Favorites List (8.10.12)

Favorites List (8.10.12) Recipe

A favorites list - short and sweet, for the weekend. Enjoy! xo -h

- Reading this, Watching this.

- This soup. (via Bonni)

- Off the Deep End: Balloons

- Bea Feitler

- Bircher Muesli with Spiced Strawberry Sauce

- Dream Listing: Boutique hotel, Buenos Aires

- Or, how about Belize: 4 Suites & 5 Cabanas

- Wind Map

- This honey

- Colors of Confinement (via wb)

- Cover Junkie

- Smashed Cherry & Whisky Cooler

- Jen Altman: Favorite Cookbooks

- Why Burn Doctors Hate Instant Soup

- Charles Phan

- Phyllis Galembo

- Lemony French Yogurt Cake

Lead photo: Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

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