and sprouting millet? I can only find sprouting millet in my area and was wondering if that's fine to use in the muffin recipe. They look delicious!


Hi Heidi,
Love the PDF idea, but could you turn on the print function pretty please.


Would you please consider posting some birthday cake or cupcake recipes. My daughter has a birthday party coming up and I would like to know what you have in your treasure trove of goodies.


The millet muffins are so delicious! I made them this morning and have already eaten two. The little millet crunch, tangy lemon, and honey are an incredible combo. Thank you!


Wow - just gorgeous! I can't wait to try the millet muffins and avocado and mustard seed. I've been trying to incorporate more healthy ingredients in my everyday cooking and your recipes make it easy. Thank you!

Alice at Northeast Locavore

gorgeous! you always have the most delicious recipes.:)


Absolutely stunning, and clearly shows your care and love for food and good ingredients! Have just pulled the millet muffins from the oven (had to use OJ and spelt flour, all I had on hand and H-A-D to try them). Barely let them cool then inhaled one...bliss. Good luck with the book! I have preordered my copy :-)


I cn`t wait to download this recipes mmm.


Gorgeous recipes and photos, as always. I made the millet muffins this morning and posted about them on my blog. They turned out beautifully-- just as I'd hoped.

Here's a link to my post if anyone's interested:


Thanks so much for the sampler. Your millet muffins were the star of our Sunday brunch yesterday. It was a sunny winter morning here in Montreal, Canada, and we are hoping for an early spring, so I used maple syrup instead of honey. The muffins came out great. Can't wait to buy the book!


$13 is a bargain price. Thank you!


your photography is really beautiful...

anna hedworth

Thanks for the sampler! I can't wait to try the crumble and ravioli. I'm so excited for the full book!


Congratulations! I'm very excited for you - hope the book is wildly successful. I've loved every recipe that I've ever made from your site and I love reading about your life in San Francisco. It makes me incredibly homesick, especially for the farmers markets.


Tinto de verano - one of my favourite summer tipples!!


Thanks a lot for sharing!
I'm sure I will enjoy your book.

Elisabet Figueras

Amazing! You are so incredibly talented. It's inspiring. I can't wait to check out your book.


All of these recipes look incredible. I especially can't wait to try the ravioli and avocado recipes! Best of luck with the book.

Mrs. Stranded

Thankyou for the sample. Lovely recipes. Already tried the avocado and mustard seed. WOW!! so simple. Good luck with it all.

Sue Read

Just a question about and old post on chocolate chip cookies that you made from one of David Lebovitz's recipes. Was the oven temperature supposed to be 300? As it is written on the post or is it actually supposed to be 350? I didn't know where else to send a comment other then on your recent post. Thank you whether or not you get a chance to read this comment.


This book sample looks fabulous. Can't wait to try some of the recipes out!


Ok, the cover is wonderfull!
(The content too :D )


Congrats! Your photos are absolutely lovely.


Sense of Home

I just pre-ordered you book on Amazon. Going to download the pdf to hold me over. What a great idea. I just love you blog and your recpies. Everything I have tried has just been lovely.

Nicole @ The Dirty Oven

These are beautiful recipes! I made the millet muffins last night (never having tried millet before) and they were incredible! They aren't too sweet but full of flavor. I've been eating them plain but I think I might add some nut butter to my next one, just to be dangerous.

Can't wait for the book!


love food


wow! excellent!

sakis galan

i heart you, heidi. thanks for sharing all of your wonderful healthy recipes! your warmth translates right through them. :) excited for the book!


Thank you for the preview. You realize, I'm sure, that you've practically forced us to buy the book with this teaser. (just kidding, kinda). I have already eaten too many millet muffins for one day and I want more. I did halve both the butter and the honey. I like my muffins less sweet than savory and I just couldn't force that whole cube of butter into the bowl. It just wouldn't cooperate. I did however slather them with butter and Happy Girl strawberry lavender jam. Very tasty.
Thanks for the preview.
ps I'm glad a mention was made concerning the print function, I thought I was crazy or incompetent.


Your passion for cooking and generosity in sharing recipes is infectious and wonderful. Thank you. I just made the millet muffins and, since I live alone, am seriously torn between sharing some with my neighbor and eating them all myself. The latter is winning. Truly an easy, delicious recipe. And it makes the house smell like heaven.

Oh, tweaks: I used just over 1/4 cup of maple syrup because that's what I had on hand. Just sweet enough for me. I also added 1/2 tsp of vanilla extract, just because I thought of it.

And, in moving away from nonstick, I used my new Lodge cast-iron muffin pan. The combination of Heidi's recipe and the cast-iron pan turned out beautiful muffins that are a little smaller than those from a regular-sized pan, which I appreciate. No sticking, either. Any interested parties can find the pan on Amazon. (No affiliation, just someone newly obsessed with cast-iron everything.)


I am having trouble accessing the download but would love the muffin recipe!


Leslie, Lynna posted a link to her blog post about the muffins. It contains the recipe.


I already commented once, but now that I've made your millet muffins, I had to come back and add my thanks for a recipe that works PERFECTLY. I am a total muffin fiend and pretty picky about baked goods--especially baked goods that don't turn out the way an author describes--but these were so easy to make and turned out exactly the way you said they would. plus, they're like the super-ultimate muffin: fluffy, moist (but NOT gummy), with such wonderful, balanced flavors. I loved the little hint of lemon in there (I used a meyer lemon), and the millet adds just the perfect texture. thank you, heidi. a total keeper recipe!


Thanks for the recipes Heidi. I made the Black Sesame Otsu last week, and although I had to substitute white sesame since I didn't have any black ones on hand, the result was fantastic. My seven year old had it for dinner that night, and had the left-overs for lunch the next day, and the day after :)



thanks for the sampler. it's so good looking! i just made the avocado and mustard seed recipe, serving it with leaves of endive. delicious and totally satisfying. i've had your book on pre-order for a while and am so excited to have it in a month! you are remarkable.


Heidi- I am so excited to see the whole cookbook. The preview that you sent was great. I am sittiing with my dog and cat and they are quiet allowing me to read- I recently hurt myself solaying on some pillows and finally opened the computer - so excited for you and what great work - I have looked at cookbooks fo years.

Trixie Ann Geller

Wowieeee congratssss girl!!! :D That's exciting news for you! And your food and photos are just so utterly beautiful~seriously


The sample looks amazing. Can't wait to try out those recipes before the actual book comes out. Thanks so much for sharing!

Charlottesville Sybarite

So glad you shared some of these recipes in advance of the book release! I baked the millet muffins this morning and they are super delicious! I look forward to trying the other recipes in your book.


Hi there Heidi! Just sitting by the post box waiting for "Super Natural Cooking" to arrive! I just discovered your blog by accident and it's my new best friend! Yours are the only recipes that satisfy both my 17-yr-old vegetarian son and my totally carnivorous husband. (Still have to make a "side dish" of meat for hubby though....) Living way down here in New Zealand, at the bottom of the world, I've had to make the odd substitution but so far everything has turned out just delicious. Maybe because we are such a teeny-tiny country it's actually easier to source UN-processed foods! Thanks so much - your blogs brighten my day!


Absolutely beautiful!! I cannot wait until I receive mine (&one as a gift for a friend). I want to try them all. Your photos are amazing. Ah such talent...


Heidi, You are an inspiration! Thank you for sharing your recipes on this blog, and now in a cookbook. Your photos, travel info, attention to detail and super wholesome recipes are a gift to us all. Congratulations on your publishing!


Thanks for your awesome sampler but I can't save it - it is password protected. Can you pass over the password?



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