Favorites List (10.17.14) Recipe

I've been waking up on the early side lately, and tend to do a bit of reading before the sun rises. Which means, I have a few things to share with you.

Favorites List (10.17.14)

I've been waking up on the early side lately, and tend to do a bit of reading before the sun rises. Which means(!), I have a few things to share with you. Also, if any of you have any podcasts you're particularly excited about, give a shout in the comments. I'd love to add a few to my list...

- Reading this, and reading this.

- Watching this, and this.

- Honey hunters

- Armchair traveling: here, here, here, and here

- The Interpreter

- Find Your Beach

- Lotta + Oaxaca

- Rise & Shine

- The magic.

- To cook: Sprouted Rye Berries & Roasted Cauliflower & Vegetarian Pho

- The Head Scarf Tie (via Beth Kirby), also her kitchen...

- Calendula Oil

- We updated the shop this week, have a peek - new aprons, unusual culinary herbs, a beautiful soup pot, and the like.

xoxo - h

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Lovely lovely site - I'll add my thanks and words of praise to the other commenters! I'll also add one more podcast to the fabulous list above: "On Being", where Krista Tippet does amazing interviews of amazing people about life's interesting questions :-) Also, On The Media - great weekly commentary on the things that get covered, and the prejudices that go into that media coverage.


Your recipes never fail to fill my belly with deiciousness and your favorites lists nourish and inspire my soul. Thank you.

Lisa Keeler

Your recipes never fail to fill my belly with deiciousness and your favorites lists nourish and inspire my soul. Thank you.

Lisa Keeler

Am so happy to see Infiore on your list. I use many of their facial products daily. I also recently received Dayala as a sample and fell in love with the scent, it's so mild and calming. It's ironic because when I smelled Dayala I thought "I wonder if 101 Cookbooks knows about Infiore yet?"

HS: Indeed! I'm a total fan, love Julie and her creations - if you haven't been to her beautiful space, you must!

Jennifer N

Heidi, I really love these peaceful and thought provoking lists- I truly enjoy them. One thought - perhaps link to book recommendations on Green Apple Books' site, or even ABEbooks, rather than Amazon? Thank you so much for your lovely posts and recipes, as always!


Great list! Love serial podcasts!

Christina @ The Beautiful Balance

There is an amazing podcast called The Health Bridge by Dr. Sara Gottfried and Pedram Shojai. They are east meets west health and they are just so fun and so practical. It's stuff everyone can use.


Aw man, I wanted to be the first to recommend the Serial podcasts! Great minds think alike I guess. So ADDICTIVE.


Your lists are my fav, Heidi. So thoughtfully put together. For podcasts, count me in on the Serial bandwagon. I think we're both big fans of Spilled Milk. I'm also a fan of Cherry Bombe with Julia Turshen + After the Jump with Grace Bonney (both via Heritage Radio).


That house in Bolinas! Wow.


I see you've taken everyone's advice! I'm glad to hear you've started listening to Serial, too. It's ADDICTIVE.

Grace @ Forsythia Root

Love your list! In terms of podcasts I love the Trending Show and BBC news :)

HS: Hi Phi, I listen to the BBC first thing every morning. I'm a fan of The Globalist (Monocle) as well for daily (global) news update.

Phi @ The Sweetphi Blog

I've been reading your blog for years, have your cookbooks and love your recipes. Recently you had a favorites list about being excited about Women In Clothes. I put it on reserve at the library and started it the other day. It is stunning! Keep sharing the recipes, but these other finds, my goodness, keep sharing these too!


As I start downloading subscriptions to almost all the aforementioned, I'd like to add a favorite of my own. Try "The New Yorker Fiction." A current writer published in the New Yorker chooses a short story from the New Yorker archives. They then read it allowed and provide discussion/commentary at the end. Enjoyable!


I recommend Literary Disco podcast, hosted by Julia Pistel who works at the Mark Twain House, Rider Strong who is very well read (of Boy Meets World fame), and Tod Goldberg, LA Times book critic. They are long time friends who love books, are irreverent and highly entertaining. Not your usual stuffy book reviews. Highly recommend. http://www.literarydisco.com/


I LOVE podcasts. I listen to them often :) I second everyone who has already mentioned Serial, as well as it's parent podcast 'This American Life". I also love RadioLab and 'The Moth' for great story telling. A recent discovery which has rapidly become a favourite is "99% Invisible" and then 'Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project". If you're into history then the (now complete) "History of Rome" by MIke Duncan (not boring at all I promise!) and his follow up "Revolutions". I also love The History of England". Enjoy!

Thanks for these Tara! I'm all over the History of Rome.


The article on breakfast foods around the world was fascinating! On some of my own travels, it's been interesting to see what other cultures consider "normal" breakfast fare. Thanks for all of the wonderful links and ideas you share!


Was delighted to see Salta on your list. The beauty there is not as graceful & cultured as Buenos Aires, nor as lush & vibrant as Iguazu. Salta is natural, and quiet, and isolated, and comfortable. Our last lunch consisted of freshly made empanadas & bottled Coke, enjoyed from patio seats facing Plaza 9 de Julio. Loved every day there.


Hi Heidi! Thanks for the link love, always humbled that you even know my corner of the world exists. On the podcast front: SERIAL. I'm completely obsessed. http://serialpodcast.org/ xo

HS: Anytime Kelsey, that pho is gorgeous. Re: Serial, I'm caught up through episode 4 last as of last night. xo


Some of the podcasts I enjoy covering food & wine include: Wine for Normal People Graperadio New Books in Food Last Chance Foods WNYC Food is the New Rock KCRW Good Food Spilled Milk and for absolute giggles.. NPR's Wait Wait..Don't Tell Me enjoy!


I love when I see your Favorites list. There is always something inspiring. I wanted to share 2 podcasts that I really enjoy listening to and I hope may enjoy them too. This American Life and Serial are 2 great podcasts.


That japanese tidying book looks great. Just looked through their table of contents... "storage experts are hoarders" YES!! Exactly. That's actually why I've been thinking that once I sell all the stuff I want to sell (or donate or throw away), I actually want to get RID of one of the closets in my room. More space to live, to move. Less space for material possessions. Valentina

HS: That's one of her arguments, and there's a lot to it. I'm not having much luck with the weeding it all out in one go, but I did take a good swipe at my closet, and books are next, then papers...


Nice picks, Heidi! I see most of my podcasts already recommended here, so thought I'd ask if you ever try books on tape. Recent favorites on Audible have included State of Wonder by Ann Patchett, read by Hope Davis; The Circle by Dave Eggers, read by the amazing Dion Graham; and Not My Father's Son, written and read by Alan Cumming.

Great picks. I've downloaded a few books from audible.com in the past...but I'm not in the habit of it compared to podcasting....something to look forward to :)


Gastropod is a new podcast about food, with a focus on history and science. It's lovely!


Great list full of inspiration! Also, I loved to read other reader's podcast suggestions. I just finished listening to Love Hurts by Strangers on KCRW - be sure to listen to all four episodes. It simply was so real and raw; loved it. I could get lost browsing through your Quitokeeto products... You always find the loveliest pieces!


I agree with so many of the podcast suggestions above, and was delighted to see another fan of Stitcher. I'll add Slate's Double X Podcast, NPR: Snap Judgement, Slate's Audio Book Club, Selected Shorts from PRI, APM: Garrison Keillor's The Writer's Almanac, Stuff You Missed in History Class, and Slate's Culture Gabfest. Love your blog, thank you.


Serial by This American Life for sure.


Another endorsement for Serial, but as the others said, you must start at the beginning. A spinoff of this American life.


Love + Radio, Death Sex and Money, The Gist (with Mike Pesca), Planet Money, Selected Shorts, Startup (with Alex Bloomberg), Serial (This American Live spinoff), and all the rest of the NPR usual suspects.


Delightful, as always, Heidi! Podcast favorites: Death, Sex, and Money (pretty new and especially amazing). The Splendid Table. The Dinner Party Download. Wait, wait, don't tell me! Xo.


I love that piece on what kids eat for breakfast... Like everyone else, i've been gobbling up the serial podcasts, but my favorite podcast of all time is Desert Island Discs -- there's a whole archive, if you haven't already heard of them! It's actually a british radio show that started in the 1940s(!!) where very interesting people people (e.g. Elton John, Fergus Henderson, etc.) share the 8 disks they would bring to a deserted island with them. I would definitely listen to the David Attenborough episode. I love listening to it while I cook, along with KCRW's Good Food. On Being is another one of my favorites! (John Donohue + Christian Wiman + Paulo Coelho are my favorite episodes) Hope you're well Heidi!


As a photojournalism student at the time this film is set in, The Bang Bang Club is a fascinating look at, not just the end of Apartheid in S. Africa, but the way photojournalists worked at the time. The film isn't the most perfectly crafted one but the story is compelling.


Great post - thanks Heidi! Edible Radio podcasts are now on iTunes as well as at www.edibleradio.com. Great interviews there by edible magazine publishers!

xoxo Tracey

Tracey Ryder

i too am listening to the serial podcast from this american life. i don't recommend before bed! and do start with the first episode. be warned: it's addictive.


What a delicately beautiful painted piece! Happy reading!


I second the Serial podcast! I've been looking forward to it every week. I also enjoy the Cracked podcasts (humor+ education) and TED radio from NPR. Also, the Stitcher app is great for podcast compiling/subscribing/listening.


Thank you for the lovely links...especially the one to 'The Interpreter'.

HS: Hope to see you around the neighborhood again soon Joytika. xo


I highly recommend the radio lab podcasts- they're funny, interesting, and totally engaging.


heidi, you are a special kind of brilliance. i love your blog and what you do! one of my absolute favorites to read and to learn from and the perfect accompaniment to my morning coffee :)


Have you listened to the Serial podcast from the "This American Life" folks? SO good. Check it out- http://serialpodcast.org Make sure you start at the first episode!


I loved The Sound of Things Falling. I heard the author interviewed on the CBC. If you have a chance to see or hear him, I recommend.

HS: Thanks for the heads up Anne - I look forward to listening to him after I finish.

Anne Field

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