Using your Underutilized Steamer

Using your Underutilized Steamer

From what I can tell, steaming is a fantastic, under-utilized cooking technique. There are a number of ways to go about steaming - bamboo baskets, plastic microwave steamers (I'm not a fan of heated plastic), and ceramic steamers. I find myself using steam as a cooking technique increasingly for a number of reasons. It's deceptively fast. It maintains much of the vibrancy and vitally of ingredients. It's one of the most healthful ways to cook, and (as you'll see) it's surprisingly adaptable. I get a lot of questions about this steamer in particular. It makes appearances in some of my photos and Instagram videos, is a best-seller over at the studio, and I use it for cooking a couple of times a week.

A bit of backstory, I came across the aforementioned ceramic-based "modern" steamer a few years back, bought one for myself, and liked it so much that I eventually started stocking them in the Quitokeeto shop. Like many cooks, up until that point, I used inexpensive bamboo steamer baskets, and was completely fine - using the baskets to steam dumplings or vegetables, primarily. That said, the baskets weren't used often enough, and I hesitated to upgrade my steamer set up, suspecting a new steamer would be another single-use culinary object that would collect dust. But that hasn't been the case. I use mine a few times a week, love it, and am coming up with new ways to use it all the time. I drafted a list of all the ways I currently use my steamer and posted it here as a reference. Whether you have a steamer like mine, bamboo baskets, or an insert for a larger pot - dumplings, tamales, eggs, are all fair game. You can browse my list of steamer ideas and inspiration here.

Steamer Inspiration & Recipe Ideas

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This is such a great post! The idea to use a steamer for all of your ideas is brilliant. Thank you so much for sharing, Heidi!

I think one of the main reasons why steamers are not as popular as they should be, is that they are still regarded as a specialist kitchen item and/or only for Asian based cuisines. This, as you know, couldn't be further from the truth. Steamers are essential, everyday items in my household - we use it to steam vegetables, fruits, puddings, desserts, dumplings, even home made bread. My grandmother uses a stainless steel steamer nearly every day. It must be at least 30 years old and it still looks brand new. Our family have had many, many delicious meals from that steamer - Thanks Grandma :)

I have a metal steamer basket that I use all the time for vegetables. But it's true that I don't make dumplings and such that I would LOVE. Hmmm....

So true! I own a bamboo basket and I NEVER use it! I'm surely going to save your ideas and inspiration link ;)

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