A Fresh Coat of Paint Recipe

Happy New Year to everyone. Wishing each of you a happy, healthy, and peaceful new year.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

I spent the better part of the past ten days carefully placing everything in my kitchen into moving boxes. Every plate. Every mixing bowl. Every single quirky, mismatched baking pan. I know some of you might be sad to see the yellow cupboards go, but I've been ready for a more neutral-toned kitchen for quite some time. And so the painters arrived on a Monday. And by the end of day Wednesday, Christmas Eve, my kitchen was cloud white. And by 3 a.m. Christmas morning I was too sick with the stomach flu to set foot in it. I missed Christmas (and the better part of the following two days) entirely.

101 Cookbooks

It was a rough way to send off 2008, but I'm feeling a lot better now. I suppose the upside of it all is that I had some time to think about the coming year. Time to think about how to make it meaningful and fulfilling. I flipped through a few old journals and notebooks, trying to remember what resolutions I've made in the past. And while it turns out I'm not big on resolutions, I seem to express many of the same sentiments year after year. To make an effort to see more of the world I live in. To make an effort to collaborate on projects with interesting, innovative individuals. And to spend more time with my family. These are the big themes for me.

As far as the minutiae of day to day life? I do my best to walk not drive, eat healthy, shop local, go jogging, try new things, meet new people, be kind, turn off lights, say yes more often than I say no, help others, read, and drink lots of water. I succeed a lot of the time, and I fail a lot of the time too. I do the best I can on any given day, any given moment. Ten years ago I was doing very few of these things, yet somehow, little by little, they have all become part of the fabric of my life.

One of the first things I want to do as we start another year is to thank you. I feel very fortunate to have this site as a creative outlet. It has helped me grow as a cook, a writer, as a photographer, designer, and as someone who has always been curious about the ways technology can intersect and enhance the creative process for individuals. I'm continually surprised and delighted by what you bring to this site - your comments, ideas, suggestions, your emails to me, the photos you post. I hope you continue to come visit in the coming year with your good ideas, good feedback, and (because there are plenty of times we need it ) a bit of good humor.

Wishing each of you a happy, healthy, and peaceful new year, Heidi

I'm curious - what are your resolutions, or what are you focused on as we head into 2009?

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I don’t usually do resolutions, but I am inspired to try to break out of my rut and be more creative in the kitchen and in general. I’ve spent the last couple years hauling myself up from the abyss of a chronic illness, and it’s like being given a second chance on life. So I plan to make the most of it!


Happy 2009!! I good start can not be any better.Your Recipes are great even for single guys like me..thanks coz life got better


hi heidi! beautiful kitchen. my kitchen is white on white too, but isn’t as bland as some people think it would be- we have a bright orange tea kettle and a few bright green plants that liven things up! 🙂
new years goals- exercise more! i was doing really well but fell off the wagon when i started a new graduate program in the fall. and the big one is not to be a worry wart! i worry way too much, and need to live in the moment a little more!
thank you for your site and happy new year!


this seems as good a time as any to say:
thanks for the site! i enjoy the recipes enormously. i’ve even cooked some of them.
gelukkig nieuw jaar!


I love your kitchen, Heidi! And your resolutions as well… Writing New Year resoluitons is not much of a tradition here in Argentina but I find it a wonderful idea.
Plus, your recipes are inspiring for someone who is definitely not a good cook like myself. Thank you!


I have been toying w/becoming vegetarian for years…3 months was the most time. 2008 I read about it more, subscribed to VT & purchased several Vegetarian Cookbooks…I’m ready. As of January 1, 2009…I have been vegetarian….for Lent I’ll give up Dairy & Eggs. I’m excited & I feel great…oh one more thing I’ve committed to walking 10,000 steps a day. I love myself right now. XXOOXX

La Latina, Darlene

Just found your website and I can’t wait to try your recipes! Love the kitchen…have been trying to talk my husband into painting our cabinets white for years. I’m not much for resolutions but I really want to simplify. I’m sure many have made that statement this year and I only hope that I can honestly do that. I’m looking forward to reading past & future post from you! Ann


I’ve decided the year 2009 will be about happiness. I have for too long ignored my own needs and placed others before me with a detrimental effect. It’s the year I treat myself with things of beauty, the arts, cinema, books, design, great food and wine and fantastic company. The stuff that makes the world go round.
Oh, and I am also joining the gym. 😉


To add truffle oil as much as possible!


I hope you’re feeling better! I didn’t get sick until after the New Year, and am just now turning the tides and getting well again.
I like resolutions. I make them throughout the year, and on New Year’s–new ones, and these five that I’ve resolved to keep every year for the past few:
1. I need to exert my influence and talents more, stop being stagnant about certain aspects of my life, and fulfill my potential, especially my potential to be happy.
2. I need to open up more in relationships.
3. I need to work hard for more important reasons than instant gratification.
4. I need to handle myself and all I do with as much integrity as possible.
5. I need to focus on being grateful for the good stuff instead of woeful about the bad.


Thank you for the fabulous recipes, Heidi. You’ve really helped improve my cooking and made it fun. Happy new year to you and your readers from Canada. (Love the new kitchen colours!)


A very Happy New Year, Heidi. A guess your kitchen also got a New Year bonus. 🙂
I like the white theme.
I’m a regular here, though I don’t comment much. 🙂


I just found your site as I work and don’t look on the computer that much. Very nice and you do a very good job.


Hi Heidi,
I’ve been thrilled to pass on your site to many family members recently– putting your book on my x-mas list introduced it to an aunt who also received a copy. I get a thrill just looking at it and imagining all the good things I will make and, more importantly, the cooking philosophies I will learn from it (slightly more detailed than what I can get from this site).
You may remember earlier this year I inquired about those lotus bowls you like to use? I was flipping through The Way To Cook recently and saw Ms. Child herself had used them! An aunt brought a green one filled with dip to Thanksgiving, and then I saw them in our local kitchen supply shop. I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to buy them – I’ve been perseverating on them ever since I found your site!
HS: I’m so happy you found them Whitney! I’ve only ever seen them in white, so I will keep my eyes peeled for other colors as well now.


Happy New Year Heidi! I adore your site. Aside from the tasty and healthy recipes, what I love most is your personal comments, about the flavours and aromas, about good subsitutes, about excellent ways to serve and use the recipes….. your comments are ‘value added’. Thank you from the Great White North! (Canada)


Hi Heidi, Happy New Year and thank you for this site that I have just discovered. I love it so much because it is a really source of inspiration for me!
My resolution for the 2009 is to learn english, I’m italian and I speack french and i understand a little english but now I need to write it!
I wish you a happy 2009 and thank you for your energizing.

Gabriela Riva

I was browsing through my weekly “rounds” of sites I enjoy visiting, mostly cooking blogs – and yours was at the top of my list. I love to come home Sunday nights after a crazy eight hours at work and write down all of my ideas and aspirations for the future. (Be it my menu for the upcoming week, or ideas for the rest of my life.) I came expecting some great, healthy recipes to enrich my life and was more than pleased to find this post. What a refreshing outlook on life, experiencing new things, and living a full and beautiful lifestyle! You never fail to provide gourmet food for thought along with fantastic, healthy recipes.
Much like you, my aspirations are more general than “resolutions” but I have a lot of exciting things coming up this year, (Working towards a double major in Culinary Arts and Photography, ironically enough.), including recently finding out that one of my photographs is being displayed in a museum in London. While most of my aspirations right now are very career, school, and finance-related – this post reminded me to always hold true to my true passions: Travel, People, Relationships, and the things that fulfill and grow our souls.
Thanks again for such a great resource!

Lindsey Ann Bledsoe

love your site, I am a huge fan and have been for sometime- I have had success with every recipe taken from your site.
comment on cupboard picture… small yogurt glasses next to the ball jars, where can I find that yogurt? I too love the jars and use them for caramel sauce and toddler juice glasses. I’ve searched unsuccessfully. This is an italian yogurt, yes? any help would be much appreciated.
thank you and happy new year!

victoria fallon

Hi Heidi – love your column. In 2009, I will continue to cook and bake with my main ingredient – JOY!


Being sick on Christmas sucks, I know, I get sick every time we go to my in-laws for the holidays (must be the cold in upstate NY). And I wanted to say thank you – for sharing so much of your creativity and passion for cooking – it’s inspiring. As for resolutions, I don’t make specific ones, but I definitely resolve to experiment more with the recipes I see online rather than just printing them out and filing them!


You rock Heidi. You are totally inspiring. I look forward to your updates in my inbox….when’s the next book coming??? 🙂
Happy 2009!

sharon s

wow, your kitchen looks so clean and new! lovely way to start the year!


I was just looking through your first book as reference to a soup I am making right now. It was a book I had never heard of but literally found on the shelf of my local library over three years ago.
I loved it so much I bought my own copy, and well then I found your website.
My enthusiasm for cooking has increased 10 fold thanks to your inspiration. Plus I just love your photography. Thank you so much for continuing your project of 101 Cookbooks!


I made your caramelized onion dip for a game night at church last night. It was delicious, looked just like your picture, and was quickly devoured. Am looking forward to making many more of your recipes now that I have found you!! Jancd


My resolution is to not make any resolutions. I find this works very well, and I have no guilt at the end of the year… heigh ho…whatever works..


I look at your site each morning before I start my day, for the past 2 years. Even if the recipe may not be something I want to save to my faves, the photography is stunning. I believe that artistry comes out in many ways. Growing a beautiful garden, making a beautiful meal, painting a beautiful picture, painting a beautiful kitchen…. I, too, love the white. Years ago, in a “handyman special” house, I painted what I referrred to as the “When Life Gives You Lemons” kitchen. Mostly all white, with a “Jackson Pollack” floor (lots of paint splattering, after protecting the cabinets & appliances. It was so refreshing., I always felt like it was snowing in my kitchen. Loved it. Thank you for your wonderful ideas, recipes & photography. I love seeing what you are doing/thinking as a start to my day. Inspiring.


Happy New Year Heidi – wishing you good health. Thank you for your energizing site and for making me break out of the boring recipes I was used to. I have discovered so many new spices that I never knew about or thought to use, and have become friends with the cranky guy in the next office at work who is an excellent cook and loves exotic spices from around the world – now we swap recipes. Wishing you and everyone here a safe, happy and healthy 2009.
HS: I love this story.


Sorry to hear you fell ill…..but I was in the same boat. Wishing you and everyone that reads your blog a very healthy 2009!


I’m letting 2009 take me whither it wills, just sort of going to go with the flow. It’s time for art and cooking, happiness and nature. I’ve escaped the city (but not too far so I can go back for a coffee at my favourite places) and found a place to rent where I can chill out and relax.
Wishing you a prosperous, happy, and laid-back 2009!


Thank you for your inspiration and generosity, those qualities have inspired me to pass it on.


It looks great, and it’s good to know that you’re feeling better. This year, instead of resolutions, I’m working on a few things I’d like to create in my life this year. So far my list has: a house with a fireplace and a great kitchen, eating habits that will help me get back to a healthier weight, and more compassion for myself and others.


To live more in the present..

a memphis girl

Heidi – Happy New Year to you too!
Thanks for sharing, though not much for resolutions myself, I’ve decided to make lifestyle commitments. Drinking more water, making better sustainable living decisions and exercising more are mine for this year. I don’t comment much but want to say thank you for inspiring!


Thank you for all the yummy recipies. Kitchen looks great, white always gives that clean look. i love it. hopping you are feeling better, have a wonderful and healthy 2009!


Your kitchen looks wonderful and fresh, all ready for the new year.
Thank you for all your heard work, and for your great recipes thought out the year.
Happy New Year!!!


Your kitchen looks wonderful and fresh, all ready for the new year.
Thank you for all your heard work, and for your great recipes thought out the year.
Happy New Year!!!


i discovered your site in the later part of the year and this discovery was one of the highlights of 2008…your recipes and approach to cooking and health have inspired me and made excited again to experiment in the kitchen….wishing you and your readers a happy healthy laughter filled new year

judy k

I resolve to actually make some of the wonderful recipes and food ideas you come up with Heidi.
I resolve to let those I care about hear about it more often.
I resolve to visit my friends in Santa Cruz more often.


Happy and prosperous new year to you. Your kitchen looks very refreshing. I have gone back to all white myself and I too, got sick with the flu’ over the Christmas. Thank God I am on the mend. You have a great and creative year/


My two resolutions:
* Work the mind and body more, the liver less.
* Eat less animal protein, more vegetables.
Sounds simple, right?


So sorry you weren’t feeling well over Christmas! Mine was spent in a hospital with my husband, so other than the knee replacement later this year, I am resolving not to spend any more time in hospitals!
Happy New Year – looking forward to what you’ll bring us in 2009!


P.S. I forgot to mention that you also introduced me to Kiva this past year. As someone with an academic and personal passion for international development, I am glad to finally be a part of Kiva. I made my first loan last month as a Christmas present and suggested it to friends and family, three of which I know made at least one loan a piece as Christmas gifts. Thanks for sharing!


Wow, Heidi! So many people commented on your new year’s post. I share many of their sentiments in how this site and your cooking have shaped and inspired my own work in the kitchen. As a vegan, I am continually excited and surprised by how you create vegan/vegetarian dishes with complex and deep flavors using relatively simple ingredients and techniques.
I just received your cookbook for Christmas and have already marked several to try in the new year. Over the holidays I pulled out some favorites: bulgur, pomegranate, celery salad, garlicky greens, brussel sprouts with apples, and nikki’s mashed sweet potatoes.
To share: My resolutions for 2009 involve eating closer to home and frequenting more farmer’s markets when the season is right here in DC. Also, I want to share my healthful eating with more friends — I know many of them want to eat healthier but have difficulty knowing how to. Thanks for your input, wonderful recipes, and gorgeous photography!


Your kitchen looks awesome. I becoming a vegetarian, and have been watching your recipies for some time now and am ready to begin. Thank you for your proven methods. It’s a new year and a new me. My children are grown, and have their own. I resolve to build a closer relationship with God, and to reade His word daily, therby becoming what He designed for me to be from the beginning of me. To fill my home with scripture and positive words, full of encouragement, and love.


Going for the “greater than” 65% raw food intake for 2009. Read a bit about the China Study and the concept of combined raw nutrition.
Thanks for playing your cards toward this end, Heidi.
Your food is Monet with boxing gloves.
Keep it up.

Tom Marsh

My New Year’s Resolution is to eat food that’s as healthy as the food I send for my husband every day. I should take as good care of myself as I do of others.


I remember being sick on Christmas in 1976. It’s not a fun thing and I am sorry that you weren’t feeling well.
Your white cabinets look great. As far as resolutions go, I quit smoking 6 1/2 months ago and gained 20 lbs. My goal is to lose the weight I gained after smoking. Wish me luck!
Although I don’t comment a lot, I follow you regularly and have tried many of your recipes. Thank you so much for sharing. 🙂


Heidi, wish you a very happy new year and thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the lovely recipes, ideas and dish on ingredients!! I have a chirpy 9 month old in my life now, and I still find it easy and nourishing to cook from your blog. I made your lentil soup with saffron yogurt and butternut squash croutons for dinner on New Years’ Eve and a quinoa salad for lunch yesterday, inspired by various ideas from your blog. (Chopped candied ginger, steamed broccoli, cooked quinoa, chopped apples, pan roasted butternut squash croutons, lemon zest, olive oil, red wine vinegar, sea salt, fresh ground pepper).
Phew! I had no idea all this was bottled up inside 😉 – the reason I stopped in to comment today, is because I noticed two very familiar looking little jars on your shelves and had to ask – are they La Natura yogurt jars? I save them too, to use as votives or mini flower vases! What do you use them for?


New Years Intentions:
– art mojo/moxie/confidence
– fun fabulous love affairs
– settling on a man to love and share my life with
– professionally – that my clients appreciate the skill, experience, and passion i bring to their projects and that financial compensation reflects this appreciation
– be beauty
– animal spirit – lioness
– color – cerulean blue (a crayon rolled to me on an airplane!)


As a cajun girl from the deep South living in Canada and married to a Chinese husband I hope to incorporate more Chinese dishes with maybe a hint of cajun flavour into our meals-by the way the brown rice syrup trail bars were a hit in Canada

cajun girl

Glad you are feeling better. Yours is one of daily or bi-weekly ‘go to’ sites — love the recipes, photos, and your ‘shopping’ suggestions. My 2009 intentions:
Exercise 5/x per week
Be kind to self and others
Eat and drink with health in mind
Practice meditation (again!)
The new kitchen looks white and pristine.


Thank you for your great site! I love having a reference for recipes by someone with a health conscience twist on the delicious. I wanted to tell you I had the stomach flu two Christmases ago, and I was in much the same state you were this year. Not much fun, but sort of lends a surreal dream like quality to the passing of the giant holiday it has become, don’t you think?


maybe it wasn’t stomach flu? : Have you ever walked into a room and wrinkled your nose at the odor of paint? If so, you probably smelled volatile organic compounds (VOCs), substances in the paint that can evaporate into the air. Many materials release VOCs, but paint is one of the worst offenders. Paint often contains other harmful chemicals, too, as well as heavy metals.
Fumes from VOCs and other substances in paint can irritate your eyes, nose, throat or skin, or cause headaches, dizziness or nausea. Some substances in paint can cause kidney or liver damage. Others can cause cancer.
HS: Hi Ronda, thanks for your concern. I tried to be careful when I took on this project. I spoke at length with the painters about paint choices – paint fumes in the past have made me sick, so I try to stay clear of them altogether. We needed a paint that would stand up to the task at hand, and be durable enough for a high-use kitchen. They recommended a no or low-VOC paint (we ended up using Aura) – and while not entirely odor-free, it was certainly much better than any past paint experience I’ve had.


Hi Heidi,
Your kitchen looks great!
My focus for the new year is a closer spiritual journey which includes treating the people God has put in my life with love and respect.
Secondly, I would like to become CONSISTENTLY more active and eat healthly. It seems, too often, I get side-tracked.


Heidi –
Love the recipes and your blog! I’ve been lurking about for about eight months and have cooked a few of your recipes (my work schedule prevents me from cooking as often as I’d like).
This coming year, I hope to add more fruit to my diet. Along this line of thinking, I checked your site to see if you categorize recipes under “Fruit”. You don’t 🙁 Could you, please?
Thanks for being a source of food inspiration!


Dear Heidi,
Its very sorry to hear that you were not well. How are you feeling now? Hope this 2009 will make you stronger to fight your illness and you will give us another series of good recipes to try in the kitchen. MMMMMMMM……… yammy!
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009 to all your sincere clients too.


Glad your feeling better. The kitchen looks great, although looks a little empty.??
forgot the pretty stuff.

bob kessell

Thanks for such honest sentiments. Your blog has inspired me to cook more. I started my own blog this past year really to help me focus on the things I aspire to. I got involved in the launch of Edible Chicago magazine this past year and again reading you blog only reinforced my thoughts on how tasty nutritious food affects people in a positive way.
For 2009 I hope to move out west, I have had enough of the flatlands and I hope to finish an Ultra. But I really appreciate your comment about trying to do the best you can and sometimes succeeding and sometimes not. For 2009 I am going to try to remind myself of that every day instead of getting discouraged or mad at myself. Thank you for providing great ideas, positive energy and humor and I look forward to each and every entry you make for 2009!!!!!


…I generally find a white kitchen a bit intimidating but yours looks beautiful!
One of my resolutions is to keep cooking and eating healthy!
Happy New Year to all.


Having suffered the holiday stomach flu as well, I can sympathize and wish you the speediest of recoveries. As for New Year’s resolutions, I’ve resolved to maintain and enjoy everything I’ve achieved in 2008: working at a job I truly appreciate and enjoy, eating healthily, and savoring the relationships with the people I love. I heartily wish everyone health, prosperity, and happiness in the new year!


Here’s to a speedy recovery and to starting the new year with a fresh healthy start. My resolution is to wear all of my clothes, shoes, and jewelry by my birthday in July. Whatever I don’t wear I will donate to people who need it. We should think of everyone all the time and especially during the holidays. Happy New Year everyone.


Heidi, Wishing you the best in 2009. You have inspired me to start my own blog and work on my own food photos, etc (theripetomato.wordpress.com) and for that I am very grateful. I look forward to seeing your innovations and experiences in 2009. All the best!


I have so enjoyed your site. It has brought fresh ideas to my cooking and baking. My husband and I are trying to be more deliberate about our choices in 2009. We are getting older and we want to really think about the the things we do such as eating and the way we spend our time. I have a new job. We are building our retirement home very slowly! We will attend to our relationships with our friends, children, and our only grandchild. Most of all we will be more deliberate with our relationship to each other. After 33 years of marriage, you tend to take it for granted. Happy New Year’s to you and your family. Thanks again.


Happy New Year to you!
I am sorry to hear you were ill over Christmas, but look on the positive side – you had less to eat, so less to work off at the start of the new year. Or maybe that is just an english way of looking at it 😉
I love your website and your recipes, your photos always make them look really appetising.
My New Years resolution? To try to go to bed earlier, so that it might be more cheerfull first thing in the morning…


glad to hear you are on the mend. the kitchen looks fab. your newsletter is inspirational and one of the reasons i go into my mailbox on a daily basis. i love the food you make and want all my friends to know about you so am forever telling them about your site.
here’s to a healthy,happy and peaceful new year for the entire world


Heidi, thanks so much for your creative and insightful site, 101 Cookbooks is inspiring and your photos of food and other things are incredible. So sorry to hear that you were ill for Christmas, but you’re not too late to celebrate and cook for Ukrainian Christmas on January 6th! Just add some perogies and it’s all good.
Like you, I don’t like making resolutions, but I also set achieveable goals for myself. Having Crohn’s disease for over 20 years my health is directly affected by stress and diet, and I have made some very significant changes in the past year. Unfortunately my Crohn’s has returned recently, which means a few more changes need to be made, but again those are achieveable goals. I’ve also become more adventurous in my recipes, and have embraced Indian and Thai flavours instead of the usual “Western Chinese” recipes loaded with salt and sugar. And the days when I know vegetables could be difficult on my digestion there is always tomato juice and V-8 juices. More days at the driving range even if I’m not up to a whole round of golf.
But the new year isn’t just about food and exercise, it’s also about creativity and completing things that have been started or are merely ideas in my head. That means cleaning up my workspace/knitting space/yoga space. Getting rid of the things I haven’t needed/wanted/looked for in three months or more. That’s the biggest job, but it can be done, even just a little at a time. But that’s the way everything can change, just a little at a time, and build on the steps that have been achieved towards the larger goal. And that’s the key to tackling any big goal.
Thanks Heidi, congratulations on your bright white kitchen, your “blank canvas” upon which to compose your new recipes. I look forward to what 2009 will bring for all of us.


2009: I think this is the year I actually cook something off your site.
No seriously. I’ve thought about it long and hard over this bag of smart popcorn. mmm…. smart popcorn and it’s chemical cheesiness!
back to this resolution. i mean, how hard can it be? you’ve got some really easy stuff on this blog, right? like…saute…and kale? then again, in all your creative chef-y glory, heidi, you probably don’t realize how terribly horrifying those words are to someone who once overcooked something… with a crockpot on the “low” setting.
but “kale” it’s just a little green vegetable! and “saute”… well, it’s just some french derivative for what i am sure must mean “hot oil and metal going horribly wrong in my kitchen”. i don’t care if i work 14 hours a day, i’m seriously going to make something off this blog if it kills me. … starting with something easy. hopefully… like a dip. can’t go wrong with a dip.
i’m going to stop using your cookie pictures as desktop wallpaper, and using my 30 minutes of lunch to read endless hysterical comments that critique menial un-cooking-related things, like your paint choices. until i have actually cooked something off this blog, i am not going to page through the archives while i chomp down junk food from craft services, touching the screen wistfully while gazing at berry tarts and cabbage soups. seriously, guys. it’s go time. or whatever.
good luck to all who are trying to improve this upcoming year. especially to those of us who are starting from the “i burn grilled cheese even when i stand right there and WATCH IT COOK level”. may god be with us.


I love your site.
My New Years resolution is to tell people when I appreciate them – this post is a start! Thanks so much for 101cookbooks. Happy New Year!


Happy and healthy New Year to you, your family and the crew!
White has every colors inside it – you did a good change! 🙂


I too contracted the dreaded stomach flu on Boxing day which lasted for more that five days and lead to some serious reflection and time away from my usual obsessions. I believe its called Norovirus and is extremely virulent. I love you new kitchen and your site,which I have fortunately just discovered. My New year’s resolution is to avoid hangovers, become more self sufficient with home grown produce, and de-clutter. Big calls!!!


I love the new cupboards, being a white, neutral colour person myself. Your New Year resolutions could be mine too, except that I will turn 60 in December 2009 and my goal is to be 60 kgs (right now I am 78 kgs). I believe all of the things you are wanting to do will also hep me to get there. Thanks for your recipes, for being there. I enjoy them all very much. Happy 2009.

Anita Anand

Thanks for your website, Heidi. I do think the cabinets are a fresh and improved look.
Since you asked, I’ll post one of my resolutions: to take really, really good care of my teeth. More careful brushing with new electric toothbrush, flossing twice a day and rinsing with healthy mouthwash. All of this no matter how tired I am when bedtime arrives. I want to still have all of my teeth when I turn 100. Only sixty years to go!
Anyway, maybe it’s a weird one, but I thought I’d post it anyway.
Happy New Year!


I’m heading back to school this month to major in Diet and Nutrition. I stopped making resolutions last year and focus on improving what I can in small ways each day. That way I don’t have those heavy guilty feelings and can allow myself to be human. I’ve cooked a lot this past year and this year want to tear myself away from following recipes so precisely and leaning more towards the art of cooking. Thanks for you website, it’s a top favorite of mine. Chow.


Love the new clean look.

Culinary Cory

Ahhhh yes, white’s back (again). My cucina is also a creamy white (“muslin wrap” as they call it). I like a clean bright work space. Color comes, color goes….


I am not really one for resolutions, but I’d like to make sure that this year my freezer is always stocked with good vegetarian food that freezes well, and to try to like beets.


U r an inspiration. My resolution is to get new friends. My current ones are rude and mean and I deserve better. I’m done being a doormat. Thank u for catering to mobile devices. I rarely look at my computer these days. Thank u.


My resolutions are to start playing the piano again, read a book a month, and have one dinner party (just small, with friends) a month. All things I have neglected in the past few years.
Happy you are feeling better, and your kitchen is beautiful!


Happy New Year Heidi & family! LOVE your white kitchen. Just got one this past year too, with a very bright white light. Feels so clean and ready for new cooking ideas. Seems easier to pay attention to the individual traits of each foodstuff and helps me contemplate the best new thing to do with them, like you have taught us to do. Thanks for being a wonderful food muse and kitchen friend.I adore your site!


Sorry to hear about your stomach flu. HAPPY NEW YEAR and thank you so much for this site.


Happy New Year to you, and thank you for your website.
I too plan to totally renovate my kitchen this month. I love to cook, and am leaning more and more to vegetarian eating.
I too plan to be more adventurous this year, starting with a class on cooking with spices and herbs. And for my birthday in May I plan to try truffles, the mushroom, not the chocolate!

Sue Hansen

I was just introduced to your beautiful and informative website. I look forward to getting more aquatinted with it in 2009. Although I am not big on resolutions I am committed to getting my Cooking with Tea cookbook published. If you have any suggestions on how to publish a cookbook I would appreciate it.

Karen Harbour

Hello Heidi, Well, you asked about any New Year’s resolutions and here is mine. During the last 3 months I have noticed that I have been very judgemental about some people. I do not have that right! I am going to strive to be more positive about others and not be so natty about things that they do!
Great site. Thanks!!


First, I want to wish you a 2009 filled with happiness, peace and good health, and that extends to all the readers of this post as well, from whom I have also learned a good deal from. Call it good timing or what you will, but finding your post, and subsequently your cookbook, was one of the highligts of my year. As the mother of two young children, and head-chef of our family, it was time for me to walk the walk and not just talk the talk! Your straightforward and common sense ‘just do it’ approach really appeals to me and snapped me out of the idea that really healthy has to mean really complicated. In small ways and in large ways, this has impacted how we eat – from frequenting my local farmer’s market, to becoming a supporter of the only organic farm in our county, to growing even more veggies and herbs in our own garden, to canning tomatoes and making jams, to buying less and less processed foods, etc…
Health is something to be cherished and safeguarded and it is paramount that what we put in our bodies be of the best and highest quality that we can afford – in effect we are nourishing not only the body but also the soul. So thank you Heidi, and fellow readers, and here’s to our continued good health and great eating in 2009!!

carolina p

Hi Heidi,
I’ve been a big fan of your website for a while, but this is my first comment. Your website definitely helped me have a healthier and tastier 2008. I actually got your cookbook for Christmas, so I’m looking forward to an even more delicious 2009!
Thanks for all the great posts!


My plans are extensive: get up an hour earlier to spend time in meditation and study, find a new job I love, walk my dog every day, exercise every day, no complaining about anyone or anything, no sugar, less wheat products, go to the store only once a week, keep my house picked up (less slobby), get to bed by ten p.m., and minimize the “stuff” in my house. Whew! Makes me tired to think about it. 101 Cookbooks has simplified my life a lot. I don’t really need all these cookbooks I have collected (but rarely use) since I found your site. Your recipes are the best, and your work is much appreciated!


Your kitchen looks beautiful!
I wish you the best in this New Year 2009!


Happy new year and glad to hear you are feeling better!
This coming year I too hope to have more time to venture in new creative outlets (including cooking), and meeting and collaborating with new people.
Enjoy a new year to fill with recipes.

Jen S

Your kitchen looks lovely Heidi, and I’m glad you are feeling better. I have enjoyed your recipes over the last year and my resolution is to try more of them this year. I made some of your christmas cookie recipes as presents for people and they really went well. Thank you very much for the site and all your hard work to make it so good.


thank you so much for sharing your kitchen. A friend introduced me to you site a few years back and I have been hooked ever since.
My resolutions are to spend more time on my photography and learn to play bridge. I remember watching episodes of I Love Lucy as a kid and they made it look like lots of fun.


Stay well and keep doing the great food things you give us. I am going to celebrate more and cook more and hope we all are safe and sound in the New Year, 2009. Your kitchen is lovely and the food emerging from it will be blessed by your creativity.

Maurice J Mollan

Thank you for all your ideas, your recipes, your photographs, your comments… your site is really inspiring.
My new year resolutions are to worry less about things and the driving license 🙂
Happy new year!!!
PD: I love your kitchen.


Greetings from France. This is my first post ever but I could not resist affirming my two resolutions for 2009! One, to promise myself to not worry so much about anything I cannot control and two, to eat, live, and think “green” and kindly for the upcoming year..now if I could only reign in my impatience.. Happy New Year!


Thank you! Wishing you a very happy and peaceful new year too!
I LOVE white kitchens and yours looks very beautiful, calm and feels like home. May it bring you more happiness.
I discovered you, your blog and your books last year. And you have been an amazing inspiration to me and have influenced my life and food. Thank you, Heidi!


Wishing you, Heidi … and all who share your wonderful site a year of serenity, magic and much shared love. Thanks for the fun times of the past year and delicious recipes and wonderful photos. Lovely new complexion your kitchen has there! Enjoy. 🙂 My NY aspirations are: less is more, meditation, walk and laugh often, plant more flowers and travel to loved ones far away. And above all, remember how precious life and people are and be gentle with both. Cheers to all from PDX. Here’s to 2009!


I enjoy your recipes, hope you have a great new year!
I resolve to do the same things I resolved to do last year 😉


Heidi – You are so adorable. What a lovely little post. Looking forward to many more great recipes in ’09!
PS: In the process of making the “Italian Grandmother Gnocchi” recipe!


Thank you for keeping such a wonderful, helpful blog. I don’t do resolutions, but I really enjoy reading your yummy posts.


Great post – great metaphor.
My resolution is to eat vegan a majority of the time. For my first three years of college (ten years ago) I was a very strict vegan. I don’t want to go back to that kind of strictness, but I cannot deny how much better I feel when I eat a diet that is entirely plant-based. Over the past five years especially, more and more meat and dairy have crept into my daily meals and I feel worse and worse because of it. I want to find a better balance for my body, while still enjoying the range of foods available to me.
So I’m going to aim, in a very non-structured way, to make 75% of my weekly meals as close to vegan as possible.

Amber C

So happy to add my voice to the many thanking you for your web site and all it has done for me. I too give your cookbook as a present, and cook your recipes frequently and with great pleasure.
No resolutions; but some intentions: more gratitude, less resentment, and kinder to myself.


I found your website on a random search one night and I am so glad I did! Thank you for opening my eyes to new ingredients and giving me a new perspective on healthy cooking. Your photos are fantastic and I think you have a true gift to serve the people.


Heidi! So sorry to hear the dreaded Holiday Virus hit your house too! Ugh. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. It came to visit us too. :-}
Kitchen looks fantastic, btw!
New Year’s Resolution for me… I think it must be to cultivate more optimism. I’ve been falling prey to the negativism that life’s stressors seem to bring. Time to focus on what’s working as opposed to what’s not, what I have rather than what I don’t, what I want rather than what I don’t, what I can do as opposed to what I can’t, etc.
Thanks for asking!


still looking for that copy of Cook 1.0 🙂
Glad you are feeling better- kitchen looks good.
Me- cook more, healthily, live simply, run a lot.


still looking for that copy of Cook 1.0 🙂
Glad you are feeling better- kitchen looks good.
Me- cook more, healthily, live simply, run a lot.


I love the new look!
My goal for the year is to work less, so I can play more with my daughter.

Soup of The Day

This is my first time posting something to this site, though I’ve been reading it off and on for about a year or more now.
Sorry to hear that you sick over the holiday 🙁 I was snowed in with my two babies and the hubby. Not much of a Christmas for us this time around.
I’ve have a couple of goals that I would like to accomplish this year: 1. keep my kitchen and its floor clean; my oldest likes to empty out my tupperware cuppard. 2. be a little bit more adventureus with my MANY cookbooks that I have.
Hope you have a happy new year.


I resolve to be truthful at all times, particularly when it’s difficult or may hurt others, and to spend less time reading food blogs and more time actually cooking.


Change is inspiring and refreshing. ie: new paint. Congratulations on your new look in the kitchen! White is fun and clean-looking. You can add many colors to it. I included a link to a website re paint fumes, etc. fyi. http://www.essortment.com/family/paintfumesperm_szsc.htm
There are effective air purifiers that make safer homes, also, and lower the toxic load of chemical off-gassing from paint, etc.
I appreciate your creative recipes with whole foods, your photos and write-ups.
I’m going to make a new or favorite soup up each week this new year to accompany breads and salads. Next soup is a gumbo recipe from my Montana Chef friend, Kenny.
I want to walk every day, instead of a few times a week. The ice and snow has made it a bit treacherous for a few weeks, but sticking to a schedule will help me accomplish more this year as a self-employed single gal.
I read an inspiring book this year: Ultramarathon Man. What a standard Dean Karnazes has set. I knew he used sports nutrition from my company, but wanted to know what his story was. Youtube was a place I heard the story of Dani Johnson, also. She is an example of what we all can do, despite our wounds and self-doubts.
My father passed on Dec. 11th, leaving me with another important book to write regarding the treatment of our elderly. He was my closest friend and best advocate.
Another resolution is to create my own website to help more people with healthy decisions in switching to green cleaners, and non-toxic personal care products and natural supplements that work.
I also will offer consultation and resources for sexual abuse healing from the social worker side of me. I have taken a hiatus from my practice for personal reasons, but know my expertise is needed. My site will be: Cafe-for-the-Soul.com
As usual, I have much to do. Food is the fuel needed to accomplish our dreams. Thanks for making it fun.
[email protected]


In 2009, I want try new recipes. For non-food related things, I want to weight train twice a week and avoid running injuries.


I have resolved not to make any resolutions or feel the need to change anything about myself. Let’s hear it for self-acceptance! Yeah!
(and of course growth and eating good things and all that stuff we’re supposed to do anyway).


The cupboards look great!! Sorry to hear that you were sick with the stomach flu!!


Your site is great – thank you for sharing your ideas with us.
Happy new year, lady.


2007 was year of improving knife skills
2008 was year of getting over my fear of working with phyllo dough
2009 is Year of the Legume!

Diane from NYC

Happy New Year Day One!
The buzzer has rung and the race is on for December 31st, hold on to your hats kids!
Make it a joyful & tasty journey!
Maybe you haven’t wondered about my blog ID, but here’s the big reveal; Professional Color Consultant, here in Portland, OR. So as a pro may I say “Gorgeous Kitchen!”
I must admit when I read “Cloud White” I cringed! but the juxtepostion of the clean lines, soft (great choice) white with the worn edges of your well loved plates collection just slayed me!!
Like many others tell everyone about your site and forward recipes/links to many friends regularly. Thank you so much for this resource!
I bought my sea veggies and I am planning to cook up a nice Seaweed Salad for my first meal of 2009…then my only resolution is to include Organic Blue Green Algae in my diet, for vegs its a fantastic source of pristine protene! Great energy source too!
God bless you every one in 2009!


my daughter who is a foodie, turned me on to your site, I have made several of your recipes and absolutely love your attitude and ingredients with food,
Keep up the great work….I am an artist who lives in Granite Bay, CA and do workshops on the property where I live, maybe you would be interested in doing a workshop here sometime.
If you are, let me know….
best to you in 2009, Susan

susan riegel

I am excited to begin the new year exactly as I left the old one: drinking lots of water, sleeping, stretching, blending kefir smoothies, and making friends as often as possible.


Heidi, the neutral kitchen is so fresh, so clean – I imagine stepping into it is like clearing your lungs and taking a breath of fresh air. Thank you very much for your cooking/healthy living inspiration!
I have a 7 month old so my resolution is to treasure my time, fill him full of healthy food (along with my husband and myself) and truly try to appreciate and enjoy life.


Truly lovely kitchen and cupboards.. glad to hear you’re feeling much better. Thank you for your blog — I’m excited each time you have an update! Your photos, recipes and stories are wonderful!! Happy 2009!

judy gal

I’m new to your news letters, and I enjoy them! I Love the white Kitchen, a clean slate for a new year. I have had my white piant for my brown kitchen ready for a while..you have inspired me to get going with it…I hope to create a brighter Kitchen to cook in. My children all cook but my 11 year old is a master in the kitchen baking breads, cookies, cakes and so much more from scratch!! The only thing she doesn’t like to do is knead the dough..but we have plenty of helpers to do that..our beginner chefs have to start some where! And its fun! We keep a healthy whole foods diet, but I need to try harder to stick to it better even when we are not home. I want to be a better example to my children and their ever watchful eyes..its easy to say, “I’m an adult, if I want to drink a soda (even if they are not allowed) then I should be able to…but the truth is I’m an adult and have the responsability to set the example! I guess that would be my resolution, even though I don’t usually set one… Happy New year

Cathy Salazar

YOU are such an inspiration!!! Thank you so much for continuing on. Every recipe, with it’s notes and details, seems so personal. And, yes, I have tried some of them, and they have turned out well.
Hope 2009 is your best year ever!
P S Your cabinets look great……….




The kitchen looks beautiful. As for my resolution? I try to do something kind for someone else everyday. Even if it’s just getting someone a drink when they don’t feel like moving.
Wishing you all the best, and continued success in 2009!


Hi Heidi!
I just wanted to say…I’m new to your site. LOVE it!!!! I’ve tried several of your recipes and even bought your cookbook. Our resolution is to go back to eating healthier! Seems like the holidays bring lots of “white stuff” and other naughty food! UGH!!!
Sorry to hear you were not feeling well over the holidays. But it’s good you’re feeling better 🙂
I wanted to know…how else can you post comments about recipes and what-not??? This is the only time I’ve ever been able to find the option to respond???
Thanks so much and take care of you!


Hi Heidi,
I gave an “Awe!” when I saw the picture of your kitchen. I have had your Super Natural Cooking book and read your blog for years… such cute style and yummy food! 😉 My husband and I will be moving up to SF at the end of summer, and to see a beautiful kitchen in the city gives me a kind of giddy-excitement that I will have one as well someday soon!!! Who knows, maybe I’ll run into you at the market sometime! Any-who, your kitchen is great… like a clean palette for testing and tasting new and yummy recipes! Happy New Year!


Dear Heidi,
I make resolutions on my birthday instead of on New Years and so far am doing pretty well. I resolved to take my passions for cooking and baking to a higher level, to try to never make the same thing twice (this one’s hard), to teach myself sophisticated bread and other baking techniques, to use up what’s in the cupboards/fridge before going out to buy more, to ensure my dogs are sufficiently exercised (a real challenge in Midwest bitter weather), to say “yes” more than “no,” to be more positive, and to gradually make my house nicer without blowing a lot of money doing so.
Thanks for all the energy you put into your website. You inspire me greatly and help my resolutions bear fruit.
May 2009 bring all you desire.


Happy 2009 to you, Heidi. And thank you for updating this exceptional blog and serving as an inspiration to all your readers. Wishing you all the best in the new year 🙂


Wow – love the white!! One of my resolutions is to eat more vegetables and fruits. 🙂
Happy New Year to you!

Tabitha (From Single to Married)

Heidi, I am so glad that you are feeling better and getting stronger. The photos of the kitchen are fantastic. You are starting the new year with a fresh perspective and you are sharing with your readers your resolve for a happy and healthy life. Thank you for your wonderful contributions!
One of my resolves for this year is to draw our food especially the veggies from our CSA.
Happy New Year!


My only New Year’s resolution is to take more photos!

Bob Aman

Hi Heidi,
I’m a huge fan of white—great choice!
You alluded that you were a different person ten years back, and I’d love to hear more of that story. What were you like then? How did you change? What inspired you to change? -JJ
HS: Hi Mama – not so much a different person. More like the same person just living a different life. It’s a long story, but in short I wasn’t very happy, and I think one of the main problems was that I wasn’t really in control of how I spent my time. One of the things I did was set out to change that.

Mama JJ

Happy New Year Heidi,
I am happy that you are starting the New Year off feeling well again. I had a wonderful white cabinet kitchen once with lovely soft green and rose walls with tons and tons of huge windows, sun streaming in all the time. Hurray for you on your gleaming new surroundings while enjoying your favorite spot in your home. It is lovely.
I found your site several months ago and have shared the site location with so many of my friends from around the e-mail world. I enjoy everything from reading about your adventures to including your fantastic recipes into my favorite cookbook drawer full of e-mail printouts. May God Bless you and yours and have a truly wonderful, healthy and happy New Year. Beverly Jane

Beverly Jane

The white will be a wonderful foil for your beautifully colorful cooking!
My New Year’s resolution is very similar to yours – to live a meaningful life…originally I vowed to “do something” everyday to accomplish this, but as I sit here recuperating from surgery, holding my daughter, I realize that sometimes living a life of meaning means recognizing the meaning in what you are already doing!
Happy New Year and thanks for contributing to my quality of life with this wonderful site!


Heidi, there are 2 things that warm my heart when I read your blogs, actually more than that. One, your name is Heidi, the same as my youngest and she too is a baker by trade, and loves photography. I read your articles and it warms my heart to hear all that you are doing and sharing.
As far as a resolution/s, the biggy is to get organized and clean out/get rid of stuff I haven’t used for a couple years. The other is to go see Heidi, who lives in Portland, Or. a couple times this year. I need my Heidi hugs. I miss her so much. Even though she came down after Christmas for a couple of days, it wasn’t enough for either of us. Blessings to you. Mama Shar

Sharon Shute

Sorry you were sick. I had the stomach flu a few weeks ago, and my other half had it Christmas day also. It wasn’t fun.
2008 was a big year for me. To start with, I bought my first house. I learned what a healthy diet really is and as a result I lost 20 lbs. It all began here, when I saw your beautiful photos enthusiasm for this kind of eating and I realized that healthy doesn’t mean boring or tasteless. I was also inspired to start my own food blog and to start receiving deliveries from an organic delivery service that buys from local farmers and puts fresh produce on my doorstep every week.
A lot of things have changed since last year at this time and for that reason, I set my expectations for 2009 pretty high. I want to continue eating healthy and maintain my new weight, buy local when possible, keep up with my blog, improve my food photography and writing, exercise more, and start fixing up my kitchen. Thank you Heidi for this site and for the inspiration you provide us all. I think I speak for most people when I say that as long as you are here, we will visit.


I have made many of your recipes in ’08 and had varying results (mostly my forgetting some crucial ingredient or not having the right food processor for the job) but I must say that 101 Cookbooks is part of my New Year’s resolution. I want to create better balance in my life and eating smaller quantities of highly nutritious foods – the incredible ideas I find here – are a big part of that.
I may not be making a seaweed salad any time soon, but I love your adaptations of fudge, spinach casserole and many other comfort foods.
I would love to see more of those types of foods here in your blog.
Glad you are feeling better and congrats on starting the year in a fresh kitchen.


Your post to-day is an inspiration to us who enjoy your site. Great job on the kitchen. Glade to hear your feeling well.


A friend from church turned me on to your sight. Thanks. I am a vegan and I am allergic to soy, dairy, wheat, as well. your obtions for one thing and another are so great. It is hard for me to go out to dinner or to some one’s home for dinner and just accept just any thing to eat. I usually bring food to share to gatherings and most people really enjoy what I cook because of the seasonings and how I roast most of my vegies and I have made up a real fun rub for them that this Christmas I bottled and gave as gifts. It was a hit.
Glad you are better and keep up the great work.


Heidi, sorry to hear of the illness however I am glad you are feeling better!
With that I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year~
Reading the comments it makes me smile to see the impact you have had on so many people. THANK YOU!
I would like to join the chorus when I say that your decision to grace us with your presence has made my days (and nights even!) all the more spectacular. Many a dish from a recipe of yours has been greeted with happiness and amazement.
Kitchen looks fantastic; a wonderful blank canvas for you to continue to paint the delicious and beautiful dishes that you so artfully create. I look forward to a new year with them in it!

Peter D

I discovered your site in the fall of 2008, and have fallen in love with it. It is such a great resource! One of my New Year’s resolutions is to eat healthier, and with 101 Cookbooks, it’s going to be a fun and tastey year! Thank you.


I want to take these few minutes to say what a difference your recipes have made in the way I cook and look at food. Today for brunch we had garlcky greens with a poached egg as suggested by one of your readers. Also made the bulghur with pomegrantes and celery this week just to name two recent recipes. And to start the new year I gave my daughter a gift of maing a Kiva loan on the 101 cookbooks team. Many thanks for all you do and share and wishes for a new year filled with love and light.


Happy new year Heidi. I hope you feel better now. I like the white kitchen. I like everything white.
As for 09, I hope to improve my photography and my excercose routine. I also want to incorporate more of my Brazilan roots into my cooking, as it seems to be healthier than the american diet.
happy 09


Happy New Year and best wishes! Thank you – 101Cookbooks was a big part of the inspiration to start my own blog. Your photographs and recipes are wonderful. Hungry Desi has become my creative outlet from lawyering, has encouraged me to go even further in the kitchen and allows me to share my love for cooking and eating with others. It’s been a lot of fun learning about the foodblogging community and a lesson in technology, blogging and photography.
I feel your pain on being sick over Christmas. I just blogged about my awful cold that I caught on Christmas Eve – still haven’t been able to fully shake it off. I think it wanted to see ’09.
Thanks also for your reflections. My resolution for the new year is to slow down and maintain perspective – to remember to enjoy the little things, family and friends w/o letting work and the daily grind get in the way.

nithya at hungry desi

My new year’s resolution has been the same for some time, one that is an enduring pleasure to keep: Eat more Thai food.


Happy New Year! I’m sorry you weren’t feeling well, but I’m happy to hear you are better!
The kitchen looks gorgeous. I’m looking forward to what will be coming out of it in 2009.
I know we don’t know each other, but you have had a really big impact on life. I’m a much more adventurous (and successful) cook these days. Thank you for that!


Heidi –
Glad you are feeling better. Kitchen looks great! Who is the manufacturer of your fantastic pendant lights? Do the shades get hot? Would love to put them in our Adirondack cabin.
HS: Hi Rhonda. I’m not sure. The light fixtures were here when we moved in about five years ago. Many of the other fixtures throughout the apartment seem to be from Restoration Hardware, so I think I might start there if I were looking. The shades don’t seem to get abnormally hot.


wow. your kitchen looks terrific… and so tidy. i love how calm and peaceful it seems.

Corynne Escalante

Gorgeous kitchen, so sorry about the flu, did the same 2 years ago. Not much of a Christmas.
Love the minimalism, our kitchen is very clean lines also. Check it out on the company website: http://www.buildmod.com, go under past projects, it is the “MODpod” (go figure on the name huh?
I have to comment…just as I write this I had to stop and help my wife as my daughter just got the flu. Wierd, huh?


While I love the clean lines of your new kitchen, it is this stack of unmatched dishes that does it for me. Memories attached to each one I bet 😉
I enjoyed the recipes coming out of your old kitchen and am looking forward to this next phase 🙂


Heidi, I love your kitchen, too. Sorry you got sick, but I can fell for you. My daughter and I spent Tues, New Years Eve, and New Years still with strepp throat. We should have stayed home tthat day.
But it is giving time to reflect and read new places like your journal. It is my first time and already I love it.
Happy New Year!!


Since discovering your website, I’ve shared it with countless people, purchased your cookbooks as gifts and consistently visited the site for the beautiful photography and delicious recipes.
You are, truly, an inspiration! And it makes me happy that you live in SF 🙂
As for my resolutions, I have just started a blog so I hope to keep that up – I understand the need to have a creative outlet – and pay off a big chunk of my debt. Other than that, it’s pretty straight-forward stuff….drink more water (and less alcohol), exercise more, etc. etc….
Wishing you a successful and happy 2009! Glad you’re kicking off the new year having recovered from your illness!


Heidi, glad to hear you are doing better and the kitchen looks fabulous. I agree with your sentiments of moving forward even when things do not work out as you had thought. We can only do our best. I believe patience is also important as well and I have added this to my goals for the year.
Your recipes and pictures have encouraged me to try new recipes and a try at growing some of my own vegetables and herbs as well. Right now the broccoli is ready for harvesting.
Happy New Year and I look forward to the New Year with you.


Heidi – I just found your blog this year and I absolutely love it! I need to get your books and thank you for the wonderful recipes. The pictures gave the courage to try new foods, and my goal for 2009 is to eat healthier using your site as a guide. FYI my friends and I cannot get enough of your edamame soup! The kitchen looks lovely. Happy Cooking!


thanks for the brilliant photos and amazing food this year heidi. another success!
if i have a resolution (per se) it is to be more deliberate about food in the purchasing, the cooking, and the eating.


In light of my recent hiatus from spending, I am trying to be more mindful in purchasing, eating and day to day living. Being more organized and more present in daily life seem to go hand in hand for me, so I am thinking about that.
Also, adding some more healthful practices to my life such as more exercise, more raw foods, more cultured foods and eating as local as possible.
happy new year!


White on white? Oh dear.. I understand not wanting the bright colors of the cabinets you had, but please tell us you are planning on painting the walls… anything but white. Your food is too great to be stuck in a white box.


Hi Heidi, thank you for sharing your creative insights with others. Your recipes are so wonderful and they add such fun to the kitchen! Wish you the best in 2009! Cheers


Hi Heidi,
I can’t thank you for inspiring me back to my small, but surprisingly functional kitchen. Your wonderful recipes, insights and photography brought back the gumption inme to bake and cook more. Something I’ve always enjoyed, but dropped off due to life distractions.
This year I’m aiming to be grateful while savoring all that I have in my life. Thank you again, Heidi, and happy new year!


Wow, the kitchen look beautiful. So sorry to hear you were ill. Hope you feel better and have a great new year!


Thank you, Heidi. I’ve learned so much from your site! I’ve moved away from eating so much processed, nasty food, and your site has been a big part of that. The recipes are wonderful, and the photos are amazing! I hope you enjoy your new kitchen, and I’m glad you’re feeling better. Happy New Year!


I love your kitchen, Heidi. It’s beautiful. Hope you are well soon and have a very good year.


I look forward to all of your emails and beautiful photography. I adore this website and am so glad I came across it! My resolution is to try even more of your recipes and to strive to eliminate the “bad stuff” in my diet and panty.


Heidi – My husband and I, after many years of failed attempts, have finally lost some excess weight. Me – 45 pounds, him – 55. Not fair, but men just seem to lose more. Has something to do with more muscle mass I think. Our main resolution this year is to KEEP it off. I have printed off many of your recipes and use them frequently. They are always delicious, creative and wonderfully health conscious. Thank you so much for making it easy and fun to stay in shape!
Your Photos are great. I usually print them off with the recipes because they are so pretty. They inspire me to try the dishes and I am never disappointed. Please keep up the good work.


Thank you, Heidi! So sorry to hear you were ill–hope you have a better start to 2009.


You are truly inspiring. Your hard work is appreciated. Keep those good ideas and recipes coming along with your insightful writing. I resolve to make that mushroom casserole and those black bean brownies!


After making your AWESOME Gingerbread for Christmas, I resolve to make really yummy things this year enjoy them rather than feel guilty. I am so hard on myself sometimes! Why not make something wonderful and really enjoy it? I’m going to learn to be comfortable with foods that are typically high calorie and just plan my intake for the day better. We’ve got to live our lives and enjoy every moment! Thank you Heidi for your site…I look so forward to everything you post; food ideas, travel and photos…you embrace life and capture it for us in this little gold nugget: 101 cookbooks!


Happy New Year, Heidi!!


i am so sorry to read you were ill for christmas, and sorry for those whom you would have cooked for on that special day.
perhaps you can have a special christmas dinner later.
now let’s start getting those beautifully clean surfaces spattered up!

david lewis

Dear Heidi,
Thank you for your candid reflexion on New Year’s resolutions. Like you I have changed my lifestyle, to be more respectful of my environment and to contribute to protect life for the next generations. But I sometimes have the feeling that it is not much, not enough. Yet I try to do my best. And over time, I guess it does make an impact. As each one of us does its share, the sum of our efforts can produce a significant result. So my resolution is to continue to do what I can to reduce my ecological imprint. And to enjoy life doing it!
Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us in such a friendly, honest way.


thanks soo much for ushering me in the kitchen! your site has been one of my very favorites through out my “kitchen beginnings” ! so thank you!
i have a 4 year old son and im learning to cook for the two of us…he is a very fickle eater…but loves some of your recipes! so thank you soo much!
here is to 2009! CHEERS!


Congrats on your beautiful new kitchen for the new year! I hope you gain much inspiration from it! I’m not one for resolutions, but I am setting out to practice yoga more and write more recipes 🙂


Happy New Year and glad you’re on the mend. My resolution is to continue to seek out healthy, tasty, satisfying menus for my family. I have found that when I eat healthier, I tend to stick to a healthy lifestyle in general.
Thank you for sharing your humor, insight and ideas with all of us. Wendy

Wendy Gorton

I don’t do resolutions, since I feel they kind of set you up for failure (the word just has a negative connotation for me). I set goals that I feel I can accomplish, and one of them is to be more creative with my cooking! I marvel at other cooks’ ability to combine flavors in ways that, though I appreciate and enjoy tasting, I would have never thought of because I haven’t been that adventurous.
So my goal for 2009 is to be more adventurous! From my choir’s tour to Italy (we’re singing at the Vatican!) to Poor Girl Eats Well’s recipes, I’m going to crawl out of my shell and put my imagination to work.
Happy New Year, Heidi! The cupboards look great!

Kimberly @ Poor Girl Eats Well

Hello Heidi, hope you feel all better now. Your kitchen looks lovely though – looking forward to seeing more great food and ideas created in the kitchen this year, too.
For this year I would like to try more new things – the past few years I seem to have been hovering around the same place, more or less, whether it is food I cook/eat, places I travel to, people I see, or photographs I take, etc. Hopefully by the end of 2009 I will have discovered something new… I’m already excited!
Thank you ever so much for your inspirations… may the year bring you lots of love, laughter, and good food.


What a beautiful white kitchen and lovely thoughts to start what I personally feel will be a wonderful year. I try to follow most of those sentiments and have started to accept that it’s ok not to always be on top, it’s enough to try. Hoping all mankind can find the time to stop for one momment and reflect on the beauty of life……the treasure that it is.
Cheers to you and your loved ones.


Heidi, Happy New Year and thank you for this site. Through your photography and writing you have brought a rich, and beautiful approach to food, cooking and nourishment to my Brooklyn home and I thank you for that. I am continuously delighted by what i find on 101 Cookbooks! thank you and best wishes for a wonderful New Year!




Heidi, Happy New Year and thank you for this site. Through your photography and writing you have brought a rich, and beautiful approach to food, cooking and nourishment to my Brooklyn home and I thank you for that. I am continuously delighted by what i find on 101 Cookbooks! thank you and best wishes for a wonderful New Year!


What a great way to start 2009! You have such an eye for what to capture with photos as well, which along with the usual recipes, I find super-inspiring! Thanks!


I resolve to eat chocolate every day. Good quality dark chocolate. So I started the day properly with a breakfast of pain au chocolat.

Sarah Beam

Heidi- thank you- I have learned so, so much from you. Ive actually decided to really let the juices flow this 2009, and be more creative and expressive with recipes and dishes- really, all things and experiences. Thank you for the ever-present inspiration! Cheers!

applemomma, Hoboken, NJ



The cupboards look great!


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