Favorites List (Fall 2010)

Favorites List (Fall 2010) Recipe

I would like to share a new recipe with you right now, in fact I have one all ready to go. But I fear many of you have shifted into Thanksgiving mode. Meaning, if what I have to share isn't fit for the Thanksgiving table, you probably don't want to hear about it. And it's not. So I won't. Instead, I decided to write up a new favorites list - something I love doing. And for the handful of of you hitting this page today, still on the search for Thanksgiving inspiration, I'll kick off the list with a few personal favorites on that front:

- Here's an updated list of favorite vegetarian Thanksgiving recipes: Golden-Crusted Brussels Sprouts, Roasted Delicata Squash Salad, Vanilla Mashed Sweet Potatoes, Hazelnut & Chard Ravioli Salad, etc.

- Thinking I need to do more things like this in 2011.

- A perfect shade of blue.

- Podcast pick: The Monocle Weekly. What other podcasts should I be listening to? I like newsy/current event ones.

- Soup season is really on here. We had fog, rain, thunder and lightning last week. The soup in the photo up above became a favorite this year. This one. I've cooked it at least ten times. If you have Moro East, give it a go.

- Daydream real estate listing number 1, and number 2. I stumbled on that second one the other day and it's all about the location and setting - it's surrounded by the magical Grace Marchant Gardens, just below Coit Tower.

- Favorite stocking stuffer: June Taylor's Candied Citrus Peels

- Saw this movie in Rome. And this and this since I've been home.

- Would love to stay here someday.

- I like to add a pinch of this to my eggs, and also to the occasional vinaigrette for some extra herby-green dimension. Oh! And I just noticed the Herriott Grace rolling pins at Terrain, part of their Holiday Heirloom Collection.

- To my family, I would love a subscription to this and/or this.

- Gabi's lovely food site - I've shortlisted this sweet tahini dressing.

- Think of the fun to be had around this.

- Tempted by this fancy pants water filter.

- My walls are mostly white, but I love seeing fun/funky wallpapers.

- Vintage cookie cutters on Etsy. Or Cameras.

- As as we head into the holidays, I keep reminding myself of this inspiring concept/challenge.

And last of all, here's a short update about our Kiva / 101 Cookbooks lending team. We've somehow managed to make $111,000 in micro loans together. Nearly 4000 loans since we set things up in September 2008. Amazing. For those of you participating, have a peek at your balance, you may have funds sitting there that could be re-allocated. -h

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  • I'll be making your cornmeal crunch recipe for my contribution to the family Thanksgiving feast I loved this post. It was nice to see other interests of yours outside of the food realm.

  • Heidi, I agree with others: can't go wrong with NPR. Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me! (the news show quiz) is hilarious, too bad it is only once a week. :)

  • When I visited SF a few years ago, we walked up to Coit Tower via the Greenwich Steps and then back down the Filbert Steps - those gardens blew me away, they were so lush and beautiful - what a gorgeous thing to have in the middle of a modern city...... With regard to the rest of your list, I too, LOVE that chair, would like to see those films and wish on a regular basis that we had Anthropologie stores here in Australia.......!

  • We need more of your favourites. So much inspiration!

  • Your daydream real estate listing number 2 is my ideal home (well, plus one extra bedroom)! Only, the price is not so ideal, and so the day-dreaming continues.. Clean lines, spacious, minimalist in furniture terms but maximising on natural materials and light. - all my feelings on interior decoration in one place. I will be saving this page for when we go house-hunting :)

  • Thanks for sharing this list! and have a happy thanksgiving :-)

  • The New Yorker has some good podcasts; I like the Political Scene for current events chat.

  • I like when you post something so random like this! It's kind of fun. Good thing that books aren't included in the 100 things list.

    Kitchen M
  • As one of those (non Americans) not being in a Thanksgiving mode, I am anxious to hear about your new recipe. But I must admit that your Thanksgiving menu sounds very appetizing.

    Bogna@Pots and Frills
  • i'm a podcast fiend. here are my faves in the newsy/current event catagory: freakanomics radio; planet money; on the media; real time with bill maher; slate political gabfest; fresh air.... no suprizes there, i guess, but am always searching for new ones that can live up to the NPR/PRI gold standards... i'll be curious to see what folks post.

  • Oh thank goodness you posted what the soup in the photo is. When I came to this page and saw the picture my first thought was literally how cruel it would be if you didn't tell us what that delicious looking soup is. Now I just need the book.

  • I adore wallpapers too but always find a reason to keep my walls bare. I guess I'm scared I would get tired of them quickly.

  • Umm, LOVE the Berin chair. Just gorgeous. And I had no idea June Taylor made stuff other than those incredible preserves! What a gorgeous array of possible holiday gifts she's got on that website. Thanks for all the great links, Heidi!

    Coco @ Opera Girl Cooks
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    Apologies, comments are closed.

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