Braised Artichokes with Orange Recipe

Braised artichokes - baked for an hour, covered, in an unctuous slathering of olive oil, white wine, olives, mint, garlic and orange zest. Make them on a Sunday night, use them throughout the week to make your lunches A-plus.

Braised Artichokes with Orange

Last week, Sunday night, I braised as many artichokes as I could bear to trim. They baked for an hour, covered, in an unctuous slathering of olive oil, white wine, olives, mint, garlic and orange zest. Pulled from the oven, each artichoke was golden and tender - delicious hot, but they're equally good at room temperature if you wait a bit, or make them ahead of time. They're easy like that. That said, the real magic happens when you have enough for leftovers. I used them in, on, and over lunches and snacks throughout last week making just about every meal I prepared better (by a mile!). I used them to top a frittata - omelette would be great too. My favorite studio lunch came from a Mason jar which held some of these artichokes (be sure to get lots of the olive-garlicky goodness out of the baking dish) combined with French lentils - that's it. I also enjoyed them well chopped over egg tagliatelle pasta. And, lastly, as a topping for a piece of good toast, slathered with a bit of sheep's milk ricotta. Dead simple, all around. I'm sure you can come up with other ideas! I posted the recipe here.

Braised Artichokes with Orange

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This recipe looks yummy thou I never tried artichokes before but I am going to try this delicious dish. 🙂


I made these and loved the flavor. I think I didn’t trim enough off the top of the chokes though since the artichoke was still a loudly chewy.


I made this dish Saturday night after a visit to the farmers market for baby artichokes. Absolutely fantastic, so good that I stopped off at a farm stand again today (2 days later!) so we can have it again before the baby chokes are gone for the season. Braising now, and smells sooooo good. Thank you!!


Wanted to note that I did try these with frozen artichoke hearts, and they turned out great! I defrosted them first and halved the cooking time to accomodate. Added some asparagus, as well, and plan on having them for lunch all week long!


Hey Heidi – I just wanted to leave a note to let you know how much I love 101 Cookbooks and how often I come here for inspiration. You always have such inventive recipes, and I know if I try anything it will be delicious! Thank you for doing what you do 🙂

Sarah | Well and Full

heidi, such a quiet and cherished moment to trim artichokes (until unbearable of course). and the simplistic beauty in which you delight in them is always of my adoration. dreaming of that toast and ricotta.

danielle m

I’m glad you included a link on how to peel an artichoke. I’ve never gone to the trouble before, but these look too good not to try.

Maureen @Raising The Capable Student

I always consider artichokes to be such a luxury – something that should be reserved for special occasions. Clearly, I’m missing out on way too many opportunities to have an amazing meal/snack like this!

Amy @ ParsleyInMyTeeth

These look absolutely wonderful. Good, fresh artichokes are very difficult to come by where I live, though. Do you think frozen artichoke hearts (they are raw) work in this recipe?

HS: Hi Lisa – maybe?? If I was going to try I’d thaw them first, then proceed. Report back!


Hmmm, I never really eat artichokes but this sounds delicious! And your tips for using the leftovers seem like really good ideas.

Vivian | stayaliveandcooking

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