Carrot and Fennel Soup Recipe

A clean, simple carrot and shaved fennel soup. The vegetables are rounded out with wild rice, and the finished soup is dusted generously with Parmesan cheese.

Carrot and Fennel Soup

Before I share the recipe for the soup I enjoyed for lunch today, I feel compelled to tell you something about myself. Here goes. I'm the sort of person who owns one umbrella. One umbrella I really like, instead of four umbrellas I sort-of like. It's a tendency that carries over into other areas of my life (books and magazines aside) and it works out nicely because our apartment isn't particularly large. But it's raining today, and I'm sitting here next to the window, lovely bowl of soup in front of me, thinking about my favorite umbrella. Midnight blue adorned with tiny, pin-point white dots, it has scalloped edges and folds down to a size that can usually be accommodated by my bag. It braves a strong wind with confidence, and guides rivulets of water out past my shoulders before letting them drop - keeping me dry in the process. I bought it at a Muji store in Tokyo, and thoroughly enjoyed having it as my rainy day partner. It went with me to France. It went with me to Spain. And then, a few months back, it went with me to Tartine - the sun broke through, we sat outside, visited with a few friends, had a few treats, and when I walked away from the table I must have left it hooked to the back of my chair. My hope is that someone found it, took it home, and now likes it as much as I did. I think about it on days like today, I somehow can't help it. I've tried three umbrellas since I lost the Muji, and quite frankly, rainy days aren't quite the same.

Carrot Fennel Soup Recipe

The soup? I riffed on a recipe from The Essential New York Times Cookbook. I often crave clean, simple meals in between all the holiday decadence, and there was a carrot & fennel soup in Amanda's book that sounded just right. It's simple, brothy, and the perfect way to use up a bunch of bushy-topped farmers' market carrots. I added wild rice, but you could use another grain if you like. Or omit he wild rice altogether - it isn't in the original recipe. I also had a vibrant blood orange olive oil on hand, so I used that to add a citrusy accent to this soup, you can certainly use fresh orange juice instead. And, as I mention below, you can top with a poached egg and have a one-dish meal on your hands. I hope all of you here in the U.S. enjoyed the long weekend and were able to spend it with lots of friends and family around. -h

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Carrot and Fennel Soup

Like I mention up above - it's easy to make a meal of this by serving it topped with a poached egg. Alternately, you can make this soup vegan by omitting the Parmesan.

3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

2 medium fennel bulbs, trimmed fronds reserved, thinly sliced

2 1/4 pounds / 36 ounces farmer market carrots, thickly sliced
2 large cloves garlic, thinly sliced
10 cups good-tasting vegetable broth or water
salt to taste
3 cups / 12 oz cooked wild rice

2 tablespoons blood orange olive oil or 5 tablespoons fresh orange juice

lots of freshly grated Parmesan cheese

Heat the olive oil in your largest soup pot over medium-high heat. Add the fennel and cook for 3-4 minutes, until softened a bit. Stir in the carrots and cook another 10 minutes, just long enough for them to soften a touch and start taking on a bit of color. Stir in the garlic and cook another 30 seconds. Stir in the broth. Bring to a simmer and simmer, covered, until the carrots are very tender, another 15-20 minutes or so. Stir in the wild rice, bring back to a simmer, taste and add more salt if needed

Remove from heat and stir in the blood orange olive oil or orange juice. Taste and add more if needed. Serve dusted, generously, with freshly grated Parmesan, and a sprinkling of the reserved fennel fronds.

Serves about 6.

Inspired by the Carrot & Fennel Soup in The Essential New York Times Cookbook by Amanda Hesser.

Prep time: 10 minutes - Cook time: 30 minutes

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Well-written post. I used to be checking continuously to this web site and I'm so impressed! Very helpful information, especially the 6th paragraphs. I really need such information. I was seeking this particular info for a very long. Thanks & all the best.

Magen Antell

I made this last night and it was fantastic!


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My mom adores fennel. I'm always looking for new ways to cook it. I'll have to try this recipe the next time she come sover. I like that it's not cream based.

Mrs. Stranded

I've made this soup twice now, it's delish and really simple to make. Like all soups, it gets better the day after. I like to add a little chopped fresh, deseeded red chili - it won't interfere with the basic flavors, just adds some extra warmth.


A okay soup until you add the orange juice and then it is transformed into something truly special. Absolutely love it, will be eating it all week for lunch!


Eating this soup as I type... :) The orange juice is pure genius.


Sounds great but: 2x1/4 p carrots = 1/2p,or 2,25p carrots?


So I belong to a CSA and had received for two weeks in a row, Carrots and Fennel. I was wondering what I was going to do with all of it and literally the next day this post popped up on my facebook account and answer was given to me. This soup is soooo delicious. Thank you!!


I love this soup! I made it two days ago, using barley instead of rice and adding chopped portobello mushrooms. I also added some herbes de provence. Delicious, gets better with time.


This looks delicious! I might add cubed tofu just to give it a little extra something. Wonderful photo!


Ciao Heidi, All these ingredients are fresh in season in the markets of Florence, where I am currently living. I had such a great time putting this together as gathering goodies from markets is basically the highlight of my day. I also added 25 grams of dried porcini mushrooms and the soaking liquid. The soup really came alive! So happy as it has definitely been soup weather over here. Thanks again, Lauren


I hear you on the brolly front, I still feel sad for the loss of my lovely gorgeous purple stripped one that had a matching cover, gone and never to be forgotten, or replaced hahaha.. BTW the soup looks like a bowl of heaven, peace out xxxx, Laura :)


I can relate to the umbrella, but particularly the spots. I bought my son a red raincoat with white spots on it. He loves wearing it on rainy days, since it is so utterly cheerful and optimistic. Truth be told, I bought it for the child in me, something mothers are ofter guilty of! I am also terrified he'll lose it....


Everything you cook looks so delicious, but (probably because I am a lazy cook myself) I wanted to say how lovely your photographs are. It’s always a treat to see you’ve got something new up!


Sometimes, when I am, say, eating the leftovers of something like this soup, alongside the delicious wild seaweed salad, I just like you so much. HS: Thanks for the nice note Aurelia.


Wow! I just made this soup, this afternoon, and it is elegantly delicious!


I made this last night, and added some Ras el hanout for variety - it is yummy, AND feels virtuous in the midst of holiday eating. Thanks!

april lang

I love how many folks who wrote comments immediately went on the search to find you a replacement Muji umbrella. You are truly adored. Soup looks wonderful too :)

Dina Avila

This looks amazing! Can't wait to try. i like it keep it up.. thanks for this post


This is awesome! Savory, hearty, and healthy. I have never used fennel before so it was a wonderful intro to this wonderful vegetable.

sanka prasad

Orangette adapted the same recipe to come up with a pureed version. It's the first thing I make when it gets chilly!

Camille Breaux

I, too, have lost my favorite umbrella. The thing is, I discovered a few years ago that yellow umbrellas, preferably a light lemon color, lend a little ray of sunshine to an otherwise gloomy day. I vowed never to go back to a drab umbrella that makes my little bubble darker than it needs to be. Unfortunately, yellow umbrellas are exceedingly difficult to find. I'm currently stuck with a half-broken one, limping along, and I haven't been able to find a replacement for months. I feel your pain.


Heidi, i just noticed the new cover for your forthcoming book sitting quietly on the side of the page - it looks just gorgeous! I followed the link to Ten Speed Press & checked out the preview, and I have to say (although I am not surprised) it is going to be a lovely book....congratulations!


Ah, you've made me nostalgic for the East Coast. My trusty umbrella was plaid -with matching rain boots! I love the sound of this soup - it seems warm and comforting! Perfect for a chilly day!

Kristen |

Inspired by your post I went to the Muji store next door and looked for the umbrella you mentioned, but unfortunately it seems that the product is out of stock and they discontinued to manufacture the same type. Too looked nice. from Tokyo


I live in you want me to look for another umbrella? I float through Muji quite often!


I've never had this combination in soup before, but it sounds delicious and warming. Sorry about your umbrella.

Melissa (The Sword in the Scone)

Made the soup earlier this week. It was subtle and delicious. I didn't find the fennel overpowering at all. Mmmm...


This pictures look so awesome, have to try this receipt as soon as i can greetings from cologne, Manuela

Manuela H.

I made this last night on windy rainy night in upstate New York and it was wonderful! Thank you for the recipe.


Thank you, Heidi, for your weekly recipes-- they are delish! "Live simply" is my motto and cooking simple food recipes like yours helps make cooking fun, easy and soooo good!


I stumbled upon your website by accident, but I just realized that I've been looking around it for nearly an hour! Great find. I have a feeling this will be a great resource for me (I too have WAY too many cookbooks and have actually tried WAY too few recipes) - especially since our family has recently transitioned to Vegetarian for some of us and Vegan for the rest of us. This recipe looks fantastic - I'm always a little scared of Fennel, but now I have a reason to try it out!


heidi...the preview of your new book looks simply stunning!! congratulations!! can't wait to see it in the flesh. xo.


I am the same way. I rather pay more $$ for something nice than 4 ok things. I would order a new one if I were you. I have this clock on the wall that I got in Italy and love. Few years back it broke and I was devastated so I went on line and find the clock on some italian site and ordered it :) great soup btw!!


Hot soup is the best thing to eat on a rainy day and your recipe sounds like a nice one to try. I'm off to the market soon to pick up a bulb of fennel before the rain comes tomorrow. Cheers, Jason & Steve

Jason @ (y)our food choices

While this comment is not in regards to this recipe, I wanted to give a quick thanks to your for writing this blog. I am a massage therapist, and one of my health conscience clients turned me onto your blog. I love your recipes. I host a post thanksgiving meal at my house, the friday after thanksgiving. After after many of us had spent the day before with family (which can be exhausting). It is a great chance to be with my 'family of choice'. Well, this year I cooked everything for the meal from your website: Tuscan Kale Salad, Double Broccoli and Quinoa and Pumpkin and Feta Muffins. The meal was FANTASTIC, and everyone loved the food, even the non-vegetareans! Thanks for sharing, and I hope you continue to write this blog for a long time to come! Brad

Bradford Mumpower

My favorite umbrella is one that doesn't blow inside out in Boston. Rare. What a nice, light soup for this time of year!

Michelle @ Find Your Balance

This looks so lovely ... and on another note: I cannot WAIT for your new book! April feels so far away ... though I did just buy your first as a gift for a good friend :)


I was so intrigued by your umbrella saga that I purchased a Muji Umbrella on line today, direct from the Muji store. I bought the navy color with dots. Now I will buy some fennel and carrots at the market and have some soup. I just came home from Rome/Florence and the San Miniato Truffle festival, having lost my umbrella and caught a cold on the plane. You recent blog struck home. Thanks, and keep it coming


I love mine. Its black with multiple color polka dots and Its just mine. Sorry for your loss, but thanks for this wonderful soup.


This is awesome and definitely something I'll need to make for my parents' anniversary in January. They are HUGE fennel lovers and this is the perfect starter :) Thanks!


I totally agree about the need for simple soups after the holiday gluttonous madness ;) Will be making this healthy and delicious soup soon!


Gorgeous soup and I LOVE fennel! I love the fact that it has 7 ingredients, nice! PS. sorry about your umbrella.... Lisa xo

You are too funny about your umbrella! I actually am very attached to mine as well... it's clear, domed, and covered in aqua raindrops. So cute. But rain makes me think of soup, and this looks awesome.


great looking recipe. i esp love the idea of putting wild rice in it.

Shu-Huei Henrickson

licorice soup? with carrots? delicious.


Mmmmm delicious. That is so sad about your beloved umbrella! I believe it is with a very grateful new owner :) Heidi xo

Heidi - apples under my bed

Oh my gosh, I can't wait to make this tonight with the six seed soda bread. This is just what we need to counter the cold outside...

Anne Marie

Where have i been? Blood orange olive oil? Sounds fabulous! The soup too.

Amanda at Enchanted Fig

Your umbrella story breaks my heart! I am the same way. Because I am not into having a lot of things, I fall really hard for the special things I own. I feel this way about a head scarf I bought in London when I was 20. Once it blew off my head and I was nearly run over trying to retrieve it from the street. I also take photographs of favorite clothes that I have just plain worn out before I send them on their way to Goodwill or the trash.


Was just wondering what to have for lunch and I have my NYT's cookbook open right beside me (I was sending a friend one of the recipes!) and then I clicked on your e-mail--KISMET!


I'm always trying ti find ways to work fennel into my cooking besides shaved in a salad. This sounds like a remarkable wonderful seasonal soup and a poached egg sounds heavenly.

Chiot's Run

I love this recipe! I've actually never cooked with fennel before because I didn't have any recipes to use it in - really looking forward to trying this out - I love the flavors of fennel and citrus together! I was at a restaurant recently where they served caramelized fennel and orange peels as a garnish - soo good!

Anjali Shah

Somehow the story of the umbrella struck me as really poetic. I wish I had 1 favorite of all of my things. Maybe then I could find everything I need.


Up here in Washington we dont use umbrellas. It is too rainy, you would need it everyday, and it just gets old. The soup looks great, I love carrots.


wow, this sounds like such a great combination! i've only recently come to appreciate fennel. and blood orange olive oil sounds like the best thing ever.

laura @ alittlebarefoot

Ohh, no. I feel your pain. I hate losing stuff because I never do so it makes me crazy. Hope you find an equally splendorous umbrella.


My favorite umbrella was a yellow ducky umbrella that security made me leave outside a Feist concert in Prospect Park a few years ago. When we all came back out, it was dark, and everyone politely attempted to reclaim his or her personal umbrella. I was sure I had mine, but in fact I'd picked up a pink ducky umbrella! I hope that umbrella owner has my yellow one now. A carrot-dill soup went up on my blog about a month ago -- this one pureed. Yours looks delicious!


This recipe looks AMAZING! And blood orange olive oil... yum! Can't wait to try.


This looks so good and healthy. I think anything would look appetizing after 5 days of turkey!

A Teenage Gourmet

Hi Heidi, I too have been thinking about carrot soups...but using beautiful spring carrots. It is almost getting too hot for soups here in NZ though, so it may have to wait till next year :-) Beautiful photos as always.


Lovely, simple soup with my favourite flavours, thanks. i must get my hands on that book!


"My hope is that someone found it, took it home, and now likes it as much as I did." Exactly how I feel about my Outdoor Research foldable slate colored hat which came out of my bag at a music festival this summer and never made it's way back in. I think of it often, search online for one being sold, and wish they still made the slate version. My head misses it! Oh, and the recipe sounds fabulous, as usual!


My heart actually broke when I read you lost your umbrella. I can get emotionally attached to inanimate objects in the same way. Hopefully it's found a happy home.....On the plus side, your soup looks stunning. I love the photo too

Liana @ femme fraiche

This really is the perfect clean, simple meal to enjoy between bouts of holiday excess!

The Rowdy Chowgirl

I'm with you on having one thing I LOVE rather than multiple that I kinda like.... but it does make it tough when they go and get lost. love the sound of this soup. fits right in with my philosophy of only cooking recipes with 5 ingredients ;)


Thanks for this recipe. We just cut most of our fennel before a major freeze, then covered the rest. We'll see how long it makes it here in TN. Unrelated question: We have two grapefruit trees that my daughter grew from seeds. They sit in pots outside in summer and poke us all winter in the house. Can the leaves be used in cooking? Don't know if they are delicious or deadly.

Wayve at Dennison's Family Farm CSA

I agree. This is entirely the sort of bite that I crave, right now. RIP, dear Muji. May another equally (differently) lovely parapluie find its way into your hands, soon.


I can understand your attachment to that umbrella. It sounded so perfectly practical (and pretty too). I hope you find one you like as much, real soon. This soup sounds delicious, and the drizzle of blood orange olive oil totally sold me on it... I actually have some in my pantry! It's like gold.


The soup sounds and looks really great. About the umbrella, I surely hope someone will read this and maybe will send it back to you. I lost a coat once, that I left in Athens. It went all the way to England and was sent back to me, by a friend, to Brasil.. So, be faithful.


mmm, looks so delicious and comforting! lovely pictures, as usual!:)


Oh my - blood orange olive oil? That opens up a whole new Pandora's recipe box! Thanks for posting this soup recipe - I get in such habits with carrots: roasted, grated raw, dipped in hummus. It's awesome to have new recipes to change it up a bit.


Great recipe and have you looked at the Muji US store website? You can purchase umbrellas (although it may not be exactly what you lost) from them. The url is: www.


I am so into fennel right now, so thank you for providing more fennel inspiration. And I hope you find another umbrella you like as much as the one you lost.

Miri Leigh

Woke up sick this morning and wish I had a pot of this soup to enjoy! May need to rally and get my butt in the kitchen!

Mary (What's Cookin' with Mary)

I had a favourite umbrella too. I bought my bright sunny yellow umbrella in 1987 (!!) after I cashed my first paycheque from my first 'adult' job. It lasted through many jobs, and seasons until my 2 year old daughter got hold of it last month. I don't think it's mendable but I can't throw it out just yet.


Cool weather has finally made it to N. FL and this soup would be just ideal!


marvelous recipe, but please tell us that your favorite umbrella has found its way back to you. Patrons of Tartine are some of the best...

Jane P

If one wanted to add a protein to this soup, what would work?


Sorry to read about losing your umbrella. I myself get very attached to things that I have and when they are lost it really, really bothers me. I had a house fire and lost a lot of personal things and though I could replace them, I don't want to as they were special things and can't really be replaced exactly. I hope you find another favorite umbrella.

Janet in Maine

The perfect recipe for a chilly November day...I created a similar recipe this past weekend that I just loved and this is equally as beautiful and delicious! Thanks Heidi. Happy Holidays!!

The Healthy Apple

hi heidi, i just ordered your book and being a SF gal myself, i almost feel like i know you. sorry to hear about your umbrella....maybe i can help. i live in bologna/italy and they just opened a new Muji store. I'll go take a look next time and if i see your umbrella, i'll send it to you, or bring it in feb when i visit SF again. no promises, but i'll give it my best shot..from one vegetarian cook to another. meanwhile, keep them great recipes coming! thank you.

n dong

My mom *just now* called me to see if I can think of a way for her to use the fennel bulb in her crisper - can't wait to make this soup. Thanks!!


I love fennel, but have never paired it with carrots before. This soup looks delicious, so I'll def have to try!


A nice soup that would loved to be fiddled with, no doubt. I see a little wilted kale dropping in for good measure.

Tom @ Tall Clover Farm

This is what I should be eating. Note to self! Sounds delicious and healthy:)

The French

Loved meeting you briefly at Foodbuzz, could I be more of a geek-fan? I was sitting here wondering if there was a healthy way to over-come the food over-load from this wonderful ThxGvg weekend and I saw your twitter. This soup is my answer, thx. The umbrella story would make a lovely storybook.


You take the most beautiful pictures of food. Even if I don't like certain ingredients your lush and deep photos make me WANT to eat whatever is pictured! Love your site: menus and pictures.


I know exactly what you mean about your umbrella. I had a ceramic coffee mug made by a local potter that was my favorite. It fit in hand perfectly and made everything I drank out of it just taste, well.. better. Water was cooler, coffee more satisfying, etc. I was in love with my cup. Until it broke. It came shattering down out of the dish rack one day and smattered into a million pieces. I know it's ridiculous to mourn the loss of my cup, but somehow I just can't help myself. I'm not the kind of person to normally get so attached to material objects, but something about that mug just felt like a part of me. I've tried other mugs since then but everyone has fallen short in some way or another, and I find myself longing for my cup even more.


This soup looks amazing. Yum!


I completely know how you feel - I once left a bag of all my favorite things on a train in Spain. It was such a sad feeling knowing I wasn't going to get those things back - i still think about it years later!

Simply Life

I'm so sorry about your umbrella! I too am very much of the mindset to have less, but more of things that I absolutely love. The cold (and maybe snow) is moving into my corner of Spain. I look forward to trying this soup, it will be so perfect, I'm sure. Thanks for the sharing! Katharine gastronomy and everyday life in Spain

Katharine @ agirlinmadrid

I love how you always incorporate organic, or locally grown farmers market ingredients. I've always been a vegetarian for both ethical and environmental reasons, but i've never realised the impact of unsustainable fruits and vegetables that i mindlessly purchased from general grocery stores until i recently watched Food, Inc documentary..such an eye-opener..not just for meat eaters but also for vegetarians and vegans..


I love the flavor of fennel but I will admit it I have yet to try it in soup really. This recipe gives me an incentive and perfect for chilly weather soup for us. Thank you.

Pam @ Kitchen Cookware

Heidi, an old guru offered me an identical umbrella in Darjeeling. Perhaps it's traveling itself. Couldn't agree with Dean's comments more, on both accounts!


It seems that the destiny of most umbrella's are to be left quietly hanging on the corner of a chair or slouched between the wall and table of a restaurant, lost but ready to start a new destiny with a new owner. The soup certainly has an appeal. Despite not having spent a weekend eating and celebrating Thanksgiving I completely appreciate the idea of a clean, simple and hearty meal like this beautiful soup.


Thank you for providing an excuse to buy blood orange olive oil. :-) Compliments on your knife skills. Those carrots are beautiful.

Dean E.

Just the bright colour of carrots is enough to lift winter-blues. I managed to get some wonderfully natural-looking carrots this week (knobbly and non-identical in shape and size). They went into a chicken casserole along with a lovely cabbage. Yum!


This soup sounds absolutely delicious! I can't wait to try it!


what a delicious, simple soup! after a long holiday weekend of eating heavy meals and desserts, this soup sounds perfect!

the blissful baker

You mention "good-tasting" vegetable broth in the recipe (which looks delicious, by the way!) -- do you have any favorite brands of store-bought? I'm in the Bay Area as well so local is fine! Thanks in advance!

Coco @ Opera Girl Cooks

I really loved your umbrella story. I can definitely see getting attached to such a lovely thing. I have too many unmemorable umbrellas lying around but you've inspired me to get one I actually love. I hope you find a replacement soon! In the mean time this soup is probably a good replacement. I'm on a HUGE carrot kick and love fennel. :)


Looks like the perfect soup for all of the cold and rainy weather we've been having in the Bay Area lately!


i don't really love fennel, but i will say there's something about the combination of carrots and fennel that makes it taste OK...perfectly sweet and the earthiness of the carrots takes down the anise flavor in the fennel just enough for me to really enjoy it :)

Heather (Heather's Dish)

You've made me feel so nostalgic with this post for two reasons, the former much more poignant than the latter. First, my grandmother used to make a soup of carrot and fennel and it was a favourite of mine growing up. I've never tried to re-create it myself but might bring myself to brave the tears this week. Second, one of the first purchases that I made for myself when I moved away from home for the first time was a polka dot umbrella. It accompanied me for years (I even had it in my backpack on the night I met my husband). And then one day I used it to prop up a wobbly table on the patio of a pub in Toronto. The table was then no longer wobbly and thus forgettable, as was the umbrella. Today I remember it and all the times it was there, waiting for me in my back pack, to save my hair from a good drenching. Thanks for a great post!

Christine @ SeminoleSalivation

I love beautifully simple soups like this. The blood orange olive oil seems like the perfect touch. I will have to substitute parsnips or something similar for the carrots - cooked carrots are not my favorite.

Laura @ SweetSavoryPlanet

I like fennel and ate it many times, but never in the soup. I will try for sure. Incidentally, I am planning to post shortly a recipe for a two- ingredient leek soup, as an easy after-holiday idea.

Bogna @ Pots and Frills

I have my first final of grad school tomorrow. In celebration, I will be making this soup both in praise of being done and to drown my sorrows in tasty wild rice and fennel.


Mmm! I'm always looking for ways to use fennel, and this soup just sounds delicious! Beautiful photos, too!


When I was living in Italy I lost my favorite umbrella too, I left it in my seat on a train. Then umbrellas became like a vice for me, I would buy replacements only to accidently forget them at odd places. I eventually started not minding getting all wet, walking in the rain without an umbrella. The soup looks delicious, I can't wait to make some myself. Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

Soup sounds delicious. I have had a lot of fennel and carrots in my fridge as of late- so this is perfect. I hear you about the umbrella, I too live in a very rainy part of the world and have a favourite umbrella. Sometimes I don't take it for fear that someone will take it if I leave it in the umbrella stand at the grocery store. I hope you find another rain-buddy soon. That one looked particularly cute.

The Bounty Hunter

What a splendid combination of two wonderful veggies. The addition of the citrus olive oil sounds like it just added that something special to the soup. Stunning photo too.

Lisa {AuthenticSuburbanGourmet}

I absolutely LOVE fennel. I think this soup sounds fabulous.

Jessica @ How Sweet

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Apologies, comments are closed.

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