Favorites List (10.17.14)

Favorites List (10.17.14) Recipe

I've been waking up on the early side lately, and tend to do a bit of reading before the sun rises. Which means(!), I have a few things to share with you. Also, if any of you have any podcasts you're particularly excited about, give a shout in the comments. I'd love to add a few to my list...

- Reading this, and reading this.

- Watching this, and this.

- Honey hunters

- Armchair traveling: here, here, here, and here

- The Interpreter

- Find Your Beach

- Lotta + Oaxaca

- Rise & Shine

- The magic.

- To cook: Sprouted Rye Berries & Roasted Cauliflower & Vegetarian Pho

- The Head Scarf Tie (via Beth Kirby), also her kitchen...

- Calendula Oil

- We updated the shop this week, have a peek - new aprons, unusual culinary herbs, a beautiful soup pot, and the like.

xoxo - h

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