Favorites List (5.03.14) Recipe

A little favorites list to round out the weekend.

Favorites List (5.03.14)

A few favorites to round out the week. Let me know if there are any recent articles, books, or movies I shouldn't miss. I always look forward to your tips and favorites! -h

- The Grand Budapest: Choosing a Hotel

- Watching: this, and this

- To eat: this

- A collection of recipes

- Thank you Amy Mellen!

- These lamps.

- Block Shop: A Guide to Jaipur, also, for when I go back, this.

- Stepwells

- A Pirate Surgeon in Panama

- Ask a Sensible Midwesterner

Lead photo: Some incredible tile work spotted this morning on a stroll through San Francisco's Chinatown.

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I really enjoyed “Creating a Hotel”. Thanks!

Denise | Chez Danisse

Speaking of India, We at Book Passage have all been enjoying “The Storied Life of A. J. Fikry” by Gabrielle Zevin. It is a delightful tale of love, life, books and booksellers.


hi Heidi! your photo of the tiles (and also those gorgeous photos from your trip to Morocco a while ago) reminds me of a podcast I just discovered called 99% Invisible- it’s all about design and architecture, and basically incredibly fascinating (also I may have just a tiny thing for the host’s voice… haha). hope you like it! http://99percentinvisible.org/

HS: Ooh! Thanks Jenna! I love a good podcast. I’ll definitely check it out. Thanks!


I haven’t even looked through the list yet and I know I’ll be bowled over (with delight, as per usual).


Such a wonderful list Heidi!! Thanks a ton!


I too loved 20 Feet from Stardom. Looking forward to Punk Singer.
Do you watch BBC? Just saw the premier season of “Bletchley Circle;” four brilliant women in post WWII London who were code breakers during the war…. I’ll say no more…
Thanks to other comment posts for more inspiring blogs. My own blog is Trips Off the Tongue, a food journal on my website. I live in Kauai and write about some of our funky produce… a warm aloha to all.
Pam Woolway

Pam Woolway

Heidi! Weird question but i’m dying to know – what is your everyday olive oil? I’m on the market.

HS: Hi Emily – I have a pretty good range of “finishing olive oils”….but the one I use most for day to day, currently, is Bariani.


How amazing the article on step wells.
Love reading your favorite list, please keep them coming . I often use your recipes, have not made one I didn’t like.


This reminds me, I ought to find a theater that has Grand Budapest Hotel…it sounds so awesome, but there aren’t any theaters in my state showing it! Ah well, there’s always more movies to see 🙂

How to Philosophize with Cake

Those beautiful blue colours in Jaipur remind me that I need to return to India soon.


I’ve read so much about the Grand Budapest… Really have to watch it!

Mademoiselle Gourmande

The hotel grand Budapest was excellent(!)


What a treat your lists are – like the surprise of choice delectables in a gift hamper when opened!
Yesterday, I made the bay leaf cake from the recipe of David’s you’ve shared here and it received such praise and was eaten with such relish that I wanted to say thank you by taking you up on your request that we share some favourites in return:
*Edible Geography a really neat site run by Nicola Twilley with a link in the right sidebar to BLDGBLOG by Geoff Manaugh who now writes for Gizmodo, too;
*The Recipes Project featuring historical recipes; also interesting is Pass the Garum “eating like the ancients” with really neat recipes like pine nut sauce and “posca” the “Roman vinegar-based wonder drink”;
* For Francophiles, Wes Anderson et la peinture, un mystérieux mystère which I found via;
*Renidle de Peuter’s potholders though it’s her blog I find as inspiring: At Swim Two Birds – she was featured on the last post of photographer Eefje de Coninck’s blog, featuring some great interiors/details, if year-old.
Apparently I could go on – but I hope there is at least one link here for your enjoyment.
Thank you again for all that you share on your website.


A lovely post, the Grand Budapest Hotel was a stellar film!


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Apologies, comments are closed.

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