Lillet Buttermilk Shakes

Lillet Buttermilk Shakes Recipe

A lot of things were banished to the basement in our recent move. The basement is expansive, and the general rule of thumb was this: if we weren't going to need it in the following three weeks, use a big, fat, Sharpie to indicate basement/sotano on the cardboard box. Straight to the basement. One perplexing item that ended up in the kitchen was a milkshake maker. After living in the garage for years, it seemed like the sort of thing that would go to the basement without much of a discussion. But apparently not. Wayne wanted to put it to use, so it has been hanging out, in my line of sight, for weeks. Correspondingly, the idea for this shake popped into my head. Tiny, thick vanilla buttermilk shakes spiked with Lillet.

Lillet Buttermilk Shakes

Buttermilk shakes are my favorite. But I like them small - more of a big shot than anything else. These turned out nicely in part because the Lillet brings a subtle booziness and fragrant citrus flavors to the creamy slush. I suspect a lot of you have herb gardens with basil plants that are sprouting pretty flowers right now - I picked a few from my planter, and sprinkled them on top of each shake.

Lillet Buttermilk Shakes

Let me know if you have other things you like to do with Lillet. I mention a few basic ideas down below in the head notes, but I'd love to know if any of you do anything super interesting with it. It's a favorite around here for sure. But typically just on the rocks or with a splash of sparkling water.


Lillet Buttermilk Shake

If you end up buying a bottle of Lillet just to make these shakes, don't limit it to shake-making. The occasional Lillet on the rocks, or Lillet & soda water are favorite summertime drinks around here. And a good way to work through the bottle.

2 cups / 1 pint vanilla ice cream (or, creme fraiche ice cream)
1/3 cup / 80 ml Lillet
1/3 cup / 80 ml buttermilk
basil flowers, optional

Let the ice cream sit out for 5 minutes or so, just to soften a bit. Add it to a bowl or milkshake cup. Pout the Lillet and buttermilk over the ice cream, and mix to combine. If you don't have a milkshake maker, you can use a hand blender, or just let the ice cream soften a bit, and mix by hand. In a pinch, you can make the milkshakes a bit ahead of time, and leave them in the freezer until needed. But not more than an hour or so - I like a thick shake, but you don't want them to set up / freeze too much. Serve in little glasses topped with a few basil flowers if you have them handy.

Makes a bunch of little shakes, or 4 larger shakes.

Prep time: 5 min

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la domestique
August 21, 2011

Oh I do love Lillet. Your shakes look elegant and tasty! I'm a fan of the small portion too. This week at my blog is devoted to melons- I'm thinking melon balls soaked in Lillet could be nice?


August 21, 2011

Ah! Everything about this is so San Francisco. The lillet, the creme fraiche ice cream (from Bi-Rite?), the basil flowers (from a Mariquita mystery box?). Except you can't drink milkshakes in SF because it's 45 degrees in the summer.


Oh my goodness Heidi! You did it again! What a timeless beverage. We sell Lillet at the bottleshop I work at in Portland. It's called Vino, and it's the sweetest place. If you don't mind, we have a cute little cocktail flier we post for patrons. I would love to include this- giving you full credit of course. How lovely. Thank you! Sarah


August 21, 2011

I've never heard of Lillet before, but I'm quite intrigued... is there any other mix you would recommend using?


August 21, 2011



I've never heard of Lillet! Buttermilk in a shake sounds lovely, though. :) I love the metal milkshake cup, makes it so cold!


August 21, 2011

Oh Heidi, you are starting a big buttermilk shake trend here, I can just feel it! Did you know Southerners crumble cornbread into a glass of buttermilk and drink it?

Your Southern friend,
Christina ;)


This sounds awesome!


August 21, 2011

This is inspired; i love it! Lillet is a favorite of mine and the idea of putting it in a buttermilk shake seems perfect for an elegant treat.


August 21, 2011

These look fantastic. I've been on a real buttermilk kick lately, especially as an ice cream base and topped over a hot fruit crumble. I like the touch of Lillet! Thanks for the creative recipe!


lynn @ the actor's diet
August 21, 2011

i have never heard of "lillet" before but anything with the word "buttermilk" i will eat.


I have never had lillet. Or even heard of it!

"the Lillet brings a subtle booziness and fragrant citrus flavors to the creamy slush."-- wow that sounds great.

And now I kinda have to get my hands on this stuff :)


August 21, 2011

Lillet is a family favorite. We usually drink it with ice over a few slices of orange. What a creative suggestion!


Emma Galloway
August 22, 2011

Stunning top pic Heidi :-) I too have never heard of Lillet... and even though this would be a bit hard to re-create dairy-free I love how you use buttermilk.


Emma Galloway
August 22, 2011

P.S is your whole bench-top marble?? Wowza.


Simply Life
August 22, 2011

Oh what a fun drink idea!


August 22, 2011

These picts are beautiful! You definitely inspire others to make cooking something special.


August 22, 2011

What a unique approach. I was trying to play around with Lillet and look forward to this. Any recommendations for the brand of buttermilk? There are so few in the store, and most aren't "real" buttermilk...


Spiked milkshakes are one of my favorite things n the planet. I never thought of using buttermilk---does that make it guilt-free? ;)


Breathtaking. Truly. This is one of the most magnificent culinary photos I've ever seen. Your work is such a pleasure to experience.


August 22, 2011

I just discovered Lillet recently, but have had a recipe from Dash and Bella bookmarked for ages that uses it. Perfect time of year for it too:

Would love to see your results if you try it out! I should really give it a go soon myself.


August 22, 2011

this lemonade with lillet is one of the most delicious summer drinks i've ever had. i cut back on the sugar in the lavender syrup, otherwise it was too sweet. you should definitely give it a try!


August 22, 2011

Hi Heidi, I have not heard of Lillet before. I did a search for you so please check out this website. :-) They give a little history lesson with some recipes. I love your website and visit often.


August 22, 2011

Like many of the others, I have never heard of Lillet. But I'm wondering if Grand Marnier would work in its place.


August 22, 2011

Oh my ...! Not having tried Lillet before (nor a buttermilk shake), this looks like the perect combination to ease myself into both. Love the herbal addition, too.


It sounds like such a weird combination, but it looks heavenly and I do like Lillet ...well you know I will have to try this!


August 22, 2011

I would like to put these milkshakes on speed dial. Lillet is such a nice touch! On of my most favorite cocktails ever is Lillet-based. I don't have the exact proportions, but it is about 2-3 ounces Lillet, 1/2 to 1 ounce Cynar, and a strip of orange zest that you have put up to a lit match so that the little caramelized drops of citrus oil drop into the top of the drink. I think Lillet also has good french toast batter potential. Thanks for the awesome post!


Beautiful pictures and recipe.
You made me very curious about Lillet so I searched for it on the Web. This drink sounds perfect for warm temperatures : fruity (mostly oranges), light with a touch of bitterness. I'll see if it's available in Quebec. Thank you once again for sharing!


I've never heard of Lillet before, but this sounds like a great twist on a classic Indian buttermilk drink called Lassi :) Lassi is usually sweetened with mango or sugar + Indian spices or salt, but I wonder what it would taste like with the flavors you have in the recipe above. Can't wait to try this!


August 22, 2011

Hi, Heidi,
I live in Barcelona. Buttermilk is so hard to find here, so I was wondering if there is anything I can use as a substitute that will work not only in this recipe but also in other recipes such as cakes. Could you please help me? Thanks a lot!


August 22, 2011

Marta, you can make sour milk using a cup of milk and about a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice or vinegar.

I usually take the chill off the milk by microwaving the milk for about 30 seconds or so before I add the lemon juice. It seems to sour the milk more quickly.

Not sure if It'll work, but it's worth a shot!


August 22, 2011

I agree that this is inspired! I make shakes and smoothies all the time, and every time I open the fridge, I think about trying buttermilk in them, but had not yet. Thanks, this is just the impetus I need. And I, also, had never heard of Lillet, but I will certainly be looking for it. Thanks so much.


August 22, 2011

Lillet is one of the ingredients included in the James Bond "shaken, not stirred" vodka martini from "Casion Royale".. My husband and I found this out when we went through an all things Bond phase. For a recipe, try but only if you like martinis.


Dina Avila
August 22, 2011

Oh goodness! I seriously want to spend summer at your house! I've often thought about picking up a bottle of Lillet. Makes me think of James Bond :) Now I think I may have to!


August 22, 2011

The Wheesky: 1 part Lillet, 2 parts Irish whiskey, ice, lemon. It's truly delightful.


Donna A.
August 22, 2011

Once I get the half-empty bottle of Lillet up from my basement, I'll have to try your recipe. I wonder if it will go with the culinary-grade Lavendar I have in storage -ha! Maybe just a light touch will do.


August 22, 2011

One of my favorites is a corpse reviver #2- gin, lillet, grand marnier or cointreau, maraschino cherry, and lemon juice. boozy but delicious!


August 22, 2011

Wow, those are so beautiful and I can just imagine they taste divine!


August 22, 2011

These are fantastic! I've never tried Lillet, but from what I researched (Yes, I looked it up) it sounds delicious!


girl in the pink
August 22, 2011

I've never worked with Lillet before - I am excited to try!!


August 22, 2011

What a lovely way to incorporate Lillet into a nice little summer beverage... your imagery is perfect, as well.


Primordial Soup
August 22, 2011

Heidi, I love how you take an ingredient that is quite popular elsewhere in the world and bring it to center stage for your readers! Merci!

Your post reminded me I have a bottle of Lillet, and I am enjoying an (early) afternoon cocktail as I write!

I purchased the apéritif to make Lillet Marshmallows last Easter - as a grown-up alternative to all those chocolate eggs and jelly beans! They were a hit (recipe on epicurious site). I use it on occasion to replace white wine in recipes: in cold cantaloupe soup, atop fresh fruit salads, and - in a great stroke of inspiration - once I added Lillet to sautéed onions and garlic, and steamed fresh mussels in the mixture. They were excellent.


Bev Weidner
August 22, 2011

I've never even heard of Lillet until now, but I need it in my life, and and forever. and ever. Amen.

HS: You wont be sorry Bev.


August 22, 2011

This photo is just too lovely for words.

HS: Thanks L.


August 22, 2011

Beautiful and elegant.


These photos are stunning!


August 22, 2011

this looked so good that i bought a bottle of lillet on my bike ride home from work today!

HS: That Basmati rice on your site looks great Sasha :)


August 22, 2011

Oh my! I don't know this wine but i want to look for it to try this recipe


August 22, 2011

These are beautiful! I love buttermilk recipes. Off to the store to buy some right now to make these shakes. Thanks!


August 22, 2011

I also bought some to make marshamallows. This will be yummy if it ever warms up in Marin.

Marta, you can probably thin some yogurt with milk or cream and substitute it for the buttermilk. or if you have kefir available, that should work too.


Adam Levy
August 22, 2011

Fantastic recipe! Lillet also works really well in marshmallows - works perfectly as a little petit-four at the end of a nice meal. Who says marshmallows are just for kids!!?


I pour 3/4 cup of Lillet and 1/4 cup of sparkling water or soda over a bunch of sliced peaches (four big peaches maybe) that I've mixed with a couple of tablespoons of powdered sugar and 2-3 tablespoons of lemon juice and a dozen torn mint leaves. Heavenly summer dessert. Thanks for this great idea Heidi!


Donna Smith-Harrison
August 22, 2011

Our son introduced us to a cocktail that I'm partial to. It's 1.5 oz gin, .5 oz Lillet, .5 oz lemon juice (I prefer Meyer), .5 oz simple syrup, 2-3 drops of citrus bitters. It's like Lillet with lemonade - but better!

Love this recipe! Love buttermilk! Thanks!


August 22, 2011

Hi Heidi,

I love your site and your cookbooks. I have been making so many of the recipes from your Super natural every day cookbook and my family and I have loved every one of them. I have a question regarding wholewheat pastry flour and white wholewheat flour. I live in Australia and we have unbleached wholewheat flour and wholewheat stoneground flour. Could you tell me the protein % of your flours so that I can use the equivalent here. Thanks so much for such inspirational and delicious food and photography.
Wendy :) X


I’m nonetheless learning from you, but I’m improving myself. I certainly love reading every part that is written in your blog.Preserve the tales coming. I cherished it!


August 22, 2011

As mentioned in a previous comment, Lillet is used in a martini called the Vesper. James Bond named this in memory of Vesper Lynd; the female lead in Casino Royal. Recipe: Three measures of 90 proof Gordon's gin, one of 100 proof vodka, half a measure of Kina Lillet. Shake it very well until it's ice-cold, then add a large thin slice of lemon peel.


August 22, 2011

I also love Lillet! I usually drink it on the rocks with lime but have also been making cocktails with it all summer. My current favorite is homemade Tayberry Liqueur, Lillet blanc, a splash of St Germain, and a squeeze of lime... delicate, summery, and floral.


love cooking
August 22, 2011

It is just the right time for milkshake, the weather is hot. It is easy and quick, so nice. Just thinking to use other wine and see how it turn out. :)


Sutapa Ghosh
August 23, 2011

Super delicious and the basil flower add such elegant beauty to the glass!


Kate Abbott
August 23, 2011

My thoughts support most of the comments already made. I love the photographs too.
Very nice blog.


August 23, 2011

I actually use Lillet when making marshmallows - of course for the adults. It is part of the liquid. Everyone loves them as they have a very subtle, but distinct flavor from the Lillet.


Ana Sofia
August 23, 2011

I feel a sense of defeat every time I have to throw away a half used container of buttermilk so I think I need to try this. I also haven't bough Lillet in a long time so this is a good excuse. How long can you store it once it's been opened?


August 23, 2011

I completely agree with Ana Sofia — this is the perfect recipe for leftover buttermilk, several cups of which inevitably curdle in my fridge every time I buy it for a recipe. Never would have thought of putting it in a milkshake!


August 23, 2011

This is great... a way to use up the rest of the carton of buttermilk. And what a way! I found out about Lillet a year ago and have been anxious to try it. This milkshake idea is definitely pushing it up closer to the top of the list.


August 23, 2011

What a beautiful presentation! Your photos always look so serene. I've never had Lillet before. Thanks for sharing.


August 23, 2011

I love using just two drops of Lillet in my Vodka martini's... It's simply deee-vine!

With a twist of lemon... of course ;)

I had weight loss surgery quite some time ago but still love to cook and share with my peeps. You have NO idea how much pleasure perusing your website brings into my life still. You are a gifted, generous person... I live vicariously thru your lense and for that, I am most appreciate!

Many thanks,

aka Coquette


August 23, 2011

I don't eat sugar or anything made with grains. always interested in new stuff


August 23, 2011

Love the Lillet milkshake idea- how creative. Just this week, I've discovered St. Germain - an aperitif too. So, after your Lillet shake I'm going to branch out to an elderflower shake in the same manner. Thank you for the inspiration!
PS- I'm a recent Vesper fan too, and I'm not waiting for the next quake to be "shaken, not stirred."


August 23, 2011

these look gorgeous :) I made something similar a while ago with lavender sugar and they were yummy :)
your photos are lovely as always!



August 23, 2011

I am not sure I will ever make these, but oh my, these are about the most breathtaking photos I've seen in some time.


Never heard of Lillet but WOW what a gorgeous photo!


Maria @ Orchard Bloom
August 23, 2011

This looks AMAZING!!!


August 23, 2011

Can't help you with further ideas, because I even didn't know this aperitif wine... But I will definitely give it a try!


August 23, 2011

Oh delicious - what a brilliant idea. I must say I have not tried Lillet so shall pop out for a bottle today. x


Megan B.
August 23, 2011

Oh, lord. I had gotten excited at buttermilk milkshake, and totally missed the Lillet part. J'adore Liillet! My favorite summer cocktail (other than a negroni) is one served at Seattle's fabulous Hazlewood. "The Columbo": Lillet, Limoncello, and Fernet Branca over ice. SO GOOD.


aida mollenkamp
August 23, 2011

You had me at Lillet! It's one of my favorite aperitifs and I had never thought to put it in a milkshake, much less one with buttermilk. Off to try it immediately. Thanks!


August 23, 2011

Love the fact that you labeled your boxes "sótano". Cheers...will check into this Lillet for sure.


August 23, 2011

just this last weekend I had a cocktail with lillet on the jersey shore - it was Hendrick's Gin/Melon Puree/St. Germain/Lillet - and it was amazing. I'll probably be trying to recreate it this weekend!


August 23, 2011

I like to mix Duet, a dessert sherry with a hazelnut flavor, into my vanilla ice cream. The buttermilk sounds like a great addition! Love the nutty fragrance of the Duet.


GetSkinny GoVegan
August 23, 2011

I'd "Veganize" it, but it looks LOVELY.....beautiful photos!


August 24, 2011

Hi - I read your recipe with interest. And although I live near Berne (capital of Switzerland ;=) - with 300'000 inhabitants, there's only one shop that sells Lillet and for quite some price, too! Interesting, Lillet being an European drink.
Best regards, Jeanne


Muffin Tin
August 24, 2011

I've always liked the vintage Lillet advertising posters, but have never tasted it. The tiny pantry is overflowing here, and like, you, we still have boxes upon boxes in the basement. Think I might try to hack a Lillet sub because I am now inspired by this lovely shake. Oh, I wish you could get a hold of the Kalona SuperNatural buttermilk made here in Iowa. It is the best.


Jen @ keepitsimplefoods
August 24, 2011

Sounds delish- a perfect summer treat!


August 24, 2011

After following your blog for many years I finally bought your new cookbook and am totally in love. Thank you from Halifax!

HS: Thanks Alia :)


August 24, 2011

Has anyone said vespers yet?? Fantastic cocktail, inspired by one of the latest James Bond films. Equal parts gin, vodka, and Lillet. Lillet-poached fruit, too, I wouldn't kick out of bed.


Jen S.
August 24, 2011

Genius. We love Lillet in our house and this gives us one more way to ingest it.


August 24, 2011

Heidi, I was searching for this recipe this afternoon and ran across another buttermilk milkshake you had on your blog in 2005, they both sound delicious! I'm making a buttermilk milk shake tonight.

Unfortunately, I also ran across this post by someone named Pink. If that's not you, you've been ripped-off word for word.


August 24, 2011

These shakes look fantastic - I love the idea of serving them in little glasses. And I always find flowers on food/drinks a stunning addition. Good to see the maker get revived!


Kate S.
August 24, 2011

Brilliant. I love Lillet (and other sweet vermouths) and milkshakes.. would never think to combine them but this is just so appealing.

I don't have any interesting lillet recipes sadly. But did learn over the weekend that I love to pair compari and soda - another classic summer drink - with rangpur lime juice or a orange and lime juice combo when rangpurs are not available. .



August 25, 2011

I love lillet and this is an absolutely amazing idea! Plus, I've never made a shake with buttermilk and now I'm sitting here wondering why not...


August 25, 2011

Those mauve basil flowers and that milky white are like velvet for sight and soul. Love them.


August 25, 2011

How delicious! I love your photographs for this treat as well- so elegant and soothing! They remind me of the interior of Tartine.


August 25, 2011

I'm definitely offering this drink to my dinner guests this weekend, but one of them doesn't consume alcohol, so I'd have to leave out the Lillet for her drink. Don't know how it'll taste, but I wonder if there's anything to substitute. Ideas?

HS: No biggie - swirl in some smashed berries, or a kiss of maple syrup, chopped peaches....hard to go wrong really.


August 25, 2011

I have never heard of Lillet before so as I walked into a decadently old bar in Melbourne last night, with floor-to-ceiling arch windows ( I ordered it straight up. Heidi, you have changed me forever!


August 25, 2011

This sounds like a wonderful way to use up leftover buttermilk after frying chicken!


August 25, 2011

This looks absolutely amazing! The photography is so beautiful :) I can't wait to make this!


Laura Hobbs
August 25, 2011

Hubs and I have been enjoying spiked milkshakes and smoothies lately, too! Cinzano adds a nice kick, as well. :)


Wow these look so classic!!! It seems i always have buttermilk left over from a recipe-this one will put it to good use. :) I love the idea of a smaller, "shot" size, too. :)


August 26, 2011

I always thought that a milkshake maker was one of those overly specific appliances to be avoided, but you've made me reconsider my stance. These look delish.


Gill Gillson Slater
August 26, 2011

I love your cookery books and they have provided me with lots of inspiration......but as a Brit living in the north of England the name Lillet means only one thing....tampons! O how weird to think of the name being linked to a seemingly delicious alcoholic beverage, nevertheless I will keep my eyes peeled for Lillet the drink. Thanks for the lovely recipes.


August 26, 2011

Loooove Lillet, my favorite aperitif. Over ice, with a thin slice or two of granny smith apple!


August 27, 2011

My friend used Lillet to make marshmallows around the holidays. It was a delicious surprise.


August 29, 2011

I was so excited to see this post! I had never heard of Lillet until 2 years ago or so when I saw a recipe for Lillet marshmallows in Gourmet--I think a December issue. (So there's an idea for you--I bet it's online but if not I have it somewhere as I am not throwing out any issues now that it's been cancelled!). I never had it until I went to a block party this year for Bastille day; I tried both red and white Lillet (plain, on the rocks) and I really liked it! I think of it as a bit like vermouth or port (as a fortified wine)--is that right? I think those tend to keep longer once opened than regular wine--do you happen to know how quickly you need to work through your bottle?


August 29, 2011

If I were not severely allergic to oranges, I would be all over this recipe. However, coming from the South and being the 'next generation' we're always searching for something to do with the extra buttermilk that we buy for my father when he is over for meals. He will put anything in it and even drink it straight. Of course, we've never cared too much for it except in recipes. I'm so glad I found this, because I'm definitely going to play with this idea and maybe broaden my own appreciation for different flavors! :)


August 30, 2011

Made these tonight to celebrate the end of summer and am wishing I'd tried it earlier in the season. Definitely something to try and enjoy. Great receipe


August 30, 2011

have you tried buttermilk paancakes with lillet? they are amazing!!!!!


Work in a Restaurant
August 30, 2011

I really love the idea and for sure it will be another reason for my friends to flock my house. I will definitely try this!


Nik S
August 31, 2011

Heidi, I love the idea of the buttermilk shakes with Lillet. I will be making them this weekend for a Labor Day BBQ.


Cocktail Enthusiast
August 31, 2011

Nice! I'm down for infusing anything with a little extra booze. Will have to give this one a try.


phyllis grant
August 31, 2011

Hey Heidi. Hello from Berkeley. I have an overabundance of ice cream from making it all summer. So it's time for milkshakes! Love the idea of buttermilk + Lillet.

My favorite way to enjoy Lillet is over ice with a twist of lemon. Or in a pasta sauce. Here's a recipe I did this time last summer:

i hope to cross paths with you someday!



September 2, 2011

We made these last night and served to friends in little glasses as suggested, along with a simple plum cake--like a lillet milkshake sidekick to the dessert. Fantastic!


September 2, 2011

love you blog...I am always inspired by your posts. Thanks for introducing me to Lillet...I had never heard of it. I was searching for a great peach recipe and happened upon this:

I haven't had a chance to try it...but it sounded like an interesting way to incorporate lillet!


September 7, 2011

My husband is the "Martini Master" around these parts and he swears that Lillet is the Only thing that should be added to a Gin Martini. (oh, plus an olive & ice)


Stuart Rubenstein
September 7, 2011

What gorgeous photo's and a great drink as well.!!



September 7, 2011

Looks delicious, love the photos... The shake is something am looking forward to wake up to :)


September 12, 2011

I'm so glad that the internet awlols free info like this!


Heidi, I was so glad to find this post, as someone brought us a bottle of Lillet, which I had never heard of. I'll have to explore some of your options!