Favorites List (8.10.12) Recipe

A weekend favorites list. Enjoy!

Favorites List (8.10.12)

A favorites list - short and sweet, for the weekend. Enjoy! xo -h

- Reading this, Watching this.

- This soup. (via Bonni)

- Off the Deep End: Balloons

- Bea Feitler

- Bircher Muesli with Spiced Strawberry Sauce

- Dream Listing: Boutique hotel, Buenos Aires

- Or, how about Belize: 4 Suites & 5 Cabanas

- Wind Map

- This honey

- Colors of Confinement (via wb)

- Cover Junkie

- Smashed Cherry & Whisky Cooler

- Jen Altman: Favorite Cookbooks

- Why Burn Doctors Hate Instant Soup

- Charles Phan

- Phyllis Galembo

- Lemony French Yogurt Cake

Lead photo: Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

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Isn't Jiro Dreams of Sushi filmed beautifully? He talked about sushi, & I was inspired in life. You know?

How crazy! I clicked on that beach listing in Belize and I just stayed in those cabanas this past April on a family vacation! Caye Caulker is beautiful and Colinda's Cabanas were one of the nicest places to stay. ;) Reasonably priced, too... Absolutely gorgeous beach and breezes...


I just saw Jiro last weekend and found it super inspiring! I even watched the extra features and deleted scenes. I found it so endearing how humble and hard-working Jiro, his sons, the apprentices, and the "masters" are. Their approach to their work is something I strive for. It even inspired me to be neater and more deliberate about my home, since I tend do let clutter pile up. Oh, and I've been making the Muesli with starwberry sauce for the past three weeks, except I use steel-cut oats instead of muesli. I love it! Just the thought of it can get me out of bed in the morning.

I was so happy to see that you were doing your favorites list! I always find things i love! The wind map is fascinating and I loved the preview of the sushi chef movie. Have you ever read "The Last Chinese Chef"? It's fiction - but reminds me of the "Jiro Dreams of Sushi"..

Nice wind map :)

Your lists are both delicious and dangerous. Dangerous for my wallet, that is. Within a minute of reading Jen Altman's list, I had a book in my Amazon cart. :)

Love the wind map! Thanks for the links.


Heidi I always find so many interesting things from your favorite lists. It's not the first time you're signaling that Classe Ouvriere's honey, it looks really amazing. I want to find it so badly as I'm a big consumer of honey. I'll bet there's one reseller here in NYC!

HS: It's worth seeking out Mike - I should have it back on the site toward the end of the month...

Thank you again, Heidi. Sunny days to you!

I didn't know Charles Phan had a book on the way. Exciting. Thanks for the 'heads up'.

I love when your new favorite lists show up on your blog. You always find such interesting things for us to check out. I never seem to run into any of the interesting items that show up here. Im just curious how you go about finding all of these wonderful things.

HS: Thanks Aaron - there's not much method to the madness - they're just things I come across in my day to day reading, linking, work, etc...


i'm so happy to see the smashed cherry and whisky cooler on your favorites list! i love your site and am happy to be included. i can't wait to try out megan's lemon french yogurt cake... cheers!

HS: I know, right? You guys are both continual favorites of mine. Happy weekend. xo

I stayed at that boutique hotel in Argentina in 2008. Pictures do not do justice to the beautiful interior and lovely wood throughout. I've always dreamed that I could go back to run it. Thanks for posting!


Love this list! I cannot WAIT to try that Bircher Muesli with Spiced Strawberry Sauce - what a healthy and delicious treat! And I soo want that Classe Ouvriere Honey - just repinned it :)

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Apologies, comments are closed.

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