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A list of a handful of site updates including a new FAQ, community section, and the ability to print recipes with photo.

Site Updates

My guess is that many of you have experienced plenty of cooking and eating over the past few days. Another recipe is probably the last thing you need from me. So, instead of a recipe today, I'll call out a couple site updates you may (or may not have) noticed over the past couple of weeks.

- Print with photo: Many of you requested the ability to print recipes with the lead photo - in addition to the plain-old print w/o photo capability. Done. Now at the base of each recipe there is a print with photo link. It will take you to a page that looks like this, or this, or this.

- FAQ: This is looong overdue. But I've finally added a FAQ (frequently asked question) link to the main navigation.

- Build a Natural Foods Pantry: I added an ever-evolving reference section Building a Natural Foods Pantry. It focuses on how to gradually move toward more of a natural cooking palette by outlining which ingredients I like, and more importantly why I like them.

- Community: There is now a community link as part of the main/top navigation. I suspect this section will be ever evolving as well, but for now this section simply highlights a few of the ways you might use other sites and social networks to engage and participate with others in the 101 Cookbooks community. It shows how you might participate with other 101 Cookbooks readers/cooks on Flickr - if you use Flickr and happen to cook something from this site, simply tag it 101cookbooks. We've talked a lot about 101 Cookbooks as a Kiva lending team in the past (we've funded over $16,000 in loans so far). And lastly, I've set up a 101 Cookbooks page on Facebook - if you add yourself as a fan, you'll be able to keep track of events and/or announcements through that channel too.

Here's a question I have for you....

- Category lists: At the top of each post I used to list off every category a recipe was filed under. I've since removed this - to clean up the design more than anything. Are you missing it? I've thought about re-inserting this info back, but into the footer of each recipe. If you feel strongly either way, pop off an email and let me know.

That's it for now. Hope you all have a great weekend. -h

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My daughters and I use your recipes as a way of keeping in touch, since we all live in different cities. We enjoy our "did you try this one?" discussions.

Paula Collins

Heidi, got Super Natural Cooking at Costco last summer. We are simpatico. I'm jealous that you are on the west coast and I am on the east. We moved here from Santa Cruz, CA 10 yrs ago. Your website & book are the greatest. I'm a tech dinosaur so commenting here has been a 1st for me. You can't imagine how much my family has enjoyed the addition of your recipes to our daily fare. Just wish some of the ingredients were as readily available here as they are on your coast. Pat HS: Thanks for the nice note Pat, and welsome to the site! -h


I can't find the forums link. I would expect it to be under Community, but it's not. Although I could be totally overlooking. HS; HI Jon, I'm downplaying them for now, until I figure out what to do with them. I've made it so that the system won't allow new registrants. I might be moving to a new community solution that will be easier for me to moderate, and better for the site over all - less spam attacks and the like. Sorry for the inconvenience.


......forget doing cooking dems in Boston... come to Adelaide, South Australia, instead!! Do yo know much about the african spice, BAHARAT and recipes to use it in..(not that i have found the spice here, yet!)

Dionysia Palmer

all dishes are attractable.


The vegetarian meals does it for me. Happy Holidays to you and yours!!


You have been a busy girl :) These additions are fantastic - THANK YOU!


Great blog Heidi with loads of fabulous recipes - thanks. I'd like to give a response to Betsy and her request for information on complete protein, this is a concern often flagged up about vegetarian food. It's generally accepted these days that getting enough protein from your food isn't really an issue unless you're eating a very restricted diet or you fall into a particular group, such as growing children when your protein needs are high. Generally if you're eating enough calories you'll be getting enough protein. However if you want to maximis your protein intake from vegetarian food therea re certain food groups that have complementary amino acids. The following combinations maximise protein usability: legumes (beans, lentils) with grains grains with dairy foods legumes with seeds I hope this helps


I am really impressed at how you made a pile of dirty plates look so pretty in that photograph!



Trish in MO

Hi Heidi, Thanks a lot for the new features in ur site.... Priya


Hi, thanks for the site updates. I have one 'category' request -- I would love to be able to search the recipes by season, as I follow your site from Melbourne Australia, so we are in the midst of Spring and early Summer here. If you could add these categories in that would be wonderful. HS: Great idea Fleur - I'll add it to my list.


great site. so many good ideas and helpful suggestions. I would welcome the category lists. thks wendy

Wendy Hunt

What about the forum? Will that be going away?


Thanks for the information on Kiva. Never knew the site existed and I am so glad you mentioned it in your updates. Signed up, lent monies and joined the 101 Cookbooks lending team . How wonderfully inspiring and humbling to read how people are working to improve their lot in life. Just another important reminder of how very very lucky we with so much to be thankful for. Thank you Heidi


your recipies are great, but I sometimes have difficulties getting my hands on some of the ingredients so I have to improvise.Keep them coming


Oh my goodness! I just stumbled upon your site while looking for a spinach/pasta salad recipe. I feel like I've struck gold finding your site! Its wonderful - I love it. I'm going to tell everyone about it on my blog next week. Cheers!

Paisley St Claire

My vote is to keep the categories--I like having an idea of how to use the recipes and especially which ones are your favorites.


Nice! It'll be nice to print the recipes with the photos. :)

FIt Bottomed Girls

I just love your site, Heidi - thanks for all you do to make it so accessible, beautiful and delicious!


Heidi... I love your site - I am a visual person and the photos are wonderful and help me see how your great recipes should turn out. I love original art and your site provides such creativity and that aspect. Thank you for you sharing your site with all of us......Blessings, Ann


Congratulations, Heidi. Your site just gets better and better. I love that we can now print the photo with the recipe. I'm so pleased to be a member of this community and I just recommended the site to a dear friend.


Great menu and good food! Have a nice weekend!

David Santos

Heidi, you are an inspiration. I was introduced to your site by accident and it has been a truly wonderful accident. Thank you so much for your generosity, creativity, delicious recipes and your ongoing commitment to a truly professional service. Jill from Melbourne, Australia

JIll Murray

Heidi, you are an inspiration. I was introduced to your site by accident and it has been a truly wonderful accident. Thank you so much for your generosity, creativity, delicious recipes and your ongoing commitment to a truly professional service. Jill from Melbourne, Australia

JIll Murray

The changes are brilliant. Especially liking the print with photo option. But I will miss the categories. Agreed, it looks cleaner, but still missing it.


I don't want the photo to print because I don't have a color printer. However I am not seeing an option. when I print it says no ads will appear but it prints the recipe with photo but no ads. Thus it takes another piece of paper . HS: Hi Jan, at the base of each recipe you can still click on a separate link that will allow you to print without the photo. The same as before.


I love trying your recipes and made the sweet potato wt. orange zest & vinalla bean for Thanksgiving. I wish you would post nutritional facts as my husband is a diabetic, it would be so helpful. We are looking for ways for him to gain weight and avoid sugar. All comment, recipes, suggestions, or links are welcomed. Thanks for all your work.


I love trying your recipes and made several for Thanksgiving. I wish you would post nutritional facts. As a I am a diabetic, it would be so helpful. I do not miss the categories, as I find everything I need and much more. Thanks for all your work.


Very generous. Thanks. Love the new print with photo feature and all the other hard work you have put in to update your site :)

another outspoken female

Hello Heidi, We love your "Building a Natural Foods Pantry" information. Our dd14 is torn between your dessert recipes, and David Lebovitz's recipes. Her favorite sweets are your Animal Crackers, and David's Ginger Snaps with Black yummy! Thank you for sharing your passion with us :) Huge electronic hugs to you, Lesley (Mom) & Samantha (dd14, and future Nutritional Anthropologist)


I look forward to your receipes all week, and I made two of your dishes for thanksgiving, cormeal crunch and impossible pumkin pie. Thanks!


Thanks ever so much for the print with photo option, I've already used it several times. I've never referred to the category feature, so I won't miss it.


I love your generosity -- in all its forms and am very excited about printing your recipes with photos. Thank you.

Isabel from London

I really appreciate the reference section. It can be difficult to get some of the stuff you have listed in Argentina where I live, but whenever I'm back in the States, I try to bring home as much as I can! I made your pepita salad for Thanksgiving for a very international crowd (only with garbanzo beans--no yellow peas here, and the green peas turned to mush), and they loved it. I'm going to continue to experiment with more recipies!

Evie Abat

Great addition to your site...wish I could do that on my foodblog. thanx


I like the community idea. It packages all the networking sites into one area really well.

Culinary Cory

Heidi, you've just made your outstanding site even better. Thank you so much for such delicious vegetarian recipes! I love it. The other day I was shopping for groceries and eying-up the blueberries when an older gentleman approached and started quizzing me on how to cook without meat. I delighted in sharing a few tips learned here and then suggested he visit too.


I made the gingerbread you feature for Thanksgiving... it was moist, rich, delicious. we ate it again for breakfast.


I still wish you'd post nutritional facts. Also, since there's no meat involved, it would be nice to know which combination dishes add up to complete proteins.


Loving it all, Thank you for providing my family and I with a beautiful vegan thanksgiving spread! -Caroline


Wow! Thanks. It helps to have the photo.


I am always able to find what I want or need on your site so I don't feel the category listings with the post are necessary, and I appreciate your desire to have it cleaner design wise. As for the other updates, I will check them out. Thanks!!


The pumpkin pie recipe and freshly ground spice WAS excellent; I would grind the spices more finely the next time. A monster huge hit at a party recently was the wild rice (I had to use a Lundberg family black rice) and roasted pumpkin/onion salad. The sugar baby pumpkins were a pain to peel but it was worth the effort and they browned up beautifully with the right amount of turning. And succulent?! Oh la la.

Melissa Morse

As a previous poster stated - i also have no idea how i found you and this fab site. Am so grateful. Love receiving your emails. Thanks!


I love your site! It's beautiful looking and easy to find what I am looking for. I am happy there is an option to print with photos now. :)


Awesome changes! And I haven't noticed the category lists missing, but that's just me.

Tabitha (From Single to Married)

I noticed everything and it's beautiful and inspiring! and yes, I miss the categories.. Happy holidays, Ya'ara


I have no idea how I stumbled upon this site, but I cherish the day I did! I will never get tired of yous recipes, keep 'em coming!


Heidi, Great update. I love getting your recipes and trying them. I have many favorites already. The category list is helpful, so please keep it posted. Happy Thanksgiving weekend.

Jann Holzman

I love the emails I get during the week. I made your spice-it-up pumpkin pie! A hit with the family! Keep up the good work. A question for you, Do you have cooking classes in the Boston area? Thank you, Erin


Heidi - Well done updates. I do refer to your 'category' lists - what to buy and am most interested in the photography part. As for your recipes, they totally rock. Have tried several with much success. Happy post Thanksgiving.


You Rule Heidi. Well done :)


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