Chicory Recipes

chicory recipes

Chicory Soup & Camino Photos

Camino in Oakland hosted a celebration dinner last week based on recipes included in Near & Far - I though I'd share some photos. Also, one of my favorite soups made the menu that night(!) and I've included the recipe here - a brothy, restorative barley soup with chicories punctuated with flecks of preserved lemon, a bit of chile confetti, and a silky dollop of creme fraiche.

chicory recipes

Job's Tears - You Need to Check Out this Power Ingredient

Job's Tears - you're missing out if you're not cooking with them. They're incredibly delicious, nutritious, and practically non-existent on the menus and tables I encounter. Here I share some of their perceived benefits, how I cook with them, and a Job's Tears in Coconut Broth recipe.

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