Buckwheat Flour Recipes

buckwheat flour recipes

Figgy Buckwheat Scones

These jammy, fig-swirled buckwheat scones are from Kim Boyce's inspiring new book, Good to the Grain, about baking with whole-grain flours.

buckwheat flour recipes

Breton Buckwheat Cake

A deliciously dense, buckwheat flour cake that can be baked off in a tart or cake pan. From David Lebovitz's new book, The Sweet Life in Paris.

buckwheat flour recipes

Nibby Buckwheat Butter Cookies

Alice Medrich's twist on a traditional butter cookie recipe from her latest book, Pure Dessert. She uses a knock-out blend of all-purpose and buckwheat flours.

buckwheat flour recipes

Power Waffles

A delicious yeast-leavened waffle recipe featuring oats, buckwheat flour, and crystallized ginger. A denser, heartier, more nutritious waffle, they also take longer to cook than a standard waffle, so they might not be the best choice for a waffle bar get-together.

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